Why Cech is RIGHT to demand Arsenal transfer!

If all the Arsenal transfer rumours are right then it appears that the Chelsea and Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech has made his choice and wants to join Arsenal this summer. Jose Mourinho has made it clear that he does not want this to happen and I am sure that fans of the Blues feel the same way but I think he has made the right choice and that is not just because I am an Arsenal fan and I want him to play for us.

His club have apparently told him that they would not stand in the way of his move despite the fact that they could make him see out the remaining year of his contract. That would be a pretty mean thing to do to a player that has given so much to a club and is no longer first choice.

So although they have probably tried to persuade him to go elsewhere, they have to respect his decision and having one of the best keepers in the world in Thibaut Courtois means that this is not like the van Persie or Nasri situation.

According to a report in The Independent the reason that Cech has chosen the Gunners is to keep his family in London. Fair enough but you know that is not the only reason. At 33-years old there is a good chance that Cech has at least five more years at the top of his game and he obviously wants to make the most of it.

Winning trophies and playing in the Champions League has become second nature to him so Cech would not want to go to a club where this was not going to happen. We are all feeling pretty good about Arsenal´s future right now and I think that Cech feels the same. He can see our progression and can see us becoming the best team in England and that is why he wants to come and be a part of it, in my opinion. And he knows that he could really help us to achieve it, as well as David Ospina may have performed this season.

Plus, all he had to do was to compare the two recent victory parades in London to see that being an Arsenal legend is a lot better than being a Chelsea one. But with the news that Cech has told Chelsea his decision, do you think that his club might just decide to block his transfer after all?

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  1. I will make only one addition to the team…

    _________Sanchez Ozil Welbeck
    ___________Coquelin Cazorla
    ______Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    1. @Twig, Cech is not good enough to be NO. 1 at Chelsea and therefore not good enough to be NO. 1 at Arsenal, unless you want to suggest that Chelsea is bigger than Arsenal. If all our current keepers are not good then get a better Goal Keeper than Cech!

      1. Some dodgy logic there my friend. Cech could feasibly be the 3rd best GK in the world being kept out by maybe the 2nd best GK in the world. Is a bid for Neuer our only option? If City bought Messi and had to off load Augero would you turn him down? Only question to ask is whether Cech is better than our 1st choice GK.

        1. @jonestown1, you and your likes have been making noise about Falacao last summer, now you are all quite about him. You reason like a chicken sometimes! Get real. Cech is past his time believe me. Thank fully Wenger will not do such a think. Rest assured!

          1. @gavana – falacao?
            @jonestown1 – auguero?

            u two are flying kamikaze into a spelling bee with no permission to land.

          2. Cech is past his prime!? He’s a 33 year old GK.

            Remind me what age David Seaman, Jens Lehmann, Peter Schmeichel, etc. etc. retired… GK are statistically best between 33 and 38.

          3. You have got the wrong jonestown1. You won’t find a single line or post with me advocating Falcao or bigging him up anytime or anywhere. Anyhow you will have noticed I wasn’t suggesting one way or another whether we should get Cech – I was just questioning your logic for not getting him. I’m not as sure as you as to whether he is past it or not but I agree with you that Wenger won’t go for him – so you can sleep easy there!!

  2. I keep on thinking about the four goals that he let in against Bradford. A goal keeper is only as good as his defence. I don’t mind if he joins as or not, or is that me trying to get his price down.

    1. I remember the two PK saves against Bayern in the 11/12. Champions League Final.

      Cech would be a steal @ $15M

        1. andrew are u gonna buy a furby boom when ur kid is screaming for it at the full rrp of 60, or wait till next year when its 30 an ur kid doesnt give a damn?

          whats that? that example wasnt relevant to the subject?
          mate come see me on aisle 13 of toys r us, my triple action nerf gun will show u whats what

          1. Muff off you go then and get us a world class striker. We have all been screaming for one for three seasons.

                1. yes it does, this realism also extends to:
                  the 40 million an one pence bid for luis suarez- i.e. one of the worlds best strikers.

    1. yes we know. every day i see this comment over an bloody over from 100 different ppl on here

      seasons over, let people enjoy transfer madness scrooge- it will keep them occupied while waiting for there beloved arsenal to return.

      1. I don’t believe rumours until I see them wearing a dress shouting I’ve just signed for Arsenal while straddling the Berkamp statue.

          1. I thought they were just rummers then I turned on Sky sports news and there he was Mesut Ozil wearing a dress shouting “Ya I’m a gunner Ya” straddling the Bergkamp statue in typical arsenal tradition.

