Why don’t Arsenal use the Mudryk funds to go back for Vlahovic?

Arsenal’s attacking reinforcement plans have been jeopardised by Mudryk seemingly snubbing them for Chelsea.

After the Mudryk transfer snub, one might wonder what comes next for Arsenal’s pressing need to bolster its attack, especially with Gabriel Jesus out with a long-term injury.

Should Arteta pursue a reunion with Arsenal’s old flame, Dusan Vlahovic? Many websites have been reporting for the past few days that Juventus is ready to cash in on the Serbian whose signature they beat Arsenal to last year.

Many expected the Gunner’s interest in the Juventus No. 9 to fade, but it hasn’t, even after he clearly snubbed them.

Now that it has been reported that Juventus is willing to sell, albeit at a higher price, don’t you think it will be understandable if Edu tries to bring in Vlahovic in this transfer window?

The 22-year-old has 13 goals in 25 Serie A appearances since joining Juve.

Pep Guardiola has Haaland; why can’t Mikel Arteta have his goal machine in Vlahovic?

Finally, Arsenal fans will have to forget about Mudryk; the Ukrainian Neymar wanted to call the Emirates home, but now he will be a guest when he visits.


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  1. Because you ass, Vlahovic is an out and out striker and we have Jesus and Eddie. Are we planning to bump Eddie down to 3rd choice striker? We planning to sell Flo Balorgun who is 3rd is Ligue Un in scoring this year whilst on loan? He doesn’t fit. We need cover for Martinelli and Saka and someone who could fill in here and there at striker. Vlahovic makes zero sense.

    1. Lol seriously….. This article is more annoying than the mudryk betrayal. The nerve of you. Are u winning us?

  2. Because Mudryk and Vlahovic are both cut from same cloth. Just slaves to their agents. Too many times Arsenal name has been used to just bump up the price that someone like Chelsea or Juventus are willing to spend.

    If we have learned anything since Arteta and Edu started working together, most our transfers are kept well under wraps, so we need to anticipate more of the same and for a good reason. That helps to get players for the actual value rather than paying £50 mil more than the player is actually worth.

    1. AlexP, I agree with everything you said.
      Vlahovic. is a mercenary imo.
      We really wanted him but he saw us as a step down. We don’t need him.

      If I am Arteta, I would sign 3 players.

      Asensio/Ferran Torres(both can play on the right side of attack) to rotate with Saka

      Tielemans. He has EPL experience and can rotate with Odegaard

      Douglas Luiz: To provide cover for Partey

      We are in the Europa league. Our squad is thin. We need that depth

  3. Honestly this kid is worth the £88 mil more than the little mice.

    One thing for sure I won’t be a nervous wreck with this guy signing as was with Mudryk.

    But Arsenal must swallow our pride and restore some level of respectability in the winters market.

    1. Gunsmoke, is it necessary to pay well over the odds for a player “to restore some level of respectability”?
      Be respected, but broke?

  4. Sod Vlahovic.Rejected us once.Had his chance.
    Winger: Moussa Diaby
    Midfield : Sergei j Milinhovic-Savic
    Job done.
    Both for around a little more than those gangsters/ thieves at Shaktar we’re looking.
    Edu has to earn his corn now.No more f *** ng about.

    1. Savic has once rejected Arsenal. Its a no-go from me. Now I can read that Juventus are exspected to make a mover for Savic. Then we all know the outcome. Please don’t waste time om him.

  5. It is just prudent business decision on Edu”s part. Why pay that kind of money for a player who is basically unproven. If he turns out to be a superstar, good for Chelsa. But he can also become someone like the next Yaya Tourre, or the Jao Felix (see how ‘lethal’ his shots was in the last game?)
    Don’t even go for Vlahovic, don’t want anyone who doesn’t want to play for us and disn’t answer our phone.
    We have our own good players galore

  6. Question: Why not go for him?
    Answer: Character.

    Turned down Arsenal before for a rubbish club like Juventus, so he’s not made of the right stuff for Arsenal.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with those above who are saying no.
    Ww are a top club, with a massive support base around the world – if any player thinks he’s too good to join, then send him oh his way.
    It’s gratifying when our ex players come out and say “Once a Gooner always a Gooner”.
    Just like the supporters.

  8. 🗣️ “I knew I was matured the day I walked passed an empty bottle of water without kicking it…

    Out of joy I went back and kicked it, to celebrate my maturity.”

