Why do Arsenal fans always blame Giroud‏?

What about the others? By Galen Sona.

The last article I wrote showed a combined XI of Chelsea and Arsenal. I said at the time that only three Arsenal players will get into the Chelsea team. I had Boss, Cazorla and Sanchez.. I was heavily criticised by most fans on the forum when I said our team is not good enough to win the league. I also said there are a good number of players out there which can improve Arsenal. But as usual most fans are too emotional to see the truth.

My main concern today is Giroud. I have visited about 4 Arsenal forums today and in most of them Giroud is the person that gets all the stick. At the moment I believe Giroud is now an easy target or a punching bag to most fans. The entire team was poor today. From Cech to Giroud something was seriously wrong with our team. Is one of those games you just want to quickly forget and move on.. We had lost all the defensive organisation we had all pre-season. Apart from The Ox no other player was playing to his required level. But why is one man Olivier Giroud getting all the stick?

I have written several articles asking for a new striker and am tired of talking about it. But Giroud has given us the best of what Olivier Giroud can offer. We got this guy for £10 million and I honestly believe that he has earned every penny we paid for him. What more do we expect from Giroud? Giroud is a £10million player just like Welbeck is a £15m player and expecting too much from them is setting yourself up for a heart break. This is Giroud’s level and we cannot expect him to run faster or beat two players or finish properly.

My big question today is – What about the others?

Per. He is so poor he makes the Boss looks like Maldini. Just one week ago fans on this forum said he is better than Terry. When ever Gabriel plays the Boss has got less work to do. He just has to focus on his zone and defend. Now the Boss is all over the park playing two positions. We need to give Gabby a chance and see what he can do. There will be more days like this with Per…

Ozil. Yes Ozil. He is a good player. But not the Cesc, Dennis or Pires level player. We keep using Giroud as a punching bag. I get so annoyed when people say how can Ozil play well when he has Giroud playing as a striker. When Ozil is weak on the ball we blame Giroud. When Ozil doesn’t track back we blame Giroud. If Ozil misses a penalty we blame Giroud. I am tired of people using Giroud whenever there is an excuse for Ozil. Every player in that squad needs to stand for themselves. When was the last time Ozil totally dominated a game for 90 Mins? He is playing as a number 10 in his best position but when was the last time Ozil played well in a big game, or gave a man of the match performance in a big game when we needed him most? He drifts in and out of every game he plays and some people on here says he is better than Cesc and Silva. I guess I need some glasses.

Cech. Cech was very poor today. If that was Ospina or Sir Szczesny we would have murdered them on this forum.

Debuchy. He is a French international. I just think Bellerin is more of an Arsenal fullback than Debuchy is.

Sanchez. Seeing him on the bench was embarrassing. Seeing him come on with zero match practise in pre-season was laughable. That’s what our real level is. He is the only world class player we have. We were rushing him to the team even when he was not ready. What if he gets injured? I think this game is one of those games you just want to forget and move on. We are a good team but we are also a 3rd and 4th place team. We are not title contenders. Not with this team.

The Ox was our only shining star. I think criticism should be directed to the entire team of Arsenal football club. From the Manager to every one of the players like Ramsey, Nacho, Debuchy, Cech etc.

Are we really trying to rely on Arteta and Flamini if something should happen to Coquelin? Whats if Coquelin is poor?

Everyone knows that I want a striker for Arsenal. I am tired of talking and writing articles about it. But I think Giroud gives everything he could. What you have seen in the last 3 years is Giroud’s level. He is a £10 million players and his performance is a little above a £10 million player. Giroud is is not world class. I have accepted it already. I hope y’all accept Giroud as well. But we should stop using him as the only reason why we are poor. The entire team needs to accept responsibility.

Have a great week people.

By Galen.

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      1. Is that why most of Walcott’s starts up front are poor? As long as Arsene is committed to holdup play and forces any striker playing through the middle to hold up the ball so much, Giroud is about as good a fit as anyone we are linked with. Only a handful of players in Europe are better players and can hold the ball up reasonably well. Ibra being the top of the list, Benz and Higuain not making that list.

