Why Chelsea fans are right to fear Arsenal backlash

To be perfectly honest, Arsenal have not had too great a time of it in recent years when we have come up against our Premier League and London rivals Chelsea. We all know the shocking stats about the rival managers Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho but the problems go deeper than that.

There are many different factors involved, of course, such as Chelsea hitting their spending spree just as Arsenal had to tighten our belts, but however you look at it the last 10 years or so have belonged to the Blues. Now is the time for the Gunners to get a little bit of our own back and to even up the stats, as Chelsea are having a season that is much worse than any we had to endure during the lean years.

Although most things are pointing to an Arsenal win, I cannot help but have some worry about the game tomorrow, especially after what happened at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season. So I was heartened to speak to a Chelsea supporting friend of mine earlier today, because as much as I might have been feeling nervous about the match, he was absolutely dreading it.

I asked him if he was feeling confident at all, and this is a guy who always sees the positive side of things, especially when it comes to Chelsea, and he had to admit that as hard as he tried he could not muster up a scrap of positive mental attitude for this game.

In fact he is expecting a right old kicking from, and up, the Arse. Let’s hope he is right. They certainly have it coming, and so do we!

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    1. lets hope we blitz chelsea like we did versus MU. 1st 20 mins: then it was over.
      we need to repay them for a couple of hidings.
      + need to build up our goal difference versus mancity.
      hope sanchez is fit enuf to start.
      hope campbell (over walcott) at RW [wenger pls dont play favorites!]

  1. Must win. All signs show it should be a comfortable win. City won them at home, so did Leicester. Draw is not an option this time. 2-0 for us.

    1. a comfortable win? u do know this is arsenal bro.
      we dont do comfort. our fans have heart issues watchin us do ‘comfort’

  2. Feeling relaxed about
    2morrows game now.
    Whatever happens Arsenal
    will not go behind City.
    Anyway the EPL is not won in January.
    We have Ozil + Sanchez back
    Elneny has arrived and Coquelin back in training.
    Leicester have Liverpool at home then
    City and Arsenal away. That will do for them.
    EPL title on its way To Arsenal me thinks.

    1. Halt Jinxing our performance before we even kick the ball

      it isn’t a case of whatever happens and Citeh being behind us…..and i’m not being comfortable to be candid


      there’s no two ways about it!

    2. Change the wind dude? Glad to hear bold optimism from you. The team aren’t play as good as when Coq and Santi in charge, but they are doing fair enough to hang on. You are right, with the clearences of our treatment tables, we’ll getting better. Time is look to be on our side. Coyg

    3. everytime i read your nonsense comments be it optimistic or not, I shudder then and go and bet (and unfortunately invariably win) against you. Remember – thrash Norwich, smash WBA and Southampton, win against Liverpool beat Stoke?? Win the title? I would love to but your comments are the biggest JINX on this site so please STFU. Say nice things about our beloved gunners but PLEASE don’t make any more predictions

  3. Hope Wenger gets out of his comfort zone & goes for Pace upfront ie picks Theo and rest the lamp post to capitalise on ole cumbersome Terry’s lack of pace. Theo Sanchez Campbell interchanging will be too much for chelski defence to handle!

  4. we waited so Long for EL-neny to arrive at Arsenal on carmel’s back……. Do we have to wait Longer for him to get his 1st game of the season?????

    And someone asked in a previous article “what if Leicester actually Lifts the EPL at the end of the day”

    um….who have thought bout that?

    1. If Leicester wins the league it would rock my soul. What would Arsenal fans say and how would they feel? That thought alone would be unimaginable for so many reasons. What would that say about all the top clubs and their managers? That would shake the world of football immensely. How would all our top players feel and how would that affect them mentally? Most importantly would they stay after such a huge shock?

  5. Aloysius Paulus Maria
    must surly have Van howled
    his last at Ouch Triffid.
    Ryan should have his
    first Gigg at Utd till Summer.
    But Utd need less of a caretaker
    rather an undertaker to bury
    the Nadalander.
    “We had so many Shansis”
    He came he swore he conked out πŸ™‚
    Oh yeah we have to go to Southampton.
    But we will win πŸ™‚

  6. I expect Chelsea to play like Bayern tomorrow. It’s always different when it’s Arsenal. Oscar, Fabregas and Costa will probably play like possessed men tomorrow. I hope our players are equally up for it. We can’t afford any passengers πŸ™‚

    1. @Twig
      Everybody turns up to play us. We need to show up and handle our business. Chelsea are feeling the heat of the drop zone on their buttz. It won’t be easy…

      1. Then they go back to being rubbish in the next game and so on. Baffles my mind. Is that a curse from being the invincibles?

        1. Yep, it’s what happens when you’re one of the biggest clubs in the country and challenging for the title, every team will play at 110% to try and match our quality of football.

      2. its a walkover when others are facing chelski…….but it never gets easier when it comes to Arsenal!

        Wonders of the world

      1. @SA
        As long as Ramsey shows some discipline along side him, Flame will do just fine…Dude is a scrapper. Mert needs to sit it out though…Unleash Gabe the Rottweiler. That brother is due some get back…

    2. Costa will play like headless chicken because his sacked boyfriend is no more in charge. That’s for sure!

  7. Am I the only one who is now totally annoyed by Leicester? Seriously WTF!!! It’s like chasing a roach with a shoe and watch it get away in some small crack…

    1. @JAmerican
      Leicester are smart. They could have ran through Spurs. But they took a dive in order to concentrate on the title. Nice move…

      1. The next 3 games will define Leicester. Home against Liverpool and away matches against City and us. In addition, their last 3 games in the league are home against Everton and away to United and Chelsea. They will drop major points.

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