Why Edu should be sacked before Arteta

Even though Arteta is the bookies favourite to be the next manager sacked, if you believe reports the only man whose job is under threat is Edu, our first ever director of Football.

It sums up Stan Kroenke that he will be less concerned with the team failing on the pitch and more preoccupied with how why we are not finding value for money.

One of the biggest criticisms in Arsene Wenger’s last couple of years as manager was how many assets lost value, either by players being allowed to run down contracts or talent being overpaid, meaning they were difficult to offload due to no one wanting to match their wages.

The first year Mr Wenger finished outside the top 4 only a point separated us and Liverpool.

Liverpool went on to lift the Champions League and title while we went backwards.

It’s no exaggeration to say the fate of the two sides were decided on one being more ruthless with their contracts.

One allowed a player to run down their deal, the other didn’t, it’s as simple as that.

What seems like a small detail is in fact worth millions.

Liverpool could demand silly money for Coutinho. Arsenal could have done exactly the same regarding Sanchez.

The key difference was one had years left on his deal to run, the others didn’t.

This policy either saw players paid over the odds to stay (Ozil) or players sold for reduced fees. Van Persie, Clichy, Nasri, Sagna, Sanchez, Welbeck, Vermaelen, Cazorla, etc all ran contracts down to at least the final 12 months.

It was deemed that Mr Wenger had control in too many aspects of the club hence when he left after 22 years, experts were brought in to run various departments.

Having worked with Corinthians, the Brazil and Iran National team, Edu sold himself as someone who knew the international market and had contacts.

It helped that he’s also an Invincible meaning he knows the kind of football Gooners have been brought up on.

We were famously promised that no gunner after Wilshere and Ramsey would be allowed to run down their deal.

Once 24 months was left, they would either extend their deal or be sold.

That policy was a lie…

As things stand Lacazette can talk to suitors abroad from January. His employers have to choose between paying him over the odds to stay or losing him for free.

David Luiz and Mustafi also left on a Bosman.

Aubameyang did exactly what Ozil was hated for – forcing the club to pay him a huge salary due to the fear of fan backlash by letting your star name become a free agent.

There’s zero resale value on Auba, who’s wages only made sense if his goals led to CL football.

Edu got himself in a right pickle with Willian who Arsenal may carry on paying while he returns to his homeland.

It’s incredible that 12 months ago you believed in someone’s ability enough to warrant a 3-year deal yet a year later your opinion is the opposite.

Some gooners originally applauded the decision for Ozil and Sokratis to not be submitted for our squads.

This was seen by some as being tough.

In reality the Kroenke Family didn’t become Billionaires by paying employees thousands of pounds a week to sit at home.

There’s only so many times you can pay someone to rip up their contract (Mhkitaryan, Ozil. Sokratis) before the owner asks questions.

And rightfully so, especially when you have lost match day revenue and the income of European Football, the last thing you need is incompetence.

The club do have a few assets tied to lengthy deals where in the worst-case scenario they could make serious sums.

Two of those though, Smith Rowe and Saka, are from our academy.

The only signing which Edu has made which looks a success is Martinelli, both in terms of his work rate on the pitch and you can imagine his value increasing.

This summer there seems a clear action plan. Buy youth who could develop into word class players and or who have resale value.

It might be too late to rescue the worst squad we have had in quarter of a century.

Because for too many years our recruitment team didn’t have a plan.

Maybe ordered by those above them, they prioritised value over what was best for the team.

Did they really think Cedric was a better right back then Bellerin or was it simply because he was free?

Was Mari really seen as our answer at centre back or was he simply the cheap option?

As they say – the table doesn’t lie

Edu’s job was to find talent to make Arsenal better or at the very least make a profit on.

Neither has happened.


