Why critics are GOOD for Arsenal and Ozil

Arsenal need to find some form, somehow, anyhow. We have been in this position before, of course, like two seasons ago when the Gunners were well beaten at home by Bayern Munich after going out of the FA cup to lower league Blackburn before losing to our north London rivals Tottenham. That left us with no chance of a trophy and with a real struggle to beat the spuds to fourth spot.

The critics, including many Arsenal fans, were relentless, with the players but especially Arsene Wenger being put to the sword and written off. That seemed to spur us on and we went and beat Bayern away and did not lose another game for the rest of the season.

So I think the heavy criticism that the Gunners are getting after a slow start and a horror show in Dortmund could be just what we need. This season so far, the TV pundits have been quite generous to Arsenal because of how well we did last season and the good transfer business the club did this summer.

Last season we were written off continually even though the team was playing well and were top of the league for so long and that seemed to make us even more determined to prove people wrong and that is what we need to do again. The players pride should be stung, especially our record signing Mesut Ozil.

I didn’t think he was the worst Gunner on the pitch in Germany by any means, but the German paper BILD stuck the knife in and gave him the lowest possible rating, while all his critics are lining up to take shots. It is time for Ozil to get angry and prove that he is not going the way of Juan Sebastian Veron, as suggested by Daily Mail reporter Matt Barlow.

We know he has the ability, it is now about the attitude, for Ozil and all of the Arsenal players. They need to listen to all the harsh words of criticism and then make their critics eat those words!!

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  1. The critics are right, Ozil plays with no heart and desire. He is also playing out of position, which is not fair to him.

    We paid a record fee for a number 10, known to have a keen eye for assists, now that we have very fast forwards who can run behind defenses we are not using Ozil in his intended place.

    Either use Ozil as a number 10 give him a run of games or loose him. These are Wengers choices.
    It seems like a no brainer to me, but with Wenger you never know!

    1. Agreed. Wouldn’t make sense to buy Cavani and chuck him on the wing only to point at his lack of goals. Crazy to shove Ozil out wide and expect much. That being said he does himself no favours, because he can be ineffective out there but he should be willing and dogged at the very least for 150k a week.

      However let’s just stop lashing out at individual players when sadly it’s clear the main villain in the piece is Wenger. We don’t have defenders, DM is a joke and he is responsible for Ozil being a winger. Can someone actually tell me what he’s up to?

    2. I swear I’d give up booze for one year just to see Ozil in “his natural Position” on Saturday. Of course, you refer to the middle of the ground behind the striker(s). I want him be there and getting the same abuse Jack and Arteta gets every game so that we can be through with this nonsense, Ozil prefered position.
      There is no such thing as preferred position because Ozil never played in one position alone! Look on youtube for all his career to see that he is everywhere on the pitch. Left flank, right flank, middle and so on. But when 9 players out of 11 are BEHIND you in construction there’s not much choice where to pass your super ball, is it? We take time to wait for our fullbacks to advance so that Ozil can combine there. We $hit our pants everytime when we lose the ball in the middle because we know the next pass is going to be on the flank where the wing, full back are still running to intercept. It only takes one thing to dismantle the whole team, one thing. It doesn’t matter what, can be a bad foul, can be a ball Arteta is losing, can be a huge miss by Welbeck, anything! After that you see they are down, down, down. We suffer mostly psychological than technical or physical no matter what the players say at the press conference. Until this is properly addressed we may see games where we have 2 up and end it in 2 all, god forbid 3-2.
      Stop looking for scapegoats because it will not solve our problems. There’s no one person responsible for our results. We need people to understand what is wrong with our player’s attitude and how can we bridge the huge gaps we have seen on Tuesday.
      While I was in military we had a saying : amateurs look for strategies and tactics while the professionals focus on logistics. No matter how brilliant your strategy or tactics you have, in the end of the day if you don’t have the means or the will to get that extra mile then you will always fail. Or, as Pat Rice used to say : if you fail to prepare then you should prepare to fail. I hope that’s not the case yet.

  2. Fans, always looking for excuses for OZIL.. Every excuse has been used since he moved to Arsenal..

    He was playing with the likes of Ronaldo, Di Maria, Bezema, Higuain, etc and now he is playing with Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Giroud, Monreal, Flamini, Walcott, etc..

    He needs to be shown love and he will deliver.

    He needs pace in the team and he will show you what he has..

    He is new to the PL and needs a season to get used to it..

    The current players are not on his wave length, he is too much for them..

    He is being over played he needs a rest..

    Wenger is killing him this season by playing him as a winger..

    He needs Walcott back.

    The team has to be built around him Ozil..

    Ozil is a confidence player and he should not be criticized as it will only make him lose more confidence. But it’s okay to criticize the rest of our other players from first game to last..

    He needs better defensive players to protect him so that he does not have to track back or defend..

    And the list goes on..

    It’s really cringeworthy, imagine if the likes of United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Spud were the ones that had signed him, all of you would be calling him a flop and a waste of £42 million.. Lets be honest..

    People on here already called Lamela a flop, most of the Spuds players are labelled as flops. Torres, Andy Carroll, Berbatov after one season were labeled as flops.. But if it’s our player then it’s a different matter..

