Why did Wenger lie to Arsenal fans about Wilshere contract?

All season Arsene Wenger has been saying that Jack Wilshere will be given a new Arsenal contract and it would all be sorted before Christmas, but then he strung us along some more and told us that discussions would be done in early January. But now Wilshere himself has told us that the complete opposite is true and that Le Prof had told him to find another club in last summer’s transfer window.

A market has opened up with various prices on Jack’s club come the summer, and you may profit from picking up a canadian bonus code before making your selection, although the England international doesn’t appear set on his exit just yet.

“It was an honest conversation,” Wilshere said.

“We have known each other long enough where we can have that relationship where we are honest with each other.

“It was boiling up for a while because everybody knew I had a year left on my deal and I had been out on loan, got injured, and wasn’t really in his plans.

“He said, ‘I am going to be honest with you and at the moment we are not going to be offering you a contract, so if you can get a contract somewhere else, you can go’.

“Obviously I was not happy with that, but at the same time I was happy he was being honest.

“He gave me the opportunity with three or four weeks left in the transfer window, but I did not find anything that I wanted and at the same time I was not really fit, so I decided that I wanted to stay and build up my fitness.

“He also said at the same time that if I did stay I had an opportunity to fight for my place, and if I performed well in the Carabao Cup and Europa League, I had a chance.”

So the question is, has Wilshere done enough to earn a new contract now? And if so, why hasn’t he got one? Everyone thought that Jack was being disloyal by not signing, and in fact Wilshere himself kept telling us that he wanted desperately to get an extension all through the season as well.

The bottom line is that now it is too late and Jack will definitely get a better offer elsewhere, especially if he has a great World Cup, and Arsenal are going to regret not re-signing our newest Mr Arsenal.

What a bloody shame!

Darren N


  1. royalman says:

    We need better player than Wilshere, he is not a world class. If he can be playing from d bench let him wait

  2. xhaka16 says:

    Best guess because that is what he has been doing all this while to the fans,board and probably even himself…. he still thinks he is the right man to take arsenal forward, he must be joking ???

  3. Sue says:

    It shouldn’t surprise me as look what he said about Theo & Ox

  4. tas says:

    in this case i don’t see AW doing anything wrong other then telling us the fans porky pies again,
    i think JW was injured for far too long and he could get injured again soon, if AW gave him a chance to prove himself until the summer then his being a decent manager considering JW injury history, and yes clubs will surround JW like flies to shi7 now that his looking good and playing good, what JW has to understand is that we paid his salary for ages while he was injured

  5. Grandad says:

    You are making assumptions concerning Wenger”lying” by accepting Wilshere,s version of the events.Be that as it may,Arsenal have shown considerable patience with Wilshere during a prolonged period of time when many other Clubs would have given up on him as an injury prone accident waiting to happen due to his own re ckless way of tackling..He is very fortunate to have been extremely well paid during his prolonged absences and the fact that he is now being given an offer on a pay as you play basis is not at all unreasonable in my opinion.

    1. MW supporter says:

      Completely agree.

  6. Koss says:

    He’s not world-class anyway. What will disappoint most is starting the next season with Wenger still the Arsenal manager. Different season, same shit over and over again.

  7. jon fox says:

    Why did Wenger lie? You are surely not being serious. He lied because his name is Arsene Wewnge and lying is what he does.Brilliantly! He is the world’s best . Or worst, if you are a real fan of our club and crave honesty!

  8. CorporateMan says:

    So what lie did Wenger tell? He told Wilshere last Summer that he would be released if he could find a club. But if he stayed and proved his fitness, he would be offered a new deal. Wilshere didn’t find a club; he stayed and has proven some semblance of fitness. He has been offered a new deal. So….? Or because it was not concluded in December or January, that makes Wenger a liar? How long has the offer been on the table awaiting Wilshere’s acceptance?
    Some of us so-called Arsenal fans just allow our personal hatred of Mr Wenger to becloud our sense of elementary reasoning.

    1. stubill says:

      You beat me to it!

      1. Jakedala says:

        Have to agree with that – facts are facts.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Yes, but the anti Wenger brigade don’t like facts.
          All they had to do was actually read and digest the “quotes” from both parties involved and then work it out.
          Still, that is asking a lot of some people I suppose.
          Like bulls in a china shop comes to mind.

          1. MW supporter says:

            There are so many people on here that are totally not interested in facts, just love to regurgitate the crap that comes from the anti arsenal press again.

  9. Hayzed says:

    Wilshere is not what we need in our midfield so if he leaves then goodluck to him and goodluck to Arsenal

  10. stubill says:

    We’re talking about two different transfer windows here.

    The summer one where Wilshere hadn’t kicked a ball in anger for two years was told he wasn’t going to be offered an extension to his contract, and the winter one after Jack had proved his fitness and ability were back, at which point the club put a contract on the table for JW.