    1. Very true, Arsenal is a brand and also a club with rich history.. let’s return the Glory days back and u will all be surprised how eventually people will be fighting to join..even with less money..but we need also to be careful not to let this window pass the next two weeks will be decisive..Edu and co. Must be aggressive now and pull a surprise signing that will boost our title chances.

  9. I think TB of Chelsea and their recruitment department has a stupid idea about arsenal.
    It’s a bit strange how they didn’t bid at all only waiting until arsenal were close to signing the players. It’s suspicious everyone knew shakta wanted 100m, if they knew they could afford it why wait till now?
    As for who we buy next, I think a backup winger and a backup dm should be the priority, we went all the way for Luiz last day of summer transfer and I was expecting us to go back in for someone in that position at least.
    My thought on mudryk has been of a ‘lift’ transfer rather than a worthy/needed fit.
    Signing him would have lifted the whole fanbase and instil some believe on our ambitions. I really don’t think he is either worth the fee, or our priority

  10. Looks like we have moved on to Raphina … I really wanted him before so not too bad an alternative. Also he has not been receiving much game time at revolving door Barca so he might actually be open to a move.

  11. Thank God Chelsea took this deal. Phew! What was Edu and the board smoking? Did you see mitoma? Man is x 10 the player. Put in a bid worth 60m to Brighton or if not saint maxim, these are prem proven. And use the extra balance and sign Romeo Latvia or caicedo. We need prem proven if we’re serious In this challenge. I don’t think we need a striker because of Jesus and besides no top class striker will agree to be second fiddle. Martinelli is more than capable so is Eddie until Jesus is back. We just need a winger and a cdm for partey. I’m not worried about xhaka as man is made of bricks.

  12. Mudryk, his club and his agent have played the usual game of inflating a players profile for massive gains. The shame is that clubs like Chelsea are willing to succumb to such tactics. How can you respect a club that has no values or principals? Oh, that’s right, we’re talking about a desperate Chelsea who would sign a pile of crap if any other big club showed an interest in it. I hope they all get their just deserts.. I don’t blame Arsenal for failing in signing players who obviously don’t have Arsenal in their heart or the project that the club are trying to develop. We need players who believe in the process and want to acheive with Arsenal’s history and future. If they chose another club over Arsenal, then we’re all the better for it because we will never be successful with them in our squad. Money is one thing but a legacy is another. There are only a hand full of players who fit this description in modern football, unfortunately.

  13. Not sure I want Vlahovic but not for the same reasons as others – I just don’t think a striker who can only play as the striker is a priority. We need someone with at least a little versatility for coverage and for squad harmony imo. Doesn’t make sense to sign what amounts to a replacement for Eddie at this moment in time. Thuram makes more sense as someone who can play with Eddie or replace him when needed.
    The past is the past, and if he were to join us it would be an admission that he got it wrong before – nothing wrong with that. Forgive and forget.

  14. We don’t need a striker, Jesus will be back quick by then we can still hold our own as we are not striker dependent like City on halland plus we have ESR back as well to provide more creative firepower option. Anyone we buy now will not hit the ground running for next 3 big games, they might not even feature in majority of them so what’s the point. We need a DM who can come in and start to embed in so when time comes he can step into that role to cover for Partey to keep the engine going.

    1. Logic, spot on with priorities regarding DM. Don’t forget Arsenal can also bring back Balogun and Pepe.

  15. ’cause we need a winger urgently and not a striker.Gosh how hard is it for some of us to understand simple things? We are short on wingers, get one in and we wont feel the striker burden as much.

  16. Personally I would have liked to have seen mudryk on the carpet but these things happen in football now and again !
    If we can get our original target in raphinha, and maybe savic aswell then we will be just fine.
    Chelsea have every right to pursue who they want and like the others have said, there is an air of desperation at the bridge seemingly proven by the last couple of ‘knee jerk’ signings, but I do wonder, what if felix didn’t get sent off against Fulham ? Would they still have gone for mudryk ? They had no interest in him at all until we made noises about him ? Seems a bit coincidental, but as I said it is what it is, let’s hope the lad doesn’t get bored of not having European football.
    We went for him, didn’t get him, let’s rise above it as we always do and concentrate on keeping that gap at the top ! And we can start by winning at Spurs. . . COYG . . . . Arsenal for life !!!

