Why don’t the Arsenal Board do something about Wenger?

Who is the boss at Arsenal Football Club? by KM

Another day has passed and i still fail to accept the fact we are beaten by average teams missing their best players. I just wish we had someone on the board who could step up and make the right decision. Arsenal is going backwards because of its manager.

It is as simple as that. Wenger can talk about spirit all he wants but the reaction of the players on the pitch doesn’t feel like they have that spirit. I refuse to talk about the tactical disaster Wenger is because this is no longer the point.

Where is Ivan Gazidis ? Do you think Pellegrini will survive in Man City this season if they don’t win the title? He would be sacked without any hesitation when you are presented with some of the finest players in the league and with all the money you could wish for and fail to beat QPR.

Here at Arsenal it could be exactly the same. We have the financial figures and we have some top talent, but we don’t have the ambition. Fourth is the only ambition we have. Have you questioned yourself why Wenger doesn’t want to leave ?

Guess what, no other team would ever give him the power he has here. He is everything. He dictates the transfers, he makes the training, he even gets the credit for the stadium, like he has build it himself brick by brick. At big clubs like Madrid and Munich he’ll be doomed, because he’s tactically outdated and he will not change.

We started 3 seasons in a row with 1 fit striker, we don’t have a DM since Gilberto left, we don’t have a good keeper since Lehman. Some of those problems date back to 10 years ago. Giving Wenger another chance is something we should’ve stopped doing at least 5 years ago. He has lost it.

Why don’t we bring in a top assistant manager? The answer is it doesn’t matter cause he would have to be the yes man or the ignored man. Wenger will do it his way, because as long as the financial figures keep piling in silent Stans stash, Wenger will never be sacked.

There is one thing Wenger cannot win over though, and that’s the fans. Out of the shadows the AKBs will pop out like bats from a cave, when Wenger wins against a relegation side, with their all too known phrases like “Arsene knows best”, “what do you know about the club”, “we don’t have a penny in the bank” (yet we pay an old man 8 mills a year and pay 43 and 35 mills for players), and so on and so on.

While those people are still lurking around, some Arsenal fans start to realize that 10 years we’ve been more than patient for Wenger to deliver in “the right way”. We gave all our faith and love to players who either turned shit or betrayed us like rats for their little boys and girls inside and we suffered the price of the “right philosophy”.

Enough is enough, time for a change.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. Give it a f**kn rest already. Everyone here cheers on a win and cry’s over a loss. One thing you myopic, biased bastids gotta learn. If you want your opinion respected, you gotta respect the opposing opinion.

    1. @NY_G
      Spot on…Thats excatly what Wenger told his backroom staff when they questioned his tactics, training and signings!

            1. @nikk
              Just an obvious observation. Sad you’re too blind to see it yourself. Or just like the rest of your ilk, too ignorant and in denial…

      1. Lets face it, i used to watch Arsenal games and only Arsenal games. I would always find the rest boring, things changed now am always forced to go watch more games like say southampton or everton just to kill the hunger for some good football.

  2. I had a lovely dream last night. I went on Just Arsenal and saw a headline “Wenger sacked”. Then I woke up……

    1. Don’t you just hate waking up from good dreams, I had one, where he drowned in team spirit caused by the players stronge belief in their mental strength.

  3. gazidis is a man city supporter and the major shareholder does even know how the game is played.
    All that matters to them is that the bank account stays out of the red and they get their bonus and dividends.
    Wenger has a job for life and we can scream and cry all we want.

    1. While we are on this topic… At the rate we’re going, does anyone see us avoiding a mauling like the ones we endured last season against Liverpool, City, & Chelsea before the end of this season? Anyone?

  4. Well you’re going to have to accept it, get prepared for more. If Wenger loved ARSENAL He would realise we need him replaced, He’s a selfish Arse-ne

  5. this divide between akb and aob is only getting bigger.

    wenger needs to make sure we beat united at home an dortmund at home-

    calm all this down for at least a few weeks

    1. I think the whole think is childish. I say the end of the season result should decide his fate. But many on here want to destabilize the club 11 matches into the season just because the guy is French, which is the real reason 95.9% of the UKIP/WOB’s want him gone…

      1. Because he is French ? What ?
        U mean like Viera,Petit,Pires or Henry ?
        Most fans absolutely adore all of them & even Mr.Wenger. It’s the fact that we continue to under-achieve & fail to adapt that people want Wenger gone.

