Why did Wenger stop Arsenal going for in the kill?

Arsene is a coward and needs to leave despite win against Bournemouth.‏ by KM

Hello everyone. How do you feel about our game against Bournemouth? I actually feel depressed even though Arsenal won. Why? We have completely abandoned our style. We had all the time in the world to correct the worst goal difference in the top 4 and we just rolled the clock.

I will no longer back down, when we play like that. Our game play is why we are 5 points off top, and why we have the worst goal difference. We play with fear. We had one good minute, in which we scored two goals and then we slept.

The players didn’t know what to do with the ball since minute 30. In the second half, we introduced Coquelin and Gibbs. We practically told Bournemouth to come at us, because we are no longer interested in anything but wasting time.

If this was Tottenham or Leicester away, we would have been punished. Petr Cech rescued us with some saves, but the game play was awful. What about introducing Walcott and destroying Bournemouth? Show ambition, dominate the game, do something. The disappointment was written on the players faces.

Against Liverpool we slept for 40 minutes and got only a draw, against City we tried to sleep the second half and we almost threw away a 2 goal lead. Leicester come next. And they play football with a lot more style than we do right now.

Wenger is a poison spreading through all the players. If he doesn’t leave this summer it’ll be a spit in the face of every Arsenal fan around the world. Make no mistake though, this will show through against the bigger sides. And what if it comes down to the goal difference?

Try to enjoy this if you can, but Arsenal do need a fresh face to lead us.


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  1. Because he likes it very exciting I assume. Where would we be right now if we were like Chelsea last season? That was boring.

    1. You shouldn’t be asking this sort of questions. We all know wenger has been stopping arsenal from doing anything good for we the fans for over 10 yrs naw.. He is too wicked to want our happiness…

      Boycott Matches please , am begging Arsenal fans .. Lets try change and you would see..
      How can a club manager support prices hikes against fans if he loved us.. Especially when he said ” IF THE FANS WANT US TO BUY THE BIG NAMES SIGNING THEY ALWAYS WORRY US FOR , THEN THEY MUST PAY FOR IT” . Go watch the interview again and you would know what I mean.. Since that Interview , I awoke from the Wenger the Saviour dream.. He is Wicked people.. CAN’T YOU SEEEEEEE (10 F**KING YEARS) ..

        1. i prefer that we become defensive when we have a lead. but i think +2 is insufficient; it has to be +3 before we stop attack. also, in past years, we had 2 goal adv and lost bc we kept attacking.

    2. You just gave the worst excuse and ignored the obvious. It’s a simple fact that the manager has become way too nice, part of the reason we still rely on players like Mertesacker and Theo. He should be ruthless and demand high scoring results, when Messi gets a hattrick do Barca stop attacking ? No, they continue until Suarez also gets one in the same game. Arsenal players should be ruthless like Alexis if they ever want to be intimidating to the opponent.

  2. @KM
    Give it a rest dude. Get a hobby or a girl/boyfriend, anything to take the place of your infantile obsession with AW…

  3. The only questionable choice for me yesterday was starting Flamini..And either way we won period imagine if we pressed for more and the conceded..Sometimes we have to play smart and see through a win….

  4. I wonder why u got thumbed down. Time and time again, Wenger displays how clueless he can be. Subs were all wrong and the timing was just evil. What was Theo supposed to do? Gibbs??? Coq with Flamini??? what for???

    1. @kafl
      This is how this works dude. People agree with your comment, they give you a thumbs up. People disagree with your comment, they give you a thumbs down…
      Study this, there’s going to be a pop quiz on it later…

    2. KickAss i thought he ( AW ) got it just right this time, we complain he plays players for too long when its unnecessary like Sanchez replacing Gibbs who dose a good job in that left position and a great defender to hold the lead, Coq is been eased slowly so he doesn’t have a relapse of his injury, and Theo was to use up time, i don’t see any thing wrong with this we did win comfortably

  5. imagine how we almost lost the one point for sitting back at anfield..?worried about our next game coz leicester have joy in teams that sit back..

