Arsenal need to play with the handbrake OFF!

10 Shots and NONE on Target! by NikkoGunners

Arsenal outscored Chelsea on shots, but none of our shots were on target. Chelsea had three on target and got two goals. What does such a statistics tell us? Arsenal’s game has been very patient this term and we spend long spells in the game planning the perfect shot. It is what Wenger likes to call playing with the handbrake on. It could be that Chelsea’s Invincibles are in the making and so we faced an impenetrable quality defense. However, for Arsenal, with 7 games gone, there is necessity to go back to the drawing board.

Perhaps, the very first mistake of the afternoon was Wenger’s ‘fear’ of pace. He preferred Jack Wilshere for Ox Chamberlain forcing some changes to his super turbo charged Galatasaray destroying side, allowing Chelsea some breathing space. It also inevitably kept the fastest players in the squad today, Ox and Sanchez, from each other.

The fear of pace will easily be solved if Wenger drops Wilshere to the bench, which is easier said than done with Wenger of course. When Walcott returns Wenger will inevitably have no reason to keep him in the bench as he does with Ox, who Wenger seems unwilling to trust due to inexperience or something mysterious. Taking an unusual tenacity to field Wilshere at every opportunity – even when other players seem to be bringing more to the game may be affecting our game. At the first chance to remove a player he felt the one to leave the pitch was Cazorla who on the day was more a goal threat and keep Wilshere on until the inevitable happened – Chelsea got the second goal.

This tenacity could have made Arsenal’s attack blunt. One would imagine if Ox had started on one wing and Sanchez on the other, Ozil and Cazorla in the centre – then Welbeck would have gotten chances to get some shots in there.

The other issue – Wenger should consider a new game plan that will get a support striker in there. We have seen Isaac Hayden and Hector Bellerin already in the squad and they did not look fazed by the occasion of a first team appearance. They can deputize so that the fear of having all our best center backs in the play is rested (moreover all three are playing currently), as we ease Gibbs into the 3 center back system, does not make us fear taking steps needed. There is a case that when there is a three man mature defense, it tends to be more solid than the 4 man defense where the full backs have to overlap and often than not are found in attack leaving a thin defense at the back quickly exposed in a counter attack. No wonder we have lesser clean sheets.

Once Gibbs finds his bearing the next thing that Wenger should do is to move Calum Chambers into the DM area. Carzola has certainly shown great capacity to deputize for Ramsey in Central midfield until he returns, first from injury and then to full sharpness. In fact Cazorla’s game in the center showed more maturity compared to Wilshere’s and also an almost telepathic understanding of the superfast frontline.

Finally, Campbell should get his chance to increase the attack nuisance and allow Welbeck some more space. If not then Podolski should be the second guy upfront. With his work rate, Welbeck will explore wings and Campbell can follow this act very well too. The return of Giroud and Sanogo will be more juice that this system will best benefit from with Wenger facing the blessing troubles of who plays upfront.

My final team that can get us chasing the front single horse (Chelsea) is as follows:-

———Welbeck, Campbell/Podolski
Chambers Cazorla
—-Gibbs, Martesacker, Koscielny

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  1. players likely to leave in jan khedira/milner/schar(their contract ends in summer) kondogbia/cavani wenger needs to get 2-3 players of them esp with Campbell/podolsoki set 2 leave

    1. I want some of what the author is smoking. Thank god he’s not arsenal’s manager. Campbell had a chance to shine in the league cup and failed miserably. He was completely absent. 3 at the back? Gibbs is no CB dude! Lol! Opt for the 442 diamond. When Walcott and Rambo are fit:

      Welbz ———Walcott
      Cazorla ——Rambo
      Back 4

      I know there is no Ozil. He would benefit from watching from the bench for a few games.

