Why do referees always have it in for Arsenal? Vardy should definitely have gone…

Why is it always one rule for every other club and one rule for Arsenal?

I am growing increasingly tired and frustrated after each and every game when decisions are constantly inconsistent, and how many of them go against us! Watching our boys defending for their lives against Leicester last night built up a sense of pride in me. Seeing that somehow our defence has slightly improved, although I don’t doubt we still have a lot more work to do, was pleasing to the eye to know that some of the changes Arteta is making is actually working.

We were leading 1-0 against Leicester, up until the first set of substitutions when Arteta (for what reason I don’t know), took off both Lacazette and Saka, in place of Nketiah and Willock. Only 4 minutes after coming on Nketiah was initially booked by referee Chris Kavanagh but after a review by VAR and the ref using the on field monitor -(an action I have seen by a Premier League referee for the FIRST TIME, as they never really go over to the monitor!) he dismissed Nketiah for an untimely tackle deemed “serious foul play” on Leicester’s James Justin. Yet rewind back to the end of the first half with Jamie Vardy’s disgusting tackle on the face of Shkodran Mustafi, where both went for the ball and Vardy put his foot high enough to kick Mustafi in the face with his studs, leaving our defender with a few nasty cuts, and Vardy wasn’t even booked for the sick challenge may I add! After both tackles, Vardy and Nketiah seemed to “apologise” yet Nketiah was dismissed and Vardy wasn’t!

What has become clear over the years though is, had it been an Arsenal player to do both of those fouls, both would have been sent off not just one. Had it also have been Arsenal to equalise in the last minute – as Vardy who shouldn’t have even been on the pitch at that time did – with the possibility of an “offside interference in play” as VAR was looking at once Vardy scored, trying to work out whether Perez had interfered with the ball, it would have been ruled out for sure!

Arsenal, as a club, know we won’t ever win anything with referees and decisions in the game, out of 100 games we play, 1 game may go for us, while the other 99 goes against us. We are used to that and know we have to work hard and play for ourselves as a team no matter what.

How Vardy’s tackle WASN’T deemed serious foul play is beyond me, but it just proves my point that there is one rule for ARSENAL and one rule for every other team!

Am I right, Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. I don’t care what anyone says Vardy should have been sent off no question! His leg is so high I find it very unlikely it’s accidental… Every game I watch makes my blood boil… We simply do not get protection from refs! I see bad challenges go unpunished against us time and time again.. but refs are more than happy to take action against us whenever the situation arises..

        1. Yep! He escaped red and var didn’t even look at it!!! David Moyes was furious and tbf I think their luck is just as rotten as ours!

          1. Bloody typical Sue they pick and choose what they wanna look at 🙄 on a better note I do feel we played a great game first half last night 🙌

    1. As Arsene Wenger said, English referees are not good enough to referee at international tournaments.

      I despise every single one of those premier league referees.

  2. You a Leicester fan ? Total accident by vards? 3 points for the foxes? we should have buried them out of sight by half time.

  3. This is very true..I don’t know why Referees in England they hate Arsenal.This is not the first time.We can’t breathe every game till we gonna wait full time.Have received very few penalties than anyone other club in England and we have committed many penalties than any other club in English.All those penalties come from the referees.From 2010 till 2020 … Have received more red cards than any other club in England..

  4. For me Vardys was sneaky and dangerous but it wasn’t going to be career ending and it was either accidentally or made to look accidental. I dont think it was a 100% red or yellow card. Im not saying he didn’t mean it but it cant be proved. Nketiahs was a completely different kettle of fish. I believe it was accidental and he didn’t mean it, i give him the benifit of the doubt but it could have been a career ending tackle. Accidental or not, it was millimetres from breaking his leg. Was it malicious? No Did he mean to do it? Probably not but the nature of the tbone effect, im afraid it was a red card 100%.

    1. the rules state clearly if there is intent then it is red !! but if the ball is free and both players are going for it its a 50 50 and he was playing for the ball and it was a 50 50 neither had control of the ball so by the rules of the game it was a yellow card not red card !! red can only be given if the player had the ball !! seems so many people do not know the rules nowadays !! tut tut yellow max and Vardys should have been yellow as well but got nothing says it all !!

      1. Leicester fan here, so be ware of bias.

        Vardy’s leg looked a lot worse (and possibly intentional) in slow-motion. I thought nothing of it in real time. He certainly could have been in trouble there.

        FWIW, intent has nothing to do with “serious foul play.” The law reads:


        A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play.

        Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.”

        I think everyone felt bad for the man because there was clearly no intent but I think everyone agreed that he had to go as well.

        1. Tbh Eddie’s was a red mate, we agree. As much as it was the defenders fault for not being stronger and he seemed to shy away from the challenge. How many of us were told as kids if theres a 50/50 and you dont commit you will get hurt, this is what happened here. be all end all it was an accident, Nkethia did not leave the ground and made a genuine attempt for the ball.

