Why Chambers can do a Bellerin and rescue Arsenal

I assume that most, if not all, of the Arsenal fans that use this site have heard what our young Spanish right back has been saying about the strength in depth in the Arsenal squad and there being enough quality among the fringe players and the young Gunners to be able to step up and cover for the ones that have picked up an injury.

If you have not yet read his interview on the Arsenal website I can pretty much guarantee that you will not be as confident as Bellerin is about the players coming in being good enough for Arsene Wenger not to miss the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla and Francis Coquelin.

The Spaniard said, “I have said it before, there is great depth in the team. There are a lot of young players in the team waiting to come through, and we have a lot of quality training with us every day.

“They are ready to step up so obviously every single player on the bench can do the same job as every single player in the starting XI. We don’t need to worry about [the injuries to Alexis and Koscielny]. The only thing we need to do is go out onto the pitch with the right mentality, it does not matter who we play.

“The conditions weren’t the best but Norwich are a well-organised team who were very solid at the back and dangerous on the counter. We should have played our game better than we did.

“We made some mistakes that cost us the game and we need to look at ourselves and realise that this is not the way. We need to push ourselves a bit more and play better football if we want to be at the top. What happened on the pitch was not a great experience but we need to try and bounce back so we are ready for the next game.”

I do understand the defender’s confidence because this is exactly what happened with him last season and when he got a chance to play a decent run of games he did step up and is now one of the best around. Not only did that displace the player Wenger had signed as Sagna´s replacement, Mathieu Debuchy, but it also left Calum Chambers out in the cold.

And he is the player that might benefit the most from our latest injury crisis if, as looks likely, the boss plans to play him in Coquelin’s position. Chambers impressed for the under 21s there on Monday and I would not be surprised to see him start against Sunderland.

He has great talent and has already shown versatility in playing right back and centre back, but can he prove himself a good enough DM to challenge Coquelin for a first team place as Bellerin did last year?

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  1. This is our best opportunity in years to win the EPL & our manager is busy screwing it up! SACK him now before Spurs overtake us. How dreadful that would be!
    We asked for Klopp at the time he was available but now he’s gone to LFC whom I’m sure he’s going to transform into a winning machine again. Our loss, their gain as we are stuck with this present I good-for-nothing incumbent for the foreseeable future. Oh my!!!

  2. It’s funny how our players and manager big up the lower mid-table teams when we can’t beat them.

    Oh Well.. be prepared for some more bigging up, after the Sunderland game folks!

    I think that admin should forget about the score and scorer competition and start a new one with:

    1) which player will get injured next?
    2) What type of injury will it be?
    3) Will wenger be blamed for it?

    1. 1) Flamini
      2) Muscle
      3) Wenger will be blamed but should not. He should blamed for lack of cover not for a Flamini injury sice he has over played him yet. If he playes him every game he should beblamed. Flamini is a one game per week type of player at this stage. Play him more often and he will get injured.

      Second choice:

      Ransey or Ox re-injure
      Muscle injury
      Wenger will be blamed for bringing them back too soon.

  3. if the spu*s overtaking us is what we need to do what’s right for this team…….. Then SO BE IT!


    I can take that in good faith compared to a decade of abject mediocrity under a wengeritic partriarchy…

    1. Mediocrity is in the middle with average. You cant come out on top being average in the FA cup and you cant make it to Europe being stuck in the middle. Next week I’ll be explaining how the world is not flat.

      1. Trevor you are damned right. I so wish these miserable fans supported someone like WEst Ham. Always good football but never coming anywhere near Europe. But they are still happier than these supposedly called supporters.

  4. aubameyang and wanyama 50mil would just be a start.

    john stones included into this mix would be perfection.

    1. I’m afraid Aubameyang alone will have a price tag of £50 million. For me I would be happy to pay that.

      I would have a preference for Carvalho as DM but would be quite happy with PL proven Wanyama. In this market Wanyama could also be between 15-25 this is a crazy market with more and more money coming in driving prices up.

      But I for one don’t care if we over pay a little. It is hard to get good players and £200 million in the bank does nothing for us.

  5. Its barely even December and we are already TOP OF THE LEAGUE…


    We have struggled, suffered and Lost so much to get ere!


    And the likes of chelski, manure, spu*s or pool don’t seem to make it into the Top four…..well only citeh have managed to snap 4th place


    Don’t get ur hopes high folks



      1. OKAY Physio Room consulted. Here you go.

        1 Bournemouth 10 A Federici Ankle/Foot Injury
        2 Newcastle United 10 M Williamson Hamstring Injury
        3 Arsenal 9 A Sanchez Hamstring Injury
        4 Manchester City 8 J Navas Ankle/Foot Injury
        5 Manchester United 7 M Rojo Shoulder Injury


        1. @G-Rude: Let me remind you of one crucial thing and that is……………………””””””””””……..Alexis counts as 5 players! Finally got there. Phew!!!! Who’s the twat now? Ha!

          1. Oh sorry, i thought i was told to consult Physio Room.
            I didnt realised I had to argue with your twisted logic as well
            So facts don’t count?

  6. ?
    I hope that we win on Saturday because I’m starting to miss all those zombie Akb’s ?