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    1. I think Arteta and Edu are learning quickly.
      Because of the two 8th place finishes the bar has been lowered in the short term.
      Long term a new young reasonable priced high ceiling ​high resale player is coming in.
      Ramsdale (HG) White (HG)
      Tavarez Lokonga Odegaard.
      Tierney Gabriel Partey Saka ESR
      Martinelli Pepe Saliba .
      Next summer 5 more young players come in.
      Gone will be Torreira ​Mari Elneny Willian Kolasinac Bellerin Cedric.
      So no one will be sacked this season as long as we do better than 8th.

      1. The way arsenal sell players, if we ever need to sell white or ramsdale, the price wont exceed 25M.

      2. Learning quickly ?
        Gimme a break.
        Edu is in a non-job because the owners want a buffer between Arteta and the Arsenal chequebook.
        Arteta was a clown to accept Edu above him in getting the players needed for a rebuild.
        Looks like both will go as it’s too late to get good players now and the Arsenal board just don’t trust Arteta any more.

    2. DaJuki I agree he has too many fingers in our club and too much power for an agent we should have new agents. He is milking this club of ours

    3. No point keep sacking everyyone until the right replacement is available.

      We have made this mistake twice now. Let’s not do it a third time. When we shed Graham, we already knew who was replacing him, it was Wenger, but he wasn’t available, so we took Rioch for a year and then got our man. This time we jumped into good eberning and now Lego head. Lego head will keep us up, he will not get us into the top 4. What we need is a manager who is going to be prepared to take us as we are, that is not conte, it is not a top manager, it is someone, who we don’t know, someone with vision, who is at this moment finding a new way to win. Like Ferguson did, Just like Wenger did, like klopp did, like pep did, like tuchel did.

  1. Life is so easy when it isn’t your job. In the real world it isn’t easy. What should Arsenal do with Lacazette? Sell him for next to nothing because no one wants to pay for him? Sign a new contract extension? What if he won’t sign? Or insists on a pay rise? Or a long contract? What if he refuses to join another club? Do you exclude him from games? Or just suck it up and make the best of a difficult situation?

    After Bosman, the power is all in the player’s hands. Whatever the club does, they will be criticized. The player can manipulate the situation to his advantage.

    It’s great looking at things with rose tinted glasses…but the club and its managers live in the real world.

    1. Andrew, How true! This is precisely why the game has lurched from one extreme to the other.
      Many of our clued up fans of all ages, will be acutely aware of how things stood, prior to 1961, when our own George Eastham took his employers Newcastle to a court of law to defeat the old retained contract situation, where players were not free to leave, unless their club agreed , even when their contract ran out.
      NOW the immoral power has completely swung in favour of rapacious and immoral super rich players, egged on by their disgusting agents, to hold clubs, including and most importantly of all WE FANS, to ransom.
      Both these extremes were/ are wicked, immoral and in the fulness of time are doomed to fail.

      UNTIL we can band together and force the corrupt FIFA and UEFA to instigate a fairer system incorporating a maximum wage AND a way of taking back control from rapacious greedy players worldwide, we are bound to go on as we are.

      ONE DAY, in the future when our race refuses to any longer condone this immorality, something will be done to CHANGE THIS THEFT.

      I cannot of course predict WHEN but I can predict it WILL come.
      Just as all bigotry and racism in the so called “free world” will EVENTUALLY be eradicated. Our race first needs to evolve further though.


      1. Problem is that it is European labor laws that handed power to players. Nothing clubs or UEFA can do about it. I agree UEFA and FIFA have been very corrupt organizations, although it is a positive that a decent man like Wenger can go there.

        They can’t resolve player power though. It is underwritten by EU labor laws.

  2. I believe Arteta and Edu have been working as a team, therefore Arsenal should sack both of them together if we aren’t in top six by December

    They were great Gunners though, so I’m sure they genuinely love Arsenal and are trying their best to fix their mistakes. There are still a few days left to do that

    1. Top 6? He should be gone if we are not in top 4! Wenger was shown the door after finishing 5th and 6th, so why should Arteta be allowed to stay for delivering the same results? What does top 6 give us? That Europa nonsense again? Is that why Wenger was fired? To cement our position in Europa? Arteta should have been fired last season IMO.