      1. @Mcween Dude, you can have some of what am smoking in here!!!! So welcomeeee!!! You say about Campbell, but we all remember one Ramsey who we loved to say should have been sold yesterday and Wenger Stuck with him until – KABOOOMMM!!! he got into such a ridiculous form that even Messi and Ronaldo must have gotten concern. I loooove your team but look at the fact that once Ozil has benefited from a few lessons in the bench you will end up having Alexis of Walcott of Rambo in the bench. It is only by admitting that we have lots of midfield talent and we should make use of it and that real defense actually starts in the midfield. Remember the days that Barca roared and their policy was you will score goals (Their defense was shaky) but will be sure to score one more than you. it was the acknowledgement of the mentality of defend at the point of relaunching the attack. That was the midfield. like in you case, i would (Smoking inspired of course!) fit Ozil where you have Alexis and move Alexis to the left (Alexis prefers the left wing) and Carzola to the right( he is ambidextrous and will adopt). actually 3 man defenses can be solid if deployed with maturity – Juventus Invincible season is a case in study here. notice that every time we are in for a great midfield talent we always face Juventus or Napoli who often than not steal our targets. it is because they are sure these patterns will perform. Gibbs and by extension Debuchy – Well we never knew that Sagna was a potentially good CB until he was fielded there in the face of a crisis and we all began to ask that he be given a chance there! he was super dupa good…Who say Gibbs, a professional and will potentially occupy the Leftwing CB role in my view..not very far from the full back position – not become a lion in that duty?

      2. Campbell was not bad in the league cup. And one game is not enough to judge anyone. Wenger simply doesn’t like him. He will eventually be sold and will be a solid player for someone else, much like Gervinho.

    2. Get Milner. Fu ck the others. I always admired his versatility, left, right, middle, defense, attack. He’s from the island as well and he still has 3 good years in him.

  2. it’s not just pace what we lack is physical presence we need viera/gilberto type players kodogbia would be perfect luis Gustavo/lars bender/carvalho wenger needs 2 change his style as well

    1. @ Leo, i Would love to see if Chambers and Diaby can built a Gilbarto- Viera or Viera-Petit partnership in their in the center…

    1. @ Robin VanPayslip what if we try it and it works wonders…Our squad would certainly be well utilized with it, we will get more counter attack goals coming in – Right now our counters fall in the way side and we would have 3 guys – not two to meet the opponents counters…and at least two or three players in every spot in the field…

  3. Wenger’s love for Wilshere is not good for the team he must be benched,Jack stalls our fluid passing game by running with the ball then being tackled and Ozil,Santi should be in the centre with OX,Sanchez and Walcott when he comes back being the wingers we have lots of pace also with Welbeck upfront!

  4. Wenger prefrence of wilshere (and playing him central position to make him look good) is destroying the whole structure of team. Ozil, the best No. 10 has been relegated to wings, cazrola and Rosicky are non starters and proper winger like OX, podolski and campbell never plays.
    His stats for attacking (Key passes, assists, pass completion in final third etc) is pathetic for someone playing at top level in middle position. His defensive stats are also not very good (tackle won etc).

    Just analyzing the past season record:
    1) our best wins like against Borussia dortmund away, Liverpool at home, napoli at home where we totally dominated the opponents came when wilshere was not playing. We even drawn Bayern at their home ground when he didn’t played.
    2) Our worst defeat like BD at home, Liverpool away, Manchester City away came when he played. (I am not taking chelsea defeat into consideration as we were one man down).
    3) In final phase of last season, arsenal won 9 out of 10 matches when he was injured and didn’t played.

    Even now our best wins, i.e. against Villa and Galatacsy came when he didn’t played.

    1. Are you kidding me do you actually think we would of won yesterday or even drawn that game if Wilshere didn’t play!???
      If so you are crazy!
      Literally only 2 of our players would get in Chelsea’s starting 11 from yesterday Sanchez for schurrle and maybe Kosielny for Cahill or Terry.
      That sums it up chelsea far superior on paper and it showed during the game there’s no point in crying over it to much as it was an obvious defeat coming.
      ps stop acting like Ozil Is God in the hole he isn’t and was poor there last season and now he’s moved 20 yards left lol he is even worse even tho he cuts inside a lot, he was terrible again yesterday can’t defend guy at all cut our losses and sell him.

      1. Ozil is no god but he has highest assists in Europe for three seasons (more than xavi or fabregas). He didn’t became bad player by coming to arsenal. He played out of position to accomodate wilshere.

        Ozil was No 10 twice this season

        1)champion league: 1 assist and 1 indirect one and initiating 2 others

        2) aston villa: 1 goal , 1 assist

        in that position , this is what matters ,not tracking back or running with ball.

        1. Not being able to hold on to the ball or being muscled out by the opposition’s dmf multiple times during a match has nothing to do with being played out of position.
          Ozil played as a #10 against city(away), utd, chelsea(home), F.A. cup final did he ever deliver in those matches?! He goes missing in big games. This was wenger’s best chance to build a better team around ozil and he failed miserably!