    1. we should blame Wenger.how do you buy a 80kmh vehicle and expect it to move at180kmh speed???Giroud is a 80kmh striker who give an extra ordinary rate of 120kmh.he tries his best according to his ability.he is no world class but Wenger is falsing that role to him.BLAME WENGER.pretends he has no cash all the time.thank you to the arsenal director who out of frustration reveled that Wenger had a whooping £200 for transfers of which Wenger denied.useless manager. he is a specialist in failure.what top manager at a top club manages a decade without a league trophy and still keeps his job safe? Wenger is useless.tell me.what team have remained in champions league for ten consecutive seasons and not won its local league at least once? Wenger has a loosing mentality.

    2. Giroud was in the side on Sunday to be strong and hold the ball up, because of West Ham’s more physical style. Trouble is, our ‘strong man’ literally has blonde highlights! We might as well play Walcott against the physically stronger teams. Whilst they would win the physical battle and not be scared of his strength, they WOULD be scared by his pace! Terry, Cahill, Kompany, Ogbonna, Shawcross, etc would all HATE a foot race with Theo from a through ball, or him to be running at them. But they would all rub their hands at a battle with Giroud. This season is the season to give Walcott a go.

      If his purpose in the team is the target man option, he needs to spend more time in the gym, not the salon.

  1. another giroud article??

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    1. As you can see people ? … This is the long term effects of supporting Arsenal under Wenger!
      schizophrenia ?

      Arsenal fc… should come with a Government Health Warning! … Especially through the transfer windows ?

  2. Giroud was not the worst player on the pitch.

    Cech was.

    End of.

    Does that make Cech bad? No.

    Is Giroud WC? No.

    Can we buy a better striker? I don’t know. When Higuain is priced at 50m+ and everything I’ve seen says he is more like a 20-30m play than I say – no. I honestly think the striker market is currently broken.

    Should we be looking to improve elsewhere on the pitch? Yes. Can we? I’d damn well hope so!

    1. Those that get us goals and stop goals. Cech and Giroud. Not Cechs fault that we couldn’t hold a line for a set piece.. Cow kept everyone on. Shouldn’t stayed in goal but still could’ve gone in. The next goal was everyone’s fault. Giroud works hard and creates chances for himself and others. Honestly, for a big striker and when the teams playing well he’s the striker I want, but in bad games I think we need someone who can create something out of nothing. I don’t know if that’s Walcott or Benzema?

    2. Yh right.Dont talk like that its irritating like the are no strikers out there better than him.It is a saying that the truth will set you free.Giroud is on the level of average but arsenal have made him look very good only a few will see it.Those who actually watch his every move even without the ball and on it.If i mention the strikers i will take over Giroud some of you here will call me stupid.Listen if Wenger cant sign a striker he should just get Charlie Austin he can finish off chances and he is a good striker,He can be world class if he works hard.Only a matter of time before he proves to the world what they have been but its like just his name does not excite fans.He is even light ahead of Giroud and a neutral would be saying the same thing if he was watching them on tv always.

      1. Charlie Austin. That’s the answer. You guys r f@cking retarded on this site. I like CA but would not rate him over Giroud or Walcott. Maybe Welbeck

  3. Why because it seems that everytime arsenal loses, and giroud fails to score, he is often held accountable as the “scape goat” when other players were awful as well!

    1. he is not the scapegoat, the truth is that he is not the striker for big club like arsenal… And also it’s because when we win, we are pretending that he is good enough… The truth is also that he have probably one of the best midfield line behind him, and he fail time after time… They all served to him like he is king… The term “striker” CF its little bit changed nowadays, i was thinking that they score goals, now they hold the ball…

      1. What has Ozil done of note since moving to Arsenal?… Giroud has done more than Ozil for the period he has been here. He is a limited striker no doubt but what pisssses me off is him being blamed for everyone’s bad performances.

        1. ozil give you through balls, precise like a swiss watch… to shame because giroud can barely walk….

    1. What’s dumbfounding is how the whole team plays bad,
      It’s understandable for one or two players to have a bad game but not the whole f###ing team ?
      Arsenal seem to have a masters degree in that!

    1. The stats say Özil created 4 chances in yesterday’s game. That’s as many as David Silva made in today’s game and everyone is praising Silva’s performance.