    So, either Wenger, or the club changed their minds mid season and offered a new contract albeit on reduced terms, whether he signs it or not is another matter, I’m a bit stuck with this, on the one hand I really don’t want to lose him, especially to a Premier League team, but, on the other hand I can understand the clubs position given his horrendous injury record, hopefully they’ll come to a compromise that both parties are happy with.

  11. Tat says:

    So basically no one is lying.
    No one wanted to give wilshere a contract as good as arsenal, So wilshere stayed and played for an extendion. Meanwhile, both Ramsey and wilshere are still demanding same pay as ozil….

    1. Admin says:

      And you know that fact from where?…..
      Do not spout rubbish instead of facts. I am sure both of them only want the same as they would get elsewhere….

  12. Durand says:

    Maybe it’s worth paying him more for a player who loves arsenal and is his first choice. We could sure use players who love our club, not just a paycheck.

    Tell him no guarantees to start, best form plays, no more favorites.

    That being said, not my decision nor my money.

    As for who said what, did someone lie, and all that only wenger and Wilshire know.

    Wenger lied? Entirely possible; past behavior proves that.
    Wenger not lie? Possible also, only those two know.

    Ivan, Sven, and Raul and Huss are the comments that matter honestly. Wenger doesn’t have the pull with transfers and contracts as before.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Can you give me examples (with facts) of Wenger actually lying please?
      Not media quotes or fans opinions please.

      1. Durand says:

        Ok, premise being a lie is a statement made which the individual knows at that time to be false.
        We can agree on this definition, or within this context?

        Goole has bunches told by many managers if you are curiou like me.

        First that comes to mind is; “we will bring in quality players if they can improve our team…”
        The summer Petr Chec arrived and no one else, remember? Knowing welbeck injured also, better wingers available, DM’s, CM’s, etc…..

        Greizman from Athletico made mention that his agrent was mislead by Arsenal (scout I believe)and Wenger. That’s why Greizman asked not to be contacted again.

        Google more if you don’t feel these examples apply.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Durand, Again I query your examples.
          Firstly, let’s take the Greizman example. Firstly it shows that the club were trying to sign a top class player.
          If he was being misled, can you tell me how?
          When Cech arrived, he was seen as an improvement on the keepers we had wasn’t he?
          If you follow the media reports you will be aware that the club tried to sign players of high calibre, but didn’t succeed.
          After the transfer window closed, there were players who said that this was the case, look on google re. Juventus defender etc.
          Wenger failed, for whatever reason, and the club has now installed Raul and Sven?
          Have you thought about why they didn’t sign a world class CB or CDM?
          Could it be that, like Wenger, the players they wanted were not available?
          Wenger, we are told, had no influence over the January transfer policy, so who do you blame now?

          1. Durand says:

            Greizman was told to wait they were working on transfer; so he waited, waited…… Until finally nothing came and hence his statement.
            Greizman himself said mislead, unless you think he was dishonest.

            Subject was dishonesty, lets stick to wengers statements, not actions by club.

            Nice article by EIFSoccer about transistion from Highbury to Emirates. Well written, supported by facts which we all prefer.

            Numerous points about wenger statements debunked by Ivan. Money available, transfers, etc… Author had quotes, and multiple sources on his article.

            I suggest anyone read, not just you ken.
            That makes several examples, and an article describing stadium transistion.

            Some people ignore facts if they don’t support their beliefs.

            Ken I believe you to be honest in your conversations, and open minded. Hopefully these examples prove my point, otherwise hundreds of databases with many examples.

            But people lie for many reasons; and wenger is no exception

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Durand, So you are assuming it was Wenger that made him wait?
            Why would he do that? Have you got the transcripts from Wenger as well as Griezman? You are taking Griezmans views of the situation without hesitation. You ask why would he lie, I ask you why would Wenger?
            Can I remind you about the Abu transfer saga? wenger was not involved in that, but” someone” could not agree with the transfer, so who was it?
            Gazidis was Wengers right hand man for nine years, involved in all the transfers that took place and supported him at every opportunity given. Suddenly the money was always there? If it was made available why didn’t the two of them spend it?
            I ask these questions because i don’t know. I will follow up your suggestions as like you I go by facts. If I am wrong then I will apologise, but there are always two sides to every story.
            Could you give me the definitive website please and thanks.

  13. Sandziso says:

    I dont get some people here who say Wilshare is not good enough, not what we want etc. An undeniable fact is that JW has a lot of talent. To say we have been paying whilst he was injured is an vague statement. Why, because he never injured himself whilst at home when either preparing to go and play for Arsenal or playing for Arsenal. Soccer is a contact sport. Every player is bound to get injured when he is playing soccer. So its not his fault that he get injured now and again. Recently i learned somewhere, Sol Campbell saying JW should not try to much. He must understand that he will win some and lose some tackles. Thats the role of AW. He should be managing the players. I think a number of Arsenal players get injuries now and again because he is not properly managing the players. What we need now is a new manager other that AW. We keep JW and get a new manager.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      So now all the injuries are down to Wenger?
      Who will you blame when he is replaced as manager?
      Raul, Sven, Gazidis or even Kronke?
      I don’t envy our new manager, because he is being built up as the second coming, the messiah to end ALL our ills.
      God help him!

