Why does Wenger keep telling lies to Arsenal fans?

We are being lied to- Dan Smith

There has long existed a myth that anyone who does not want Arsene Wenger to leave the club is blinded by loyalty, refusing to notice any of his flaws, believing it’s Arsene FC instead of Arsenal FC. While that is often patronising to fans entitled to have an opinion, not even the Frenchman’s biggest loyalist can ignore his sins recently. The evidence was last Sunday…… and it hurt.

Arsene Wenger had plain and simply lied to us. No arguments, no debate. He told us one thing, when he knew the opposite would happen. As recently as the post match press conference at Chelsea our manager said he expected Alexis Sanchez to at least be an Arsenal player till the end of the season.

Equally no one had a gun to his head when less then a month ago he said it would take something outrageous for ‘the club’s decision’ to alter from the summer. Then we were told, that it was worthwhile turning our backs on millions of pounds for the sake of the Chilean firing us back into the Champions League. Of course no one was to envisage that his form would fall off a cliff or he would continue to alienate team-mates. His employers had every right to expect him to be a professional, even Van Persie gave it his all till the day he was sold.

The day the Dutchmen was sold to Manchester United, our manager said it would never happen again. A lie.

Allowing our best player to go to Old Trafford was part of the process of paying off the debt from our new stadium. Accepting that hurt in the short term was meant to be worth it in the longer picture. The famous quote was that once the Emirates was paid off ( which it now is) we would be the English version of Bayern Munich. To be fair we don’t know if that was lie or if at the time Arsene Wenger truly believed in the project.

Here we are though in 2018 with our board yet again open to negotiations from our so called ‘ title rivals’. As recently as the third game of this campaign at Liverpool it became clear that if we could of turned the clock back to July we would of sold Sanchez, that’s how early it was clear that forcing your two best players to stay in North London was not ideal.

There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake but essentially we as a club have had 4 months to reconsider our stance . So why does it feel we are making decisions on the fly?

30-35 million is an offer our owner must have assumed we would receive in January, Man City were always going to test the water having done so in August. In today’s market it’s hardly earth shattering money. Before we kicked off against AFC Bournemouth a top 4 finish was not an impossibility, neither is winning some silverware. Is it worth making our squad so obviously weaker just for a fee that will sit in the bank? We were told that would never happen. Another lie.

So is if you believe the rumours that we are interested in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Arsenal of course cannot be responsible for what newspapers report, but leaked details of their interest smacks of a PR stunt. Knowing that they face a fan backlash, Aubameyang would be considered a world class replacement for Sanchez…

It was only Last weekend that I realised Arsene Wenger’s been lying to us for over a decade…



  1. miker says:

    You finally woke up, wow took you that long, amazing!

    1. muffdiver says:

      wont lie im very confused to wenger willingness to deal with mina raoila
      its bad enough were helping mourinho with our best and taking one of there weakest players at the moment but were taking on that greedy pig of an agent

      take cities 20 – just take it
      plus united fans will be livid – thats worth money in itself

      1. McLovin says:

        I thought and hoped that because we didn’t sell Sanchez in the summer, there was hope of him signing an extension.

        And I like to think that Wenger in his deluded mind thought as well, although it’s clear he had no intention of signing at any point.

        So delusion of Wenger has cost us 30-40 millions. Maybe more with Özil.

      2. muffdiver says:

        ffs were swapping a player who doesnt want to be here
        a crap player who doesnt want to be here
        plus his dickhead agent

        this has got disaster written all over it

  2. Ogban says:

    Wenger tells the club’s ideal position. But if circumstances change, like a player doesn’t want to stay, what do you do? Tie him down with a chord so you can be seen to be truthful? Ridiculous to say the least!

    1. Jack says:

      I am sorry that you feel that way. One of the main job of the manager as experienced as Arsene is to understand personalities of his valuable assets Sanchez in this case, foresee internal conflicts as they arise (with Kochielny in this case as reported) and manage the situation. There are less experienced managers handling many big personalities in a club and they do a great job. So player not wanting to be at the club is mainly because the lack of ambition we have shown and Arsene is directly responsible for that. He has sold his soul to Kroenke and he knows as long as he saves money for Kroenke his position is safe. So to hell with fans to hell with ambition. Arsene has created a toxic environment at the club by blindly toeing Kroenke’s interest.

      1. Mobella says:

        Wenger is as gullible as he is intelligent. He allows his players to play him. He feels he has some sort fatherly control over these players. I remembered reading on this site that arsenal were in negotiation with Sanchez and Ozil two seasons ago to extended their contracts only to be told by them to wait till January that year. That is how we got here and that was how Robin played him. It beats me to see someone so intelligent to put himself and the club in this kind of situation all the time.

