Why Diaby could get SHOCK start for Arsenal v Spurs

Having only just started his first game for Arsenal in around 19 months, you would not expect Abou Diaby to start the very next one as well, especially one as important as a north London derby with Tottenham in the Premier League, but I have a sneaking feeling that the Frenchman could be on the team sheet on Saturday.

In the latest injury update on the Arsenal.com website, Arsene Wenger has revealed that another French midfielder, Mathieu Flamini, has a chance of being available again for the Tottenham game, after missing out on the last two squads due to a small problem.

The manager said, “The only difference compared to Villa and Southampton is that Mathieu Flamini might be available again. He had a dead leg. I feel he should be back.”

But might is a bit vague from Wenger and what if Flamini is not at 100 percent? Well that is when I think Diaby could be called upon. I know that Mikel Arteta would be the more expected choice, especially as the Spaniard is now the club captain, but Diaby did pretty well on his return against a talented, hard working and pressing Saints team. If the boss thinks he is fit enough to face another game four days after that, he might think that Diaby’s qualities would be more useful than Arteta’s in the high pressure of a local derby.

Diaby could help us to see of what is likely to be serious midfield pressure from the spuds. If he cannot last the whole game, Arteta’s artistry could be used once the Totts are more tired. Let’s be honest, Gooners, comparing the two on recent form, who would you pick?

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  1. abou isnt ready for the derby.
    if ever there was a time for mesut to show up . saturday is that day

    hope we find nemo

      1. thanks sumo, appreciate it
        to be clear..


        you must be pretty pathetic to sign up and steal my username just to troll me –

        certified loser

        1. @muffdiver
          I checked it when Sumo made the point about the eyes being different on the avatars. Thats some sad sh*t.

    1. As previously stated, getting the best out of Mesut (and Arsenal as a whole) will depend on Arsene’s team selection and formation.

      If the boss wants to get both Rambo and Jack into the team because it’s the Derby, then Mesut will be pushed out wide, we’ll build too slowly, and no one will show well.

      If he opts for the 4231 with Jack or Ramsey, not both, next to a DM and Mesut free to do what he does best as the 10, then both Mesut and Arsenal will be much more dynamic.

      My preference based on available players

      Chambers, LK6, BFG, Gibbo
      Diaby (if fit – if not Mikel), Jack or Aaron (both playing the same for me at the moment)
      Alexis – Mesut – AOC

      Attack with Pace and dynamism.

    2. Am sure Ozil will play well only if Arsene Wenger will play either Ramsey or Wilshere so that Ozil will have play through the middle. If Wenger can do that, am sure we’ll have a better chance of winning the chance. But we win or we don’t win, everly remain GUNNER!!!

  2. Diaby is like the trump card you have once in a while. We know this season he is fit once again and to some’s distain was a major factor why we left out a DM from out squad as revealed by our manager.

    I would rather have him play Galatasray for 30 mins as a substitute and keep him ready and match fit for Chelsea. It’s time we got one over them at their home.

  3. Unless you want to see him back on the treatment table, Diaby shouldn’t play this Saturday. Have Flamini take the DM role in this game.

  4. Would not even bother risking him. Its too early for him to be playing twice in one week. He is so much better than flamini and arteta, but its only the potatoes we’re playing. Arteta will be fine.

    1. @Young Gun_AFC
      Spurs have Pochettino now and they are tryin to up their game. Comin off a decent win their confidence will be high.

      1. They also have Daniel trigger-happy Levy. Run of 5-6 bad games and Pochettino will be shown the door.

        Pochettino will be in far more pressure after losing to West Brom, Liverpool in the PL. Also 0-0 draw in the Europa League in the last week will not have helped.

        3-1 against NF in a league cup will not help him release any pressure. If they lose the derby than Mauricio will pile up the pressure on himself.

        We have a few share of our own upcoming. But after our this period gets over, we have a nice run of easy games while Spurs will be yet to play City, Chelsea.