      1. After the founding father of our revolutionary football left, the rebuilding process would likely take more than three seasons

        Unlike Man United and Chelsea, we don’t have much money to replace our manager and players every two seasons

        Man United have spent around 421.3 M under Solskjaer, whereas Arsenal just spent around 180 M under Arteta. Patience is the key, if we don’t have enough financial power to compete with the oil clubs

          1. True. But Man United is more popular as a brand and the fourth richest football club in the world, according to NBC Sports

            Actually, they should’ve been the richest football club in the world. Because Barcelona and Real Madrid are having big financial problems, whereas Bayern Muenchen aren’t as popular

          2. Hmm yea you are right. Popularity wise, our gap with MU will keep on growing, since Im guessing our fanbase will keep on shrinking by the season. Cant expect the new gens to support a club like arsenal..

        1. GAI, “founding father of our revolutionary football” ; how long have you followed Arsenal or studied the history of the Club?
          Herbert Chapman has a greater right to having revolutionised Arsenal football, with the W formation. What about Bertie Mee and George Graham, whose 1990/91 First Division Title winning team scored more goals and had a better goal difference than Arsene Wenger’s “Invincibles” despite losing one game?

          1. I followed Arsenal since I watched their 6 – 1 trashing in the hands of Man United at the Old Trafford, 2001. Yorke bagged a hattrick that day, but I saw Arsenal as an underdog who played a very beautiful football yet highly vulnerable

            So I didn’t know much about what happened before Wenger’s era, but he revolutionized EPL in my eyes. Because the other EPL teams started to follow his tactics, several years after the Invincibles left

          2. So GAI, if you know nothing about Arsenal’s history pre 2001, please dont make such comments as “founding father of our revolutionary football” before you educate yourself on the history of the Club.

        2. gai I don’t remember the Great Herbert Chapman but I old enough to remember the great Bertie Mee very good manager and George Graham

        3. But let the club owners sell it if they dont want sell we are ctired of loosing games in the name of rebuilding the team.

      2. The last 2 years of Wenger were stale so the the decline was already underway. A good question would be where would we be if AW was still our manager today?
        It’s worth remembering that more clubs have ambitious owners so our previously guaranteed top4 place is a thing of the past

        1. I still believe AW has what it takes to bring us back to top 4, especially after his long sabbatical rest.

          Fans must understand it is not easy to be at one club for long term, especially when you have to lose your best players every season. How much energy is drained just to replace important players? Conte left when he knows Lukaku might be sold. But that was a usual event to le Boss.

          People think Mourinho is a genius. Give him a team to manage for 20 years. The team would be relegated.

          For me personally, I would love to see Wenger with a fresh start and fresh budget available.

          1. But would we be in the top4? As I think he was stale then I doubt we would be any better off than 6th which seems to be sufficient for SK but not if you want to be aiming higher. Just my opinion though

          2. I believe AW would do better than Arteta at least. He is very fresh now and has vast experience managing champions team and struggling team😂..

            Idk, maybe Im just hoping for too much. The man was my footballing hero growing up, so to see him squeezed to dry then spit out by the club just does not sit right with me. Anyway we would never know if he has what it takes, as the Kroenkes would never hire AW coz whether AW succeed or failed, it would leave a bad taste to them..

          3. G4L are you being serious? You would hire a man in his 70s who was clearly long past it. United fans don’t keep asking for Fergie back who was levels above Wenger. This is modern day football Wenger would be completely out of his depth and also he’s admitted he stayed much longer than he should have.

          4. I would Kev. I agree with you that he stayed way too long. But you should realize many managers like Mou, Sarri, Allegri, Conte, Rodgers, Ancelotti etc at one point got their team performing as bad if not worse than Wenger before getting sacked. Why was he the only one labelled as stale?

            Of course he wont be our long term solution, but none of the top managers atm would stay for long at arsenal as well. So why not pick le Boss one more time.