    2. Real gunner 757 says:

      Your the only arsenal fan on this site with some since. Stop blaming the coach for everything. He can’t play the game for them . Arsenal need fighters

      1. bran911 says:

        Fighters who are bought and trained by?? He is the center of everything, don’t know where to exclude this old fart joke of a manager we have

        This is 100% team built by him, trained by him, tactically prepared for matches by him, line up set by him.. what more will convince you that Wenger is the main failure and not the average players he’ve assembled??

  3. CorporateMan says:

    Wenger tells the club’s ideal position. But if circumstances change, like a player doesn’t want to stay, what do you do? Tie him down with a chord so you can be seen to be truthful? Ridiculous to say the least!

    1. Nothing changed says:

      How about you don’t say you expect a player to stay when you know he doesn’t want to stay?

      1. Mobella says:

        Can you imaging all sort things that will follow if he says he doesn’t know if player x will stay or not.

        1. Nothing changed says:

          Managers say that all the time. “It’s up to the player to decdie” or “anything can happen in football” or “The player could leave.” “It is not in my hands” or “If the player wants to stay he will.”

  4. Nothing changed says:

    The lying I can live with since only a fool would believe Wenger. The bad decisions is what kills us.

    Letting contracts run into their final year of numerous key players (Reise Nelson is nearing his final year and no progress has been made – will we ever learn?)
    Signing Xhaka
    Signing Perez and Gabriel only to sell them shortly after
    Not managing Gnarby’s situation
    Not fixing persistent defensive mistakes year-after-year
    Sticking to 3 at the back when we concede more and create less and don’t have the players for it
    Not thinking we need any outfield players at all the window we only signed Cech
    Benching Laca our first big match when he had started of brightly in the PL
    Benching Laca most games after 65-70 minutes and destroying his mojo in the process
    Not selling Sanchez when we could have gotten 70 mill for him
    Expecting Sanchez to have a great season whilst he had no insurance for next year – injury could end his earning career
    Sticking with Ozil when he is not up for it
    Playing a micky mouse team in our last FA cup game

  5. AndersS says:

    I also used to have the greatest respect for what Wenger has done for Arsenal.
    But this respect is rapidly disappearing as he no longer seems to have the best interest of the club in mind. If he did, he would resign now, as it has become clear there is no way he can “put things right” as he promised when he told he was staying for another 2 years.

  6. Hants Gooner says:

    How is he lying ??
    Because he belived it when Sanchez shook hands on a new deal?
    Because he belived Sanchez was happy to see out his contract before leaving for City ?
    Because like all managers he doesnt tell the press everything thats going on behind closed doors??
    Im not a “Arsene FC” l support the club not individuals.
    maybe just maybe if certain sections of our fan base had put as much effort into supporting the team as slagging off the manager things might have been better.
    Maybe if certain sections of our fans accepted competing with the financial doping of city an chelsea is difficult things might be better.
    Maybe if certain sections of our fans realised there is more to football than the EPL an CL they might be happy with what success the club gets, 3 FA cups in 4 years for instance is success weather they like it or not.
    Yes things arent as we’d like but before wishing for a new manager remember how that turned out for United

    1. lugdush says:

      another arsene mediority and afraid fan…how that turned out for utd?? well they got ur FA cup (but they didnt comform with that), they won Europe League (better than 2 more FA cup and now they are moving foward in the meantime we are going backwards…also, before they has actually a coach who won everything and who retires with the EPL throphy…we are 14 years with out EPL, how much bad could it turn??

    2. bran911 says:

      Competing with City and Chelsea? We can’t even compete with Leicester city for EPL title, leave alone those giants

      Most experience manager and still don’t know how to win major trophies? Why not let other people try? He is a dictator and most of his fans like you, enjoy what this old f**l and still doing in our beloved club

  7. Sue says:

    He said he was going to build the team around Ox! Also that Theo wasn’t going anywhere…… ????

    1. Mobella says:

      When he said i know you were highly incensed. It is a double standard to now use that against him. On the bright side, it shows Arsene is losing authority because if it were to be him those two will still be here.

