Why do Arsenal fans think Kroenke will invest in January? History says no…

Why Do We Assume Stan Kroenke Will Spend In January? By Dan Smith

There seems to be a repeating theme when debating Arteta’s future. Some feel our manager should have January to get rid of some ‘deadwood’ and bring in his own players. Others feel the Spaniard shouldn’t be trusted with cash in the next transfer window.

Yet here’s a question.

Why are so many gooners assuming we will be spending money next month?

No one at the club has confirmed that. In fact in the last two winter windows we could only afford loans and that was when we were not without match day revenue and facing the possibility of not qualifying for Europe.

There seems to be a theory that we have talent who are out of contract in the summer and therefore will free up millions off the wage bill. Again though, who said that money will be reinvested in the team? It could just as likely sit in the bank.

If you look at history, it’s far from certain Stan Kroenke will free up funds in January.

In April 2011, The American essentially became in charge of the club when he took his shares to 62.8 percent. At that point he was already over the 29.99 threshold that meant he had to make an offer for everyone’s shares.

From that point forward Arsenal could be whatever he wanted them to be. The reason Alisher Usmanov sold up was Stan’s insistence that Arsenal be nothing more than a self-financed model.

So let’s say 2012 was the first January window with Mr Kroenke in control…….

This is what we spent:

Jan 12- Players were loaned in and out

Jan 13- 9 million was spent on Monreal

Jan 14- We famously loaned Kim Kalstrom who arrived with a bad back
We made some money be selling Frimpong and Yennaris

Jan 15 – Bought Gabriel for 13 million

Jan 16 Bought Elneny for 13 million

Jan 17 Nothing

Jan 18- We signed Aubameyang but only as a PR move to appease fans upset about the loss of Sanchez, who we swapped with Mkhitaryan.

Auba cost us 57 million. Some of that was raised by selling Walcott for 20 million, Giroud for 15 and Coquelin for 12. So a net spend of 10 million.

Jan 19- Suarez on loan.

Jan 20- We loaned Mari (with an agreement to buy for 7 million) and Cedric.

So in 9 years we have never spent more in January than over 13 million.

At those times on and off the pitch we were in healthier situations and that was the scale of investment, so why now be any different when we are less stable?

If you remember our return from the first lockdown, it was stressed that qualifying for Europe or not would impact our transfer policy. Even when we did, we still felt it was needed to make 55 staff redundant having already asked the squad to take a pay reduction.

So financially this is not a year when our owner will want to spend if he doesn’t have to.

You could argue that the threat of relegation might force them to act but I still maintain it would take a lot for Arsenal to finish in the bottom three.

If the Kroenke family feared that then they would appoint a new manager.

The fact Edu last week said Arteta was doing a ‘great job’ indicates that’s not going to happen in the short term.

Hiring an Allegri for example would be the costly option. Not just would he demand a far bigger salary, he would want to bring in his own players.

From a business point of view, as long as we finish above 17th, the League season is a write off, so we wait until the summer to invest. For years he hasn’t cared where we finish as long as he’s part of the lucrative TV contract, so don’t assume he cares where we finish as long as it’s not 18th – 20th.

Arteta will be so relieved to still be employed, he will tolerate limitations. Which is why he got the job in the first place remember?

He was the cheap option, so grateful to have such a high-profile job he will accept a lack of ambition.

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  1. Ten millions is still an investment. If Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis, Xhaka or Kolasinac leaves in January, we could strengthen our squad

  2. I truly cannot understand the call for Arteta to go. As you say, a new man will probably be costly. Years of mismanagement and invisible owners, with Edu getting William in so his agent gets a bung? What’s that all about? Stick with Mikel, he inherited a dreadfully inept squad. If he’s “lost the dressing room”, I’m guessing its because some overpaid players dont like being challenged. Prima Donnas. Keep Saka, Gab, Tierney, Partey, Auba, jettison the rest.

    1. Inept squad? Maybe to compete for the title, but for being where we are? Name by name, how Manu teams has more than us? Worse of it: how many has spent More?

    2. I would not keep Auba as he’s shown lack of leadership and has let Arteta down with his lack lustre play. Now he’s got his pay rise he don’t give a damn. We don’t want players that don’t give it all like Saka & AMN.