          5. Sue P Believe me I would take 6th this season in fact I would snatch your hand off I think 10th more realistic

    2. Gai
      It will take a lot to achieve Top6 this season. WestHam, Tottenham and Leceister seem to start on a high. They are the ones we would be competing with for Top6 this season. But they have more experienced coaches. Arteta and Edu somehow have “Sack” written all over them. If not now end of the season. To be less than Top6 at the end of the league for 3 seasons would be seen as failure. However, things can change in football so easily and I wish Arteta do well; at least for the love I have for Arsenal as a long time fan. I chose be optimistic but much more after M. City game😐

      1. Even if we lose the game in Manchester, we have still got 35 games to go. We can reach top six if we can keep all first-team players fit

        1. I am hopeful.

          I want to see a strong defensive formation against M City bcos we cannot win them at possession game. PeP remains the king at that.
          May be a 4-2-3-1 to make scoring at least difficult for them.

          We narrowly lost to them last season 1-0. Thank God the boys have some confidence after yesterday win.

          Bukayo Saka should recover in time we need him for the game.

          1. Sylva We beat WBA’s second team don’t get too carried away different kettle of fish Saturday

  3. I don’t understand the problem with older players running down their deals as long as they’re still putting the effort in.
    Younger players, yes we don’t want to lose valuable assets for nothing, and we don’t want older players to sit on their contacts because it no longer matters to them, but in Laca’s case, what’s the big deal if he contributes this year and then moves on, seeing as we couldn’t sell him for much now and he’d be extremely difficult to replace with so little time left

  4. I don’t think Arsenal have done much wrong in the transfer market since Edu has come in.

    Willian, of course, but if he does end up moving on in the next few days, all will be forgiven. The worry was that we’d have another retiree on our hands but if he leaves, it would only have cost us a year’s worth of wages. Cedric and Mari weren’t inspired, but they have been important squad players. For the rest, Partey, Gabriel, White, Lokonga, Tavares, Ramsdale and Ode have all been good to great signings.

    There are a few days left and a lot of business to be done by many clubs so this article is a little premature. In my opinion, if we manage to upgrade the RB position, this will have been another excellent window. Fans will be disappointed with a lack of marquee signings, but this is a team with enormous potential. Money has been spent wisely.

    1. Partey was a terrible signing. We spent £45M and put him on 200k a week same as Mo Salah. That type of money would have gotten us Ndidi who is far better than Partey.

      1. Total bo…..clocks Partey is a far superior passer of the ball than ndidi and matches him in all other aspects of the game apart from injuries, ndidi is in a team with huge confidence and generally settled, consistent standard of play. Partey is in a team that is in transition, once we get there, maybe this season you will see arguably the best midfielder of he’s type
        In the league ( if he stays fit of course)…

        1. GD, all Arsenal have to do is keep Partey fit and there will be no doubters as to how good a footballer he is.

    2. I doubt Willian is just going to walk away from his 180k p/w salary and play for peanuts in the
      bankrupt Brazilian League.
      More likely Arsenal wil pay his
      last 2 year salary.
      Arsenal paid 100% of Ozils salary when
      he left.
      Why would Kolasinac Torreira or Willian
      accept any different?

  5. With the single EXCEPTION of the Cedric / Bellerin line( (where my view is that NEITHER of them are any good whatsoever) DANS article is packed with truths and undoubted facts.

    This is the sort of article, lacking untruths and unlikely rumours, which is just the type of in depth piece I WOULD LOVE TO SEE FROM OTHER REGULAR WRITERS ON HERE.

    It IS a depressing read, as truth so often is, esp when so many and longterm mistakes have been made over the entire Kroenkes period in control.

    But unless and until you know and know ACCURATELY where the REAL culpability lies, you cannot begin to put it right.

    When a key team organiser(not a player) does his job badly, I ask myself this question before anything else; WHO appointed him and WHO should have done their homework properly BEFORE appointing him?

    I think all those in touch with reality know WHICH name is truly to blame. If you doubt this, then consider our rivals which are owned by people who CARE for their club and note the increasing opposite directions of travel!