    I am an Arsenal fan but even I can’t stand some of our fans, they will absolutely go for the kill for the whole season when it comes to the likes of Giroud, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Mert, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Sanogo.. But Ozil seems to be some kind of saint, non should dare say anything negative about him..


    1. If we would not have bought Ozil and have still have Fabregas around you would find your self in the same poz as now only, that the one you would be all butthurt would be Fabregas.

      Grow a pair of balls and understand that no player in the teamm is at fault. Its Wenger alone who is responsible.

        1. Ohhh, Sacrebleu, monsiour Yankee. It seems that you are follwing me wherever i go. Do you want my signature or somethin? Va te faire foutre, trouduc.lolol

      1. @Ks… Lol.. You really talk like an OZIL female groupie, you would do anything to please master Mesut, just to prove how much you are devoted to him..

        Nothing wrong with that, some people have their weird fantasies…


        1. Dude its not my fault that you obsessed with Ozil and that i have to comme by and speak sense to you. Everitim.

    2. It is true a lot of excuses have been made for OZIL’s underperforming in an Arsenal Shirt. I believe there are two reasons for his performance issues:
      (i) (Here we go) Confidence. He is shown the door at Real Madrid who say he is surplus to requirements – Ancelotti and Zidane saying he had no “fight” in him. He hasn’t proven them wrong thus far. Surely it must be difficult for a player to leave the biggest team in the world and watch them win their 10th CL title without him. Different people react in different ways to disappointment and Ozil, by all accounts is quite a sensitive person. It’s not as if he’s an avatar in a Fifa game, this is flesh and blood we’re talking about here. Mourinho (really can stand that guy) said you need to treat him with kid gloves. But he does need to meet The Arsenal half way. Okay he has poor stamina and is not the greatest tackler but he sure as hell can pass a ball a prove a through ball for goal. Well at least he use to. Which brings me on to reason number 2.
      (ii) Torresitus – Has he simply passed his sell by date. Is he going the way of Torres, Shevchenko, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Robiniho or the 1998 World Cup Final Ronaldo? You see it in American Baseball a lot a great hitter or pitcher have lost their magic. This is the top level of athletes here. Do they lose their talent or do they lose their hunger and desire? Afterall how many years have they been playing their sports until they reach their mid 20s. Some people revel in attention and pressure (Maradona) others can’t rise to the occasion (Messi for Argentina). Personality is key I believe. That and character.
      I hope Ozil is suffering from complaint number 1 if not he’s destined to a painful tme on the left wing and we’re destined to a painful time watching him.

      1. You guys still get caught out with Mourinho, psychology.. Just because Jose said Ozil is the best #10 in the world all of you jumped onto it..

        Mourinho hates lazy players and only was sweet talking Ozil because the Madrid fans were getting p*ssed off with him due to him playing boring football..

        The Madrid fans got p*ssed off with his boring football and were demanding he played the likes of Di Maria and Ozil, so he had to keep playing Ozil just to cool the heat down on him.. But he would chuck him off at halftime or after 55-60 minutes..

        Now tell me why when he moved to Chelsea with all the praise he was giving Ozil he never even thought about signing him for Chelsea? It’s because he knew Ozil is not a fighter, not a player to call on when things are tough, not an EPL player. He would have signed him but did not even bother thinking about it..

        1. I think it’s hard to criticise him, because Ozil is Ozil,” Mourinho said.

          “If you were expecting Ozil to be super aggressive and to be running miles and miles from side to side and to show great enthusiasm and aggressiveness, this is not Mesut.

          If you are waiting for somebody where every time he touches the ball, the ball smiles, every time he makes a pass, the ball goes with the right direction, the right speed, the right intensity, this is Ozil.

          “When he’s on the pitch, every time he touches the ball, it is beautiful. And he’ll always finds the right man on the right place.

          “So, sometimes, you don’t see him, sometimes he isn’t on the screen many, many times. But when he is he is a special player.”

        2. I guess you mustve been in that same cave when madrid fans were chanting dont sell ozil through out bale’s presentation.
          Your obsession and hate for ozil has turned you delusional now your actually making up bollocks, lol its quite amusing please continue.

  3. To be honest I become so hopeless about Ozil. He is so lazy & has no fighting spirit at all I wish that we sold him to Barca and bought Cesc.

  4. Proper critisem yes and not what most do. Ozil is playing bad but he is not the only one in the team.

    How can a player like Gervinhio play like some African Messi at Roma and at Arsenal he was utter shet?
    How can a world class player like Ozil who was the best amongst the Germans and the most beloved player from fansat Real M. ( the biggest team in the world), turn up like this)?

    Why is Podolski not starting? Did he not scored many goals last year and secured us many points?

    Rosicky, what the hell did this guy did to you Wenger? Maybe he is to much metal for him and he disslikes his music.

    Wenger, You have no idea what you are doing!

    1. Absolutely right, Wenger’s desire to mold players into new positions works 1 out of 5 times, and when it doesn’t work we loose very gifted players.