          Vardys challenge was not accidental and you say about serious foul play. Serious foul play outlines the intent to seriously injure a player, there was 0 intent from Eddie. What if Vardys uncontrolled swing of his boot was 1 inch to the right, Mustafi would have cause serious damage to his eye maybe even blinded him.

          Unfortunately this situation the referee is the pot calling the kettle black. Both challenges were red offences the one was accidental the other was full of frustration and intent

          1. I don’t think Leicester would have had any room to complain had Vardy gone It was a very strange match. I posted in the match report that Leicester should have been down 3-0 at the half, but they also should have been level 1-1.

            You’ve had the bad luck with referees and red cards; ours has been with hand balls (not in this match, mind you). I cannot agree strongly enough about the quality of the referees.

  5. what planet are you on !! Vardy should have gone !! If eddies foul was accidental and Vardies was also !! then both should have been carded to send one off but not the other , Is simply biased !! Lineker who is totally against Arsenal said the same !! so you obviously know f all !! when you say the pundits you talk rubbish ie lineker is a pundit as well as many others all said the same thing !! so you are talking out of your ass !! 3 points foxes my ass it was arsenals game and the goal liecester scored should have been offisde !! Perez clearly was offside and touched the ball before vardy scored !! so maybe you need to go learn about the offside rule or just go play netball !!

  6. After watching the Vardy incident it’s clear he was looking at Mustafi when he kicked high at his face. Make no mistake he “Saw” where he was putting his boot! Second rules of the game Perez did interfere with the ball on the way to the goal as he made an “attempt to play the ball” it’s no different anywhere else where offside applied! If you make an “attempt in a play on a ball” you are offside goal should never stood! And my god the challenge in the west ham game today is the poster challenge for direct red card!

  7. I thought VAR was supposed to prevent mistakes being made!
    In some cases the responses have been subjective rather than objective

  8. It been the same since the era of arsen, they’re always focused on arsenal mistakes…the list this season!!! Papas winning goal against spurs was chopped off for no reason, jorginho got away with a clear red by grabbing guendouzi in the midfield to stop arsenal’s attack and he went on to put Chelsea level ..we’re all sick of the English referees always making life difficult for arsenal

  9. I do think we are referred harshly. Just checked the stats and we have the most (5) reds in the season. Are Arsenal a dirty side? Honestly?
    Lots of potential yellows even in the Leicester game are waved away by the ref. Just ask Lacazette and why on earth can’t Vardy be banned for his cowardly attack in Mustafi?

    1. We top the yellows also….
      No chance will anything come of it, with regards to Vardy. It’s so frustrating… and look at Mustafi’s face… poor sod.

  10. The answer my friends as to why Arsenal get no protection from the refs Is very,very simple.IT is because of just one man.That man is Mike “ I love man.u Riley” the head of the PGMOL who has been in a position of power & dictates refereee appointments & how they officiate.He is answerable to no one.
    Add that to the fact he hates Arsenal & if you don’t believe me,catch the 50 th match he officiated at old toilet in the 49ers run.( you tube) It is ,to this day the most shameful,biased ,corrupt refereeing performance I’ve witnessed.Ever.Remember too,that this is the man who gave Man Utd seven consecutive penalties in the six or seven matches he reffed there.Until he goes.were shafted.

  11. Absolutely unbelievable by the referee, i didn’t see the tackle at first but, when i saw it i cant believe he didn’t get sent off for it

  12. Bit late on this one Pat, but your friend Tony Attwood from Untold Arsenal has a theory on this and it is quite interesting:

    Football originated “up north” and when clubs like The Arsenal were formed, we were known as the southern softies, who were infiltrating the northern game of football.
    Add to that, the going ons when Sir Henry Norris was wheeling and dealing, he suggests that this was when the bias against The Arsenal really started and has carried on to this day .
    Tony produces stats and figures to bear this suggestion out and it certainly a good read when debating the subject.

    When you look at where the referees originate from, I believe there is not one present day referee who originates from the southern half (Watford Gap downwards) in the premier league.

    Of course Riley has it in for our club, as his “refereeing” of that game against United has been described as awful so many times, he must be sick of it.
    It forced him to agree that he made a mistake on the penalty decision and he has never forgiven, in my opinion, that it was The Arsenal who questioned his self perceived belief that he was the best referee ever.

    By the way, Vardy’s boot was dangerous and could have ended Mustafi’s career and it happened right in front of the referee – he didn’t need VAR or the screen to see what had happened, it occurred literally feet away from him – so the never ending cycle goes on and, as someone else has said, until Riley goes AND we get some southern referees without bias officiating premier league matches, it will continue.

  13. Really some of you guys and these conspiracy theories are funny and ridiculous. Every fan of every club thinks that refs are biased against them. I thought like Wrighty, they got both decisions right.

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