“Why couldn’t we play this Arsenal yesterday?” Arsenal mocked by another club after Chelsea defeat

Russian club Spartak Moscow has sent the football Twitter into meltdown after claiming that they would have preferred to face this Arsenal in their league this weekend.

The Moscow team faced Arsenal Tula in a league game yesterday and the match ended in a tough 1-1 draw.

It was a result that leaves them 8th on the Russian League table and they now have a lot of work to do in getting among the top clubs in their competition this season.

Arsenal faced Chelsea in the Premier League yesterday and the match ended in a 2-0 home loss for the Gunners.

Spartak felt if they had faced Mikel Arteta’s team yesterday, they could have got more than a draw.

They tweeted: “Why couldn’t we play this Arsenal yesterday?” with a sad face emoji and it sent the internet into meltdown.

Several Twitter users and football fans flooded the comments with laughing emojis, also mocking the Gunners. We have curated some reactions here:

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    1. Funny enough, dat Russian club, Arsenal Tula will Beat dis Arteta’s team, really!!😒
      Even a side in Ghana (Arsenal Gold or so) will Challenge this Team on a football pitch!!

      1. In the History its already darkest as we had never ever plays two opening games lost both and scored no goal.

  1. Lol!!
    Quite a Pity, what we have become now!!
    Read in a world History book dat slightly b4 WW1, Turkey was called ‘Sickman of Europe!!’
    We have become the ‘Sickman’ of European football!😒😟
    I Wish the rumours of Antonio Conte are True!!🙂

  2. Hope the Kroekes start working on bringing Ten Haag by January.
    Something need to be done, we shouldn’t be mocked around this way any longer.

  3. But we have to trust the process or we aren’t in some so called supporters eyes real supporters… They must love the club getting bantered weekly!

  4. They Will loose brand value.
    You can buy White at 50M and sell him at 10m down the line, that is what is called loosing value.
    The Rwandan President was so annoyed when we lost to Brendford. Not sure what Adidas and other sponsors are thinking now.

  5. On reading the many pathetic and illiterate so called “thoughts” of some who claim to be Arsenal supporters, when they do not know the meaning of the word support, I am sickened at how unpleasant, vicious and toxic much of our fanbase are.

    They do not deserve to support this great club and they do not in fact SUPPORT AFC at all! What they do is the precise OPPOSITE of supporting!

    They merely carp, they moan,they throw their childish toys out of their pram and they do not represent thinking TRUE PROPER, MATURE SUPPORTERS SUCH AS I AND OTHER DECENT GOONERS.

    I am ashamed that they claim to “SUPPORT” the same great club that I and those like me DO ACTUALLY SUPPORT!

    1. Jon, I am beginning to think I agree with you.
      Who needs this negativity in our lives at our age?

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