    2. Agh… How can wenger call himself a mánager is beyond me. Instead of developing players now he only ruins them, you know what’s the problema with old man? He still want’s to prove that the way he does things is the good way to go. That’s why he alway’s is an easy target for the media. You know what? I’m starting to think that he did not buy a defender because Just in case we win something (thing that will only happen in arsene senile mind), people and media will say: oh muy gosh they win the PL with only 6 defenderse! Crédit to Arsene!. If you think about it he auto harms arsenal in order to get the credit or having an easy excuse for not winning anything.

  5. You know if you look at Ozil’s statistics with Real Madrid they are really impressive. Ozil will never be a Fabregas because he doesn’t score goals, but look at this:

    year before joining Arsenal tied with Messi with assists
    1 key pass every 22 minutes
    23 appearances= 9 goals and 13 assists
    Biggest strengths: crossing, set pieces, through balls, key passes.

    I honestly believe that we won’t need to wait long before we see the real Ozil. We just need him to play CAM (In other words play him according to his strengths). Play 4-5-1 or 4-3-2-1 or something.
    Or put Sanchez and Welbeck up front with Ozil behind. Ozil could also be a false 10 where he can play centre and drift out wide. Lots of possiblities.

    Also Wenger needs to consider playing Campbell, Podolski and Rosicky at some point. I mean seriously

    1. ozil played avg time of around 70 mins at Madrid + played mostly behind striker than on LW la liga also has winter break stamina wise he isn’t that good but he can get better

  6. Ozil hasn’t had even near the impact Arshavin had (15 goals+assists in 15 appearances) in his first season. And yet Arshavin was kicked out mercilessly when he stopped putting in a shift. Nobody denies the talent of Arshavin or of Ozil for that matter. But some players just don’t fit in with some clubs, leagues or managers. If the string of poor performances continue, I’m afraid Ozil might be kicked out of Arsenal sooner than Arshavin was.

    1. Twiq. i completely agree, Arshavin is the most creative player we have had in recent times. But Arshavin and Ozil are what they are and clever manager capitalizes on the strengths of his players Not exploiting their weaknesses.

      1. And that’s the momemt when you notice how idiot and arrogant wenger has been since he win almost everything with arsenal. Good Lord i’m starting to think that Ozil is following the path of Arshavin. Prayers for Ozil.

  7. critic is a person who judges, evaluates, or criticises…wanting the best for my club after 9 years doesn’t make me a critics.. I just want a change.. tired of losing my voice every time arsenal plays like am the coach.. wenger out!!! It not criticism.. it Love for my team!!!

  8. ozil needs a break wenger should play someone else till he can find his rhythm like cazorla/rosicky/ox & play him behind the striker rather than out wide on left

    but other too should take the blame esp the arteta his performance is so poor now we are looking at diarra a player who was rejected in Russian league

  9. & if ozil still can’t make it then time for tough decision saw draxler’s performance yesterday him + reus in place of ozil/podolski/Campbell would be great but I still hope wenger can get the best out of ozil but draxler for Campbell/podolski would be great

  10. I think the ones who needs a break or the one who needs to Pi#ss off is Wenger. For what reason is he managing this club? He has done what he could do best, and his best is far from being good enough.

    I saw Moes Tweet yesterday about him tllk to Draxler, according to him he was eager to sign for us, but somehow it diddnt happend. And as far as i can remember, i know that the board gave the go to spend the moeny but Wenger said no.

    What a player he is. Young and a monster with the ball. Just imagine him in the Lw poz. Geeee

  11. i think ozil can do well for arsenal if wenger helps him by building the team and the formation around him. a proper dm with rambo or jack as b2b and ozil in a free role would be godlike.

  12. Our first eleven should be:
    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibbs
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

    Bench: Ospina, Monreal, Chambers, Flamini, Cazorla, Ox, Giroud.

    I’ve left Arteta out because he is truly shit, yes know Wilshere and Ramsey don’t always gel together that well however I’d rather have them in the double pivot than Arteta! We desperately need a new DM but if we got one, who do you leave out? I believe next summer, Santi will leave and Wenger will bring in Draxler, hopefully along with Khedira/Vidal and Hummels at centre back.

    1. I agree that no Arteta and no Flamini is the way to go. But i have two radical points that i think we should try.
      1) Chambers for Per. I think Per is slower this year than last (if that were possible) and he cant play as a defender in an attacking team like Arsenal, where we are constantly getting hit with counter attacks. Meaning he is always left facing a fast player running at him, it really is not fair to Per to put him in a situation like that. He would be much more successful if he played in a defensive formation that counter attacked.

      2) Ox in midfield instead of Jack or Ramsey. I think Ox has the most ability to track back in the team, he doesnt have to be a DM but can play as a CM that tracks back to break up attacks. ALso Diaby seems healthy for the time being, I say play him as long as he can.

      Flamini, Arteta and Per are not good enough for this Arsenal team.

    2. You bench Cazorla who together with Ramsey won us the FA CUP and the CHARITY SHIELD for a player that has done fck all for us?

  13. In the spirit of fair play and being honest with yourself which players currently in Arsenal’s 1st team would you actually want to keep. I’m not trying to be funny here I promise. I’ll take the easy option. RAMSEY.

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