        1. @muffdiver
          I stand by my convictions Muff D. Like I stated earlier, a large percent see that as the main reason and have always felt so. But are too damn spineless to admit it…

      2. Wenger is like the arrogant Thor who was cast away to earth, his hammer taken from him until he becomes worthy again to wield it. The difference is that Thor learnt from his mistakes an eventually became the man he was meant to be. Wenger conquered all before him, revolutionized Arsenal playing style and won admirers world wide. He became so powerful and arrogant and stopped doing the innovative things that brought him so much success. Now his hammer has been taken away from him and very soon “Odin” will cast him out.

    2. Muff the genuine AKB’s are far and few between. I think most of us, including myself and any other person on this forum that still currently supports Wenger, realize that he IS passed his best and we DO need a change. But looking at it from a realistic and sensible perspective, we cannot just fire him half way through the season for a number of reasons.

      1.) It would completely disrupt our players and basically the whole club.
      2.) We still need Arsene around in Jan to bring in one or two top players. Having a makeshift manager in that interrum would be a major deterrent for other players to join. Right now Arsene is still capable of landing world class players and we need him for that.
      3.) We will not find the type of caliber manager that we need and deserve right now to replace Wenger half way through a season as most decent managers are tied up at other clubs and will most likely only be available, if we are lucky, at the end of this season.

      So we are just going to have to hold on and support until January or whenever the board decides it is time for Wenger to go (and I think the time is close). And once and for all can we put this AKB vs AOB nonsense to bed, because no one has actually come on this forum in recent days and said – I want Wenger to stay on for as long as possible – that right there would be a 100% AKB.

      1. i agree with that, my frustration with arsene sees me questioning him every game but to have him go during the season makes little sense.
        but then alot of people on here are young an grew uo with henry and viera so literally cant believe we are not winning everything, plus city chelsea barca real even bayern are all changing managers often so they assume thats the way arsenal need to be.

        i sympathise with both sides if im honest, i remember how boring are football was prior to wenger , but also see what is happening now.

        1. plus will never co-sign the control he has over this club.

          in no elite team should a manager have such power

      2. Not sayin fire Wenger. Just put him under pressure. Let him know he is under-performing.
        Firing a manager mid-season, let that be for classless clubs like chel$ki,sp*rs.
        But theres nothing wrong with letting ur feelings known. Gives Wenger a chance too turn it around. It doesn’t have to be Black or White.

        1. @IcebergKamp10
          This makes more sense. Like a player needing competition for his spot to get him to perform better.

      3. BigGun i agree that he should stay until end of season, if he is leaving then he should only loan players in January and leave the bulk of the money to the next manager, i personally would like to see Pep Guardiola to stand in for AW because Arsenal modeled (our play) on his way of play when he was at Barca possession (tiki taca) also he has a huge following of top players he can bring to our club.

      4. BigGun

        i agree that he should stay until end of season, if he is leaving then he should only loan players in January and leave the bulk of the money to the next manager, i personally would like to see Pep Guardiola to stand in for AW because Arsenal modeled (our play) on his way of play when he was at Barca possession (tiki taca) also he has a huge following of top players he can bring to our club.

        1. I agree 100% and in fact I was thinking the same thing yesterday about Pep. Great manager, firm but fair with a great record and his style is similar to ours so it will not take our current batch of players to adapt.

          1. @Big Gun
            I agree somewhat. Pep has only proven himself with already established teams. It would put his so called genius to the test if he were to take on AFC, with the players we have and turn it into a force to be reckoned with once more.

            And concerning his style of play. AW has been trying to drill the”total football” style as well as mentality into our players, but they continue to struggle to adapt to the rigorous tempo involved with executing it.
            Spanish players have been used to this style of play since academy days, the reason the Spanish team thrived at international level.

      5. Lol…….. you are a joke.even if we get the players in January Wenger won’t use them appropriately and saying Wenger is still capable of bringing world class players shows how much you love him because I will also bring WC players if I am the manager, AFC is where the player is going and not AWFC.
        stop outlining your points as if you don’t know Wenger is no more in the tactical game.

      6. Half on the people on here want Kroenke out, Gazidis out, the rest of the board out, Wenger out and half the squad out. Yes it’s time for change, but let’s get real here..

  6. Well, here’s your answer. Right from the Chairman, Sir Chips, “If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet.

    Any more questions? 😐

  7. A very good point about the stadium. It is beyond comprehension how the AKBs seem to think that Ar$ene miraculously created it himself and we should thank him LMAO

    Credit should have gone to the legal team, architects, construction workers, developers, financial institutes, the board for sanctioning the proposal etc and of equal importance, the FANS for being a source of income to pay for it!

    Not one single penny has come from Ar$ene’s pocket nor has he laid any bricks and yet he gets full credit. Hell we could even thank EMIRATES for the sponsorship money; hence their rights to call it ‘Emirates Stadium’ and not ‘Ar$ene Stadium’.