  3. More of a question who (quality player) do you think is available in January and would want to move to Arsenal???

      1. When Auba came we were way different proposition then what we are now. Wenger was still here and it was the second season we were out of Europe with a history of qualifying year after year. Circumstances were completely different. Now we don’t have the lure of world class manager and neither are we doing great for few years now. I agree money will only be the factor to bring players in but remember how many world class players are available in January even with money. Plus how many good players like Partey are there who have not signed contract extensions so we can buy out their clause. Pool is so so small that we don’t stand a chance.

        1. The other factor in the Aubameyang move, was the fact he was in a dispute with his club Mohsan.

          DAN, I have to question your assessment regarding Mikel Arteta:
          Here are the reported weekly salaries of the managers in the PL, using the same “transfer market” site:

          Pep = £417,500 / Klopp = £313,500 / Mourinho = £313,000 / Ancelotti = £230,000 / Lampard = £166,80 / Bielsa = £166,850
          Solskjaer = £106,000 / Arteta = £105,000 / Rodgers = £105,000
          Hodgson = £93,750 / Parker = £73,000 / Moyes = £62,500
          Bruce = £57,000 / Nuno o Santo = £85,000 / Dyche = £50,000
          Smith = £31,250 / Potter = £21,000 / Hasehuttl = £21,000
          Bilic (as was) = £17,700 / Wilde = £14,000

          There are, of course, win bonuses, PL, CL, EL, and domestic cup clauses involved, but coming in eighth and looking at those above him and what they achieved compared to his first season, I don’t consider MA a cheap option whatsoever and, considering the turmoil that faced him when he joined the club, for me he was money well spent…up and until the start of this season.
          For me, he was an inspired signing and did wonders at the club. We became united once again, both on and off the pitch.

          He outperformed Pep, Poch, Lampard, Solskjaer and, maybe Bielsa as well (open to interpretation I agree) if one thinks what he achieved, not only in silverware, but also in the way he turned round the club that was out of control, both on and off the pitch.
          By the way, I understand the spuds are still paying his £8,500,000 a year salary until he finds a new position, or his contract runs out in 2023…it is also reported that it cost spuds a total of £20,000,000 in compensation for him and the three coaches also sacked at the same time (source evening standard).

          Now, let’s just consider how much kronkie has had to pay for the leaving of AW’s backroom staff and then, the exodus of UE and his backroom staff – then we had the 55 redundancies and the pay off for our scouting network, if that is applicable.

          Just using the spud scenario as a guide, that means kronkie has had to shell out over £40,000,000 in the last three years on redundancies alone – without considering AW, UE and MA’s and all the others mentioned above – I suggest it is probably way over the £70,000,000 mark, as UE and AW were paid their full salaries, a reported £5,000,000 for Unai and £9,000,000 for Arsene.

          That brings me nicely back to kronkie’s perceived stinginess – where did all this money come from? Kronkie of course!!!

          For Arteta, it all started to spiral out of control this season – we were all very happy with his final first season results, he performed better than ANYONE expected and the decisions he made regarding team selection and individual players was met with, if not universal agreement, the thoughts that he knew what he was doing….that has completely evaporated in just 14 PL games – to the extent that we are now looking at being in the same situation as when he took over.
          Player discontent, fan discontent, relegation issues, tactically poor on the pitch and off it, questionable signings and poor team selection.

          Kronkie cannot keep bailing us out with redundancies and employing a completely new back room staff and manager every eighteen months – that is why I believe he will support Arteta in the January window…if Mikel can keep the players on board until then and one of the decisions he will have to make that will determine that, is whether to bring Ozil (and Saliba) back into the squad…just my opinion of course!!!

          1. KEN WITHOUT REVISITING OUR MANY DISAGREEMENTS, I AGREE WITH YOUR ARTETA WILL STAY COMMENT. I am convinced the club has decided not to go down the Man Utd after Fergie route, by changing managers almost yearly.

            This is one of the very few sensible decisions the owner and board will have taken for years past, dating back to DD being forced out back in 2007 and Kroenke coming in. I predict a continuing of wailing fan fury and the pathetic hysteria increasing until our next win, which will IMO be against Brighton.

          2. Jon, while wanting Arteta to succeed, I feel that he has only himself to blame for the position he now finds himself in.

            As I said, we can’t keep expecting kronkie to renew the back room every eighteen months and keep supplying money for players who, it seems, are not performing, but whom we seem to pay ridiculous prices for and give them obscene wages and contracts.

