Why can’t we just play the remaining games at home venues?

We are getting close to relaxing the lockdown rules all over Europe as it seems that there is now reductions in deaths from the coronavirus, and it look like the Premier League are going to follow the Bundesliga and restart our remaining games.

But there seems to be big sticking point at the moment where there are many clubs that will refuse to play at neutral venues, therefore derailing the Project Restart, which could then mean that we may end up simply cancelling the season completely.

As the Brighton chief executive Paul Barber made clear when he told the Mirror: “If this is such a big issue for a significant number of clubs – and I think it is – and it’s more, in my opinion, than just the bottom six which keeps being touted.

“I don’t think this is a big six clubs vs bottom six clubs issue, I think clubs at every level have concerns about neutral venues.

“I think it has to be looked at again otherwise we will have an impasse and it will create another delay and more difficulty and we don’t want that.

“We want to return to playing, we want to finish the season and do so when it’s safe and when it’s fair.”

So, surely the sensible thing is to just play the games at the normal home grounds, but keep the teams in virtual isolation at a local venue. The government seems keen to get the economy moving again after incredible personal and business losses since the crisis started, so there will be greatly increased movement around the country anyway.

I’m not saying it is right to carry on the season, but if it is going to start anyway, I don’t see that playing at home or a neutral venue will make much difference. Do you?


    1. Jon, I am getting extremely bored at home and many people Will agree with me about this situation we live in without football. Please I advocate for restarting of the league matches… I am really missing football and arsenal

      1. VALENTINE, Then I know you HAVE no CONSCIENCE. Your own words betray you! I’ m sorry you are bored but I am far sorrier for all those who are dying with their poor relatives and friendsunable to even be there with them in person, while bored CENSORED fans like you put your own selfish boredom first. SHAME ON YOU!

        1. Jon, you need to be shame of yourself. A man that disregards the opinion of others is a selfish man and I will say that you are selfish without limitations. The Corona is real, no doubt, but it does not kill the way you sound it out as if it kills like a bullet. Mind you, people live their normal lives and you cannot say because of the discardvthe importance of sport like football at this moment of our lives

        2. if there was a scientific reason your CENSORED morale pontificating might have a point but THERE IS NOT. THERE IS NO SCIENCE BASED REASON. SO CENSORED and CENSORED AGENDA. CONSCIENCE MY xxx UNLESS YOU THINK THE 30,000 odd who have died are more worthy than the 600,000+ last year and the 600,00+ this year who will die from non-covid related mean like cancer which kill 168,000 EVERY YEAR. Certainly there is no science based reason that footballers will be a risk or that they we spark a mass outbreak by playing behind closed doors.

      1. I read a post of yours that said you live in Australia where there have been limited infections
        I also remember that you have an autoimmune problem like my husband. You and the well read Stevo regard Covid as a mild seasonal flu and we shouldn’t worry
        People do die of the flu and yes, the vast majority will be the elderly
        People are also dying from Covid and not just the elderly as Stevo thinks.
        They include people with arthritis or asthma as well as more serious illnesses that are managed successfully and give a much extended and worthwhile life expectancy
        I refuse to respond to him now because as far as he is concerned it’s a case of ‘I’m alright Jack’ and s*d the rest. The elderly can just die, those with cancer or arthritis or asthma or MS can just die because people like him think only of themselves. Why should a few upset the return of normal life and football
        It’s an unknown quantity, unlike flu which through annual jabs alleviates the problem and has been around for decades I very much hope that neither you or he catch a severe bout of it. My husband could easily die if he did as he is classified as extremely vulnerable y the NHS

        1. I asked you already Sue in a previous thread what stops your husband isolating whilst the footballers play?

          1. I also mentioned in my previous thread that I have 3 family member with cancer not arthritis where the drugs cause immune issues in order to ease the pain (obviously good to take but the side effects are there for everything not just covid.) Also have a family member without cancer, elderly, overweight and diabetic so massive risk factor too. Have more skin than most in the game now and long-term as will likely personally suffer from all those various things. Footballers playing behind closed door makes NO SCIENTIFIC difference to those I love.