  4. To be honest i think he has performed below that price tag though many will call me ignorant.I am being very honest.Sometimes or most times i try to watch him very closely in the match and trust when i say i analyze a player i really do.I watch the player so well i even knew Coquelin was better than Flamini and Arteta combined at dmf position so i was very angry when i saw them playing over him since several seasons.Giroud’s wrongs have overshadowed his rights.For several seasons he has been missing soooo many crucial chances and to me i rate him like i rated Chamakh only Chamakh was not French hence he got less chances.The main answer to this article is that Giroud has been missing sooo many chances and he does not deserve to lead the line hence why fans are frustrated.Wenger should sell him before its too late.Not many teams would even want him.i doubt we would make any profit from him.How he gets into France National team is beyond me.His face has done him a lot of good indeed.

  5. We should play sanchez as our main striker, his movement and relentlessness makes him a bigger problem for defenders than either giroud or benzema. His pace and positioning is top class as well, and he rarely misses when playing in a central position. He could be our Suarez/Aguero type of player who will get 30+ goals a season, I believe he will unlock his full potential whilst playing centrally.

    1. I think u’ve said this before, but I agree with u to some extent, just that no one else can play in that position as well as he does.

    2. You damn right! Sanchez as the CF, Ox on the RW and Walcot on the LW. Both Walcot and Sanchez can interchange as well. Why can’t Wenger try this attack out? At least once. Why?

  6. Ozil? he is useless with Giroud up front, Fab will be useless up fron so will silva, James Rodriguez n others.. we could see Ozil trying all his best to make his passes in the sec half but every time we got there,the def was a solid wall. i respect you for that, Giroud has done what the fee we paid for him demands. I believe he’s in the wrong team at the right time,he’s good but not enough for Arsenal, and fans only blame him for that. yes we shouldnt blame him always but will the fans listen?? i said it before and will say it again, wenger is to be blamed, Giroud is not the one holding him from spending and Giroud is not responsible for the team selection. As coach it’s your right to play whoever you want, but when Wenger keeps being arrogant, we blame Giroud for it.. Giroud wont say hey boss am not gon play today cus its against Man Utd…he’ll play and wont be an Aguero, and there’s nothing you n I can do but blame him for it, but wenger is to be blamed

    1. Cesc at 18-24 was playing with rookies like Bendtner, Adebayor, Walcott, Carlos Vela etc, they were so terrible back then but cesc would just keep feeding them balls, and I mean real defense splitting balls, they would miss open goals etc.. But he did not stop feeding them. In his last 5 seasons at Arsenal he had the most chances created in the whole of europe.

      Chances created are so distorted, they are like POSSESSION stats.

  7. “When Ozil doesn’t track back we blame Giroud. If Ozil misses a penalty we blame Giroud. I am tired of people using Giroud whenever there is an excuse for Ozil”

    FFS when Cech madde the two mistakes he made, that arseblog and other authoritie acknowledge, they blame Giroud

  8. Giroud will probably score one or maybe even two goals next weekend and all his lovers will be out in force with their usual ‘where are all the Giroud haters now?’, as if this game never happened. That’s exactly what happened after the Monaco game too.

    Straight up I don’t hate Giroud. I think Giroud is a good striker and has a place at Arsenal, but I don’t think that place is as our first choice striker. We need better.

    I don’t blame Giroud for that result. Giroud gave it his all – even got knocked out for the cause. But really Giroud is a limited player giving his best, can’t expect him to be Messi up front and score all the time. It’s not his fault he’s not good enough – I’m sure he’d love to be that talented.

    He didn’t really get any decent chances that entire game, can you blame him for not scoring if he doesn’t get a chance? But also, is the lack of chances his fault for poor movement to get in space? A combination I think. But to blame Giroud is to ignore the other 8 or so players that were absolutely dreadful.

    1. No one is a Giroud lover, we all know his a limited second choice at best type of striker. But the over blaming him for lazy and poor attitude players is what gets some of us fuming.

    2. He should have scored though Mick – absolutely scandalous that he or Walcott could not score against West Ham – I mean look what Falcao, Costa, Remy, Bony, Aguero, Kane, Rooney, Benteke, Lukaku and Berahino did at the weekend in their first game of the season……..oh, they didn’t score either. 🙂

  9. I prefer to not blame the players, but blame the person who is responsible for our problems. That person is Wenger. Even if one wants to blame Giroud for a loss or complain he’s not good enough, surely one has to question why is he even at our club? Wenger is the one that signed him, Wenger is the one that keeps him as our first-choice CF.