    Strange times we live in.

      1. When you grow up, you will understand the simple logic that it takes various groups of people to ensure the building of a stadium and not ONE man. LMAO.

        1. @g farce
          When you stop being damn so ignorant to the fact that “No one” ever said or even thinks that AW was the man that put the whole stadium move together, then you too will be counted as “sane”…

          1. NY_Gunner Do not try to reason with these imbociles. Their hate for Wenger has completely blinded a lot of the truth – including the fact that Wenger played a massive, positive role in the development and construction of the stadium. They have no clue how business works in its entirety and fail to see the grander scheme of things. Narrow minded they are indeed.


              1. Gunner T Using foul language is one thing, but depicting a scenario like that is not conducive at all on this site because remember there are minors that come onto this forum too that do not need to be exposed to that type of filthy demeanor. If you carry on in this vain, you will be reported. Get it!?

            2. regarding the stadium, all economist knew that we had to expand on the capacity or we were going backwards, the board took a vote, it was passed that we would develop a new stadium, accounts were produced bank loans were excepted, AW was asked if he can take on the huge task of staying in the EPL with a shoe string budget, he excepted the challenge did a great job until we got rich but AW LOST THE ART OF SPENDING and forgot how to manage top players,

        2. @ NY_Gunner

          Tell that to your AKB buddies who have been spewing that nonsense on this site for as long a I can remember.

          @ Gunner T

          Cheers. I will be ignoring him now.

    1. Wow if your comment doesn’t magnify your ignorance then all I can say is keep posting. Wenger was an INTEGRAL part of keeping this club afloat during the construction of the stadium and I think most people realize this except the idiots who think it would be a good choice to fire Wenger right now in the middle of season. You guys keep going on about how Wenger controls most of the club but yet he had nothing to do with the healthy financial situation we kept ourselves in during and after the stadium? This is the type of mentality we have had on this forum the last couple of days…childish and void of any intelligence.

      1. YOU ARE one of the idiots who didnt realise Wenger was an INTEGRAL part of keeping this club afloat during the construction of the stadium.

        1. All you do is point fingers when you come onto this site. I haven’t actually read one positive contribution from you EVER.

            1. How do you come to that conclusion? Just because I changed my opinion about something and was completely justified in doing so? Keep pointing fingers because one day someone is going to grab it and break it in half.

      2. Ah Big Gun, the two faced idi*t. Back when you were writing Articles after Articles as well as comments after comments calling Arsene to be sacked and every name under the sun, that’s exactly what all the AKBs have been trying to tell you. And yet you flat-out rejected those claims. Loser.

        1. Sit down and think about the consequences of firing Wenger in the middle of a season. Go on. Exercise your brain a bit I dare you. You will come to the sensible conclusion that firing him right now without preparing for a decent replacement would be the worst possible thing we could do. As for your constant childish taunts and remarks, all I can say is it is time for you to grow up.

  8. I agree with the article Arsenal under Wenger doesn’t have the ‘right philosophy’ or even financial setup. The manager is overpaid, mediocre players are rewarded, great players are allowed to go to our nearest rivals, the stadium is supposed to be self financing and yet Usmanov would have paid for it and owned it (which is what Dein wanted but the board with Wenger’s support shafted him) whereas we (or rather the Arsenal board) went for the model which had the fans pay for it while Silent Stan ends up owning it. Go figure!







    NY GUNNER OUT! NY GUNNER OUT! …… Hahahahaha……want some more?……..there’s more of where that came from …………..where are all ur cohorts?

  11. Ray Parlour stated this morning that he believes the issue is the midfield. They don’t help the defence. He then went on to say that Wenger never ever trained him or any midfield player he played with to drop deep and defend. It is common sense and should not need to be coached.

    That is from an actual player that played football. Shame dumbasses on the AOB wagon don’t get even the basics.

    1. Follow RVP to man u….you don’t have any football basic whatsoever ray parlor is not the only person who watch arsenal play. Please answer this question which EPL striker drops as deep as welbeck? No matter how the midfield helps defence the goals we concede are basically defenders fault. Any team can loose the ball in the middle of the park winning the ball back is the next thing to do Alexis always fight back to win the ball Chamberlain does it too. When you cross the ball and your so called tall defender can’t nod or when a very small nacho who is not a natural cb is being used often or when your defenders will allow an attacker to drag him into the 18yard area forgetting that players score goals not space . If our defenders are instructed to close down players I’m sure they will but they will keep moving back thinking they are closing down space. Tell them players score goals space don’t .

  12. The problem with people today saying Wenger should have stopped having extra chances 5 years ago is this ….

    You failed to see this 5 years ago, so everybody else who failed to see this 5 years ago is equally to blame as you, the board and all the other pre-Wenger fans.