          2. Well Angus, I missed your previous thread and have since read the one below, as well as reading other posts you have written on this article.

            There is virtually no chance that my husband can catch Covid from footballers playing football behind closed doors. This is because we don’t come into close contact with anyone else. I go to the supermarket once a week, use hand sanitiser and shower and wash my clothes immediately on return. I live in a rural area and the supermarket is scrupulous about distancing and hygiene.

            Your remarks about the 600,000 people who die each year; this is the normal path of life. It is what is expected in the same way that there are probably and equal number of births annually. Nobody’s death is worth more or less than anyone else’s.

            I have never tried to suggest that Covid is overly dangerous, but it is for the few who still include more than a million people in the UK. My husband received the shielding letter perhaps your family members have as well.

            Regarding the resumption of football, there are other issues to consider. Everyone involved with the matches would need to be completely isolated for the duration of the season. The authorities would have to be sure that the players were happy to return and of course there is the matter of medics etc being used when perhaps they could be dealing with Covid sufferers or others whose illnesses have been put on hold during this crisis. There are no doubt legal issues if a player contracted the disease and subsequently died.

            What is being touted by some on here is that Covid is no more serious than seasonal flu. This is not the case. I have never suggested that flu does not kill people each year but if you read the WHO report it is far less serious, as over the years a level of immunity has been achieved, whereas against Covid there is none. Covid also causes more serious disease than flu. It can attack the kidneys and other organs unlike flu which is purely respiratory. I think this might be classed as scientific evidence. There is also the small matter of the NHS being overwhelmed and dying on the front line whilst attending the sick. I think we would know about it if hundreds of NHS and social care workers were dying along with their patients each year.

            I would love football to return when the football authorities and more importantly, the government think it is safe to do so. Until then I will just have to wait until the go ahead is given.

          3. I should have said that we would know about it if medics and careworkers were dying from flu

          4. Well exactly sue. The debate is about football being played behind closed doors so I assume your in favor. I also mentioned on the other still currently most commented article it is similar to flu not seasonal flu but flu pandemics repeatedly have been more deadly than this outbreak from swine to Hong Kong to spanish. So the comparison is totally fair. Especially as 250,000-500,000 die worldwide of the mild seasonal flu ever year which means in the last 10 years 2,500,000-5,000,000 have died wordlwide of seasonal flu and that just missed the 2009 swine outbreak which would add and few 100,000 to the number.

          5. should mention on the other thread i made clear footballer are not in danger, the numbers are massively clear.

          6. why i get annoyed with Jons or anyone else moral nonsense. It’s a lie. I didn’t even get started on the 2,000 who were are still are dying from TB every day. That is totally preventable with current medicine too. So maybe you all need to check your moral compasses. That is 730,000 wordlwide dying from something our current science can deal with and that was happening last year.

            1. OK, Angus, I have seen many of your posts now and they are littered with inaccuracies, even the most cursory of checks on official websites makes it clear that Covid19 is far more infectious, more deadly than normal flu and not by a tiny margin but by a massive one. It is true that other illnesses, for example, coronary disease are far more deadly but they are not infectious on a global scale and tend to inflict a certain sector of the population. However, I am not going to get into a debate about this but will ask you to rein in your liberal use of debatable figures, especially when you are not a scientist or an expert in this field. And before you throw Jon up at me, he has been warned also, he has been censored and gets more posts deleted than anyone. Another user today has been suspended for failing to heed my warning about spreading false information. I ask that you do not force me to take such measures with you. You are able to state an opinion but do it reasonably, please.

          7. or as i said previously you can explain why this 30,000 is more than the other millions.