            Some of the wasted money on transfers, contracts and redundancies, due to changes in managers, back room staff and the 55 plus other individuals comes to an awful lot of money and MA, amongst others, is responsible for a lot of it.

            What I don’t agree with Dan on, however, is his insistence that MA was a cheap option that has backfired.

            Up and until the start of this season, he had done a great job and, while disagreeing with his stance on Ozil way back in March, I couldn’t argue with the results…good on him!!!

            But this season has been a complete disaster and, only because I believe kronkie has backed up the dismal results by paying for others mistakes previously, he will do it once again in January.
            But this time it will be on players, not back room staff.
            MA will have until the end of the season to prove his worth once again – it is up to him if he buys wisely, utilizes the players he already has, play those in form, not those he has bought and most crucially he doesn’t “lose” the dressing room in any way, shape or form.
            He needs to address what has changed since the fa cup win and rectify it – if I was kronkie, I would be fuming at some of the decisions being made.

            I cannot believe kronkie will sell up and move on, as his history shows he doesn’t let go of what he has invested in.

      2. yes if you pay double or triple the price

        a player that may cost 50m in the summer will cost 120m for winter

        pay them whatever they wants

        thats what the fans always want

        to be the next City or PSG

    1. Benteke, who has plenty of EPL experience and might be willing to sit on the bench. Palace are struggling without him handling the opposition’s CBs

    2. Can’t see past the guy from Norwich to be honest. Only player I’m aware of who has the right skillset and experience who might be interested in joining. Probably wouldn’t satisfy many people though

      1. How Dan? The club has invested £443 million net in last 5 years. We are among the top spenders. Do you want him to break the rules??? If UEFA then fine us and put a ban on us then fans will blame him and call him a cheat. They will ask him to leave as he went against the club values. So what do we do be like Chelsea and City who we always pointed out to cheat the system and buying the success??

        1. Let me ask in another way
          We finished 8th
          FFP was lifted due to covid
          Do you think gabriel.( Paid for by selling Martinez and that youngster to Leeds ) and partry was the best he ( a billionaire )could do to make us better
          Knowing the Ozil situation , you don’t think a billionaire could buy a creative midfielder
          go back a year
          We knew we needed a defender
          We sold Koscielney and used that money to buy
          David luiz. You think that’s his best ?
          We replaced Ramsey with ceballos on loan
          We buy lacca but sale the O x
          We buy auba but raise 45 million the week before
          Go further back , who replaced Vanpers ie when we sold him
          Rrme!bet selling nasri and Fabregas and waiting till an 8-2 defeat to replace them ?

          1. But what is it to do with Owner? Nothing has come in open that he has turned down or not approved a transfer. If the ppl at club can not do the job and keep wasting money on sub standard players then why are you blaming him? Let me spin it around again then Laca, Auba, Saliba, Pepe, Tierney, Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil etc etc are they cheap players they cost us a fortune. Can you give me the total of players you listed we sold ..only can VP was some were in 30million range. Money has always been there because the figure I provided you of 443million is net. If we blow it on poor signings and pay over the odds for them then problem lies with the ppl who scout and do the transfer deals not the owner.

          2. @Defund, I am not here whole day. when I see some one reply to my comment I always reply back if I don’t see it then that’s another story.

          3. @mohsan you clearly just dont understand the roles and responsibilities of a business owner. Not going to bother getting into it, but rest assured some of the blame falls on him.

        2. Moshan
          If a business is failing of course the responsibility stops with the owner
          Arsenal are failing , simple

          1. And where does it start Dan and kronkie has, in three years, spent millions conducting redundancies, pay offs of the back room staff etc etc.
            You are not being transparent in not including these enormous expenditures in your condemnation of him.

            I don’t belive he is the owner that will take us forward either, but let’s make a case using all of the facts, not cherry pick.

      2. If Mesut Ozil wanted to, he could have made a name for himself by proving 19 assists and 8 goals season after season. If he wanted to.
        I blame Stan for not having an inquiry into all the fra7dsters.

