Why did Wenger let Tottenham win Janssen battle?

Arsenal have spent a large part of the summer so far reportedly on the lookout for a new striker to rival or even replace Olivier Giroud. However even though the transfer window has only officially recently opened, the Gunners have so far been largely unsuccessful.

Arsenal have already missed out on Jamie Vardy, Alavro Morata seems increasingly expensive, whilst Alexandre Lacazette may not be on the move from Lyon this summer. It leaves our striking targets limited with Romelu Lukaku and Pierre-Emerick Aubamyang also seemingly being priced out of the market.
Barbosa and Janssen remain as being the last of the well rumoured transfer targets, although even those two seem unlikely with Barbosa unlikely to make the move to England and Janssen is set for Spurs.

With Janssen currently undergoing a medical at Arsenal’s north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, it means the Gunners have once again failed to capitalise on their interest in a player by failing to submit a suitable offer. Year after year we see Arsenal miss out because transfer negotiations at Arsenal seem to take an absolute age. Mourinho for example has had no problem in securing top talents in a short space of time at United, whilst Arsenal dither over Takuma Asano and watch their other targets move elsewhere.

Janssen was very praising of Tottenham whilst on his way to London and it leaves Arsenal in a real pickle. The Gunners were previously a firm favourite to sign Janssen from AZ Alkmaar this summer, with the Dutchman currently one of the most promising young strikers. Who’s next up for Arsenal then?



  1. Why do everyone believe that we need another defender? Is it because one or two people post it on here or is it because the media said so? You mean to say Gabriel, Mertesacker and Chambers are not good enough? Gabriel was fine last season. Given a good pre season then I think he should do well. Chambers did a good job whenever called upon too. There is no guarantee that the “new defender” you guys want will adapt and play well in the EPL.

    If we could get another Sanchez type winger (Draxler) and a top notch striker then we should be alright. Also why everyone wants Gibbs to be sold?

    Jus my view.

    1. Re-watch Arsenal vs West Ham match from last season (Carrol hat-trick)- we need a physically, imposing centre back & Mertesacker is past his best. Also, Chambers has done little to suggest he is ready or that player, & Gabriel seems to have too similar attributes to Koscielny to be an ideal partner. Koulibaly will seemingly move somewhere- we should be in for him. Manolas also fits the bill & Roma have parted with top centre backs like Benatia & Marquinhos in the past .
      Gibbs is fine as second choice.
      Janssen seems like he may have been worth a punt, he may prove to be a good signing for Spurs unfortunately; call me stupid but I’m still optimistic of a couple more big signings- the Vardy offer suggests Wenger is favouring strikers for an immediate impact over developing a prospect.

  2. Have we signed top talent from lower leagues yet this year? youngsters who can be part of bench? I doubt we are attractive enough anymore

  3. A lot of reports about arsenal needing a left back, is media speculation and the fans jump on it, even when there is no truth to it, i am looking forward to the pre-season games, to see the players focus and commitment.

    I figure Janssen was not look at because he lacked pace, so if we had bought him, it would have been to replace Giroud and not Welbeck and thats a no no for wenger. So from my understanding any forward we sign must have pace to supplement for Hence the Vardy escapade


  4. Right now Spurs have a superior strike force to us with Kane and Janssen
    United have Ibrahimovich, Rashford, Martial, Rooney
    City have Aguero, Bony
    We have Giroud and Theo (who isn’t really a striker but a winger) and Welbeck injured

    We have a month before the Season begins. We need to get a Top striker or Spurs will finish above us this coming season

    1. Lol..give this “Spurs will finish above us” nonsense a rest..I think the past 20 years of them failing to do so is enough evidence for it to not be an issue anymore.