  10. Its easy to hate him.

    He is a serial loser.
    His behaviour during the matches is annoying.
    His behaviour off the pitch is annoying aswell.

    Facks b*tches before football matches. Says srry and everything is forgoten. Wilsher and Seza get cought smoking. Hell is about to break loose.

    Him being annoyed that Legends call him out for being not good enough and asking for explaination is the funniest thing i have ever heard from a player.

  11. We blame Giroud, but not him alone. Just that he is playing as our main striker and we can all see he is not performing as well as a first choice striker for Arsenal should.

  12. The honest truth to all ozil bashers is that he does not work as hard as giroud and he probably not built
    For prem football. He can make some nice thought balls but the problem with that is giroud is not good enough. Giroud can easily fit in at crystal palace but I’m not sure he would be a definite starter at palace. And yes I would easily choose Charlie Austin or beneteke over giroud any day

  13. Mertersacker: I feel the same about him too. I feel he is a liability waiting to happen and is helped a lot by Koscielny. Hopefully, Gabriel makes his way into the team soon.

    Ozil: Ozil has not lived up to his billing yet. He should be scoring more goals or at least on par with David Silva. However, the likes of Silva, Iniesta, Fabregas have had the pleasure of playing with top quality attackers and strikers and still do at this moment. I don’t think playing with Giroud and Walcott is the same as playing Aguero and Dzeko or Neymar, Messi n Suarez or Pedro, Messi, Villa or with the likes of RVP, Eto’o, Nasri and Adebayor in the past (in relation to Inesta and Fabregas). Without a good supporting cast, the likes of David Silva, Iniesta, Fabregas would be equally frustrated and subdued. For me where Ozil lacks is goals, strength and maybe he just lacks a bit that turn of pace like David Silva. Most of the things like vision, dribbling, creativity you require in a CAM, he has in sufficient quality. He had a good chance on saturday he should have put away but took it too late and it got blocked. This is better than a striker (Giroud) that puts a lot of shots off target in most games. The difference is Ozil is proven. He has class, it will come back in full flow at some point. As much as it frustates, you know what he can do on his day. Maybe adding a guy like Benzema upfront, who he has played with and is a top quality striker and a different kind of player to Giroud will help. I think Ozil playing with Sanchez, Benzema and Walcott as the front 3 would maximize his quality.

    As per Cech and Debuchy, I cannot judge them yet as they have not played much in an Arsenal shirt. But Arsenal never really needed Cech and just Cech alone would not suddenly turn virtually the same squad as last season into legitimate title contenders. Coquelin was not good on sunday. And he has not displayed good passing range from the time we have seen him play here even though he is good defensively. The likes of Schneiderlin and Vidal could do both and were available for a pretty reasonable 25M and Wenger did nothing. I dread to think of who plays when Coquelin is out. Arteta? Flamini?
    Oxlade looked good to me, just has to be less suspect when it comes to defending or losing the ball and not winning it back. But this happens to the best of players. I think he is developing well and has a lot of potential.
    Giroud: I am tired of talking about this guy. I doubt anyone hates or dislikes Giroud but when he is sold, I am pretty sure fans here will not be devastated. And that is exactly why he is not the guy. The moment we sold RVP, or Henry or Fabregas it made me sick to my stomach. Maybe I haven’t recovered from the RVP sale but going from watching a guy like RVP lead the line with such class for 2 seasons as we all knew early in his career he would do because he had the talent and class to suddenly watching Giroud for 3 seasons…its a huge drop in quality. Its a shock. For me he was never made for Arsenal to begin with and FFS its been 3 seasons now going into his 4TH SEASON (he came when he was almost 26 and will be 29 next month). Giroud is NOT going to suddenly do anything you have not seen him do. He is not going to suddenly start running like Walcott or dribbling like Sanchez or finishing like RVP or possessing god-like magic like Thierry Henry. He is not going to fashion chances for himself all of a sudden. In football, if all these traits weren’t there at a certain age, they will not just fall out from the sky. Giroud as a footballer is just form and no real footballing talent. It only took 1 season for the likes of Henry, Aguero, Costa, Fernando Torres, Suarez etc to lay their mark in the EPL. If anyone cannot see that this guy isn’t cut for Arsenal then its going to be a very long wait for the EPL and even longer for the CL.