        1. If you want to make a name for yourself, stop saying such ridiculous things – Ozil had already made a name for himself before he came to our club.
          If UE and MA drop him, how the hell do you expect him to do what you want? Has any other player achieved what you want MO to do?
          The record holder in the PL, Ryan Giggs, set up 162 goals and scored 109 himself over more than TWENTY years at manure, with a side that was superb.
          You expect Ozil to assist 133 goals and score 56 himself in just SEVEN YEARS in a team, we are told, full of dross!!!
          I really don’t think you have a clue about football and how it’s played.LOL
          I think you are one of the biggest Arsenal fan fraudsters going.

        2. He provided more than 19 assists a season. Problem is they did not get converted because the same players taking Arsenal to the championship couldn’t convert them.

          Of course you have no interest in facts because facts are not what you are after.

      3. If we had a top manager and were in a better position he might have. But in today’s situation I would not hold your breath

      4. YES Dan and all sensible fans have known that for well over a decade . We also know he does not care. So what is your point, except to tell us what we all know already?

        1. Well sorry Jon ,.I was asked the question
          Fact fans are defending him when we are 15th tells me clearly not all are sensible

          1. Dan are you seriously trying to tell me you did not know already that “not all” fans are sensible ! I don’t want to be rude and I much admire your writing but this article is not worthy of you, as it says nothing at all that non idiot fans-of which we have a fair few- do not already know.

            Most of your articles are well thought through and go into interesting and well researched detail.

            (BTW, I totally agree with your conclusion concerning Kroenke, though I am an MA supporter, long term too but that was not my point.)

            But THIS one….! Well, it is almost Christmas, season of peace and goodwill, so I”ll stop there and just wish you all the best for the holiday season and hope you keep safe and well.

  4. Why would fans assume Stan Kroenke will spend in January when it is harder to buy top players in January than in summer?

    Who wants to sell important players in the middle of their season? They don’t want to do well? Would you sell you best players in the middle of the season?

    Arsenal would have to overpay a lot to buy top players in January and that is silly. It is right not to spend too much in January and use the money better in July.

    1. Correct, Cph. I doubt there will be much money being splashed in January. They might spend a little to get us to the end of the season and a bit more stable. Forget about Europe next year though. And that will make it difficult to attract big players in the summer! The club are in a whirlpool right now and have been for years. The further we get dragged in, the harder it will be to get out!

      1. Yes it will be hard without Europe. We need a better manager in case we cannot attract good players. At least have an effective style and make the players we have play to that style. No more confusing, neither here nor there football.

  5. Even if Kroenke invests it will make no difference. It’s the management. All Arteta’s words will not change the fact that his style of management does not work at Arsenal. I would rather see a TOP manager choose players. Arteta and Arsenal do not fit and we will finish, without doubt, near the bottom of the league with him at the helm. We may avoid relegation but the club will be festering and rotting and it will be wasting all our time. Do we want to waste another year? I think most of you are beginning to realise this……Arteta is not Arsenal material.

    1. That’s not fair on MA though is it? He inherited that squad. He couldn’t buy in the summer because unless we sold, there was no money. The players we wanted to see are still there because no one wanted them. He was stuck with them. Add to that the whole Covid-19 catastrophe! Is it really fair to blame him alone?

        1. Also, the one player that most fans seemingly want to go, Xhaka was persuaded to stay by Arteta, despite a reported £35,000,000 offer from Hertha Berlin.
          Also Soares, Mari, Luiz, Willian, Ceballos were players he didn’t inherit, but decided to sign or re-sign.
          I have left out Gabriel and Partey for obvious reasons…they have improved the squad!!!

      1. @Gunneray, so you expect every manger to be given a new squad everytime they start??? He signed 5 new players in summer, is that not enough. Other like Tierney, Pepe and Saliba are almost new as well. If he does not want to play some of the players and keeps going back to old regime players that’s his fault no one else’s. Who told him to revive Xhaka’s career, who told him to being Elneny back into team, who told him to play Mustafi and Luiz will leave Saliba out of squad completely. Who told him to play with bellerin this year while leaving AMN out on bench and Cedric…I can go on and on. You can not make your own choices then blame the past era ppl for your downfall.

    2. Sean, Klopp saId on TV today that no manager onEarth can make a team of poor players into good ones. He won coach of the year at SPOTY yesterday and was talking to BBC this morning. So the coach of the year flatly contradicts your mistaken argument, putting all the blame on MA. You speak nonsense and Klopp is OF COURSE , RIGHT!

      1. Did he say that about Arsenal Jon? Stop twisting words. The group of players us not poor atleast they were not when we won FA cup with them were they?