          8. They are not ad martin i took all figures directly from official sources. I also didn’t say covid was like normal seasonal flu actually went out my not to say that at all. I said severe flu outbreaks were more deadly, factually correct. Name the inaccurate figure? i know the 3.8% is an estimated world figure on fatalities and that will only get lower. My numbers on 18-44 were taken directly from official american stats which are the largest including the underlying 15. The 95% was taken from official England NHS record so tell me again of in where i’m misleading? Suggest you read more

            1. I am not going to do this with you Angus. I will give you one single example where you are misleading with your figures. Total flu deaths in UK last year was 10000, so far in just four months nearly 30000 dead by Covid. This is an Arsenal site and not a coronavirus site and every post is getting distracted and you are an element in that. Rein it in, please.

          9. Im as prone as anyone to wanna argue with Jon. In this case im not infact normally i’d refrain from commentating in that case (jon annoying me) but i do know the figures and i did pay attention to this kind of thing before the crisis.

          10. and maybe bare in mind i was reading about this and concerned about before it happened.

          11. Just to be clear for everyone else i never mentioned last years flu figures. The only hint i made at uk seasonal was to say that flu is on average 8,000 so 10,000 would be above that (i said 80,000+ had died in the uk in the last 10 year which is true) which makes think your confusing other peoples statement with mine martin. a few weeks back i did mention that 15,000+ died of flu in one year but that happened is also on record.

        2. SueP as the biblicle saying goes” don’t cast your pearls before swine”! Using facts, logic and plain common sense is pointless when you are dealing wth people who simply don’t ever wish to learn. Prejudiceandignorance of all kinds is an evil , unthinking matter. So I say again, though I admire your obvious humanity greatly, please don;t waste time trying to convert those who have no conscience. I havenow given up with these types, though only and stupidly of me, far too late. They don’t WANT truth but merely to wallow in ignorance and prejudice for ever and a day. My post also refers to your wonderful post timed at 6.03. If only the world were full of people of your obvious quality dear Sue!

          1. Jon ive stated facts on a subject i care deeply about backed it with official figures. I have more skin in the game than most certainly more than sue but it doesnt change truth. As much as you’ve always anoyed me to debate with i did take you as a reasonable man that i respected who would respond to real data. Last comment on this site on the subject.

    1. This lie of millions going to supermarkets every day that you keep repeating is evil. HAVE you actually even been to one since this virus took hold? Seems you canot have possible done or you would notfail notice to see the total absence of your ridiculous “missing millions”. You should not lie! Opinions are onething, sheer lies quite another.

      1. Jon
        I absolutely refuse to reply to Stevo
        as his attitude to the elderly and others appals me and I am no longer going to upset myself over his bigoted remarks

      2. jon fox, I commend you for your stance on this, but it’s sheer hypocrisy if you do not repeat all this during the flu season. Despite heard immunity, and a vaccine, thousands upon thousands will suffer and die when the cold next hits.

        You, me, or anyone can easily be part of the chain of infection that kills someone. What happens if just one fan attends a game, catches the flu, and dies from it? Do we cancel football again, or risk more lives and carry on? What happens if Arteta becomes infected with the flu? Wouldn’t he be at risk of spreading it throughout the camp?

        1. Just for clarification there is NO FLU UNIVERSAL VACCINE. We develop flu vaccines every year based on best guesses of that years mutations there is no cure.

          1. Angus,
            You used and expression that is new to me on an another post
            what does I have more skin in the game mean?
            It involved me so I would like to know what was meant.
            I hope your family keep well.

    2. not true, a lot of people under 60 years of age have passed away with covid 19 or are death certificates and doctors all lying

      1. stats from NY the state most against trump and most over-reporting deaths (they’ll get in trouble for that down the line) don’t agree with you simply not true. Under 44 without health conditions have less than 0.0something chance of dying and that is huge overestimate because many millions who have had it and not gone to hospital haven’t been tested and added to the numbers. The only debate is quite how large that number is.

