Why do Liverpool pundits hate Arsenal so much?

Liverpool Pundits by Galen

Whenever Liverpool pundits seem to talk about Arsenal I always feel as if they should be working on Liverpool TV rather than working at Sky or BT sport. Let me start with …

Phil Thompson.
This is what he had to say after Arsenal confirmed the signing of Alexis Sanchez . “He has chosen to go to Arsenal for whatever means and that will be down to him. He doesn’t realise what he has missed by not coming to Liverpool; the passion and the power that comes with playing for LFC, and the worldwide recognition that he would have.”

“He’s chosen to go to London and I think that will have been a big draw and I think that would have been the marquee signing. Arsenal have got that, but I like what Brendan Rodgers is doing.”

Really??? Sanchez choosing Arsenal just because of London??? Phone ringing…bring!bring!.. “Hello – this is Brendan Rodgers on the line. We are trying to build a fantastic team. You shall play with Ballotelli, Borini, Origi, Sterling, Skrtel and Henderson. Next season we have plans on bringing world-class players like James Milner and Danny Ings.

This is what he had to say after Liverpool signed James Milner on a free. “It looks as though we’ve beaten Arsenal to his signature and that’s a massive positive for the club,” I don’t understand why he had to mention Arsenal. I don’t just get it.

Michael Owen
From saying that Arsenal won’t make the Top 4 to saying that Sterling is better than Ozil. His bias against Arsenal has no end. I cancelled my BTsport subscription just because of him. You could feel that the commentator hated Arsenal.

Jamie Carragher
After Ozil’s injury early in the season, he was quick to praise Di Maria and said Ozil will never adapt. “If a player fails to adapt immediately to the Premier League, or at least in the first season, then he will not be able to fit ever.”

“Look how Di Maria is geared up in a very short time, while Mesut Ozil has failed. Following this injury he will be even more difficult,” he concluded.

To declare Ozil as a failure was a bad joke. Ozil came back from his injury and the rest is history. Di Maria on the other hand spent the rest of the season on the bench. Carragher is the same guy who said Suarez is too good for Arsenal. Why didn’t he say Silva or Aguero were too good for a club like City? Have you ever heard any pundit say a player is too good for Chelsea or United or Spurs or Liverpool? But whenever it concerns Arsenal, pundits become very biased!.

Do Liverpool pundits have a problem with Arsenal? Have Liverpool become our biggest Rival?
By Galen

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  1. They can all go to hell, bunch of losers who are obviously jealous of our arsenal. Look at how everything bthey said has turned opposite. Haha…bunch of mofos. If we sign two more world class stars like cavani and Vidal they will all eat shiiiiiiit.hate all of them. Loserpool are a team worth nothing.they will always be under our shadows

    1. Losserpool-Next season will our season LOL
      and u should not mention losserpool here coz they always slip

    2. 18 league titles to gooners 3……..5 European cups and a super cup to the gooners BIG FAT ZERO .COMING 3rd wow no one remember s you for coming 3rd………moronic gunner….al ways in liverpool shadow Haha

      1. Yeah….but we won the FA and will play ucl next season….don’t live in the past son….live today and enjoy whatever there is

  2. Doesn’t bother me at all
    Players should not take notice of it.

    Alexis has had a fantastic season and won a trophy in his debut season

    Ozil has won two trophies
    Next season Ozil will lead the PL in assists

    Both are WC

    1. What was it they said? ‘I’m not asked Sanchez is a gooner. Waste of friggin money, you can have him’.

  3. To be fair, Graeme Souness is always balanced and fair with us. Think he really likes the way Arsenal play, and I think he’s right when he says we need a real leader on the pitch.
    The rest are witless morons, spewing the same old tripe, treating the mighty Arsenal (and AW in particular) as a joke.
    Add to them the MENSA candidates that are Lineker, Shearer and Savage…money for nothing tw@ts…

    1. @charlie Nick
      I totally agree with you. That is why i didn’t mention Graeme Souness in the article. I think Graeme is experience and just like Gary Nev he always tries to be objective and balanced in his assessments. But the others don’t have anything good to say about Arsenal. I really needed to take this off my chest. Phil thompson celebrating Milner as if they signed Ronaldo.

      1. Phil Thimpson claimedit was huge that Liverpool beat Arsenal for the signature of James Milner. Well, there’s a reason Milner left Man City, he wanted more play time. He wasn’t concerned with trophies or money – he turned down a £160k a week contract and was winning plenty with City. He was never going to get more play time at Arsenal, just look at our midfield. Liverpool was the obvious choice as he’d get into their starting 11. I don’t see how that makes Liverpool superior.

        But Phil Thompson is deluded. He claimed Alexis made a huge mistake in choosing Arsenal over Liverpool. That Suarez was more likely to get CL football at Liverpool than Arsenal. That it was a ‘joke’ when someone told him Arsenal were a bigger club than Liverpool. Not worth getting worked up about really.

