Today I decided to write an article. As I started typing, I didn’t know what it would be about, but as the first words began to appear, I thought of something. We have a whole week in between matches and nothing much to read about Arsenal besides fake transfer rumours and deadwood this, deadwood that, that I decided to write an article that everyone who read it would have something to share on it.

Why I love Arsenal by AO

I first got interested in football in 1998 during the World cup and like almost everybody else watching, Zidane was who I was most impressed with. I followed him all through EURO 2000 and began watching Madrid games because of him. Then in the Champions league in 05/06, another French man came to the Bernabeau and killed it.

It was king Thierry. That amazing solo goal made me notice the Arsenal. They went on to the finals that year and narrowly missed out on the trophy to a Barcelona team aided by poor refereeing. But they had caught my attention.

After the move to the Emirates stadium, I began to fall in love with the club. A lot of people who began to choose a club to support after 2004 always choose Chelsea because they were winners. But Arsenal’s lack of trophies never bothered me. I didn’t decide to follow them because of the 49 unbeaten games or the trophies prior. In fact since I fell in love with Arsenal, they have only won 2 trophies. The FA Cup, and the Community shield in 2014. I loved the club because of the brand of football they played. Because of the philosophy the club believed in and stuck with. Because the club somehow gives off a vibe of humility and sportsmanship. I remember Cazorla diving once against West Brom and he and Wenger apologising after the game. And that offer of a rematch against Sheffield United in the FA Cup. That story was enough to endear me to this club. These things made us different from other clubs. These things made me fall in love.

I wouldn’t want to be considered less of a fan because I only started following in 2007. I am a fan just as much as the guy who spends over £1000 on season tickets and watches every game. I love the club as much as all of you.

Why do you love the Arsenal?


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  1. Mad on football since I was 5 local team less than half a mile from me and my school..Win lose or draw, l still love me.Enough said.

  2. I see David Seaman many year ago, he is tall! He give me autograph so I love Arsenal from then!!!

  3. I have been a supporter since 2003 and it was just one of the best thing for me every time i see someone who supports Arsenal i immidately consider them as my family I will not leave Arsenal for any reason what so ever. It’s a club i grew up to know. Good or bad i will always support this club with all my heart.

  4. … I wasn’t a fan until 2006 after the Champions league Final,… Still, I didn’t know why I loved this team until 2009/2010 season in our opening game… Watching from the village where I was done burying my grand-mum….. The game against everton was one of the best game I have ever watched…. The one – touch passing… The movement….. The understanding… Perfectly knowing where each team – mate was….
    …… I was mesmerized… For I have never seen such before… It was out of this world… Of course.. The scoreline was 6-0…but that day, I fell in love with this team.. And I am still in love with or without trophies

  5. For me : Bergkamp, King Henry, Wenger, positive and sexy football, developing players, Arsenal 2 – 1 Barcelona (2011), ability to loose one game 8-2 against United and then win 5-3 at the Bridge. I’m a sadomasochist, that’s why I love Arsenal FC.

  6. Love Arsenal cause we play
    > Just pleasing to the eye football (No dirty STOKE tactics)
    > We not an Oil Rich club that relies on money to do well (Chelski/Manc)
    > We play the game…don’t enforce boring tactis like parking the bus stuff

  7. When i started watching PL in 2007, i did not have a favorite club. In my circle of PL fans, MANU had the most following followed by Liverpool and Arsenal with one or two Chelsea fans. And no doubt ManU used to the most popular and glamorous(it still is). But I did not want to be a fan of the club and then watch PL. I wanted to do it the other way. And honestly i thought in the start i would end up supporting ManU too considering so much of GGMU BS going around. But it was not meant to be. There was something in Arsenal, that caugth my emotion. The philosophy, the history, the style of play. There were other factors too, its hard to explain but gradually i started to get drawn towards Arsenal more and more. Even though Arsenal was a 4th place fighter team, not big names in the team and if any leaving for other clubs, these factors took a back seat in my conscience. And before the season was over, during a weekend, one of my ManU friend was ranting insults at Arsenal, that is when my nerves jumped to 6th gear and i argued for at least a couple of hours and insulting ManU and all other teams in turn. After it was over, my friend said to me “You are a gooner now! Be Proud.”

    Gooner for Life! Arsenal forever.

  8. My dad and his dad before him are Arsenal fans, so i have always been a fan. I never considered supporting another team, it was never an option (which i am glad about). The first game i remember was beating Liverpool to the title in the 80’s, i was about five and we watched it at my other nans house (spurs fans). It was something me and my dad always did, and still do, watching the Arsenal. Good times and bad (Nayim’s lob over Seaman anyone?). It will continue as my son WILL support Arsenal.

  9. I’m a Nigerian, I love Kanu Nwankwo and I started watching Arsenal after he transfered to the club (that was actually when I started watching league matches). As the season went on, I realised my fondness for the club was no longer really tied to the mere fact that Kanu played for us. Even after he left, I remained and Arsenal fan and dat was it.

  10. I was a Leeds fan in 2005 and my only son, then 7 years old an Arsenal fan. Arsenal had just beaten Liverpool, and my boy politely told my neighbour- an adult with kids of his own, the score.
    All i heard was this cry baby of a man letting rip into my son with such abusive language, that I stepped in, walked up to him,gave him a cold stare, handed him a bill for 10 years tax returns that I kept assisting him with( unpaid to this day), bought myself a couple of Arsenal tops, grew to love Arsenal, while resenting anyone who ridiculed and insult this fine team, its manager and fans.

