Why didn’t Arsenal sign Ben Yedder?

If the previous rumours surrounding Ben Yedder to Arsenal were deemed to be true, then Arsenal have missed out on another one of their striking options for the summer. Today Spanish side Sevilla have unveiled Ben Yedder as their latest signing. According to the media last week, Arsenal piped up an interest in the former Toulouse man late into his negotiations with La Liga side Sevilla.

The striker had supposedly already been in contract negotiations with Sevilla, when he was made aware of Arsenal’s late interest and it meant that Yedder would have to pick between the two sides. Unfortunately for Arsenal, either the striker wasn’t in favour of a move to London over Seville, or the Gunners just didn’t show enough interest.

Even though Yedder was supposedly a transfer target for Arsene Wenger this summer, the 25 year old wasn’t his first choice target of course. Arsenal have already failed to lure the likes of Morata, Icardi, Lukaku, Draxler and Vardy to the Emirates in the Gunners’ search for a new striker. Hope does remain on Alexandre Lacazette however, with Sky Sources suggesting that perhaps a deal may be close between parties by the end of the week.

The question remains about this front man however is whether Yedder was actually an Arsenal target, since there were very few rumours doing the rounds on his name. However speaking after the move, Yedder’s now former Toulouse manager, Pascal Dupraz said: ‘He could have gone to Arsenal, who are one of the best.’

Based upon that I’d say that Arsenal showed at least some interest but obviously not enough to see Yedder move to England. In what is rumoured to be a £8 million deal, Yedder would’ve come on the cheap and would’ve been a good option for Arsenal to take in case none of our other deals come off. Yedder has scored the third most goals in Ligue 1 over the past few years behind Ibrahimovic and Lacazette, so let’s just hope Wenger pulls off a deal for the latter as he’s missed out on this one!



  1. I feel a poem coming…….

    There was a striker called Ben Yedder
    He could score with both feet but too short to score a header
    He went to Seville
    To show off his skill
    Didn’t want to sit on the bench because Arsene thought Giroud was better

  2. Milik also went to Napoli

    A lot of quality forwards have gone to new clubs this summer
    Ben Yedder-Sevilla
    Morata-Real Madrid
    Asano- Arsenal (so far-hopefully more coming)

    Mktharyan was a good deal for £26 million

  3. The deal didn’t go through for our benefit. I fancy Lacazette’s chances of succeeding in Arsenal relative to the former. Let’s hope whoever Wenger signs come good for us. I feel we’re just 3 signings away from competing on all fronts.
    3 most likely signings: Lacazette, Mahrez/Draxler and Mustafi.
    If we end up with 2: Lacazette and Mustafi.

    My team if the 3 aforementioned deals go through:
    Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Nacho
    Xhaka, Cazorla
    Mahrez, Lacazette, Sanchez

    Wenger, make Arsenal great again!

  4. Yedder reminds me of Suarez
    Fast, aggressive, technical and opportunistic
    Maybe he felt he wouldn’t start enough games at Arsenal
    I think that’s a mistake…

    1. You’re missing out on physical… Which is a trait Suarez has in abundance and is a crucial part of his game that often gets overlooked and why he was a nightmare in the prem.
      Big difference between dancing about in a ligue 1 box and a PL box. There isn’t a defense or team in the league where you’d think to yourself ‘party-time!’

  5. Is this really a ‘missed out on player?’ I can’t claim to have seen him all that much, but can’t help but think it was Sevilla who secured his signature… Who are a Europa league quality team who have lost their best player to PSG and Gameiro to Atletico.
    At the time of the rumored pursuit it sort of looked like a cheaper striker alternative with the intention of making the marquee signing elsewhere with Mahrez…
    If it does get to the end of the window and we haven’t signed a striking alternative, fingers can definitely be pointed this way with big question marks as to why we didn’t pursue it further. But I really don’t think that’s going to be the case…
    Recent reports have come out with Drax claiming he wants a move and I’m a little torn on the subject personally. Absolutely love him as a player… But with the shortage of numbers his injury record bothers me a lot. Seems a major risk for a position we need shored up and another key player on the injury list would be horrible in his position.

  6. For me this Icardi and Inter stand off is something we should act on fast.
    I’ve been mulling over why a story for a Cavani bid would come out and I just can’t come up with a good answer. Is it the club saying ‘we’re not going to give you what you want. We have better options elsewhere,’ Icardi’s entourage leaking more stories to attract higher interest elsewhere. I just really don’t know..
    But what I do know is of all our rumored potential marquee deals flying around at the moment. Lacazette excites me the least. Would much, much, much prefer Mahrez or Icardi.

  7. Asano’s style is a bit similar like Yedder, even the size. The different was, one came from J-League other from Ligue 1. Lets hope that’s not indicating the different class.

    1. Not holding my breath on any player from the J-league. We’ve had some not so good stories to tell!

  8. If we did sign him, most of you would probably blast Wenger for yet another unknown signing.

  9. Lacazette is still a question as well but I’d feel way safer with him leading the line than Ben Yedder who looks like another Youtube player. He picked Sevilla over us because he knows he’s not ready for a top club(Sevilla still respectable of course), so that’s to our benefit.

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