Why does Arsenal allow players hold them to ransom?

Arsenal must say no! By SK

Good day fellow Gooners! The Arsenal transfer rumours are emerging in earnest and we hear news of players being strongly linked with one club or the other! This is not a strange occurrence, especially as the season is coming to an end soon! Serious minded managers have started planning ahead for the next season! Arsenal should also be doing the same.

 However, before Arsenal starts planning ahead for the next season, we need to sort out the contract issues of our star players, who are bent on getting the most out of Arsenal or they sign elsewhere. The idea of suspending contract negotiations till the end of the season may be a noble idea but we may find ourselves in a position whereby we will spend more than half of the transfer window trying to come to an agreement with them, instead of looking for players to buy to strengthen our team! Wenger, Sanchez and Ozil need to decide now and the decision has to favour all parties involved.

 Talking about decisions favouring all the parties involved, we need to warn Sanchez to stop flirting openly with clubs he wishes to play for! We are not fools and we have been in this situation before whereby a player indirectly flirts with a club, later he comes out to claim he was quoted out of context but before we know it, he signs for that same club. Sanchez should stop flirting with Chelsea! He is still an Arsenal player and must act professionally.
 It is an open secret that Chelsea wants Sanchez for next season but they must go through the right process and stop the media tricks. Sanchez according to reports granted an interview in Chile during the international break, saying he will love to remain in London but for a club with the winning mentality, who knows how to win! We may say his statement does not directly mention he wants to play for Chelsea but if he was so keen on remaining in London, why has he not signed for Arsenal yet? His statement is as clear as it can get!

 Sanchez is entitled to his desires but Arsenal must not sell him to Chelsea or any other premiership club. We can’t keep on selling our star players to our premier league rivals only to strengthen them for the next season! If he wishes to leave Arsenal he should go, but indirectly flirting with Chelsea in a bid to encourage them is not acceptable! Why does Arsenal allow players hold them to ransom?

Sylvester kwentua


  1. davidnz says:

    Just heard on Sky that Arsene Wenger
    has formally tendered his resignation
    to the Arsenal board with the
    resignation to take effect immediately.

    1. Guneal says:

      The truth of it will make my day… Hell no, it will make the rest of my days.

  2. davidnz says:

    Goodness me is that the
    time already? 12.30 am
    NZ daylight saving time
    Saturday the first of April 🙂

  3. Guneal says:

    Excellent Players will hold any club to ransom if they have greater ambition than the club. How many times have you heard players fight their way out of club like chitsea, man shitty, manure, barca, bayern etc. If you want to solve a problem get to the root. An ambition-less manager manages an ambition-less club. Get ambitious and there will be no ransom.

  4. simonsays says:

    The blame lays with the board especially Ivan and with Wenger. No other club seem to let their most valuable players contracts run down like we seem to and it really is nothing new. Its the same situation with le frauds contract. I don’t think sanchez giving that interview is flirting with Chelsea, he was stating a fact which I personally believe is true, we aren’t a team of winners nor have a winning mentality. Blame Wenger and the so called owners not Sanchez.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Arsenal won’t risk losing Sanchez and Ozil for free, so If they don’t extend their contracts by the end of the season, they will be sold.

    It’s official, 78% of the fans want Wenger Out!

    1. Guneal says:

      I want wenger out!

    2. Tas says:

      It could be that Sanchez will run down his contract with Arsenal and move to Chelsea or other club for a signing on fee if his worth 70 Million with long contract and 50 million wit a year left so if he is free he might ask for 25 Million signing on fee and 250k a week salaries, that’s what i do

      1. Tas says:

        That’s what i would do*

  6. Tas says:

    it would be nice to know what relay happens behind close doors of Arsenal is it AW???? or Stan???? that makes all the decision on player expenditure???

  7. arsenalfan1 says:

    The delays in sorting out player contracts at Arsenal – that’s just ‘Arsene about’ Wenger doing what he does best, Arsene around!

  8. lord wafflebury says:

    Just inform sanchez and ozil agents that all offers of a new contract have been withdrawn and to put it about that both are on the transfer list.
    No, they should not hold the club to ransom , get tough cos if we let them run down their contract and go for free they would be able to choose their own deal and possibly end up playing for a premiership rival. By adopting a hard attitude the club would be making a stand against player power and also ensure they would get good offers from abroad.
    As much as i like both sanchez and ozil as players, their selfishness and unprofessionalism is having a direct effect on team morale….as is wengers ongoing reluctance to come out and say wether he is going or staying ?

  9. Midkemma says:

    I would blame the Arsenal board, Wenger has said he would like to keep players and force them to run out the contract but then the board goes and sells them.

    Alexis wants to be in a winning team and IMO using his contract to push for that ambition or to leave.
    RvP was the same.

    Wenger has said Alexis and Ozil will be here next season, he said RvP would not be sold to a rival but he got sold, for all the control that the fans claim he has… Kinda annoying when you look at incidents and see how the board was involved in them but got ignored by large proportions.

    For footballing reasons, I do believe it would be good to force a player to run out their contract, they will play their best to put themselves in the shop window and players will learn that Arsenal FC has the final say, not them.
    If we can not sell them to a team outside of the EPL then force them to run down their contract, this will not be for every player as a lot of them can be sold to EU clubs and not all of them are stars worth megabucks.

  10. stubill says:

    You’ve inserted a word from his statement which puts a completely different slant on the quote and that word is BUT.

    You quoted; “saying he will love to remain in London BUT for a club with the winning mentality, who knows how to win! We may say his statement does not directly mention he wants to play for Chelsea but if he was so keen on remaining in London, why has he not signed for Arsenal yet? His statement is as clear as it can get”

    He said: “I am happy in London and I hope to finish my contract at Arsenal. I want to stay in a winning team and keep playing in the same city.”

    That one word you inserted makes it sound like he wants to leave, he may well want to leave, but what he actually says could mean he wants to stay at Arsenal, or leave.

    I you’re going to paraphrase, at least get the syntax right!

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