Why did Arsenal even bring in Denis Suarez on loan?

Reports have circulated that Unai Emery has already decided not to make Denis Suarez’s loan move permanent. In truth the fact Arsenal were willing to pull out of negotiations if Barcelona made a transfer compulsory not optional should have told the player he was nothing more than a body to fill the squad, without our owner having to spend money.

With our summer budget rumoured to be only 50 million, it’s unlikely nearly half of that will be spent on a man yet to start a game for us. With only 4 months to adapt to a new leagu /country the odds were stacked against him making an instant impression. Our manager has shown with Ozil, he will leave you on the bench until you can tactically follow instructions. Remember the two have worked together before so the boss will already have a view on if the midfielder can suit the physical demands of the Premiership.

Remember Barca were willing to sell for 20 million, which is peanuts in today’s market. The fact we didn’t rush out to snap him up highlights he was never wanted long term. His parent club knew it as they responded by extending his contract, protecting his value. So he’s not wanted at the Nou Camp or the Emirates while not recording enough minutes to  impress other suitors.

Gooners haven’t seen enough to know if we are letting a talent slip through our fingers, you have to trust the judgements based on training.

As things stand Denis Suarez will be an answer to a trivial question…

Dan Smith


  1. I expected to see more of Suarez by now, but I feel his lack of appearances is more to do with bad timing, than anything else. We’re at a critical stage in Europe, and we’re right back in the hunt for a top four finish. It’s not the time for ANY manager to be experimenting with new players, unless they happen to be WC.

    Suarez is a squad player at Barca, and I feel we only really brought him in as cover, should we get any more injuries. We also know that Emery demands 100% in training, so maybe Suarez is not quite doing it there as well?

    1. I don’t think Suarez would be able to win the competition against Ramsey and Ozil

      He is also not a specialist winger and looks far below his performances in his first year at Barcelona

      Unless he can offer something different than what Arsenal players can do, I expect Arsenal to look for specialists next time, not a jack-of-all-trades

  2. Spot on Third Man.Had we not been in contention for a top four place Suarez would have played more.To be fair to the lad without games under his belt he can never gain the “match fitness” he needs to make an impression in what is a physically demanding League.

    1. The one thing Emery’s critics fail to understand about him is that his teams have no such a thing as assured starters. To understand this better, one needs to re-visit his days at Sevilla. To him, the player that fits the tactics of the day and is physically and mentally fit will start.
      So to me, getting worked up about Denis Suarez’s situation is premature at the moment.

  3. I’m not even worried about that question or anything related to it seeing how Sven never wanted him in the first place… No matter what, I trust Sven’s decisions on players over anything that’s why I was pissed we let him go.
    The way our club handles stuff is disgraceful to be honest, time and time all over again they’ve shown it, sorry I’m saying this Raul has already made a lot of errors and decisions so early in his regime. You all know I don’t keep my mouth shut about how I feel towards the handling of our club, just as the rest of you, I love this club and I bleed it.
    Can someone tell me why we had a world class scout, one probably the most valuable going by results for the past five years, we had him and we decided to cut him off first without even securing his replacement in the first place?

    We cut off someone so valuable to us all in the hope we’ll get another one who’s best at handling average clubs only for him to screw us (I’m glad he did, I never wanted him).
    If he couldn’t handle a club the statue of As Roma, I wonder why anyone think he’ll do better with us after screwing Roma in a short while.
    So now Overmars can’t be gotten too, we’re right back to square one, Raul was probably working by contacts and it was exposed that he preferred his contacts over today’s technology and data-analytics.
    Well I’d love to see who he has next on his contacts for us,
    to me he has made a lot of errors early in his regime, I believe his only protection is Emery. Emery getting the boys to perform is covering up for the poor decisions and mistakes they keep making upstairs.
    If Sokratis who was only a second choice for Sven before he came is performing this good for us, have you imagined what it would’ve been like if we got his first choice Abdou Diallo back then?
    So far the only person covering all the mess is Emery and his boys, I applaud Emery for that.
    If Sven didn’t trust Suarez, then I don’t trust him either, so it’s good it’s only a loan

    1. Eddie, without getting into the pros and cons of the previous regime (PLEASE), your post could just as easily have been written about AW and gazidis.

      I read yesterday that the club are now looking internally for a replacement and I, jokingly suggested Bouldy recently!!
      That’s how ridiculous the situation has become…thank goodness UE and the players are performing as a professional club should.