  8. John Wick says:

    Another transfer window, and another truck load of players being linked to the club and of course as usual Wenger has done nothing so far not really surprising as he’s proved in previous windows he does more talking than actually doing his job! Him and Dick Law are the modern day Morecambe and Wise absolute comedic duo! The unseen Law is off next month fortunately he ain’t taking Arsene with him. I’m just fed up of hearing about Alexis Sanchez now it’s become boring! This mess was supposed to take 48 hours to sort out but nope the Chilean is still here and his supposed replacement isn’t really that keen on a move south and this isn’t a Argentine or Brazilian superstar this is an Armenian and if reports are true will only move if he doubles his wages at his new club? This is what happens when you make a manager more important than the fans and the club and that’s what’s happened.. Wenger has outstayed his welcome by years and no one within the club is man enough to challenge him or put him out of his misery his tactics is non existent he dithers in the transfer market won’t and refuses to budge on a transfer fee that’s higher than his estimation, refuses to let his players be coached refuses to bench underperforming players, blindly overlooks the obvious time and time again, says the same thing every time we lose – “I didn’t see it. We weren’t efficient enough in the final third. We played a little bit with the hand brake on. We had many injuries. It was the ref. We conceded sloppy goals. The mental strength in the team is unbelievable.. yeah yeah it’s quite remarkable given how many times we get stuffed embarrassed and laughed at, the man is just a broken record! If he really wanted these players we been linked with he would just go out and pay what’s been asked but nope the sensible thing doesn’t occur to this man it’s his way or noway.. I just wish him and his backroom staff would clear off now they’re being paid for a job that is clearly not working he’s got 21 years at the club step aside let someone else come in now he is 100% not the right man to take the club forward he’s too old and hasn’t won a league title in 14 years and no European trophies what makes anyone think he’s gonna start now!

    1. jon fox says:

      Fabulous summing up of the truth and so my thumbs up which is now, of necessity with this site, a plus sign + Suggest all use + or –

      1. John Wick says:

        Thanks mate ?

    2. Liam attrill says:

      Very well put and you speak only the truth/facts. Couldn’t have said it better myself ???

      I woke up about 3 years ago and had enough now. You can Arsene Wenger bingo his excuses throughout the season.

  9. Maks says:

    He is lying cos it s been working for him and the Board for the last 10 and more years.
    Profit is coming, without any real investment and any risk.

    1. Coldzero says:


  10. Chinedu says:

    Wenger is a fraudster

  11. rkw says:

    its what corporate tools do

  12. jon fox says:

    Well Dan, so you claim you only woke up to Wengers lies days ago. No one believes you and I for one , as do others, know you are only using dramatic effect by claiming your “new awakening.” Otherwise you would have clearly been living in some deep cave, for the last decade. But, now to the substance of what you write. You – correctly -list a good number of Wengers black lies, though without writing a book , it is not possible to be comprehensive with the list of lies. Surely though, we all know this already and I suggest that what matters MORE than looking back, is to look forward and discuss the CURE we all know this club needs. Arsenal has been badly, but not, YET, fatally wounded by Wenger, by Gazidis, the whole puppet and arrogant board and most of all by the disgraceful and deeply immoral owner KROENKE. To completely cure this badly damaged club of ours we need a complete clear out of all these cancerous people but we also know getting Kroenke out will be a very long haul indeed. There are definite signs that snake oil salesman Gazidis has been affected enough by all the rightful criticism the whole regime has received, to actually start installing changes. Naturally he will not volunteer for the sack, which would be the utmost help. But he has brought in , over Wengers head, the two recent arrivals who are clearly intent (and have started, with Walcott and Coquelin) on clearing out the deadwood and want away players. Naturally Wenger does what he has always done and does his best to prevent change but fellow Gooners, it is abundantly clear this terrified, frozen into inactivity “like a rabbit in the headlights” manager is on the verge of being sacked. I give him at very most til this coming May and then its bye bye Arsene for ever. THRILLING ISN’T IT! So my message and suggested cure is that we increase the “we ain’t having this nonsense” campaign against the WHOLE STINKING REGIME, not merely Wenger(but initally focusing on Wenger, as a start). We need to cause a tsunami of cleansing intolerance to the filth that has infected and taken over our club. Only then my friends who all love our club – and it is OUR CLUB, not theirs- can we ever get honourable and competant custodians. Fellow Gooners, it is now up to us now!

  13. ClassyGunner says:

    Whereas, I do not intend to defend Wenger, lying about a player staying when he is actually not is an acceptable behavior. It is done to get some bargaining power. Whether it works or not is a different issue.
    That being said, some of his other recent antics have been outrageous and detrimental. Example(s) Not playing Laca against L’pool and playing Ox against them. Not playing Sead Kolasinac. Not making sure that guys played against United at the highest level of intensity. Kos and Mustafi costing us easy goals.

    1. jon fox says:

      I have to say most , though not all of Wengers constant lies, are IMO to keep otherwise outraged fans on side and fooled a little longer.

