Why do the media hate Arsenal?

First of all I suppose we have to look at the question of whether the football media really do hate Arsenal before we move on to the why of the matter. I for one am convinced that they do, if not hate then actively enjoy taunting, our club, even though I will admit that perhaps a few extra Arsenal hating people like Adrian Durham and Michael Owen give the rest a bad name.

Any way I will give you a couple of examples, from this week alone, that back up my theory. One was the report on injury statistics produced by ESPN that not only had Arsenal improved our injury record by almost 100 percent on last season, but that we were doing much better than most of our rivals. If you didn’t see it that is because no one bothered to pick it up but instead kept putting out reports about Wenger being to blame for the ‘injury crisis’.

And the reason I am writing this is because I have just looked at the Evening Standard‘s front page and seen that despite being the best placed London team in the EPL, all of the stories about us are hugely negative. Cazorla out until April even though the club said they don´t know. Wenger under pressure, a piece slagging off Joel Campbell and another suggesting we are scared of teams like Stoke.

Meanwhile they are reporting how Chelsea are improving, on how the spuds might make it into the Champions League and how West Ham are going tom Old Trafford with confidence. Is it just me Gooners?


  1. The media plays to the supporters and what headlines will ultimately be sold and read. Arsenal historically (last 10 years) have the weakest (mentally) supporters. A bump in the road and 10 years of mistakes are thrown into the mix and panic sets in quickly.

    Imagine if Arsenal were in Chelsea’s position? Imagine if we had been Liverpool these last 5 years? Imagine Arsenal played like Man United this season?

    Other clubs supporters seem to be united and back the club more often through thick and thin. Arsenal has a divided fan base (and a growing section) which want to see the club fail so Wenger get’s thrown out and they’re ‘proven’ right.

    1. really? bomber go on shed end blue moon forums, have u seen united fans haha
      all fans do it- its the world were in now.

      i dont want division but keep ur guitar.
      we dont want no kumbaya round the fire

      1. Of all the premier league club fan Arsenal’s fans are divided. Reading things like AKB, AOB and watching Arsenal FanTv after defeat is prove enough.

        1. wrong kam
          – the difference they have won the leagues recently so there anger isnt as bad as arsenal- they compete- we havent in ten years
          yet they still shout mourinho out on there channel,

          stop exaggerating like were the worse.
          tell chelsea to not win the league for 10 years- an see how they sound about mourinho then

          1. Sorry but of all the football fans in the world, Arsenal fans are known as the easiest to taunt. Whenever I mentioned I’m an Arsenal fan people laugh, because they question how can someone ever be a fan of a club that is so inconsistent. Inconsistent club + frustrated fans = headlines

          2. Is this a wise comment or just caprice? In the last ten years only Man U, Chelsea and Man city have won the league. So what are you trying to say apart from just trying to bash Arsenal? When did Liverpool last win the league? When did Tottenham and all the other clubs win the league? If our fans are more fickle than the others let us be candid about it. Perhaps if you said that our fans suffer from excessive expectations I would have agreed with you but not this kind of veiled attack on Arsenal; in effect actually proving what the writer is saying.

    2. Any fan who wants Arsenal to fail (…because of Wenger or not), is not an Arsenal fan.
      Truth be told, we put ourselves in this position. We are known to be ‘NEAR MISSES’ each season…so much that no one (and some fans as well) takes us seriously anymore.
      All I can say is; ‘what if’ we got quality outfield players during the summer? I don’t think the media would have had much (evil) to say about us.
      As much as I don’t like what these annoying pundits/ media are saying, WE PUT OURSELVES IN THIS SITUATION.

    3. Nah Bomber man…….. Imagine if chelski were in our position for a good number of yrs ….say 10yrs…… Do u possibly think there’d be no massive migration of chelski fans?


      What happened to Di matteo and Rafa benitez ?

      ReThink !

      1. bro look at liverpool, case in point
        with brendan this same squad- dive bomb
        with klopp and same squad- they look top notch

        what the tactics are so different ? its the way he trains them, the nuturing,

        hes not willing to let anyone help
        steve bould with defence thats it.

        its too much to ask of anyone- which is why he hasnt got it in him

        1. @muffdiver
          I hear what ya sayin Muff. But the point is, the same Pool players are actin like pratts and makin themselves look so by not doin what they’re paid to do, no matter who their gaffer is. Brendan was good enough for them when they were winning. The same could be said for Newcastle players. They’ve just given up. They don’t even show up, yet they’re gettin paid week in week out. Who do they expect will give them motivation to play and win, Pep?
          I think our problem is AW has too much loyalty to injury prone and mediocre players. His “English Core” experiment is not working…

          1. Very true, there’s only so much the manager can do, the Zagreb and Monaco are examples where we all expected to win and the players didn’t show up. I still blame Wenger though because he should’ve known that some of these players are not reliable due to their inconsistency.

          2. @ny fella, this current team is way to comfortable with wenger around and therefor i wish wenger to go, bec like the players, he beyond being comfortablein his job. Seriosly

            1. @ks-gunner
              Good point ks about the “comfort zone”. Alex. Oz, Kos, Nacho, Hector and Gabe are the only guys I see not ridin that rainbow…

        2. Eventually every top manager pass their sell by date…even the red nose reindeer knew he was living on borrowed time and called it a day! Not worth listing Wengers shortcomings…his best days are behind him. If he truly loves Arsenal than he should do his best to pass the baton to Guardiola next season.
          Ps and thats the truth Amen!

  2. What a stupid paranoid article!
    There are more Arsenal haters on this site than in the media!
    Get a grip Bob.

  3. Bec we are a bunch of deluded fools who trully believe that every upcoming year we are about to be crown champions.

    Clown board, clown manger, clown fans. And the world loughs.

    1. Some are more passionate than others but end of the day we all want whats best for Arsenal…right now & after 10 years its not happening! We havent even won Champions league yet….how can we rank our beloved Arsenal as one of the elite clubs in the world? Yes you are right the truth hurts!

  4. As to me the main reason of the media and some pundits being against our lovely club, is Arsene wenger’s stubbornness and rigid philosophy. This led the club to pass through ten trophy less seasons. With all the available resources in the club, Arsenal deserves to win at least one champions league and premier league trophy in the past ten years. Therefore, don’t be surprised if media and pundits hate us rather we should think and work on how to improve this situation.

  5. At least you can’t call the Gooners glory hunters! We should all focus on the loyalty of our fan base, the prices that are being paid by fans because of their unconditional love for the club and it’s well-being, not to mention our incredible away support. That and the variety of people and their opinions is why I love Arsenal’s fan base, despite the great division.

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