  6. This is a very strange season.
    Champions Chelsea reduced
    to a rabble by Christmas
    Utd have got it so wrong
    3 seasons in a row.
    Marshmallows Tottenham up into second place
    while relegation candidates Leicester head the league.
    Mean while Arsenal with minimal signings rely on the same
    12 man squad every EPL game with the occasional cameos
    (a la Ox today) from the other 14.
    Pellegirini is doomed Peps already appointed.
    Van Gaal is doomed and Utd is interviewing
    the man who nearly got Chelsea relegated !!!
    What’s next in this crazy old season?

  7. Off Topic: I don’t like it when some fans and pundits say Arsenal are up there because teams like Chelsea and Manchester United are struggling this season…Come on, is it our fault they are struggling more than us? No…

    Moreover, I think we should give some of this mid teams credit for buying some good players and upsetting the big teams in the league. I won’t be surprise if they upset the big teams again next season and people will still give excuses for Arsenal topping other big teams. #Just saying…

    Arsenal can do better….we have bottle a lot of chances this season, then again’ Cech has been really good for us and saved us points in some games..

    Sometimes, When we are under pressure we blow teams away… Other times, we bottle things up…

    I hope we get the required points we need in our remaining games in the league starting from Leicester City.

    It’s time Wenger and the boys stand up and be ruthless.

    Arsenal all the way!

  8. Wow! Totally disagree with this article. How may times in recent years have we been leading & then conceded a silly goal when the players are pushing to far up the field & out of position, then we naively get done on the break? The 3 points were much more important than anything else yesterday, Wenger was quite right to shut this game down & to ensure 100% once we were two goals up played safe & made 100% sure we went home with all the points. We now go into the Leicester game still in with a chance.

  9. it is no coincidence that Bournemouth didn’t attack down our right side because you can tell right from the whistle that ox was up for it..i think that was his best defensive game for a very long time. he helped bellerin which explains why he got tired early..
    now to people saying wenger got it all wrong in the selection (flamini) this same people will complain if he was to have an injury God forbid, they will question why wenger rushed him back..he doesn’t want to rush him back because we need him fully fit for the run in.
    I thought ozil was class he chased balls,covered for ramsey..
    flamini honestly apart from that tackle which I thought was unnecessary from him,he did OK.
    giroud tried his best but he needs to do more next week.my worry is sanchez he was below average yesterday..didnt help out defencively which exposed monreal on so many occasions..i understand why wenger opted for gibbons instead because defending doesn’t interest walcot..
    special mention to bellerin the boy got some speed damn..cech and kos was on another level..
    Gabriel for some reason is very nervous but like wenger said confidence comes with playing regularly..
    for the people moaning if we play well and loose or draw they will call the team shit..and we play ugly and win they call the team shit..
    no wonder we play with pressure at home because we must have the worst home fans in the league..no wonder we play with ease in our ay games..shout out to our away supporters…

    1. @lucia

      “he doesn’t want to rush him back because we need him fully fit for the run in”

      I think that “run in” has started long time ago!
      Le coq is the first dm choice and he is fit – SO HE SHOULD PLAY!

    2. Like flamini did ok? Really?! No protection fr d back at all…esp after he got the yellow…he ws just too pedestrian…and he’s not to blame, he’s way past it
      I dunno why our bench cannot even challenge the 1st eleven, it’s so disheartening, it’s like they dont even care…Gibbs comes in, does nothing to show he’s ready…Walcott…nuf said

  10. Thats too negative. Yes we are playing with hand breaks these days but its all due to us missing Carzola . Coquelin is not yet 100% fit so I understand Flamini starting

  11. Two comments. Both the same and said absolutely nothing. I have said many times that shouting WENGEROUT is not contributing to any discussion about football. I am not going to let the site go back to just idiots shouting at each other. Talk about the subject under discussion or get deleted.

      1. only one person and i only deleted the comments
        anyone getting banned will be warned first unless they are obviously trolling

  12. Saying we should have gone in for the kill is naive. Bournemouth had just come back late against everton and others late on. It was clever to walk away with three points.

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