      As for Dennis, my thoughts are that UE knows all about him, but TMJW’s point is very valid and I go along with that.
      I cannot see any game that might afford the luxury of starting him, unless we absolutely hammer Napoli at home by at least four goals!!!

      1. Ken I can assure you I don’t fancy discussing certain issues, If you actually noticed, you’d see that there are certain discussions I hate and don’t fancy putting my energy into, strongly pointing at Kroenke, I’ve never seen any good coming out of us fans discussing him, he ignores us, so I see it as giving him our time and attention, something I feel he’s not worth it for.
        secondly Arsene Wenger and Gazidis since they left.
        Only someone obsessed will keep trying to drag Wenger and Gazidis into the current situation and discussion every time. It’s the past, there’s no point holding on to it and constantly trying to delve into them, so I don’t discuss them either if you’ve noticed.
        My post really is aimed at Raul and how the club is being handled right now, I don’t care how it was handled years ago, right now it seems Raul is also clueless and he’s looking for a yes man and someone to take the blame if everything comes crashing.

        On the Suarez issue, I still believe we need him now that he’s here though, like I told Sue in the previous article, This coming April, we need both Suarez and Elneny to be given game time because of the number of games we’ll have.
        Suarez needs to get a start, ideally against Newcastle at home, I have nothing against him, I’d love to watch him play for ninety minutes

    2. It’s weird how you have worked yourself up about Sven. A person that had been with us for less than a minute. You make it seem like he had transformed us.

    3. I was gutted and deeply concerned when I heard Sven was leaving. It surprised me that there was so little disappointment from the fans when we heard Sven was leaving.

      To me, he might well be the loss that prevents our ascension. When you have as little funds as we have (supposedly 40 million this summer) you need a guy like him to maximize those funds.

      To me, the Suarez debacle shows how important it is to have a proper talent dude.

      I don’t believe Suarez is the answer for us but I feel sorry for him not having been given the chance to show that. At the same time, we have to trust the manager on what he sees in training. On the other hand, the manager was supposed to know this player so why squander 2 million on him?

      With Ramsey gone and Ozil more or less not wanted, we need a creative “genius” for next season. If we don’t sign a creative player we are in danger of becoming just a hard-working side unable to fully utilize their two strikers. Sven was the guy I had hoped would find us a player who could replace these two guys.

  4. Yes indeed getting worked up over Dennis Suarez is premature, if Inside sees him mentally and physically fit for upcoming EPL match he will include him. Unsigned wants results. Again I feel he is underplaying the situation at hand, Barcelona may up Suarez’s price if Unai brings out the best in him by the time the league ends. It could be mind playing game after all his good qualities was what endeared him to them to be poached from Seville. You know Barcelona will not go after a player that is not excelling in his club.

  5. Yes indeed getting worked up over Dennis Suarez is premature, if Unai Emery sees him mentally and physically fit for an upcoming EPL match he will include him. Unai wants results. Again I feel he is underplaying the situation at hand, Barcelona may up Suarez’s price if Unai brings out the best in him by the time the league ends. It could be mind playing game after all his good qualities was what endeared him to them to be poached from Seville. You know Barcelona will not go after a player that is not excelling in his club.

  6. To be honest im okay letting Suarez go. For the $18m purchase price, I feel Nkunku and Sarr are better options and have more potential.

    With the rumours of us targeting Nkunku in January, you wonder if Suarez was even the 1st option.

  7. We were asking the same question about why TORREIRA was not being played at the start of the season.
    It seems like Emery has a completely different mentality to the one we are used to at Arsenal:

  8. If we don’t finish in the Top 4, he will be gone anyway

    But hopefully we get to see him more soon

  9. Suarez has hardly had an opportunity as yet to show what he may or may not be able to add . That being said, the fact that UE has chosen not to much play him tells me that UE is not much taken with him. It is only my impression but I strongly suspect Suarez will be no more than a footnote in our club and long gone by next August. Of course I may be wrong and I WOULD THEN ADD THIS COMMENT TO THE GIGANTIC LIST OF ALL MY OTHER MISTAKEN THOUGHTS ON ARSENAL MATTERS. But I think that most Gooners will agree with me, even so. Though even that may also be wrong. Either way though we badly need a central creative attacking midfielder who is RELIABLY productive (as in week in , week out!).

    1. What I saw during the united game was Denis Suarez in 83 min effortlessly slice through united mid field and put a fine ball through to Iwobi.

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