Why did Arsenal not agree to a sell-on clause after terminating Aubameyang’s deal?

Arsenal terminated the contract of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang in the last transfer window and allowed the striker to join Barcelona as a free agent.

The Gabon star had gone from being the club’s main attacker to being banished from training with the rest of the squad in a matter of months.

He sealed a free transfer to Barca, and he hit a stunning run of form for the Catalans and helped them finish the La Liga season very well.

However, he could leave them in this transfer window, and Chelsea is pushing to bring him back to the Premier League.

Ideally, when players are allowed to leave for free, the club adds a sell-on clause to help them make some money if the player is sold for profit.

However, a report on The Sun reveals that Arsenal didn’t add a sell-on clause in the agreement to allow him to leave.

The striker was allowed to tear up his contract, so he moved to Barca for free, and Arsenal will gain nothing from his future transfers.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Considering that Auba still had more than a year left on his contract with us, we should have made some money from offloading him.

However, it seems clear now that the goal was to just kick him out of the club by all means, so we didn’t even think about the possibility of making such an agreement.

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  1. If his contract was terminated and then he joined Barca how could there be a sell on clause? I might well be missing something here but if someone can explain I’ll be grateful 😊

  2. It is possible. Barcelona did it with Rique Puig who went for free to LA Galaxy. If he’s sold by them, Barca will get 50% of the fee.

    Arsenal should’ve done the same but seeing how incompetent the club officials are at selling, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  3. They let him go because they didn’t know he could perform like that at Barca after being so poor with us.
    It was nice decision to let him go, but it would have made more sense if he was sold even for as low as 5m, I am damn sure there is a team out there who would have pay for him.

  4. For Admin Pat
    Not sure if I missed it but I do not seem to have seen the article with the predictions for the premier league fixtures this week by Dan Smith. Pl advise us if there is going to be one this week.

  5. Someone who was suppose to be in training left for spain unpermitted with an aim of annoying his employers leading to bad blood btw both parties is who you expect to agree a sell on clause on as if he left on a good note.

  6. A sell-on clause on the sale of deadwood? Seems ridiculous on the surface, but we would be guaranteed at least a cool 5M at least two current deals: Willian to Fulham and PEA to Chelsea. Not such a bad idea after all.

  7. Arsenal wanted him out, by any means. Perhaps they should have negotiated a sell on fee, Barca’s financial situation wasn’t a secret.

    Alas, yet another bad decision, poor man management by the club. What’s done is done, hopefully any move to Chelsea won’t come back to bit us.

    Anyone who thought Auba was washed up as a scorer is detached from Reality. It’s a question of using his strengths rather than operating from a position of weakness.

    You use a knife to do the job of a knife, not the job of a hammer.

    1. “Anyone who thought Auba was washed up as a scorer is detached from Reality”
      I honestly thought he was, and was wrong, but it’s clear to me he was never going to return to form with us. He’d been poor for 18 months straight, showing no confidence and missing very easy chances. At his best, he was scoring tonnes even when the rest of the team was poor – something had obviously changed beyond just arteta’s tactics.
      Given his form at barca, it’s easy to think we should have sold him for some money, but after 18 months of poor form, who would seriously want to pay for him, especially given his huge wages? We were between a rock and a hard place with this one

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