        1. Mohsan Are you calling me a liar? If so, havethe guts to do it openly and stop your snide comments! I saw and heard him say those precise words just this morning. Clearly you did not nor did many, which is why I told fans on this site.

          I do not expect to be called a liar, as I am the most honest person I have ever known!

  6. People need to remember what Artera said lately. We have to sell players in order to buy players.

    When you have more players than you can use the unwanted players on your team become cheaper.

    So why would the owner spend more money knowing that he is loosing at both ends? It makes no sense.

      1. and too many that nobody wants. That is the giant huge pink elephant. We have invested in a lot of crap (some good to be fair)…

        Even if we could get something for all the people we want to move I doubt it would get to more than 20M total. That won’t buy much.

        And as lots have pointed out, there isn’t much for sale in January, unless we want to look for some more old guys running out contracts.

  7. Edu said last week we won’t be spending big in the window, and that was after we lost to Burnley!!
    If we’re lucky we’ll get one, maybe 2 – any other past it Brazilians out there??

    1. Hulk, Oscar, and then there’s that hotshot striker Leandro Daimao, I think. Maybe someone else but I can only remember these names from my friend’s FIFA 20 brazil squad, LOL.

    2. Sadly Arteta does not have the football nous to turn Arsenal into a great club again. Argue as much as you want, he does not have the character to man manage the Arsenal squad. He doesn’t have the mental character to get the squad to produce meaningful football. The style of football he is asking for has no substance and surely that is obvious watching the games.

  8. Would be good to have those Arsenal January transfer figures in context with what others spend. It’s a notoriously difficult window for most clubs to do anything meaningful. The current uncertain climate probably make sit more challenging.

    The Fernandes success stories are the rare exemptions.

    With maybe one exception (say Isco on loan), I can see Arteta being told that Option A is to make better use of what he’s got until the summer transfer window. And he’ll be fully aware of what Option B is.

  9. There are quality additions available. Not many but some.

    Emi Buendia for £25m is one of them and would probably be very eager to join us.

    Apparently Valencia is in a financial pickle. Maxi Gomez seems like good target man, not very profilic but very Giroud-like option, though Gomez is faster and more agile. I don’t know how much he would cost.

    Aouar always mentioned since Lyon is not even in European competitions.

    Patson Daka of Salzburg, who are known to part ways with players in January.

    Then there’s the usual loan options like Isco. I have serious doubts about him but seems like he would want to play well to get picked for upcoming Euros. If its just a loan deal with decent wages I wouldn’t oppose it.

    But the problem is we have too many players at the moment. Özil Sokratis need to be shipped out, or reinstalled into the team but in order to get 2 new players, we need to get rid of 4! I think Kolasinac, Mustafi and Sokratis would be keen to move on but Özil is not going anywhere. Maybe loan out Chambers..?

  10. I think if we sell players then even with a budget of 10 million or so, we can make quality additions. I think if we scout championship we can get good players like Buendia or such. We missed out on Eze last time. It all depends on the targets though.

    OT- Doesn’t the 18th place team get a chance to rejoin the Prem through the playoffs? Asking for a friend who thought that the playoff trophy is something we can win to expand our cabinet, LOL.

    1. Sid, the post says a lot. People think about getting the best in Europe but realistically we need to be thinking about England and most likely Championship if we are going to add. Not sure if we can though as we have so many already….

    1. He is now worth £6.3 million after five years at the club – if only all our transfers could give us a similar return after five years!!

      1. well, we would at least make something on the deal if we could get 6.3, which I think we could. Look at some of the others and what are they worth in real terms – Pepe was 72M? Would you get 25M right now?

          1. I wouldn’t sell Elneny, especially for an extra 1.3. I would like to see if the partnership with Partey was a fluke or a good match.

            But I absolutely agree, we have generally been really poor in our transfer and signing business for several years now. I don’t think that Arteta is getting the most out of the team, but it is a pretty crappy team, especially if we consider the supposed objectives of Champions League and EPL.