          1. Give Ozil to José and play against Arsenal… Costa will be tired of scoring.
            Wenger is a Failure & is responsible for every Arsenal player that flops.
            Imagine sanchez at Liverpool… He and Sterling would be running teams down… Because he’ll be allowed to use his strength to effect. Wenger always want to be seen as a genius by converting players. He has Lost it. .
            Sanchez likes to dribble and hold on to the ball just like a cetain Gervinho while Arsenal ( Wenger) likes to pass to no effect unlike barca>> No Match.
            Ozil is a Good player that becomes Extraordinary when he’s with World Class players & when he’s been used to his strength while Arsenal (Wenger) believes in hoping his average players can one day become quality & dosen’t provide ozil with the right tools i.e Real wingers, A pacy lethal Striker & a Quality DM.>>> No Match.
            Take a look at chelsea’s bench…
            Those guys would make our first 11 comfortably.
            But look at our first eleven, only sanchez koscielny and Ozil would make their eleven.
            Not buying a CDM, A WINGER, A CB & A STRIKER and most importantly not being tactically Aware shows that money is not our problem, but wengers stubborness to accept the fact that Same things don’t bring different result. We signed wenger to change Arsenal for Good & now we must sack him if we want Arsenal to Change for the better .
            Change is the only Constant Thing in Life.
            Wenger Out
            ¤Peace Out¤

    2. @shankj..Absolute bullsh”t that.. Can everyone stop blaming Whilshere for everything? Giroud is out of the firing line now someone else has got to take the blame for Ozils deficiencies. Can’t you Ozil fans see how pathetic you are getting? It’s always someone else’s fault for Ozils inadequency but never his fault. It’s always “He was playing with Ronaldo, Di Maria, Bezema, Alonso, higuain SMS now playing with Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Walcott, Giroud blah blah”. Or “Wenger is Killing Ozil by over playing him, Ozil should not play more than 65 minutes a game, he deserves winter break as he is used to it”. Or “The formation and wenger are killing Ozil”.. Now it’s “Wilshere is killing Ozil”.. Seriously even as a Gooner I find these excuses so cringeworthy and a bit embarrassing. How do you think the other clubs fans take all these excuses for Ozil?

      I have laid off him but I just get vexed reading every comment and it’s to do with blaming Wilshere for Ozils poor attitude and lack of effort. Smh

      1. Some questions for you:
        1) Isn’t Wilshere attacking stats (Key passes, assists, pass completion in final third etc) is pathetic for someone playing at top level in middle position??
        2) Ozil has highest assists in Europe for three seasons (more than xavi or fabregas). Did he became bad player by coming to arsenal???
        3) Arsenal best wins like against Borussia dortmund away, Liverpool at home, napoli at home, where we totally dominated the opponents, came when wilshere was not playing???
        4) Our worst defeat like BD at home, Liverpool away, Manchester City away came when Wilshere played??

        1. @Hahaha… And I will give you some even better stats.. When Arsenal won the FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD who was not on the pitch? I will help you out, it was Ozil.. He was subbed in the Fa cup Wilshere came on gave us that energy and we won that FA CUP, isn’t it right?

          In the Charity shield, Ozil nowhere near the team and we won that cup as well, Wilshere was one of the best players that day too.. So your point?

          And without Ramsey last season Ozil’s inability would have been highlighted even more, Ramsey saved Ozil’s blushes last season by playing out of his skin..

          I am off bashing and criticizing Ozil in recent weeks as I don’t see the point, I have been highlighting the massive flaws in his game that are making him look out of place in the EPL but people will keep sweeping them under the carpet but will highlight Girouds, Arteta’s, Wilshere’s, Cazorla’s, Ramsey’s, Sanogo’s, Walcott, Mert… and the list goes on..

          What’s the point, smh.. lol

      2. Jack isn’t being blamed for any deficiencies but his own.
        Jack simply can’t keep the ball, he gets it, runs at defenders, the more the better for Jack and gets dispossessed.
        Or his other party trick, falling over then grabbing a body part, meh.
        He does mess up the balance of the team but Wenger won’t drop him.
        Stupid old fool, Wiltshire simply isn’t cutting it.

      3. Are you that dumb? Ozil is better at what Jack does in the position that Jack plays. Ozil is not very good at the position he plays when Jack is on the pitch. Ozil on his good day is one of the best players in the world, on a bad day he can still burn you. I am a huge fan of Jack, but if you can’t see this, you clearly don’t understand the game. The team is different with Ozil in the middle. We want Jack to succeed like Rambo did, but Wenger stacking everyone out of position isn’t helping the team, nor Jack all that much. I’m hoping with Walcott back he has to rotate Jack a bit. Surely Ozil will not be on the wing anymore. I hate to say it but Jack is slowly losing a real place on this team as anything but a sub/rotational guy.