  17. We’ve been in these trenches with Vlahovic et al and it’ll turn out to be the same circus as at the first or as the current Mudryk nonsense.

    Arsenal is best at making stars than buying them at these ridiculous fees. Once there’s indications of these ridiculous fees for anyone interested, we should concentrate our energies on sensible options straighaway.

    These Raphinha and Vlahovic suggestions usually are a waste of our time and abuse of our emotions.

  18. Simple answer is NO.
    We do not need vlahovich not with him being a flop at a club who seem to always want to embarrass us… God forbid, no way.
    As for Mudryk, Its sad but understandable, Chelsea who to me feels like a club who wants to derail us instead of competing with us. They are buying up the players we are interested in, not because these players will improve them, but to make sure we don’t go too far ahead of them in the nearest future. It’s an evil business strategy but it works and they have the money to do it. My joy is that they are paying big money for these players and it will have its toll on them very soon.
    With that said I say we go for Raphinha, just to put a smack on thier face, recall Pepe and/or Balogun, and see the season out.

  19. I personally as Arsenal supporter will not want to see Arsenal go back for Dusan Vlahovic signing bid again this winter transfer window. But move on from that episodes for goods.
    The reason being that Vlahovic had rejected Arsenal when they wanted to sign hum last January transfer window. But instead of him coming to Arsenal, he choose to go to Juventus.
    Even if Arsenal try and succeeded to sign him this Jan window, the likelihood of him not playing his whole heart out for Arsenal to give them his 100% in matches will certainly be there in his performance for the team.
    So therefore, despite Arsenal missed out on their pursuit of Mudryk signing to Chelsea this winter window. Albert through clandestine highjack means. However, Arsenal should calm down and remain calmed down to avoid making mistakes and errors in the transfer market.
    On no any account whatsoever should Arsenal become confused to resort to panic buying at the transfer market this winter.
    God so kind to Arsenal. The team they have on ground is very good, strong and in-form winning matches in number. And is on top of the table domestically and externally at this moment in time into the campaigns.a.
    But notwithstanding Arsenal can still sign some new top quality players this winter to reinforced. For, there is still time for them to do that.
    Hopefully they will still find top quality targets they want and sign them for top options having in the team.
    Let us therefore in the timebeing focus on to win our next 2 matches today at away to Tottenham Hs. And at home against Man Utd next weekend all in the Epl. For, to me, winning those 2 matches by us is more important than Arsenal to sign Mudryk today.

  20. Just watching Chelsea VS Palace, and the commentators said Mudryk got an 8-and-a-half year contract worth around 200 million. Wow. To play for Graham Potter? Although I guess on that contract Mudryk will be there a lot longer than Graham Potter no matter what 🤣

    1. 200 mil is for the entire deal i.e purchase and wages. However that’s some crazy money. Something’s very wrong at chelsea, those are extremely expensive contracts that’ll make it harder to move on less perfoming players. The cost of missing out on CL will be crazy.

    2. 200 million will mean 100million for shakter, 100 million for Mudryk for the period of nine yrs would translate to Eleven million a yr which in turn translates to over 200k per week.
      No wonder they ( $hakter and Mudryk) jumped on it. Can’t blame them though, who wouldn’t. But Chelsea must be stopped.

    3. 200 million will mean 100million for shakter, 100 million for Mudryk for the period of nine yrs would translate to Eleven million a yr which in turn translates to over 200k per week.
      No wonder they ( $hakter and Mudryk) jumped on it. Can’t blame them though, who wouldn’t. But the madness that is Chelsea must be stopped.

      1. If Chelsea lose their current owner and their money watch the club slide down the divisions. Ambranovich saved them from bankrupcy, before selling.

  21. Wanted the Ukrainian at arsenal, but it’s too much money for a player that is yet to prove himself at the highest level. Chelsea seem to have billions sitting on to blow arsenal out of any bidding. He may be a good player at Chelsea but not a great player. This team just need to add to experience player to the squad for us to have a really great season. Raphinha or Zaha for the cover in the wide area is ok for me. Team also need another top notch midfielder.

  22. Saw him at Crystal Palace as well. Convinced me he wasn’t right for us, just after the dollars. We’ve had enough of them in the past. Chelsea will struggle to buy any high value players in the future with FFP, so they should be out of the equation.