  5. Wenger wants Morata.
    He does not rate any one
    else of the big names.
    But will not pay 64 mill.
    40 mill max.
    He is gam-bling no one else comes
    for Morata and late on ‘drid get desperate.
    He has Giroud Walcott Sanchez Ramsey Sanogo
    until Wellbeck returns in Feb. Should be enough.
    If Madrid keep Morata I wonder if Wenger
    would try and get Benzema for 30 mill
    especially if ‘drid also get Lewa.
    Lots of horse trading to go in this window.
    Any one put in a 30 mill bid for Giroud yet?

  6. Latest rumours are suggesting that Wenger will offer 60 million plus Giroud for Higuain. ?

    In other news,
    Wenger has given Henry an ultimatum , to choose between Sky sports (where he earns 4 million a year) or his coaching job at Arsenal ( which he does for free)
    Apparently Wenger is not happy about Henry coaching at the club for 5 days aweek and then on weekends, he goes on Sky sports and criticises wenger and his players. ?
    Well… Isn’t that what all pundits do? ?? wtf! ?

    1. Higuian yes– but if we give up Giround, we’ll be sorry. Plus, that’ll still leave us with only one true veteran striker until Welbz returns.

    2. If you don’t get paid then it’s not a real job Fatty. Henry is volunteering at Arsenal, or in Arsene’s words, Arsenal is being kind to let him coaching their youngsters.
      My opinion, Henry has nothing to loose. He should earn his coaching licenses elsewhere, manage other teams from the bottom then comeback to Arsenal when he’s truly qualified.

  7. I heard about the “Thierry Henry” rift with Wenger and his jobs at Sky and other… Wenger did work for a “fat” pay check at BeIn during the Euro…

    The fact is, this guy, Arsene Wenger, is making the next manager job more difficult by the years… The only positive in the all situation is that “the fool” is not a big spender, so the next manager will have some cash to work with… Other than that, he will have some serious work to do from top to bottom…

    Wenger will sign an extension (2 years) because he is still “hungry” (hypocritical greedy and managerially clueless) and when he is 70 years old, he will reconsider if he needs to retired or not… Anyway some Arsenal fans won’t mind him being wheeled up to the touch line… I reckon he could manage this club until he is 80 yo and set a new record.

    This is a joke of a club and a total circus…
    He made sure to “eliminate” any explayers who might be temptated to work for the club (because most of them were strong personalities).

    Like it or not this is not Arsenal football club, but really Arsene “Wenger” football club… This our fault as well as the board fault… We let it happened… We thought we could not do better… We have now the oldest manager in world football (may be) stuck in the 80’s… We cannot win us trophies because he does not know how anymore, simple as that…

  8. To answer the topic, simple, he did not need Janssen…
    You guys have to FINALLY realise that “winning the league or the CL” are NOT objectives at Arsenal… Those are just facts.
    Any other manager would have signed Suarez when we needed to… Only Wenger finds “possible” to still Mertesacker in what he called a “top team” (which we are clearly not, but we all know that).

  9. I don’t think Wenger really ever wanted to sign a top striker and maybe he is not interested in signing a striker at all. To me Janssen would have been a gamble worth taking particularly if the alternative is not singing a striker at all.

    At the end of last season I was hoping that just maybe we would reach for a striker in the same stature as Ozil or Sanchez. Perhaps a Higauin or Aubamayang or Lukaku (not yet same level).

    Then after the bid on Vardy and after buying Xhaka I realized a top striker is not Wenger’s priority so I started to hope for a lesser striker but at least one that could give me hope (Morata, Hernandez etc) of not having to see Giroud start every week. Now with more and more strikers being snapped up by new clubs or secured by there current clubs I honestly would not be surprised if no one arrives.

    At the moment this is the least exctited I have been in the last 10 years or more about the new seasons pending arrival. I am more curious to see how the new managers at City, Man U and Chelsea are doing than how Arsenal will be doing. This is probably because I can not see why we would be doing different than previous years. A good run of games here or there and head fake in terms of an convincing victory over a good team but ultimate failure when it matters.

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