    *Saturday evening:
    Arsenal 1 Sunderland 0

    ?” Yeah we won… where’s all those Wenger out Brigade,
    Probably hiding cos we won”

    1. Lol @ fatboy. I think everyone’s still here but don’t really get off on the negativity. Sure there are some die hard akbs out there, but most of us are just fans and really can’t be arsed with all the negative verbage. Nothing to be gained, it changes fa, it’s all just one meaningless negative sound bite versus another, so really has little value to anyone other than those who get of on telling us what’s wrong and how they’d have won us the World Cup. It’s either irrelevant or depressing tbh. Hopefully we’ll get through the current squad crisis and of course if we rack up some wins then most fans will celebrate that. Does that make someone an akb…or just a fan? Slagging Wenger or the club improves things? Nah, we have no influence. It’s just the difference between a positive and negative mind set and that some of us would rather not spend our time wallowing in negativity, posting meaningless comments and have better things to do. Shit happens – ask the fans of PL chumps Chelsea, at least our injuries provide an explanation…..as to why we’re er……languishing in our terrible place a massive two points of the top.

      1. Here bloody here! Fatboy and his mates want to be pessimistic before during and after every game.I am certain that they ctually WANT Arsenal to lose so they can moan some more.
        They sould get a life and actually enjoy watching our team, win or lose.

        1. What? ?
          You actually enjoy watching your team lose?
          And you got the audacity to xxxx me off! ?

          Everyone reacts differently to disappointments in life!
          This is my way of cheering myself up and releasing the anger and blues!

          I’m not on the payroll to entertain you G rude, ?
          But feel free to ask for a refund!
          Oh wait… too late!
          all monetary funds are donated to my two favourite charities. … KFC and McDonald’s ??

          As for get a life ? I live on a paradise island,
          Sun sea & sand and I don’t need to get up for work!
          (Thats enough information)

          just thumb me down and move on in the future

          1. Nah I like telling people how it is. You think you have a perfect life but you need to moan about something so you pick on Arsenal. If you had to do a days work like Arsene you would be f’ct!!!
            Yeah get a life.

    2. Get lost and go lose some weight Fatboy Gooney. Win or lose the W out Brigade’s voice is still strong and we want that hopelessly, useless chicken manager to jump before I come and give him a right old shove! 11 years and counting. Muppet!!

  7. It’s hard enough to watch your favorite players take serious injuries and your club not win but to come on here so to listen to moaners slag off you and your team it all becomes somewhat insufferable. If you want people to come on here and paint a brighter side maybe you should just cheer up mate.

    1. @Trevor The problem is that even when positive articles are put on they just slag the writers off as well. Where have all the positive fans gone? We are two points of the top of the League with bloody25 games to go FFS. And they ae moaning? Its beyond my comprehension I’m afraid.

      But it’s notgoing to stop me supporting greatest team and greatest manager in the land.
      And we are een the most consistent team in Europe this year!

  8. I would like to see younger players get more of a chance. You wonder what happened to Wenger’s faith in the young players? We used to produce young contributing players who put in promising performances like Cesc, Wilshire and Ramsey.

    It seems like our academy out put has dropped a lot. Apparently Wenger sees no young talent ready to contribute in times of emergency.

    Chambers started brightly for us and is said to be versatile yet he has not been given a chance to fill in at DM. Why? He has not been given many first team minutes at all in any position.

    Why not invest in our future? When and how are these players supposed to learn? It seems a catch 22. You prefer the older more experienced yet hardly dominating Arteta and Flamini over Bielik or Chambers. This means Bielik and Chambers don’t get any better. So you continue to prefer the more experienced players with no future at the club and young players who are our future don’t get any experience.

    We lost to West Brom partially as a result of a dissapointing performance by Arteta. I would have found it much more tolerable if we played Chambers or Bielik and they made the mistakes.

    We all know young players are inconsistent and make mistakes but at some point you have to throw them on and give them experience. They are supposed to be our future.

    Bellerin and Coq ( who is not so young) were thrown in out of desperation and see how that worked out.

    If we lose and suffer I rather do so with potential upside coming in the future but if we lose because of Arteta or Flamini, what future upside did we gain?

    PS same goes for Alex Iwobi, Bennacer and Reine Adelaid. Do these players have noting to offer a badly depleted squad? Not even as a 20 minute sub? Then what are they doing on our squad list?

  9. I believe that Bellerin and Coquelin have been the best discoveries we’ve had for a while.

    I’m curious who will be the next ones. Zelalem? Hayden? Akpom? Crowley? Bielik?

    With Chambers we spent £16 millon so I kind of expect him to come good as £16 mil is a lot of money to spend to hope” someone comes good.

    1. We need to play them to find out who will be the next one. So let’s play them. I would start with Chambers or Bielik. But I suspect Wenger will try Chambers first.

  10. Kindly correct me if am wrong fellow Gooners…..in the last 4 years(to be conservative) none of Walcott, Ox,Gibbs,Wilshire,Rosicky,Arteta,Koschielny has played 10 games back to back due to assorted injuries and break downs…..jusst wondering why Wenger persisted with some of them when selling them.off seems more than logical and most importantly why did Wenger refused to sign quality back ups knowing our history with injuries…..seriously Wenger needs to go

    1. And how much are you going to sell an injured player for?
      The best deal Wenger ever did was getting rid of Van Persie for 25 m when he was injured for his whole career. Once Wenger can coax them into a good year they can go as far as I’m concerned.

      1. It sounds as if you are more of a Wenger fan
        than a Arsenal fc fan.

        Get your facts right… Wenger didn’t get rid of RVP,
        The player wanted to go to Utd and rather than keeping an unhappy player at the club and lose him for nothing at the end of the season, wenger sold him, which was the most sensible thing to do.

        And now you’re saying that you don’t care about our players being sold after a year?
        Your just a wenger wanna be ?
        You don’t care about the club!
        Jog on G Spot!

  11. I hate it when our players talk too much, next game they screw it up. I would rather they shut the XXck up till they win the EPL.

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