    1. The arrogance of SPURS and their deluded opinion of their teams strengh and constant comparisons, while facts and stats prove something else, made my love for Arsenal even stronger.

  11. It always put a smile on me when people say in football teams score goals and arsenal score arsenal goals(wengerball),that means you cant find them any where but at and white forever

  12. Grew up in France. moved to England because of my love for arsenal. watch a few home games. and have watched almost all way games this season. as we get to support more and have more fun. the best and most friendly arsenal player i have met is emmanuel ebue. Top top lad always having a laugh. very humble too.

  13. although i live in pakistan where football is not popular game like cricket but i m following football since 2006 and watching arsenal games since then i m a proud arsenal fan i just love to watch and play football and love arsenal simple as that.. COYG!!!

    1. Some unfortunate soul thumbed me, you and fredcowardly down for speaking out from the heart also.

  14. Even when we are 2,3 nill down, i always feel we have a chance to get something out of a game,

    1. Salaam Raja Danish. Your ex countryman IMRAN TAHIR is a close friend of mine and a truly wonderful humble person.

  15. Family team. My Grandfather was a Sheffield Wednesday fan being a Coal Miner from Barnsley. He and other miners were used to start the Jubilee Line in Chapman’s era and being based in Kilburn he chose Highbury to get his fix of Football. A decade and a half later he had my Uncles and mother on his shoulders when they were toddlers, they all grew up Arsenal fans and so did most of their children. My Kids are Arsenal fans and got to see Highbury, were permitted on the pitch and met many players. My Grandkids are Arsenal fans too and will do the same at the Emirates. My daughters married Arsenal fans. Petit and that pony tail converted my wife from a Watford fan. 😀 I’ve been an active Arsenal supporter since 1979. Most people who know me mention Arsenal at some point when they see me, they probably think of me when they see Arsenal mentioned at other times. I’ve been the Arsenal MOD on various forums since the 1990’s, I’ve missed two Arsenal vs Chelsea games, both because of weddings (beat that!!!). Chelsea is a swear word in my house.

    I love The Arsenal because there had been no other football team in my mind since I was a toddler. From 1979 team rivalry awareness changed that and has moulded me since. Thank God Bob shut up about Walcott on here, lol.

  16. I became an Arsenal fan in 1994 or 1995, I was about 6 years old, my uncles who is a United fan was so crazy about United and football that he would always put me in goal and then practice shooting (which I hated) he was about 15 years old. I resented being in goal and because of that everytime United played I wanted them to lose just to see uncle miserable like he was making me by always putting me in goal, lol. We used to go to DownHills Park in West Green (Haringey) to play football.

    I think Arsenal drew 0-0 at highbury and I was so happy to see United not win. Then we got spanked 3-0 in the return match at Old Trafford, I was depressed, we ended up in 12th, was gutted, but for some reason that made me want Arsenal to get revange on United from that day, I was always rooting for Arsenal to do well since.

    But then i started noticing my Spuds schoolmates through high school, I absolutely despised those gobby losers. The war was on.

    The rest is history.

  17. I flew to Stockholm on a plane with the Arsenal Team, George Graham era – immaculate turnout and behaviour, except when Tony Adams started joking about the bloke with the silly hat (me). I don’t know why I was wearing a silly hat. And then my girlfriend lived in Highbury, so it was just meant to be.

  18. I had a feeling Hafiz wouldn’t answer this question 😉

    I love this club because we have a great history, like to play exciting football, have great legends like Henry, Bergkamp, Adams, Wright etc. We have a fantastic stadium. Love our colours, our logo.

    Lets continue with more trophies. If we Win the FA Cup it will be Arsenal 12-11 United 🙂

  19. I’m loving all the comments that’s been put up it really touches my heart to hear all these glorious stories from true Arsenal fc supporters …
    I grew to love Arsenal in 1989 watched the final league game at Anfield again’t the much more dominant team at that time called Liverfool lol my dad was and still is a Liverpool supporter and he always tried to tell me to support them and he said to me that this Arsenal team will never win and more importantly by the 2 clear goals we needed to win the title … I just remember his face as legend Michael Thomas made it 2 0 with like minutes or seconds to go

  20. I can say I became an Arsenal fan around the year 2000. Kanu was with us. I watched a match by chance in which he score a brace to help is win against Villa. I started having Arsenal in mind ever since but due to some circumstances, I could not follow up, I was young though.

    In 2006 CL final, a competition I did not watch from the start, I watched Arsenal with all consciousness and commitment for the first time, being that I had come of age. Although, we lost, I loved the Club even more.

    Proudly Nigerian! Proudly an Arsenal Fan.

  21. First match I remember watching was the FA Cup final in 1971. What a game and what an end. My elder sisters then boyfriend (who was a gooner) a week later gave me a football signed by all the Arsenal players….and I have been a gooner ever since. Seen it all over the years, the good the bad and the ugly, and suffered those miserable days after a loss and the elation following a win. Used to go to Highbury whenever possible and have to say on the rare occasions I took my son the way the fans behaved towards a young gooner was ‘like he was family’ and the atmosphere was always brilliant. Waited patiently for four years to finally become a season ticket holder which I finally nailed it in 2006/7 at the Emirates. Of course my son was brainwashed not only by attending games but like all good Gooner dads, I felt compelled to buy him a shirt, decorate his bedroom in AFC colours and embellish it with an Arsenal bedspread at the earliest age possible. So the legacy continues and I’m sure, will carry on with his own kids in the years to come. Once a gooner, always a gooner!

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