    However, I think he is best as a bench role as he is already here. He should not be spearheading the attack of a team looking to win the EPL or the CL. He has proven that in a lot of games over 3 seasons (most recently Monaco and a lot in the 2013/2014 season where we could have won the title). I already made my conclusion of Giroud after the 1st season. Some said, wait…you’ll see what he does in the 2nd season. Its the 4th season now and nothing has changed. Giroud is surrounded by a lot of creative players and not held back by competition or overshadowed by a huge star at Arsenal and still hasn’t hit 20 in the league in 3 seasons. Sometimes players just don’t have the required talent. Wenger should shoulder the most blame for letting this go on for 3 seasons now.

  14. Cazorla does a great job of distributing the ball from central midfield. When he is not allowed to play in CM, the whole team seems to fall apart, and we get the terrible Arsenal side movement and back passing… aaargh… cringe…. Rambo is desperate to score goals again, and seems to forego the obvious pass in order to do so.

  15. His not Arsenal material,poor guy its not his fault,he should be playing for some mid table team like newcastle or spuds.thats way i blame that old specialist in failer lying dush bag wenger.since henry left we’ve been crying out for world class striker but does he fix the problem? No.every year same old excuse, 11 years n still counting and them akb lickers his love childs always cherig him defending him even tho his holding our beloved club behind.u muppets

  16. Im not a big giroud fan, but let me tell you HE DOES NOT HIDE.
    The only reason we target him and say he was poor, was because HE WAS TRYING, HE WAS DOING THINGS.
    Unlike ozil, as highly as i rate him, he goes missing at time we need him the most. But arsenal fans dont seem to realise this…

    1. Is that he goes hiding, or that he’s constantly looking to move the ball one and two touch, and when people give it away he doesn’t get it back?

      If he dribbled a ton like Jack, and ran around aimlessly like Aaron would you love him? Where does all that industry and dribbling get us? Oh that’s right, 4th place.

      1. You need to understand, everyone had a bad day. So why blame giroud? Why make him the scapegoat everytime?
        Cmon. Seriously, we arsenal fans can do better than this.

  17. Another article not focused on the main piece that was inserted that threw off the whole machine. Ramsey. Arsene’s fault.

    “Oh he runs so hard all over the field.” You know why, because he holds the ball too much or gives it away. Keeps trying to shoot from no-business angles, and ruining the circulation of the ball.

    The team ticks with our two technical players central, and wide players wide.

    Where’s the article on how Ramsey needs to come off the bench? On how his propensity to always shoot for no reason and wayward passing affects our rhythm?

    1. Why don’t you write the article if that is your beef – it is how this site works you know.

  18. I have said it and will keep saying it, people are so starstruck with Ozil, just because he came from Madrid he gets a free pass every time, just a few of us speak out and criticise him.. 3rd season and we are still hearing “This is Ozil’s season, he is the best n010, he is our most talented and best player, our game revolves around him” blah blah, but on the pitch you never see it. Ain’t next season his 4th and final year on his contract? When are we going to get performances from him likes of Cazorla, Ramsey, Sanchez etc have had?

    United cut their loses on Di maria but we are still waiting for Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain to all be signed then Ozil will come alive? I am not saying we should sell him but we should be ruthless, we are too cute and harmless.


    Giroud is a limited player that we bought for £11 million, he has his limits and he has reached them. You can’t expect a Ford Focus to get to perform on a Ferrari level. Giroud is a second rate striker but he gives his all..

    When are we going to start being serious and demand results from our so called most talented world class players when they keep being wrapped in cotton wool for their poor attitudes and showings season in season out? No wonder we are being laughed at by other clubs who win big trophies..

    1. What is it about Ramsey and Alexis that stand out to you? Is it that they run real hard and thus stand out. I love Alexis, but evaluate how much he gives the ball away. He better run his ass off because he’s constantly giving it away. We tolerate it because he has technical ability that just about no one in our team has.
      You know why barca let him go? Because he gave the ball away too much. They don’t care about the industry, stop losing the ball. There were guys on the team with obviously more technical ability, so that wasn’t respected.
      You want Mesut to play a style that’s not his in order for him to stand out to you. Not going to happen. He’s a one and two touch movement triangles guy. Links up well with Santi in the middle. When it’s Ramsey, who’s not capable of that and keeps giving it away, it breaks down. Domino effect.