      4. It’s not Wilshere who is wrecking Ozil, it’s Wenger who is doing that. If you buy a player like Ozil you better know how to play him and Wenger clearly doesn’t.
        Didn’t someone once say that the definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. That definition fits Wenger’s ineptitude pretty well.

      5. You Have to be retarded.

        In an easy way:

        When wilshere play’s in the midfield we are crap and we draw or lost.

        When ozil play’s in the midfield we win.

        Conclusion: it doesen’t matters if it is cazorla or ozil but one of them Has to play centrally in the 10 role . Cazorla or Ozil are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more intelligent players than wilshere

    3. @Shankj, Hi am using this quote in another article…About Wilshere Hope the admin will post it soon

  5. If Wenger can’t be motivated enough to take some revenge on Mourinho, not even for the sake of the fans, after 12 losses… If his can ship 17 goals in 3 games against top level opposition and still continue with a similar approach to games, then I don’t know what will ever really drive this guy to overhaul his tactical approach to compete more fiercely against big teams…

  6. The problem isn’t the players we have but WENGER. I have come to realize that even if we have the costas and hazards of this world, wenger wouldn’t know where to play them. He might play costa as a DM. Mou will do very well with the current players Arsenal has

    1. I have been saying that for 5 years. WTF do you guys need to happen for you to realise its ALL WENGERS. Example?:
      Wenger is the only manager yesterday who felt Ozil should have stayed on and Cazorla taken off, and its decisions like that which is why he needs to go

    2. SHUT UP! Mou would do well with these players. I’m sorry, you are a f*cking idiot. None of these players would ever play on Mourinhos squad because they never had a huge price tag, bar Alexis and Ozil. That would mean Mourinho would actually have to develop talent. Name me one youngster this overrated prick has ever turned into a world class player. He needs a 100 million pound budget to maintain his record. He shipped out every promising young player he ever had to buy some 30 million pound target. Give Wenger a bit of respect in that nature. The guy can still develop a hell of a player. Give him Chelseas endless budget and maybe things change, maybe they don’t.

      Now if you want to say something about Mou. He can handle ego’s better than anyone in the world. He can take 11 divas and make them play together, that is actually admirable.

  7. As far as am concerned, our team is improving, playing chelsea in their home can never be easy game for us. We don’t have a player like Harzard (Genius) in our team, he made d difference yestday, U can’t compare Costa and welbeck. Chelsea back for is solid. Anyway, We will play well in our next games.

  8. This will cause uproar amongst die hard Wenger fans but I have felt this way for a long time now. We’re never going to win the league again under Wenger, i’d put money on that, and the simple reason is because he lives in 2004 and under the belief that the Invincibles team can be recreated by playing the same way. In a nutshell he’s a tactical idiot.

    He came out before the game and said he’d play the same way they did against Tottenham and Galatasaray. And true to his word he did. So where did that arrogant prat of a man Mourinho have to have any worries? He didn’t because he knew tactically exactly what to do to beat Arsenal. Wenger hasn’t cottoned on to the fact that everyone has sussed out his system. It worked 10-15 years ago and we reaped the rewards. Now it doesn’t work and the lack of trophies emphasises that. Whilst it was good to get the trophy duck off our backs last season it changed nothing about what I think of Mr Wenger.

    As JustJoy mentioned, why did Wenger not play for a draw? You know you’re going to the team that’s top of the league and playing well so simply go and park the bus. This is one thing that got under Mourinho’s skin last season. He had a jibe at Wenger after the game at the Emirates last season because we didn’t beat a Chelsea team that parked the bus. Mourinho knew his team was weak and tactically made sure they didn’t lose. Against Liverpool (I think) he got riled because Liverpool parked he bus. This is Mourinho’s weakness. Everyone has them you just have to exploit them. Instead Wenger you chose to shove him in the chest, get beaten AGAIN and come out looking the class fool.

    As an Arsenal fan I actually feel embarrassed about the way in which Wenger conducted himself. But what does his reaction tell me? It tells me that Wenger has no clue how to beat Mourinho tactically. It’s like seeing a thug at school bully a clever kid because he knows he’ll never match him on a mental level.

