Why Chambers WILL great signing for Arsenal

The young Arsenal and England defender Calum Chambers may have had the sort of game he would rather forget on Monday against Liverpool, and he has taken his fair share of stick for is as well, but I do not think that it will mean a great deal in the long term.

The versatile 20-year old is still, in my opinion, set for a great career with the Gunners and there are a few good reasons to suggest that his performance against Liverpool will turn out to be a blip or a rare off day. First of all, we have seen him play a lot better for Arsenal, England and Southampton, both in the centre of defence and at right back, so we know he can do it.

Secondly, a similar thing happened to Chambers last season when Swansea´s winger Jefferson Montero tied him up in knots. But his head never dropped and he bounced quickly back from that. This tells me that Chambers has got the right attitude and will take disappointments on the chin rather than taking them to heart.

You often hear the old football cliche that managers and players learn more from a defeat or a tough game than an easy win and if this is the case then Chambers should have learned a hell of a lot on Monday. To be fair to him he did improve in the second half, probably with the help of his team mates and coaching staff.

And these are another reason why Chambers will have a great career, with the likes of Steve Bould as well as Koscielny and Mertesacker to give him the benefit of their experience and as role models on the training ground. And now he has a new mentor, apparently, in the form of Petr Cech, as Chambers explained in an Arsenal.com report, along with praising the keeper for keeping Arsenal in the game.

The young Gunners said, “They were unbelievable saves at a crucial part of the game to keep us in it. That’s almost what he’s there for but they were fantastic saves and kept us in it at that point.

“It’s good to train with him. He’s always talking to me and helping me to improve my game, which is really useful.

“In training he’ll come up to me during the session or after the session and say, ‘This was good, you could maybe do this or try this’.

“It’s always great to have someone who can help you.”

He may not be the finished article yet, but Chambers has the ability, attitude and the right people around him to ensure he becomes as good as possible.

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    1. you guys can thumb down. but in two years time, you guys will realize i am correct. like my previous prediction on Poldi. Chambers is at most an average player.

      another player is not good enough is Theo. not consistent enough to play for Arsenal.

      1. Correct! The thumb down warriors notwithstanding, the chamber lad is another over hyped, absolutely average british player; no amount of thumb downs can recreate or regenerate a different conclusion. Now, it tells you the state of the english national game if a misfit like this is been seen as having “potential”. A complete joke! Even a young Terry exhibited sign to indicate the did eventually have a bright future. As well as countless others in the past. No this lad to be honest. To suggest such is to misrepresent the truth and ultimately will aid in the destruction of the player. It’s no coincidence that misfits and rejects keeps emerging from AFC. It points to a more deeper problem and that reflects to the manager.

  1. Chambers might turn out to be great but that’s not much help to us now.

    Also he won’t become great by sitting on the bench AND if he does play regularly we’ll drop points as he learns his trade.

    Get proper back up in , send him on loan to learn his trade and take him back when he’s ready.

  2. Calum chambers best suited position is playing at centre back, but there is still room for improvement within him for steve bould to work on and sort out!

  3. I never for one day doubted his ability.. young and willing to learn. this is another issue, so am nt gon say he won’t give us the league,of cus he won’t, its a team, so i won’t join the sets of those who praised him last season for his contribution and suddenly sees him as a failure. he has my support anytime any day

  4. He needs time and hopefully he will get time this season. I have no time for fickle fans who are too quick to put our players down.
    OT. I don’t like to get too critical about these lapses in consistency, or our relative strength compared to other top clubs, but the de Bruyne acquisition has me very nervous about City. And it is the scale, said to be £54m with £250000 per week. i get very tired with the overvaluations. (And yes, Chambers was one.) This market is crazy so I still hope that chemistry and constistancy will pull us up. But it is getting hard to be excited.