    1. With Barca seemingly interested in Bellerin and the club, supposedly, open to a deal, that one – Xhaka to Hertha Berlin that’s two – Mustafi leaving in June that’s three – Ozil in June that’s four – Luiz the same that’s five:

      1. If Barcelona are willing to pay 35+ M for Bellerin, it’d be a good deal. Otherwise he’s the best attacking RB we have

        Xhaka doesn’t seem to want to play for us anymore, so better sell him in January. We think about the ones who we could offload in January first, because we need new player as soon as possible


        At least KEN, you now accept that Ozil will not be offered a new contract – I SUPPOSE I SHOULD BE THANKFUL FOR SMALL MERCIES. A warning though; you are flying dangerously close ro reality land with that statement! So take care!

        1. Jon, I thought you weren’t going to discuss Ozil with me again?
          I’m not sure if I have ever said Ozil was going to get a new contract, he deserves one of course, but if /when MA reinstates him in January and we go unbeaten until March – as we did last year of course with Mesut in the team – we should have avoided any relegation thoughts, wouldn’t you say?

    2. do what we did to Ozil
      If we can’t sell players then I would free up space by dropping Cedric ( third choice right back )
      Elneny ( not needed )
      Kolasniac ( not needed )
      That’s three signings

      1. I’d prefer Arsenal keep Soares as Bellerin’s backup and move Maitland-Niles to midfield. Elneny is still needed as a squad rotation player

        I like the way Kolasinac plays. But he doesn’t seem to have a future at Arsenal due to his high salary, so he could be transfer-listed in January

  11. Great article, if you like a well argued but false premise Dan! I KNOW NO ONE WHO BELIEVES THAT KROENKE WILL SPEND IN JAN, so to argue something that practically everyone agrees with anyway could be seen as a waste of your educated and valuable time!

    IF Kroenke was ever going to look after “his ” club properly and value it, don’t you think he would have already shown that in his disastrous thirteen years as effective and then full owner? He has not and will not!

    No sensible fan thinks he will either. What MAY happen next month is that a pittance is released but that means nothing, as this club needs a complete overhaul with two thirds of all the main squad payers gone and properly replaced; HALF A BILLION IN TODAYS MONEY.

    More chance of Covid being extinguished world wide by tonight. Not happening DAN AND NO ONE SENSIBLE EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD EITHER!

      1. I am sure you can DAN! But in reality land, where I choose to live, they don’t exist there . Elsewhere though of course they do; in spades! That is why I used the word SENSIBLE , in capitals, for emphasis!

  12. Arsenal playing at home in the Carabao Cup tomorrow Tuesday will start turning a new leaf in their season when host Man City and beat them in Carabao Cup competition and reach the semifinal it.

    So therefore, let us Gooners not be down hearted but upbeat hearted and remain in optimistic mode supporting our beloved club Arsenal,

  13. Arsenal playing at home in the Carabao Cup tomorrow Tuesday will start turning a new leaf in their season when they host Man City and beat them in the competition to reach the semifinal of it.

    So therefore, let us Gooners not be down hearted but upbeat hearted and remain in optimistic mode supporting our beloved club Arsenal,

  14. In this big Cup game match encounter, I will like it if Mikel Arteta will field and start most of the club’s youth players for the match like:

    Martinelli Nketiah Saka; (for a front three)
    AMN Willock ESR; (for a mid three)
    Soares Mari Luiz Tierney; (for a back-four)
    Leno; goalkeeper.

  15. I think it totally unlikely Kroenke will invest money in new players in the January window. As a result of covid, the loss in revenue is already estimated at around £74 million (gate +tv) this year . Kroenke has already pumped around £36 million into the club by refinancing some loan notes. I think if the epidemic continues, it seems to me, that he will have to put more money into the club to support this continual deteriorating financial position before spending money on the squad. Remember the squad is on one part of AFC the are many others who need to be paid. The total loss to AFC this year could well be £150 million and Kroenke will not want increase that by spending large sums of money on players who might or might not solve or current on field problems.

  16. Everyone who knows about football knows January is a notoriously unsuccessful month to buy or sell good quality deals. Clubs dont like doing business in January and generally the worse business is done in January. Why do people with half a brain think our problems will be sorted in January with money or not.

    1. I don’t think anyone has said our problems will be sorted out in January – the question was, will kronkie spend money in January. 📖❓🤔😂

      1. Ken some have said we have to move the deadwood out and get quality in in January. That just isnt going to happen.

          1. It’s a myth because of Arteta and Edu’s decisions, not kronkies.

            I assume Xhaka, Willian, Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Ceballos and Guendouzi are the players you refer too, from previous posts?