        There’s plenty of pundits that talk up their former clubs. But Arsenal pundits don’t seem to do it much, not the Sky ones at least. Thierry doesn’t, Merson a little but not really, Alan Smith is fairly neutral. Ian Wright talks up Arsenal a lot, but he’s on BT.

        1. Too right – who needs enemies when we have friends such as Merse, Thierry, Wrighty (I don’t think he does talk us up much tbh, more the opposite) and Robson. I haven’t got a problem with the first 3 giving their opinions but they just seem to flit all over the place with them – it changes week by week (a bit like us guys really!). Alan Smith, Keown and to a lesser extent Nicholas appear more balanced and less prone to histrionics imo.

    2. Your right about Souness I like that guy and his always fare to us but even him thinks that we need a quality striker

      1. A Souness in his prime is probably the perfect profile of a player who would REALLY add something significant to our team. The guy had the lot in terms of a midfield general/warrior/leader. Probably just as well his playing career didn’t coincide with Vieira’s – the stuff with Keane would be fluffy, kindergarten stuff in comparison.

        Any shouts for who the “modern day” Graeme Souness could be?

  4. Dis pundits are bunch of comedians. They look soo confused. A player too good for a club? Milner? U kidin me? As much as I hate d loudmouthed mourinho and his jibes on afc,I tink he sometimes say the truth esp when pointing to our weeknesses and frailties but this loosers are just too biased to be taken serious. Trust me you need someone like mourinho sometimes to put you on check and on your toes than. This bias losers

  5. Theres definitely something in it. I think it began when we scored those two goals at anfield to beat the so called mighty liv to the league title. It was around that time that liv went into massive decline and never returned. Then for years they had to sit there and watch as we the Arsenal fought with manu each season, and im guessing they feel it should have been them with a sense of entitlement.

    Those are how it maybe began but where the real annoyance is for them is that when liv where a top club they acted like they coined the phrase pass and move, its all i heard from liv fans growing up pass and move pass and move, they thought there was nothing before them and there would be nothing after them. But Arsene came along, revolutionised the game and we became the best attacking side English football had ever seen. I remember saying to a liv fan in our invincible season.. pass and move noone can beat us pass and move, then he looked at me like he litteraly wanted to drive a pickaxe through my head… loved it.

    1. nice assessment. I hope this season. We can go from strength to strength. Wenger has won before. I believe he can do it again. We need to get the transfer right. I am more positive about this season morethan any other in the last years.

  6. Isn’t it obvious? We’re exactly what they should be now, but they aren’t. They didn’t take the right decisions a decade ago. Now they’re paying the price. Stuck at Anfield, they don’t have the resources to get into the Champions League anymore or compete for the league because instead of building a new stadium as they planned 10 years ago, they invested in players, because that was the short sighted thing to do. Why take on hundreds of millions of debt if it doesn’t benefit you right now?

    Arsenal took a different approach, the right approach. We looked to the future and saw that unless we built the club more, we wouldn’t have been able to compete long term. It was long, it was hard, but we’re beginning to see the benefits of it. We have a fantastic stadium, a fantastic training ground and a great reputation as an established CL club, and we’re starting to attract top talent again.

    Plus if Liverpool are every going to break back into the Top 4, who is it that looks in the weakest position? Certainly not Chelsea, United or Man City with their endless millions to spend. Liverpool pundits predict a failure for Arsenal because that’s what they hope will happen, because to them that means Liverpool get into the top 4 again.

    But of course, no Liverpool fan will ever admit to this…

    1. @mick the gooner
      In the last decade Chelsea Spurs Liverpool and United have all been in and out of the top 4. But people seem to think that if anyone is gonna slip it is going to be Arsenal. Am sure at the start of August they would be saying thesame things.

      1. We are however thankful for small mercies – at least it is not a moving target.

        Haven’t you got more to worry about on your forums? Heard Anfield is sold out for the unveiling of Milner and Ings and the return of Borini on loan.

  7. OT: how would you rate this players based achievement in arsenal colour? RVP-8seasons, Giroud-3seasons

    1. Rvp was never the main striker .. Had better ones above him like Eduardo n a debate giroud is the main atm and is not good enough to win the title

  8. This is the best post I’ve ever read everything I think I a nutshell glad I’m not the only one . What Thompson fails to say is that Milner only joined because he would start every game and would only be a squad player at arsenal . Souness and redknapp arnt to bad. I find it incredible how carragher and Neville they can bang on about ozil so much with do Maria bein so poor and not say anything,but like u say ozil looks the real deal now so all is good!

    1. Also in recent weeks to be fair Neville praised ozil to which carragher slightly agreed but was quick to mention a player in his position should be judged by goals and assists , but didn’t want to mention the incredible coutinho 4goals 4assists all season

  9. What I want to know is if BT sport europe channel will be free or not to BT broadband customers. We don’t want to be paying extra so that we can keep hearing those pundit talk about Arsenals needs and weakness. If its free its okay.

    I think it will be a pay channgel even if you are a customer alrady and have bt sport 1 and 2 for free. Otherwise they would’ve mentioned it already in thier advert with mourinho and the other one with Ozil and Giroud.

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