    Personally I would allow him to wind down his current contract out of respect so in the years to come, decades to come, people looking back at this great figure in the history of Arsenal will not see that the club repaid him in the end by replacing him.

    The whole football world would laugh at us with disgust, they would shake their heads, even rival teams and it will be YEARS before that ridicule passes.

    Players will leave in droves , other managers will not want the job after seeing how Wenger was rewarded. It would be suicide.

    We have no choice at all. We all appreciate what Wenger has done for Arsenal as a whole and we have to sigh and appreciate the need to patiently wait for him to retire which will be soon. He is approaching 70 by the time the current contract ends.

    I am sure the transition has started already with Wenger himself involved with the search for his replacement.

    Whoever take over is going to have a season like David Moyes at United, we will go a few seasons finishing out the top 4, it’s inevitable. If Wenger was replaced today there will be no turnaround before the time Wengers contract was due to expire, so not only will Arsenal be famous for crapping on Wenger …. IT WILL ALL BE FOR NOTHING TOO.

    1. although you make a compelling and refreshing argument i respectfully disagree. I’ll cite Southampton as an example here with ‘Ronald kouman’ at the helm with an avg team at best which currently sits in 2nd. You mean to tell me if we recruited Diego simeone (2mil/yr) at ATL Madrid, and negotiated to pay him 6mil (wenger makes 8mil) he wouldn’t come to Arsenal to manage (ozil/walcot/Sanchez)?? Come on now, his whole team cost 30 mil to put together and he recouped that by selling Costa alone 🙂 let alone Felipe Luis (24 mil).

      My point is (and i do this for living in a corporate environment) The selection of personnel is very imperative to an organization, this process has to be carefully concocted and meticulously executed. If done right, you won’t need a ‘by period’ like UTD are going through. Everton didn’t need one with Martinez either, so UTD is a unique experience i think due to SAF first choice but that’s another story.

      We don’t need to sack wenger, we need to escort him upstairs 😉

  13. @araenal1again
    If we get a good manager to replace him we will be happy forever. Pep is good he left barca with good performance and joined Bayern and he still proves to be good. Any club able to get a good manager will play well. Jose went to inter he performed because he is good….. I don’t know what to tell all of you who still think Wenger is still good for arsenal without changing things. Anyway maybe you are blindfolded ..I love him too but I am not blind folded.

  14. Honestly, Wenger not getting more defensive reinforcements, not getting world class striker, not getting a top DM, putting Ozil on left wing, has made me think that he is still smoking something weird since we heard about it from the Liverpool owner during the Suarez bid.

  15. Its same old . Problems after problems . If its nt the diffence then the strikers dont score .. Evry 1 can see the cracks in the team but Mr sturborn Wenger is two blind to see . When are you gona fix your team man .. Your tactics sucks we are fed up

  16. WENGER is a dividing force you can see it in this Forum and soon if it has not happened yet you will see it with our players, Campbell, , Rosicky, PODI are fuming, their discontent will soon spread among other players.
    WENEGR has been given plenty of opportunities to build up a team, Big Pockets (CHELSEA. MANCITY) is not an excuse not to WIN, if you are that good as he thinks he is, you can build a winning squad without going broke, what he does instead, World Cup commentator for French TV, Charity game and meeting with the Pope, this man is a JOKE… sack the man NOW!!!!!!

  17. Wenger has too much power at Arsenal!!! Full stop. He should be answering to the Board but they know that economically, he is the man. I say F*ck that we need serious signings at top dollar or we fail Look at Chelski, top signings at top pound and look…. I hate this and we need to really balance the good signings without wasting money and get results. That’s the new name of the game, whether you or I like it, FACT! personally I hate it but if we wanna be successful then spend the pound and get the top men! Always a Gooner but hurting now. 20m in Jan WTF is Kroenke playing at, he knows we need serious acquisitions, so open the chq book man.

  18. The only reason why i am so damn angry at Wenger is that what is the point of having squad players like Podolski, Rosiscky, Campbell e.t.c if you think that you don’t trust them enough to make rotations. I mean he should have seen their capabilities before we went into a new season, and the reason that he kept them in the squad he should be able to make rotations when needed. I mean we cant go the whole season with 11 to 14 players only getting game time. Also when you clearly see that our RB is having problems alter your tactics and dont freaking wait till 80 minutes and expect a miracle. If our injuries problems dont change by january i suggest we send Mr Ars-ene to Brazil again since his mental strength is working perfectly for transfers when he is there. The way we playing at this rate i think the Pope will refuse him an invitation. Still Gunner till i die but feel like kicking some Arsee right now!

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