            MA has only just awarded contracts to three of them, talked one out of leaving, another a further season long loan contract and one out on loan to Hertha Berlin.
            So it’s obvious that MA and Edu will stick with those decisions and players.
            Mustafi, and Sokratis leave in June I believe.

            No one believes that the January window will solve all our ills do they?

            As I say, the question was will kronkie back up MA in the transfer market?
            I believe he will, but to what extent (Reggie point re. not the best time is valid with respect to this) is something we will have to wait and see.

  17. We could dream and hope it is not after a heavy meal. Here are the realities:
    1. The market has changed radically – Even the genius Wenger needed substantial money after 2016.
    2. The coaches are no longer as gifted – they are more functional. Even The ‘Specialist’ that normally burn out the team in 30 months is now looking like leap years ahead of the younger crop. These are thirsty coaches – needing billions to win.
    3. Arsenal is way off target and may best focus on avoiding relegation this season. Rushed, desperate cash throwing in Jamaica is not the best idea. Why do it when they cannot make top 8 ? What is the value? MA should have practised on a championship side for at least a year. We chose to be that championship side. Let us bravely own our stupidity and see if next season is better. Maybe we would have learnt something – and MA will have less stats and more positive realities.

  18. Stan Krone has not done anything right since taking over the club. How many top people have come in like Gazides, Sehleny, and so on have all failed by selling players we should have kept, letting Ramsey go for free and buying peoe for 72 million. If I opened the gates of he’ll I would see Kronke first. He’s been a disaster for our great Club. I hope fans get behind me on this but Kronke must go! We need someone who loves Arsenal and has money to invest in the right areas. We need to expand on out scouting getting the best talent from around the world. People at the top that are proven sucess like Overmars. Arteta is still young and lives Arsenal but he needs to be backed. Kronke not giving him funds is failing him big time.

  19. Got an idea. You keep mentioning some horrible names as suitable Arsenal players such as Kolasinac and Eleny. Both tried and failed. Again like Xhaka true Wegner failures who signified the drop in quality and expectations. Nothing good is going to come out of this current squad, it needs a thorough overhaul. All the dross needs to be cleared out because it represents systematic failure both Wegner induced or post Wegner. It was Arteta’ s responsibility to do this but, he propped up Xhaka’s being a key player and has probably cultivated a group of yes men who haven’t exactly been capable of delivering results.

  20. No Kroenke will not bankroll Arsenal out of this mess. It’s not how his companies operate. I wouldn’t either if it meant trusting Edu and Co with the cash andthe responsibility of making the correct signings. Already I’m hearing Isco plus other failures from the Spanish and Italian leagues,as potential recruits. Before getting too upset however we should take all these rumours with a grain of salt.

  21. Arsenal never battled relegation under kroenke and that’s why he’ll invest. He simply can’t afford the cash cow to stop feeding his coffers.

    We’ll get a b-tech creative mid and it will still be a massive upgrade to what we have and it will probably be enough to avoid relegation.

    While it would definitely be a good idea to get relegated and stay in the Championship for another season or two just so Kroenke can finally leave the club.

  22. First, Arsenal must stop playing slow tippy-tappy possession football. To-me-to-you, in their own half. Pass to Elneny, who will always pass it backwards. The opposition can then press Arsenal in their own half because Arteta and Emery somehow think that Arsenal have the players to play it out from the back. Instead they end up kicking it out for a throw. Possession lost. Or, if Arsenal do manage to venture into the opposition half, it is so slow that they have to beat the entire team to get anywhere near their penalty area. By the time Arsenal have tried to pass a dozen times, they (again) lose possession. How can any team line up a goal like this? That’ll own score? Goals let in from any opposition are quick one-two-three goal, with most of the Arsenal team still up the field.

  23. But we can bring in a new squad. And release players. We bring im zaha at 40m, giroud @ around 20m pounds buendia at 22m and eriksenas swap deal for xhaka as
    creative mid – field. Get a aouor at 45 m pounds and with that our club can improve

    1. Then sell xhaka, elneny, socratis, mustafi, kolasinac, balerrin, willian,. Then we can play a back 4 of pablo mari/ saliba , niles, gabi, teirney, 3 mid – field of partey( right) , aouor (left) , buendia – (centrally) eriksen as a AM giroud and zaha as CF

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