  14. Durand says:

    Imagine if next manager actually improves Arsenal?
    My friend Ken, no need to fear change, its part of life.
    We can change managers again if the next doesn’t work out.

    Leicester improved, Swansea, everton, should i continue?

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Your reply seems to imply that I want Wenger to stay.
      I have no fear of change, we need it and I fully expect the new manager to be in place either at the end of this season or next.
      But, unlike you, I do not put all the blame on one man.
      What about the players, board and owner?
      So, your solution is to change managers again and again and again? Like Sunderland did when they were a premier side, or Leeds (same scenario)?
      Your example of Leicester is interesting. The manager that took them to the premier league title was replaced. They are now midway in the premier league and you quote that as a success?
      West Brom, Stoke, West Ham, Everton(?) should I continue?

      1. Durand says:

        Perhaps you can quote where i blamed Wenger ALONE?

        You won’t find it. I’ve had a go at Ramsey multiple occasions, agrred with john fox about Theo, slated Giroud, Mert, Chec.

        Also I’ve expressed massive displeasure at Kronke and cited his franchises here in United States as examples.

        Do i want wenger gone? Yes
        Do i blame him for our situation? Yes
        Have i ever faulted him alone? No

        Generally I’m open for debate, but you accuse me without citing facts or examples.

        Isn’t that what you accuse others of?

        1. Durand says:


          Funny how you mention west ham and sunderland, left out Chelsea (won the title) city (going to win) Liverpool (above us)

          Why did you leave out the success stories ken? Why?

          Don’t suppose an answer is coming, but I’ll wait………

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Lets cover the two posts together.
            Firstly, I accused you of blaming Wenger alone from your ORIGINAL post where you called him a liar. I have checked and cannot see any other club official represented except(a scout).
            That is what we are talking about here and now isn’t it?
            Secondly, you gave me examples of clubs who you say had benefited from a change of manager. I have given you examples of clubs that I think havent. It will be interesting to see which clubs supporters are still in the premier league next year!
            That seems perfectly acceptable to me.
            Now you quote Chelsea, just above us and who we beat over two legs in the cup. How do you view their manager this season?
            Man City whos manager won nothing last year and are mile ahead of EVERYONE not just us. Money no problem with a great manager.
            Liverpool under Klopp for three seasons and still not won anything, “even” the FA cup. Get knocked out by City in the C.L. and it will mean another trophyless season. Wonder if you think their supporters would have liked just one fa cup win under his reign?
            You say its funny I leave out the success stories and yet you have left out the most obvious in the history of the premier league.
            Man. Utd and A.F.
            Remember him and how long he managed the club? Not every season a success and who were their biggest rival during his time? Let you answer that one. I agree he was more successful than Wenger, but that wasn’t the point you was making was it?
            Hope I have clarified your points and,as I respect your views, expect a reply.

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Just to clarify something I have not made clear.
            When I say that Wenger is the only name you quote, I mean that in terms of lying.
            I just make that clear, so that there is no misunderstanding.

          3. Durand says:

            Utd above us in champions league next year too I’m sure. Worked out ok since AF; utd fans don’t seem worried.

            Chelsea looking like they are in CL too. I’d trade the wins you mention for CL berth wouldn’t you?

            Agree about which teams survive like you, very interesting.

            Also, Greizman was QUOTED on his statement, Arsenal seem to take hint. I did mention scout who was in contact with wenger, to rely to Greizman and agent. Possible those three all lied, but which is more plausible and likely.

            Lastly, try eifsoccer website and search, i did my homework before making my accusatory statement. Sorry, but I’m not doing your homework for you.

            Thanks for the conversation, but you have evidence you asked, i gave you multiple sources as well. Hopefully it clarifies my position. Otherwise we respectfully disagree, and look forward to other debates with you, thanks.

  15. COYG_CA says:

    Well, here is some more fodder-
    Injured midfielder Jack Wilshere out of Netherlands friendly.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      According to Durand that’s Wengers fault!!

  16. Paul says:

    plays unlike diaby, why does wenger want to get rid of our core players, Wilshere gone is almost like man united losing Rooney, why would wenger sanction 350k for ozil and want to give Wilshere a 10k pay cut, he is not even asking for an increase, he wants the normal 100k he has been getting,
    Losing sanchez, song, vanpersie, vermaelin, Madrid, fabregas would never be compared to losing Wilshere……………..apart from our woeful performances against big teams that made me cry inside, losing Wilshere would make me cry out agonizingly…………………..it’s not even too much is he gets 90k, plus a percentage of the remaining 10k depending on how much he plays……………. losing Gabriel, szesny, Daniel Crowley, and a lot of players saddened me, I don’t know what losing Wilshere would do…………………..Arsenal should better get rid of wenger before he spoils the club completely

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