Why Cedric Soares failed to move to Turkey in January transfer window

Cedric Soares was expected to leave Arsenal in the last transfer window as he struggles to play at the Emirates.

The Portuguese defender has been inactive at Arsenal this term and was expected to push to leave in the summer.

However, he remains very comfortable at the club, even with his lack of game time.

The last transfer window presented him with a fresh chance to leave the club, and he had interest from Turkish clubs.

Galatasaray and Besiktas were two teams that showed interest in his signature, and the Turkish transfer window was still open for about eight days after England’s window closed.

Arsenal hoped Soares would get a move away from the club because he is clearly not close to being a starter at the club.

However, it never happened, and Record has revealed that Galatasaray decided to sign Serge Aurier instead, while Besiktas’ interest did not advance.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Soares does not seem interested in leaving Arsenal, especially when he has to take a pay cut.

Thankfully, he will be out of a contract at the end of the season, and we will not have to do anything to get rid of him.

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  1. A good example of an ok player (Portuguese international) that was already at his peak and wasn’t able to get any better to take the next step up in terms of quality. So his current contract is as good as it’s ever going to get for him financially as he needs to make the most of it for his own personal financial situation. Perfectly ok because at the end of the day your job is your livelihood and these things have to be taken into account in life. Obviously premier league footballer wages make these things much easier for Cedric Soares than for you or me, but what he’s doing is understandable. Arsenal are his employer and it’s a sensible business decision.

  2. “Thankfully, he will be out of a contract at the end of the season, and we will not have to do anything to get rid of him.”

    What??? This statement is ridiculous, all it means is we fully failed at trying to sell a player we didn’t need and wasted money in wages and recouped zero AGAIN! Mediocrity being celebrated is common here

    1. Bench player brought in free, need a decent job now not up to current level required.
      Useless negativity being spewed AGAIN! by the usual suspect AGAIN!

    2. I agree with Yossarian
      Cedric got lucky during Sanhelli’s time at the club. I doubt very much that Arteta wanted him beyond his January loan spell and got saddled with him and Mari who was also given a bumper contract thanks to Sanhelli and his agent chums.

      Cedric was never worth £100kpw but has done nothing wrong. I’m sure he has kept himself fit and worked hard on the training ground but to no avail. Arteta doesn’t use him and he doesn’t want to earn less elsewhere. Easy peasy decision for Cedric to bide his time and leave on a free.

  3. Let us eaves Cedric Soares alone to continue to enjoy himself at Arsenal. But switch our focus to our today’s West Ham match. A difficult match that the Gunners will have to win. And if they win it which they SHOULD anyway, it will enable them to return to the status quo where they were before Man City and Liverpool extended the gap on them. And Tottenham Hs closed the gap on them.

  4. As with others quad duds like Elneny, Lokonga, Tavares, the foolish import of the way sub par Soares, is one more millstone round the neck of our squd that badly needed NOT tohave ever come here at all.

    Now we stilh have to pay allout subpar player wages-thoughI realise a few are now on loans, so are costing us less right now – and have a limited chance only to offload any fo them for REAL money before their contracts run out.

    Foolish buying of relative “duds” is probably the single MAIN reason why we will not win the title this year. You cannot cary so many dudplayers, even if loaned out temporarily, and expect to win titles . REALITY!

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