    1. I quite admire Roberto Martinez for refusing the Stones bid. Hopefully this will cause Mourinho to blow a gasket.

  5. Hey guys just joined today I’ve been reading the comments here for two years now… Chambers had a mare of a game on monday but the lad needs game time to improve

  6. Chambers will come good.
    Sadly at the moment we need a statement from wenger….translated into a marquee signing .
    See what chambers says about cech?
    It’s just good to have those around

  7. Early last season Chambers
    was fantastic when
    he got an extended run.
    But he was frozen out the last 5 months
    as Wenger stuck doggedly to a basic no rotation policy.
    Yet I distinctly remember Wenger describing Chambers as a
    crucial utility bought to cover RB CB and DM.
    But Bellerin stormed in pushing Chambers back to 3rd RB,
    Gabriel has pushed him back to 4th CB
    and Coquelin has pushed him back to 4th DM
    behind Arteta and Flamini and with Bielik here
    and talk of another DM coming.
    If we knew all this last summer Chambers would
    never have been bought. Nevertheless Chambers should
    have been match ready for that Utility role but not so.

  8. Weird that we seem to be one of the few teams in the league with next to no income from player sales. Podolski is the only one.

    Chelsea have recieved over £40m with sales including Cech and Luis.
    Man City also got near the £40m mark with the sale of Negredo and loans of Dzeko and Jovetic.
    United got over £50m through sales of Di Maria, RVP, Nani etc.
    Liverpool also got over £50m with the sale of Sterling among others.
    Even Tottenham have recieved more than £40m.
    And here we are, Arsenal, with only £1.75m recieved.

    1. We seem to be a club that accept what we are given in the transfer market these days unfortunately.

    2. Wenger won’t spend even if he is given 100 billion dollars per day. We buy cr@p
      Players whereas other clubs buy the best possible that’s why.

  9. Why is it that it takes one bad game for an Arsenal player to receive a rollicking? Literally 1 game, whether it being from fans or the media.

  10. Claude from arsenalfantv said we are trying to sign two players from same club.
    Cavani and rabiot
    Austin and Sandro
    Lavezzi and matuidi
    Hernandez and fellaini
    Witsel and hulk
    Lucas and balotelli
    Benzema and Lucas silva
    Higuain and callejon
    Lewandowski and javi Martinez
    Martial and moutinho
    Lacazette and gonalons
    Draxler and matip
    ICardi and Jesus

    1. Chambers has a very
      level head on him.
      Given 4-5 games on the spin
      he will develop into a very sound CB.
      Benteke was a beast and Liverpool were hot to handle
      so that tough 90 mins will do Gabe and Callum
      a lot of good. Keep the faith in them.

  11. @CDN
    mourinho will not only blow a gasket, but his yokohama tires will certainly suffer a “blow out” as well!

  12. Chambers is a forth choice Center half, that means he is not going to be playing all the time, he is going to be rusty when we put him into games versus good attacking teams, his job at the moment is to sit and learn from those ahead of him.

    He will get game time along the way, you have to understand no talented center-half would be satisfied sitting on the bench with just few opportunities. i have no doubt he will become our main stay in a couple of years.

    Mert and Kos are our main stay, Gabriel is not far behind them either so a Center half is not an issue at the moment we are still waiting for a forward and Dm

  13. I feel when Jenko comes back (hopefully) then Chamber will be out on loan to gain regular football

  14. Too many people seem to have forgotten his contributions last season.

    Aside from Montero tearing Chambers a new one, he had some outstanding performances for us, so much so that a lot of us were disappointed he seemed to disappear for the second half of the season.

    I think he has the potential, we’ve seen he posesses the mentality as he’s come through tough times – like his vast improvement in the second half against Liverpool.

  15. Lol so a young boy isn’t allowed to get out played by better, more experienced and dangerous players? Besides, how often does he play to even get a run of games and some form under his belt?!

    Montero v Chambers:
    JM is a tricky winger, pacey, lots of skills & quick dribbling, plays regularly
    CC a young inexperienced player who plays better for us at CB than at RB, hardly ever plays, hasn’t got the pace nor the experience to deal with such players 100% of the time. Plus, WHY was no-one helping him?

    Chambers v Benteke:
    CB is bigger and stronger, plays regularly for club and country, many fans on here were even calling for him and probably still wish we paid the 32.5

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