        I believe Pochettino will not the last the season. I for one can’t see him beyond Easters. Hope I am not wrong.

  5. I wish Diaby would start as the DM, bosses it, remains injury free and claims that spot from then on… He really deserves a break from his injuries, he’s very technical and if he had remain mostly injury free during those times we wouldn’t be mentioning the likes of Yaya Toure and company as much. FACT!!!

  6. Diaby dealth with schniederlin and wanyama on his own! He’s a BOSS! Flam and arteta would have been in trouble. A fit and on form diaby is one of the best midfielders in the world. Need to use him in the big games like chelsea, city, liverpool, and champions league.

  7. The Diaby factor is like this. Dont hope big, dont demand big, let him try his luck.

    Something like him being a saviour or the next big thing is the most stupid thing you ever could ask. Mr Wenger is not stupid, he says he can be the new Dm. Not that like he believes it, but he wants you to believe it, so he can in the end not spend a penny on a new Dm.

    Good luck Diaby, neverless, spend some facking money you old douche

    1. Such logic.

      “Some some facking money you old douch”

      Mesut-42.5 mil
      Sanchez-32 mil
      Chambers- 16 mil
      Debuchy- 12 mil
      Ospina- 4 mil
      Danny- 16 mil
      Spending figures of thr last two years incase you werent aware.

      I know, it’s impossible to change your hatred for Wenger and make you see light, but what’s the harm in trying.

        1. The hatred and disrespect people have on AW is amazing on here.

          If it was a Pardew type situation i.e. not winning enough games since start of new year, it was understand able.

          But we are progressing with each passing year alebit some bad result. But if you look at some comments and articles, it’s unbelievably venemous and that people have such filthy languages to use that a non-football fan would mistake him to be Saddam Hussain or Adolf Hitler.

          And the way people convincly tweak facts and figures, my my-
          After Dortmund played such high tempo game with us. They were fatigued for the next game with Mainz and lost 3-0.
          People who want Klopp fail to mention this.

          When we played to City in such high tempo game and than lose to BvB. People bring on the slaughter of rotation and tactics.

          And we just saw how our rotation players were against Southampton.

          There is no pleasing some.

          1. @sumo
            I still think he should have stayed at Soton. But I guess with them selling off all those players, he felt it was best to move on. I like him as a manager and hope he does well. Even if he’s managing Spurs…

          2. Dortmund lost 2 – 0 to Mainz.

            But you are right in many ways, although not filling the glaringly under strengths areas in the team, CB, CDM is hard to gloss over.

  8. i think it might be too early for DIABY, although i rather him over Arteta and Flamini, base on previous encounters this might be a rough game. what the hell give him 60 minutes again and keep Hayden and flamini on the bench to step in.

    I actually think hayden would make a wonderful DM

  9. OT: But I wish I was getting paid 100K a week to be a social media addict and not be bothered with putting in a performance on the pitch to assist my team (sarcasm). Truly disgusting and to think fans are actually ok with this. Wenger do something about this please ASAP.

    1. @Greg
      I’m not convinced about Carvalho. Though I’ve only watched him a couple few times, I was not as impressed as others on here. Kondogbia looks the business and seems able to fit right into our set up. Just the type pf DM our fans are crying out for and our back 4 can rely on…

  10. Next summer get rid of Arteta, Flamini, Podolski and Rosicky and Diaby if he gets injured again

    I appreciate the first fours hard work for the club but they have lost their top quality because of age. Sign some top players and move up some academy players like Bellerin, Zalelem, Akpom, Coquelin

    If diaby is injury free then FANTASTIC
    But if he continues injuries then it’s better to give his salary to someone else.

  11. I know nothing about formation as this selection will show but really all I`m doing is dropping Mert and including Diaby.
    Sczcesny, Gibbs, Koscesny, Chambers, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil. Ox, Alexis and Welbeck.

  12. The cat jumped on the key board. Gibbs, Kos. Chambers, Diaby, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Ox, Welbeck and Alexis. That`s better.

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