    If you’d asked me after our last league title would I want Wenger to leave i’d have said no. Now i’m counting down the days until his current contract expires and hope that he does t the honourable thing and leaves. I will forever be grateful for the good times, but I can’t forgive the bad times and his inability/reluctance to change and adapt. Who would replace him? I don’t know. I’d like to possibly see Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola. Could we entice these guys? I think yes, providing Stan the Ame ri can doesn’t ruin it by getting in another manager that’s more frugal than a Scottish man with deep pockets and no arms. (I’m half Scottish so please don’t now call me racist)

    1. Wenger did change his tactics. He played 3 in midfield and brought Wilshers, Flamini and Cazorla into the centre to make Arsenal more compact and hard to break down. It meant we lost something in attach expecially with Ozil on the wing as he doesn’t have the pace to beat a fullback but for once Wenger cannot be accused of being tactically naive. But for a moment of genius from Eden Hazard, we would have gone into the game 0-0 at half time. The 2nd goal came in the 77th minute when we were chasing the equaliser a bit more and pushed a little further forward, which we only did towards the end of the game. In games of last season we would have chased that 1 goal really hard and gotten beat by 3 or 4, but we kept it tight and tried to nick a goal in the last 10, absolutely no complaints with that. You could argue that maybe Wenger doesn’t have the personnel to carry out a defensive game plan, but I thought defensively we looked good today, which is something we haven’t seen against the better sides in previous games. My only gripe is Ozil, I say either start him as a no10 or leave him on the bench. Away to the likes of Chelsea, City, maybe United and Liverpool, sides who will have equal share of possession he becomes too much of a passenger on the wing. He won’t track back which leaves Chambers exposed 1on1 with one of the best wingers in the world. Against other sides, or even at home where teams come to defend an we will dominate possession then yes play him as a no 10 but away from home.

      1. I see your point but I still don’t think Wenger knows how to go into a match like that and play for a draw. It’s not in his vocabulary. He honestly thinks every game is there to be won.

        The difference between this team and his early teams are simple to spot. We had the likes of Petit and Viera, and to a degree Gilberto. Who has ever replaced these players? Song was never that man. and none of the current crop are.

        Where my patience is really being pushed is that we have failed to address areas we are weak in, and have been for some time. Had Giroud not been injured we’d not have bought Welbeck. Someone who I think will come good. The biggest problem is the DM role. Year after year we have been steamrollered in that position but no-one is brought in to change that. The team is unbalanced, we have too many of the same sort of player.

        The excuse of the players aren’t available is no longer washing with me. We are told of all the financial firepower we have now but we don’t exploit it. Anyone is available for the right price and unfortunately football is more money driven than ever. To compete you have to spend. The same applies to our defence. We could have replaced Vermealen had we been willing to accept that quality costs money. I’m not saying I want us to be another Chelsea or Man C and spend for the sake of making sure others don’t get a player, but someone has to be accountable for not reinforcing the weak areas of the team and that person is Wenger. I’m also disgusted that on the last day of the transfer window he’s off refereeing a match (Charity I know and i’m all for charity) but he should have been pushing to secure deals for Arsenal.

        1. I actually agree with you on that point. The difference between Wenger and Mourinho is transfers. Mourinho signs players with an idea of what role they want them to fill out in their squad in specific matches. Whether it be squad players, defensive midfield, strikers etc. He analyzes his squad and addresses specific weaknesses and goes out and gets those kind of players. Wenger signs quality players first, and then tries to figure out how to fit them into his team and system. I don’t believe he signs them with an idea of how he wants to play against specific teams.
          What I do see is progress being made, and Wenger slowly starting to change from his most stubborn ways in showing he unwilling to adjust. He has adjusted tactically to play away from home, and try to not get beat- granted it didn’t come off but he tried. Hopefully this translates to transfers as he has been very stubborn in addressing very obvious issues within the squad, but time will tell. I don’t think now is the time to criticise though this is our best start to the league in 7 years, and after having played both City and Chelsea we are only 4 points off 2nd place. In my honest opinion I don’t think any team will touch Chelsea and City this year, so 3rd place was as good as it gets with a quarter final champions league, and semi final FA cup. What I want to see is progress being made, and there is no denying that the squad this year is stronger than last year. 1 small step forward

  9. We played better than I thought we would but give it to Chelsea they are very strong all over. A near perfect team. We are not too far off ourselves but as all fans have been crying out for for so long, we need a much stronger back 4 with a strong defensive midfielder who can thread a good pass also when he breaks up opposition play. I personally do not like Jose Mourhino and yesterday further fuels my cotempt for this gutter Manager which makes me hope that Wenger must pull up all the stops to ensure victory in the return leg at the Emirates. Let’s strengthen in our areas of most need in January transfer window and really go for Chelsea when they visit us in the New Year and in so doing shut that gutter boy up for a while. COYGs!!!

