Why confident Ozil can lead Arsenal to BPL title

Even though the Germany international Mesut Ozil came back from his long injury spell to produce his best football for Arsenal since Arsene Wenger surprised us all by smashing the club transfer record to sign him from Real Madrid, it is still fair to say that the jury is still out on our playmaker, both with the Arsenal fans and with the football media in general.

If the second half of the season was anything to go by, however, I think the German is going to be an absolutely key player for the Gunners next season and in the years to come. Even with that long injury lay-off, Ozil managed a very respectable five goals and nine assists and that does not come close to summing up his role in the side.

Ozil has explained in an interview on the Arsenal website what he feels are his best qualities on the pitch and also how he came to possess the brilliant close control and calmness in tight situations.

He said, “I started playing football with my brother from a very early age. I had the opportunity to play in tight spaces with my friends and my brother, and they were all older than me.

“Through that I had the opportunity to control the ball in the tightest gaps at a young age and that shows today. I’m really thankful for that time.

“You always have the opportunity to improve aspects of your game like finishing, ball control and passing. You can train that but as a youngster, I always played with older people in tight areas and that brought me forward.”

The 26-year old also revealed that many of his amazing defence splitting passes that no other players seem to see, are the product of his footballing instinct rather than a specific training regime or even a plan.

Ozil went on, “I make a lot of decisions instinctively. You can practice passes and other aspects of your game a lot, but I decide a lot through instinct.

“I see things that some other players may not, and that’s why it’s important for me to have that instinct. It takes me forward on the pitch because nowadays you have to take decisions quickly and if you didn’t have instinct, it would be much tougher.”

The thing that really strikes me about Ozil these days is that he seems to be bursting with self confidence after seeming to struggle in the first year or so, especially when every man and his dog wanted to stick the boot in. Now Ozil seems almost arrogant but with the way he plays, that is great news and just what Arsenal need. We certainly don´t want doubts creeping in when he is playing on instinct and getting himself into tight and difficult positions.

A confident Ozil striding around the pitch and running things could be, in my opinion, the fuel that fires Arsenal right to the top. What do you think Gooners? Can Ozil be our main man from now on?

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  1. Im praying that ozil’s form excells in the coming new season and he remains injury free towards leading arsenal’s title challenge! Coyg!

    1. and getting knocked out of the CL by the round of 16 when we face European giants…like Barcelona, Bayern Munich and….Monaco (yes…Monaco). Remember them? Remember Giroud at home VS Monaco.

      If we don’t buy a great striker we are not winning jack and confident Ozil will eventually leave. And more so…Alexis Sanchez. They will not be here for long if a great striker is not bought.

    2. Yeah bro, hoping we get a striker that finishes.
      I like OG and he has moments, but he lacks consistency.
      Maybe make a cheeky bid for Lewandonski

      1. We have a better chance of prying muller from bayern than lewandowski. I would love muller too for our RW he’s a top player

  2. Ozil will be very important to our season, hope he stays injury free.
    Maybe even more importantly, stays fresh. Ozil can’t play every game, Wenger must know when rest him even if Ozil not happy about that. Fit, injury free, rested and BOOM

  3. Confident Ozil needs clever runs around him. And by that, I don’t mean the other 9 outfield players bombing it forward just in time to hide behind a marker. I’m thinking counter attacks and players with pace busting a gut over 25 yards to get in between defenders and let Ozil do what he’s best at.

    Trying to thread passes to tightly marked men moving into the space occupied by other defending players is always going to be a thankless task and reflects more poorly on the passer than the runner to the untrained eye.

  4. How the f78k Ozil is supposed to lead Ars to title when you have a donkey like Giroud leading the front line…get real for f77k sake! Stop this deluded articles and face the reality!!!

  5. Confident Ozil maybe got some of Alexis attitude hahaha.
    I think the whole team was blessed with Alexis attitude

  6. Everyone is bouncing around
    talking up Arsenal’s chances.
    Alexis is accelerating,
    Santi is sizzling ,Rambo is rumbustuous,
    Walcott is willing ,Ozil is earnest .
    No doubt Chaberlain is champing at the bit
    Jack will be jumping, Hector hounding,
    Giroud glistening and Danny dancing,
    Francis fighting, Arteta articulating
    Mertz marking, Laurent leading
    Monreal marshaling Gibbs guarding, Gabe galvanizing
    Mathew marauding + Rosa ready 🙂
    Mind you they said that last season and the season
    before and um the season before that too 🙂
    I bet Chelsea Man City Man Utd players are not telling their fans
    how keen they are to do well next season, no only at Arsenal.

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