  23. I hear we are in for Raphinha again. It makes me mad how Edu is acting on these deals.Barca will demand atleast 70 mil, Edu will balk at the price, drag on stupidly, another team will come in and secure the deal and we wont sign anyone in jan like last season. It’s actually bonkers how naive we’d be to go for raphinha expecting to pay less than the 60m barca paid. If we are not ready to pay 70m then I’d prefer we stop wasting evryone’s time and focus on other things.

  24. The mudryk fiasco has really exposed Edu who I’ve really defended lately. Smart dealers have a way of reading the room. By last week Edu shouldve known Shaktar wont budge on their crazy valuation. It’s the same as walking to a BMW dealership, you put down your price and watch for clues. From what i’m seeing, Edu’s judgement was lacking here. He had a better picture of the situation more than anyone else. He mustve naively banked on the player’s insta stories to think we has a clear run and chose to bid his time instead of exploring other laternatives.
    That was so stupid of him TBH.

  25. Simple, straight NO!what kind of message would it send to future targets?you can turn us down and if it doesn’t work out for you, we’ll be waiting for you,hell no!
    By the way, Chelsea officials travelled to Turkey for discussions with Shaktar and brought Mudrik back to London with them on their private jet!!the kid must have been really impressed,what kid wouldn’t??

  26. We don’t need a mercenary striker. It’s clear that even Mudryk is a mercenary. We have a thin and shallow midfield. We need Milinkovic Savic and Tielemans…and Tammy Abraham. We have great wingers already. We need a central striker because we NEED backup. Also If Thomas Partey gets injured we are ******. MIDFIELDER please…urgently.

  27. Vlohovic and Raphinha if purchase cannot be considered as panic buy, respectively they are both worth more than ( Mudryk )the little mice, in my opinion.

    1. problem is Edu will head to Barca with 50 mil for raphinha, expecting barca to take a 10 mil hit.
      If we are not willing to pay in the region of 65-70 mil then i suggest Edu sit his ass in london and do his usual daily roasts instead of wasting evryone’s time.

  28. Guys calm down, we don’t know and media is clueless as well. There is always a plan B or plan C. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. What can you do if you are competing with more stronger financial clubs and they completely blow you out of water. We have seen before recently that we have had plan B and we were able to execute it as well.

    1. Exactly …and the reason transfers happen later in window is if there is a serious injury.

      I am sure there are plans in place…eg Luiz when Partey was injured. Yet here ae are top.of the table by 8 points !

  29. Juventus are broke, in debt and facing severe penalties from UEFA and Italian prosecutors. Offer them 5% of what they paid for him and no more. Don’t reward clubs who flout the laws.

  30. Some comments make me laugh cos he chose juventus over us fans don’t want him I would take him every day of the week top quality striker something we badly need jesus can play on the flanks like he did for city he is not a natural number 9 where this lad is and he’s a prolific goalscorer that could win us the tittle!

  31. Looking at players who already operate successfully in the EPL seems to me a sensible policy to pursue.The likes of Rice,Barnes of Leicester and Anthony Gordon of Everton are players who can strengthen our squad in areas where we are perhaps lacking.There are also 2/3 very interesting candidates currently with Brighton with whom we enjoy a good business relationship.As far as I am concerned, the desire to buy from foreign leagues on the basis of getting value for money, has been blown out of the water by the Mudryk deal.By all means buy promising youngsters from anywhere on the planet for future development but some of prices quoted for players from abroad , a number of whom have failed in the EPL are simply ludicrous.It’s like buying a new car without having a test drive, crazy.

  32. 1) Spend the money on Osiman from Naples (possibly plus a few extra sheckles, maybe). He is the business!!!

    2) Spend the money on Caicedo & Mitoma from Brighton (get both a Winger and DM)

    Am I the only person who thinks Zinchenko is NOT a very good left back.

    1. JW: Yes, you are the only one.

      Regarding Osimhen, quite amazing how you believe that Napoli will sell their highest scorer this month when like us they are top of their league that they haven’t won in decades. Smooth position of yours.

      Your Brighton suggestions would probably be the way to go, if Arteta is interested in them. I believe we should concentrate on players with Premier League experience, but I trust in Arteta.

  33. I don’t think Arsenal will buy anyone in this window. Just like the last January window. Once again this will come back and bite them on the ass. Because all the talk now is about Declan Rice in the summer and by the way Chelsea will do the same thing and take him from under Arsenal’s nose in the Summer.

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