Why don’t Real Madrid just give up on Wenger?

Sorry Real, Wenger Will Stay At Arsenal! by AT

If reports from the Spanish press are to be believed, it seems as though Real Madrid are interested in replacing manager Rafa Benitez with the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who has enjoyed a splendid calendar year at the Emirates.

According to Marca, a publication which does not get many wrong when it comes to news about Real Madrid, club president Florentino Perez is keen on bringing the Frenchman to the Santiago Bernabeau with a view to instill some stability at the club. With the season currently at the halfway point, it is understood that the La Liga side will make an approach in the summer.

Personally, I think there is a fair amount of credibility in this story. After having tiny spells of success under Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti prior to Rafa’s disappointing reign at the helm so far, it seems as though Real are looking for a manager who will stay for the long-term and bring stability to the club. While immediate success remains a priority, it is also understood that the Spanish giants are looking at building a platform for the future, and who better to take charge of such a job than Arsene Wenger?

But despite the obvious interest from Real Madrid, I firmly believe that Le Prof will stay. Now although he’s brought the team through the times of financial restrictions, I think his ultimate goal is to once again make Arsenal one of the biggest forces in Europe. The Frenchman probably won’t admit it, but he’s probably eyeing a Champions League triumph before he decides to leave the Emirates.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, Arsene Wenger will not leave Arsenal with the job half done. Irrespective of whether we win the Premier League title this season, there is still some way to go in making Arsenal a force in Europe, and I believe that Wenger will stick around for the rest of the journey.



  1. Personally, I think it’s good not to give up because Wenger didn’t give up on Cech and now we got one of the best GK in the world (top 3 in my opinion and best in PL). Now we got a great chance to win PL.

  2. This would be the 4th time they try, just goes to prove how good our manager is unlike what so many plastics and Chelsea fanboys tend to believe.

  3. Think Arsene will do a madness if you gave him the riches of Real. Either not spend a penny, or go on an immense splurge.

    Anyway, he’s 66, how much long term managing do you think he’ll still be able to manage!

  4. Real Madrid is among the teams that have ambition to win trophies and that are willing to spend the money they make in order to do so and to please their fans(who are giving them the money). So I really doubt that Wenger is the right manager for them. On the other hand, the only reason for Wenger to go to RM would be the calibre of course, but only when he would be close to retirement. Nevertheless, personally speaking, I don’ t see it happening, although it would be a nice trick in order to bring in a younger manager with fresh ideas and tactics, such as Simeone or Guardiola.

    1. Imo they’ve found out that spending money and breaking records isn’t healthy for the club in the long term. They’ve been lacking the stability Barca have been thriving on for a solid decade now and Perez has finally realized this. In addition, Madrid still lack the appeal the likes of United, Barca and Bayern have, which is to develop young players. They have players like Isco and Jese but no manager so far has gotten the best out of them and they will continue to stagnate until they have someone who can trust in them. Wenger knows how to develop young players into world beaters and knows get the best out of ready made players (i.e : Ozil and Monreal), in addition he wouldn’t struggle to get his primary targets at Madrid, players like Ibrahimovic, Alonso and Suarez would’ve joined immediately. Don’t want him to leave Arsenal, just saying it’s logical that they would want a manager that kept Arsenal in top tier of football despite not having the money or the squad of a top tier side.

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