Why did Chile risk an injured Alexis Sanchez? Look at this pic to prove their stupidity

The Chile manager Juan Antonio Pizzi must be absolutely crazy for risking Alexis Sanchez in last night’s Confederations Cup game against the Cameroon. The Arsenal star left training with a swollen ankle before the game, and Pizzi indicated he wouldn’t play him if he was injured. The coach said: “[We’re] optimistic from the images we’ve seen.

“But we understand and know that the player still feels pain, and that’s why we’ll wait until tomorrow to decide if he plays.

“We don’t risk any player who is not in condition to play and who could aggravate an injury.

“We’re very careful with the health of our players, and because of that we always act with the responsibility required by our position.”

But we now know that was a downright lie, as he put Alexis on the bench, and then brought him on for the last half-hour when the score was stuck at 0-0. Sanchez may well have helped his country secure the win, but after the game photos proved that his ankle was FAR from recovered enough to play. In fact it was the height of stupidity to play such an important player with any prospect of aggravating any injury!

Just look at the state of Alexis ankle after the game……

I am lost for words…..



  1. Some of our fans say he is overrated and should be sold because he sulks too much…so why you complaining now?!

    1. And reports are saying that Barcelona wants to offer Rafinha in the deal to get Bellerin. It will make sense if they add 20million pounds to that, I’ll sell if he doesn’t want to stay and give Chambo a new contract. I’ve always rated Rafinha

        1. Not built for Prem, they can keep Rafina. We may have trouble signing Turan now, they’ll say only if you give Bellerin. I’d say that’s why we haven’t signed him already, even Alexis Ozil asked Wenger to get him.

  2. He’ll be perfectly fine. Sanchez is not the type of player that likes be sidelined through injury

  3. But I remember Aesene Wenger doing the same thing at times.He hardly gave the guy rest even in his first seaon.The Chile coach tooka huge risk which actually paid off but has now left Sanchez with a more serious injury.I think they should give him full rest for the next game.Having said that I hope Wenger does not make the same mistake he did with Fabregas where he turned down a cash + Bojan and Thiago Alcantara for him.I was shocked when he turned down that offer.Bojan and Alcantara would have been far better players than they are right now under Arsenal from that period unto this time.He should speak to Bellerin and know his mind very well if he’s retainable for 2 or 3 seasons.If only one then sell him and accept the Rafinha Alcantara + money for Bellerin.It’s not just about wanting to keep your player but also about smart business.Barca would also come to regret selling Rafinha to Arsenal and then if he also wants to go back when he impresses the cycle continues.

    1. I think the CRAZIEST of all is Mr. Arsene who benched him against liverpool when he was so fit and tagged it ” wrong tactical approach”.

    2. Well ur conclusive comment made me laugh but I still agree with you on that though… When Rafinha is developed and am sure he would …they can pay anoda hefty money and add anoda prospect

  4. Well he probably isn’t going to be an Arsenal player for that much longer so won’t be our problem I am guessing.

    Besides he probably insisted on playing and went into his histrionics if they refisued.

    1. Exactly ?
      He wants leave, fine, so his fat fork ankle isn’t our problem anymore. Hey Sanchez, show it to someone who gives a fork lol?… Next!

  5. They risked him because they struggled plain and simple against a well organised team that did not have the finishing quality to hit them on the break. Sanchez came in with 30 mins left and had 2 assists for the 2 goals.

    Chile’s next match is Thursday against Germany and a point from the Cameroon game just wasn’t enough.

    1. finally someone who brought up facts. Thank you. Article doesn’t mention he was subbed on, or assisted both of the goals that came later than 80th minute. He was risked because Chile wanted to win, and their next match is against Australia, a team that is the easiest in their group, and they will most likely rest him.

    1. ……are Arsenal even a team, are we even supporters, is anything even real. So many questions.

  6. Seriously, I couldn’t care less about Sanchez’s injury,the dumb fork was wearing a protective boot two days ago, Serves him right. Anyways I’m more concerned about Wenger’s snoring during this transfer window.

  7. It looks worse than it is. Swelling will go down and he’ll be fine, at-least he didn’t break anything …besides our hearts.

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