  1. Even if we finally play at home,i dont think without the fans it will make any big difference.

    There will be physiological advantages and away team-suffering-the environmental-changes advantage but the fans are what make a home advantage,a real advantage…

    And scrapping relegation would be unfair on the championship teams which are to be promoted…

  2. Problem is even if everyone then played at home stadiums the next thing a Brighton would complain about is having zero fans not being fair
    Clubs are seeing this as an opportunity to avoid relegation without kicking a ball
    Also logistically how does this work
    Are Newcastle travelling South of the country ?
    Are they flying , taking coach
    They then have to stay at a hotel
    If that’s the case can I visit my family now ?

  3. Jon, you cannot foist your opinion on others. You cannot berate me because I said I crave for the league to restart. Your opinion is yours alone and mine is mine. I want the league to restart. Qed

    1. Science supports you there is no above normal risk to others by doing so or footballers. Every game a footballer risks dying in travel, dying from an unknown heart condition, dying from a knee to the head etc.

    2. Valentine, Seems I have hit a nerve, Not enough to prevent you still maintaining your CENSORED but enough for you to know that all decent minded peple will find your attitude CENSORED, thus creating a need in you to try, though fail, to further explain away your CENSORED. I am quite well aware that I am not able to “foist my opinion on others” as you quaintly and wrongly descibe my moral stance. I AM THOUGH ALLOWED TO TELL OTHERS HOW CENSORED THEY ARE AND SO I HAVE DONE SO. That you are without CENSORED is your personal life ongoing problem and you will reap in life, precisely what you sow.

      1. Admin PAT, how revealing, that your censoring only of my truthful, though strong adjectives, while leaving the thrust of my post up for all to see, shows me clearly that you too are against this immoral restart.
        I also note how you entirely deleted the post that the stevo person tried to post. I RESPECTFULY SUGGEST THAT YOU DELETE ANY POST LIKE HIS ONE, WITH OBVIOUS LIES – EASILY PROVEN AS LIES TOO – such as stevos one in ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine only in danger of Covid 19(i in 99.999(his exact words!) which of course means that only 700 at maximum are in danger in Britain.

        When you compare that 700 to the actual official figure of 31000 deaths already(approx) the lie is plain . A decent site should NOT allow such lies! Nuff said for now!

        1. No Jon, it was not Pat that censored you, it was me. I warned you that I will put a stop to you berating and bullying people, you obviously ignored me, that is fine, I will issue the warnings and then follow through. Stevo has been suspended for refusing to heed my warnings, others have been warned and comments deleted. I will not be tested on this. Either abide by the rules, heed the warnings that are issued or accept the consequences. 100% your choice.

          1. MARTIN, ONE OBVIOUS QUESTION NOW ARISES FROM YOUR COMMENTS. Only YOU and Pat know what EXACTLY is allowed and not allowed. Don’t you think it long overdue that you kept your promise of a week or so ago and publish a chart of what explicitly is allowed or not? Not just general waffle but examples please! Some of us on here use language correctly and it is frustrating to realise we need to mind read what the sites Admins will allow or will not allow, much of which is just the admins OPINIONS on how the words are used.

  4. ADMIN Martin,
    I will advise you spell out what is acceptable or not on this platform, l for example, do comment on this platform before Pat brought you in as second ADMIN. And l knew then how comments were being moderated properly. Please let us see the rules before you start censoring us

    1. It will be some time before the rules are published clearly simply because under the current climate it is going to be hard to define them because emotions are simply out of control. For example, who would have guessed this was an Arsenal site? I write for it and judging by the comments you would think it was a Covid19 site. When we initially drew up the rules they were meant to deal with subjects like Ozil, Iwobi and what came from them, subtle racism etc. It is also easy to say no politics, no religion but we cannot do that with Covid 19, because it directly affects football and Arsenal. So, for now, I am taking the position that it is not rocket science to know what is acceptable and not acceptable. Foul language, abuse, insults, berating, bullying and so on really should be quite obvious. Finally, I started censoring to send a message as opposed to just deleting and no one knowing why. I have to say, sometimes it is like dealing with my kids on here and some of you, not you Glorious, should be ashamed of how you speak to each other.

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