  19. I just saw the highlights, we had a lot chances to score 2, 3 even 4.
    That oxlade volley, ramsey’s deflection off the post, then the cazorla lob, sanchez has 2 chances, giroud with his customary misses.

    They had 2 shots on target, cech with 2 massive mistakes (so unike him) and we concede 2.
    Things just didnt go our way..

    1. Hmm I just saw the highlights, we had a lot chances to score 2, 3 even 4.
      That oxlade volley, ramsey’s deflection off the post, then the cazorla lob, sanchez has 2 chances, giroud with his customary misses. that does not sound unlucky sounds like Poor quality finishing If you have chances but fail to put it in the net that is not unlucky that is Poor finishing.

  20. Ok your right it is not just Giroud’s fault. Ramsey, Cazorla, OX, Coquelin, Walcott and Debuchy, Ozil, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, they all failed BUT IF I have to be honest in how I feel about the past transfers and the current squad I think EVERYONE of these players could not match their position in the invincibles team. AND THAT is what pisses me off we once had Truly great players and since that team EVERY player we have had that was even close to that quality we sold. Sagna was the last to go. Cesc and RVP (RVP was top quality but also very injury prone) But It could have been so much different. We could have signed Yaya We brought in Galas (during the sale of Ashley Cole) and that disrupted the back line with Wenger taking his side over Kolo Toure so his brother decided to go elsewhere. Since then we have had SHIT back line. After Cole Left we had to deal with Clichy learning she he comes good what do they do sell him of course. Nasri? prick well selling RVP why should he stay on a sinking ship. But we keep Wilshere and Ramsey Nether is going to be equal to their predecessors Ramsey good but plenty of players as good out there. Arsenal should be looking for players that if your picking a dream team they would be in the top 3 choices for that position. Right now I can not think of ONE Arsenal player if I could pick from any players in the world I would keep in my first 11. Now I do not expect to build that team over night but I have lost patience with the Wilshere’s ad Ramseys the Forwrads we have been through since Berkamp and Henry left the club. Not one could lace their boots. Shit Lord Bendtner is one of the better ones in the complete list of strikers we have signed some never played a single match. I think we have moved so far from the invincibles that fans have gotten used to mediocrity. They I have not seen a moment of brilliance from a Arsenal player that comes close to Bergkamp or Henry since maybe RVP ad Cesc Left the team. Those 2 were top quality at 17 Cesc was more a Man then these mugs are. People are still talking about Wilshere will be great just wait. Wait? for what? his 30th birthday? This guy will be retiring from football and we will still be waiting for his potential to come good. With all his faults Podolski was a better player then Ramsey but yet he was on the bench. Arshavin Wasted away under Wenger from the brightest star in Euros for Russia to biggest flop in the EPL in one season. Wenger and the Arsenal scouts can’t seem to find a quality player and then actually convince them to sign with Arsenal in years. Alexis Well he told his National team mate Vidal not to sign with us (or at least that is what Vidal said in a interview) I am not sure Alexis is going to be as good this season I am still wait to see mode flash in the pan has happened before remember when we all Loved Arshivin as our little Russian Messi. Next season Slow and nothing like his first few months at the club. If you ask me all across the pitch there is NO position where Arsenal could not find and sign a better player then what we have now. But Go ahead love you local boy Wilshere he will look good on the bench or the treatment table. As long as he does not play can’t hurt us ether. Time to get real players with Real talent. and if players are playing like Shit bench them For Christ sake Id play Gedion Zelalem over Ozil after this past result. My point is there is improvement capable in every position NOT just striker position. But we are weak upfront one or 2 injuries and we have no strikers and If you don’t like giroud remember what it was like when he was out injured. It could be worse.

  21. Because the fans believe the hype from pundits that says we MUST have a worldy striker to be succuessful..

    The hype that says we must spend profits until we have no more left (like Man U) on players that are overpriced and in the hope that one might make the grade..

    So Giroud cops all the flak, because he preens like a Cockatoo and fans think he is not worthy of his first choice striker status, so they blame him when things go wrong.

    Sadly, he is a decent striker, and any Premier League team would be happy to have him, but not Arsenal, because we are frustrated at our managers inability to buy big, and so Giroud cops the flak.

    A shame, because he I DO actually agree we require a more solid striker, but they ain’t exactly growing on trees, and of course they have to fit into our team and philosophy. Benzema anyone? 😉

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