  14. tas says:


    something strange is going on with your website, yesterday i couldn’t read anything and today the thumbs up and down is missing, did you take a page out of Arsenals book and sold the thumbs up and down without replacement? 🙂

    1. ThirdManJW says:


      The ‘thumbs up and down’ issue, wasn’t entirely down to Admin. The market place forced the issue of removing it, and I don’t think Admin wanted to say one thing, then have to say another thing only a few days later. Ideally they wanted the ‘thumbs’ to stay, but sometimes it’s not always possible to keep the ‘thumbs’ when they’re wanted by other organisations.

      1. GoonerP says:

        You should get 100s of thumbs up for that onelol

      2. Maks says:

        Ramsey is back in the team so he s like new thumbs (down). 🙂

      3. jon fox says:

        ThirdmanJW, What precisely do you mean by “the market place forced the issue of removing it”? I do not understand what that means. Please explain, unless this is a vaguely humourous allusion to what is happening at our club. I of course, see parallels but hope you are serious about the site.

    2. jon fox says:

      Suggest we all do plus or minus signs instead. That way people can see exactly who has thumbed up + or thumbs downed – Some of us are brave enough, others will not be.

      1. Tas says:

        ~ no I want the right to be diferent ?

  15. Ray says:

    Arsene Wenger does not lie!!

    No, what he gives you is an “politician’s response”. That means he gives you an answer with many avenues and interpretations. You can take what you like from it but, it may never actually equate to anything concrete!

    He is basically the master of BS!

    On the other hand, Guillem Balague is not the master BS. No, he’s a complete buffoon who thinks he’s in “the click” and gets everything wrong. Over and over again..

    1. Maks says:

      No, sometimes he is like a bloody politician but in last 5 years he lies non stop!

        1. Tas says:

          If that’s a + for Wanger telling porky pies then


  16. Ray says:

    Bring back the thumbs BTW!!!

  17. Midkemma says:

    Every manager lies.
    Wenger lies.

    That is why us supporters need to pay attention to what actually happens, the timing of things, behind the scenes struggles etc.

    Wenger will take the blame for a lot of stuff… Or it is the refs fault. Internal AFC can’t be ref so he says he has final say… which we all know to be a lie but this lie is liked by people who want Wenger sacked.

    Wenger has final say so that is why we bought Perez and never gave him a chance?
    Why Wenger said he would have only loaned Welbroke instead of buying him and we bought him?
    It is why Gazidis replaced his man with Sven for recruitment?

    I have wished Wenger would rage and tell all in a book, I bet it would make many of us go “WTF!!!!”. At him, at the board, at the old board….

  18. COYG_CA says:

    As usual, WAITING for the money to come in from more sells before spending, which then is usually too late! God forbid AFC spends bank money, must always wait to sell before they buy generally.

  19. jon fox says:

    Lets all use plus or minus signs as subs for thumbs up or down. examples + –

  20. Bur says:

    He has got away with telling us mere peasants lies for years now . So what’s new.

  21. richard says:

    What upsets me is the cynical annual scam whereby he struggles to buy a couple of ‘stars’ who suggest a realisation of the fans ambitions. The mundane misfits that make up the rest of the team can only disappoint the fans and the truly talented who move on at the first opportunity. Apart from the early years teams he has proved incapable of building a balanced team. Now his only response to ineptitude is throwing in a bauble or two to distract the disillusioned fans. Sad man, sad fans.

  22. David Rusa says:

    I sometimes wonder whether many on this website mean what they say or just want to create a debate. Anyone who is familiar with management will know that you cannot predict how human beings will behave in the future. No manager worth his salt will utter out whatever he observes or feels all the time because human behaviour is dynamic not static. Let’s look at the Sanchez situation. He agreed to a new contract in principle and then reneged on it. What should Wenger have done? Imprison him for life, cage him or what? Matters of football should be looked at in the broader context of society. How often have workers in companies terminated their contracts or vice versa? What would any sensible manager do if a certain player was becoming a problem to the rest of the team? Let us examine issues maturely and stop blaming Wenger even for issues that are not his own fault. It is a fact that Arsenal has been negotiating with both Ozil and Sanchez for the last two years and both indicated they would sign new contracts only to stall on them. Perhaps Wenger’s fault was not selling the dual in the July transfer window but even then many people would have blamed him for letting go of our best players. What is best in the circumstances is to replace Sanchez with a player of similar quality and then try to move on not keep lamenting. I believe Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is a very good player if he comes to Arsenal. Life must move on. Only failures dwell in the past!

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