Why Carragher is WRONG about Arsenal title pressure

Those former footballers working as pundits and the reporters working in the football media do love to have a bash at Arsenal don’t they? Did you notice how quick they were to jump on that one bad result against Southampton. Okay Arsenal were below par but we were unlucky on the first three of the four goals.

I do not remember them being half as hard on Man City when they were hammered 4-1 by Liverpool or with the same scoreline by the spuds can you? And can you imagine what they would be writing about the Gunners and Arsene Wenger if we had been half as bad as Chelsea or as boring as Man United?

So even though Arsenal finish the calendar year of 2015 on top of the Premier League table, and having won more points over that 12 month period than any of our rivals, and are favourites for the title, the likes of Jamie Carragher cannot help themselves in watering down any praise.

The former Liverpool and England defender was talking to Sky Sports about our chances of winning it this season but instead of talking about our strengths he quickly turned to saying why the pressure was on Arsenal.

He said, “I felt Arsenal would be Chelsea’s biggest challengers this year, now Chelsea have fooled us all really in terms of where they are.

“If Arsenal don’t win it this year, I think it could be 10 years before they win it again. Because I just think Chelsea won’t accept the situation they are in, they will throw a lot of money [at it] in the summer, and get a new manager.

“I think Man City may do the same, and I think Man United too. So you think of those three teams, they’ve all faltered, and this is Arsenal’s big chance.

“They have to take it, whether that means spending in January. But this is an opportunity they cannot let slip.”

Really Jamie? Why should this young and improving Arsenal side be worse next year? And have Chelsea and the Manchester clubs not been throwing money at transfers and changing managers already? Where is the guarantee that it will work next season?

I do think that this is a great opportunity for Arsenal and probably our best one since 2008 but I do not automatically think that this will be our only chance for the next 10 years. Do you?

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  1. It’s the same every year we look like doing anything. They say Arsenal will never get a chance like this again and surely enough another opportunity comes up. How many times do these so called experts want to recycle the same garbage about us!

    1. Thank you for the common sense, in addition to what you said, we are no longer in a position where we can only afford the likes of Chamakh and Squillaci, in the past 3 seasons we’ve brought in top class quality, Monreal, Gabriel, Sanchez and Ozil. Although I agree with Jamie this is our best chance of winning the title, I can see us challenging for it for the next 5 seasons as long as we don’t stop getting quality players.

  2. what’s a silly pundit? what makes him think that arsenal can not splash cash/throw a lot of money as he calls it come next season?

  3. what’s a silly pundit? what makes him think that arsenal can not splash cash/throw a lot of money as he calls it come next season?

  4. You may recall that Carragher claimed, at the end of last season, that Chelsea would win the League several years in a row because of their youth set-up. As if Chelsea have ever given a damn about their young players! Like all ex-Liverpool players, he has a major bee in his bonnet about Arsenal, perhaps borne out of jealousy. Ex-Liverpool pundits tend to be the most biased, in any case.

    His logic, as other commenters have pointed out, is inherently flawed, and has been proven wrong many times before.

  5. Time to shut Jamie and win the league……..Then again, AS a Liverpool legend, he talks crap about us….I’ll pass this one…

    Happy new year to all gunners across the globe………Love the club and the amazing fans!

    2016 will be better and greater…….

  6. you have to feel sorry for the” pundits”,it,s getting more and more difficult for them to come up with arguments to trash us like not beating top teams( check),no trophies in years( check)and many more….there is only one left&they,ve been using a lot this year” the league”,win it and we might have a chance to shut them up for good even that im not too sure!!COYG!!

  7. Good point on saying how it’s nothing new ..throwing money and change at it. Pundits aren’t the only ones who totally overreacted to the sou defeat, I was reading in here plenty of same old Arsenal this and wouldn’t you know I was right that..

    One author even went and said how we used to blame Szcz but this shows it was not Szcz plus some other crap, I thought to myself P Cech is one of our best ever signings and if you can’t see how he is a massive upgrade well you must be a massive plonker. One week later we go top of table and these idiots just drop it all until the next time they convince themselves how they knew all along.

  8. Why should we be listening to Jamie carragher like he has any pl winning experience. He talks bollocks all the time but then again he’s an ex pool player. This guy said the jury is still out on ozil like he has been sleeping throughout the season

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