  3. Somehow, you could sense there’s been some sort of power shift in the EPL sphere, Arsenal now seems the most desirable and influential (it’s got nothing to do with finance, actually). With the right additions, we can really shock the word next season. Every sensible player would like to come to us now, I just pray Wenger does the right thing. No more excuses.

    1. @KickAssFan.
      “Somehow, you could sense
      there’s been some sort of
      power shift in the EPL sphere”

      Have you heard the saying
      “The more things change
      the more they stay the same” 🙂

      2014- 2015
      Chelsea 87
      Manc City 79
      Arsenal 75
      Man United 70

      Man City 86
      Liverpool 84
      Chelsea 82
      Arsenal 79
      Man United 64


      Man United 89
      Man City 78
      Chelsea 75
      Arsenal 73

      Man City 89
      Man United 89
      Arsenal 70
      Tottspur 69
      Chelsea 64


      1 Man United 80
      2 Chelsea 71
      3 Man City 71
      4 Arsenal 68

      What exactly is the role of the other 15-16 teams in the league?

  4. EPL will be something Big next season……… We better make the right additions if we are to go thus far!

  5. Cech is WC and 33 years old is nothing for a keeper, but i can’t imagine Chelsea giving him to us so easily…

    But if we but a keeper, what should we do with Szczesny?

  6. remembering a save done in 2011/2012 ?………… U couldn’t be anymore funnier…… Pls take us further back and while u do, say hello to Lehmann……….. For chrissake! This is 2015……… Alot have changed

    1. Yeah Neuer should of been sold after RM bitch slapped Bayern Bagern em in both legs of the Champions League Semis last year.

      If your basing an opinion on one of best goalkeepers in the world over the last ten years from one League Cup game this past year well you and the original poster probably arent the shiniest pennies in this Arsenal fountain

  7. @Bigvalbowski……..remembering a save done in 2011/2012 ?………… U couldn’t be anymore funnier…… Pls take us further back and while u do, say hello to Lehmann……….. For chrissake! This is 2015……… Alot have changed

    1. DAMMIT!!!

      a cheesy gag an i was beaten to it!!

      you sir are off my christmas list

      im getting old

    1. is it true u and daniel levy are related?

      #bald is beautiful
      #right said fred
      #too sexy for your shirt

    2. #warchest

      Jip let’s make it a huge warchest and pocket the money, invest and get compound interest.

      Then we can buy 10 tanks and a fighter jet.

  8. You only need look at points tally to see if we progressed and sadly we haven’t.

    To be Champions we gonna need to find minimum 10 points somewhere.

  9. Guys Wenger needs to get rid of deadwood, bring in players that are used to winning and we will have a darn good recipe.

    That recipe will make the best chocolate muffins

    1. Yes.
      I would sell Podolski, Campbell, Ryo and Sanogo
      Release Flamini and Arteta
      Put Diaby on pay as you play contract or release him.
      Loan Akpom, Hayden, Zelalem, Gnabry and Bielik for more experience

      We could raise some money for transfer fees and free up salaries for top quality new transfers

  10. Cech would be fantastic but top center forward and top DM/b2b but good defensively is more important

    If we got
    1. Cech
    2. Schneiderlin or Kondogbia or Vidal
    3. Lacazette or Martinez
    4. Young promising LB
    I guarantee you we will be in contention for the PL title and CL

  11. Shame rumours are crap because they’re particularly good today: Lacazette, Kongdogbia and Isco.


  12. What really annoys me is that Wenger let Fabregas go to Chelski sooooo easily, yet look at what Maureen does to stop his quality players coming to us.

    If Wenger didn’t have room for him, buy him and loan him, so at least he wouldn’t be playing for direct rivals and against us. If the situation was well managed, we could easily mitigate the cost as well, if that’s what Wenger is worried about.

    1. Do you really think Fabregas would have agreed to be loaned out to a team that weren’t one of our direct rivals ie; top 5? That would mean him going to a club from 6th place down! Yep, I can really see that happening……..NOT.

      1. I’ll add to what I’ve already said about Fabregas. Can we stop living in the past, Wenger didn’t want him, and I’m not sure what’s happened to him (CF) recently, he should have been sent off in the third last game of the season for an awful tackle, and the following game he got a red card for that stupid, petulant kicking the ball at the WBA players, if you add to this the six points he’s just had put on his driving license for not naming the driver of his car while speeding it seems he’s lost the plot somewhere, or is this the Mourinho effect, thinking he is something special.
        I still haven’t forgotten how he left Arsenal in the first place, pictured in a Barca shirt while still an Arsenal player and paying circa £4 million out of his own money to allow his transfer.
        No wonder Wenger didn’t want him back.

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