Why do Arsenal always lack leadership?

Whilst many Arsenal fans will consider a point against Manchester City to be not too bad given our current spell of form, it is of course still disappointing seeing the Gunners struggle week in week out. Arsene Wenger’s lack of presence on the sidelines is a major issue that generates a lot of the media attention surrounding Arsenal’s dire spell, and the Gunners legend Thierry Henry reckons the continued lack of passion and leadership, particularly from the players, could be one of many factors which have led to the club’s downfall.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t come across as a very vocal character. He rarely gets up from his seat on the bench to give instructions and it often means the fans can get riled up with a lack of motivation on the pitch. The players are of course required to up their game and they should be able to motivate themselves to fight to the very last kicking of the game; however more often than not we see a sluggish performance. When we fall behind, the players have to step up their performances, listen to the leaders in their attempt to change the game. However the issue is that Arsenal do lack leaders both on and off the pitch.

When questioned about the lack of leadership, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry said: ‘The boss, Arsene, needs that [leaders on the pitch] type of help. How far do you go with your words and trying to galvanise the troops? You need those guys to step up. We haven’t seen that enough for a very long time.’

As for Alexis Sanchez, the Chilean needs no introduction as to how passionate and vocal he is on the pitch. Alexis’ love for the game shows most when he shows frustration and this is because the player just wants to be successful at Arsenal. He drives for the club to be more ambitious both on and off the pitch; and the reported conflicts he has had this season with both the players and the manager, just goes to show how he values his leadership skills. Alexis offers motivation to the fans and he should be getting the players in order too. Sadly however, the rest of the squad doesn’t seem to have the same intentions at this time and the squad does need this added motivation to revamp the position of the club, come the end of the season.

Wenger has plenty of experience and there are a number of experienced players in the squad. They just have to step up, take charge and show leadership to motivate the players through the final stages of this difficult campaign. If not, we will see a very sorry end to what is likely to be Wenger’s final campaign.



  1. davidnz says:

    There was enough leadership
    to get second last season.
    But may be Arsenal was the
    best of a crap top 6 (Leicester aside of course)
    This season not much has changed.
    Chelsea has improved because of Conte’s obsession with winning.
    Spurs are the best of the rest because of Pochettino’s ruthless style.
    The “rest”- Arsenal Liverpool United and City
    are on the whole bang average despite
    mega spending, “super stars” players and “genius” managers.
    How can so many top sides have such pitiful defences?
    How can so many “world class” strikers under perform?
    How does Crystal Palace humble the leagues best team?
    When you get paid between 70k and 200k per week
    regardless of performance why would you do
    any more than go through the motions?

    1. Tas says:

      davidnz lets face it we were lucky last season, i read somewhere that we are not far of points from last year

      1. Tas says:

        if we win 7 games out of remaining 10 we will be better of than last seasons 71 points

        the only tough games we have is spuds away Man-U Everton home

        1. Tas says:

          and i think wining 7 games will not be good enough for the top four this season

        2. Add Stoke away and a rejuvenated Leicester and your 7 wins out of 10 doesn’t seem so sure after all.

  2. mark says:

    Arsenal lack leadership because they have a manager who doesn’t employ effective leaders, or indeed encourage that style of play anymore.

    1. bran99 says:

      It’s true, leaders will be questioning the rest of he team whenever things don’t go as planned, while Mr. deluded one don’t even do that even though he is the manager, that will bring about confrontation. all the players are yes boss kinds of players, except Sanchez who smelled the coffee and now wants out, the soft lazy ones will keep receiving their weekly salaries and bonuses without achieving anything, just like how the boss wants

  3. Tas says:

    Arsen don’t like confrontation as simple as that, that’s why he doesn’t buy aggressive or leader type players, look what happened to Xhaka his confused because his been told to mellow out like the rest of the team Sanchez excluded,

    we need a manager to shake up the team without breaking it like Mourinho

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