  10. Poor article. First of all, Wilshere made some excellent runs and one twos and next to Sanchez looked like the only player wanting to push forward and score. Arsenal did not have the height and strength up front to play crosses, so the ONLY option we had was to do what Wilshere was trying to do. Passing around the box all day got us nowhere. In my opinion, it was Ozil who slowed the game down and halted any sort of rythm we had going forward. On numerous occasions he would get the ball jog with it, only to pass it back. I do not normally have anything negative to say about him as I think he is a class player, but unfortunately this was the truth yesterday. if anything, he should have been subbed with Chamberlain.

    Also, how can the author blame Wilshere for the second goal? We had two CB’s next to Costa when that lob ball was played through. Mertesacker was too slow and it looked like Koscielny somehow misjudged where the ball was going to land, I mean Costa had so much space it was simply unacceptable. To blame one player for our loss is really pathetic. Chelsea were simply the better team end of story and if Wenger ever wishes to beat then, he will need a faster CB than Mertesacker, a solid DM, and true LW.

    1. No one is blaming one player. Wilshere is not to blame here. It is the guy who feels Wilshere must be accommodated in each game as long as he is match fit, at roles that force other players out of their element – take a case study – Can you ask Welbeck to play in Defense? or Sanchez – you wont! let the player play at the position that they are best utilized. If Ozil must play in the wing he has spoken before about his preference of the right wing where he can cut in easier as opposed to the left. So we are not saying anything but the fact that you have a Porsche or Lamborghini if he plays in the centre and a bicycle if he plays in the left wing. Probably something in between if he plays in the right wing. as a manager what would you do, despite Wilshere…

    2. Wilshere’s excellent runs came in the second half. He was poor in the first half. The problem with those excellent runs is that they are high risk. Jack tries to dribble through a crowd too often and gives the ball away too often in the process, often setting up dangerous counter attacks.

  11. Chelsea has better players than us, if u have good tactics without good players to carry it out, zero! Just compare the player one on one and see . I blame wenger for not signing more best players.

  12. I Blame Midfield for d 1st goal, n two centre back for d 2nd goal. Koshieny was involved in d two goals error.

  13. When Theo returns we will play with two actual (hard-working) wingers again, I think that will improve our game hugely, especially Ozil’s. I really hope Wenger will quit trying to force Wilshere into a custom system, because he was one of the worst players on the pitch yesterday. I hope Wenger finally addresses we need physical power like Matic in our team. The world of difference that makes.

  14. Ozil needs to play centrally. I dnt see how playing an attacking center midfielder on the wing benefits the team at all especially when we already have natural wingers. I understand world class players should be able to accomplish what is asked of them but in mesut ozil, we have a player who excels when played behind the striker. Why complicate it? The team has the right attacking players but they’re not being used properly. So much thoughts, and some many possible formations but I believe for this team to be successful it has to start with putting the players in their preferred positions even if some fan favorites or homegrown players are dropped. Seems simple and obvious really…it’d be awesome if everyone was fit, personally I would start with ospina (cuz I show loyalty to no player, only the badge!), debuc hy as rb, per n boss, Gibbs lb, diaby as cdm( all injury jokes aside, abou is our best player and if u think otherwise ur wrong!), Zinedine Ramsey as box to box (if he regains last seasons form of course, and ahead of wilshere because aaron fits our system a tad better than jack n if u think otherwise, ur wrong again!), ozil as our attacking mid (because there’s no one better at making positive things happen on the pitch than him), sanchez on the left, welbeck up top, and Walcott on the right.

  15. We need Santi, Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott back and firing then the likes if Sanchez, Welbeck, The Ox, Ozil etc will excel..

  16. Ozil is pathetic and a liability.A waste of 42M..Am sure he still has good value.Cut loses..sell him

    1. Ozil is pathetic?! Would Messi be much use as a defender? Play someone out of the position they are best suited to and they will be pathetic. What a stupid comment to make!

  17. The observation about Wenger always playing Wilshere no matter what was spot on. After that, the article went downhill.

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