  6. Admin Pat, likes to write trash…

    I don’t understand how one can be arsenal fan, yet think like that..

    Always sad and blue, a fan you claim, but your writes ups filled with disdain,

    Aubamayang “forced the club” to pay him… Mr, live in reality, not your fantasyland and daydream.

    Ps: edu should be sacked though

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself, more like.

      For your info I didn’t write the article, but it was written by a much bigger and better Arsenal fan than you will ever be.

      It is sad that you call his article “trash” simply because you don’t agree with him.

      1. That’s the way it should be put Pat, they just come here spit all kind of nonsense and divide us all by claiming to be superior fan then others.

    2. NERO, Oh dear! You are just the sort of juvenile non thinker, and ignorant to boot, that so frustrates we thinkers on here . I need not point out your silly error in not even being able to NOTICE who wrote this article.

      Start engaging the brain that God gave you and who knows , you may even amount to something one day.

      1. @jonfox
        All this your pent up negative energy feeds cancer…i never called your name
        How can you be this old and this bitter? Nothing here but sorry for you

        1. Nero, Grow up sonny and only when you have finally grown up will you be worthy to debate with me and those many who are like me . In other words, mature, serious minded and who do not make such basic mistakes (like thinking the article was writen by someone else) . You are just a child!

  7. I just can’t trust a man that signed Willian to a 3 year contract and now giving Xhaka a new contract. He should be able to tell Arteta Xhaka isn’t good enough, he should be able to tell arteta we would look for a cheaper CB without glaring weakness like Ben White’s aerial ability since Ben white’s exceptionally passing is clouding Arteta’s eyes. Maybe he’s just a yes man to Arteta because i’ve noticed this tread with all our managers, they tend to go for players that have glaring weaknesses just because of one strength the player has, it important we have a strong technical director to access these players and be firm on the decisions. Liverpool paid 38M for Konate, a player with no significant weakness but we paid 50M for white even though we have other priorities to fill in the squad. Edu just isn’t the right director for us.

    1. Liverpool paid = 38M + CL football + possible trophies.
      Arsenal paid = 50M + nothing.

      If Arsenal offers 38M + nothing , why should good player come to Arsenal ? Two offers has to match in value. Some will swap CL/trophies for money others won’t (one of reasons we get less committed players now days as our players joined for money, not glory)

      All our problems starts from our position in league table.

      1. What does the player transfer fee has to do with CL football or whatever? You pay that to the selling club not the player! If anything compare the wages

  8. I definitely think Edu was too inexperienced for the job. Add Arteta to the mix and you have a very inexperienced team in charge of one of the biggest clubs in the PL (for now).

    Having said that, maybe these two young guys know something we don’t.

    I would have gone for Bissouma and Aouar. They went for Odegaard and Lokonga. I have to admit Lokonga might be much closer to be of immediate value than I thought. Odegaard (who doesn’t impress me yet) is a known quantity and needs no time to get used to the PL, Aouar would be an unkown. I can not be certain that Bissouma/Aouar would have been a better a choice than Odegarrd/Lokonga.

    What concerns me is the lack of more goals. Last season we were OK on goals conceded but lacked in goals scored. What did we do during the summer transfer window to bring in more goals? Odegaard is not new, Lokonga is not going to bring many assists or goals, so where will the new goals come from?

    With respect to Laca it is hard to blame the club. He is probably too expensive to renew. He might be keen to impress in his final season in order to get a big contract next year at a new club. That could benefit us. Auba is the big mistake IMO. Especially after the Ozil experience.

    Martinez is a big miss but perhaps could also be forgiven. We did not want to promise him the nr 1 spot (big mistake IMO) but after many years of loyal service, we did the decent thing in giving him a chance to be an nr 1 elsewhere.

    Maybe Edu should be tougher on Arteta in terms of not allowing him to favour players or write of players. Can we really afford to Leave Saliba and Guendouzie out of the squad. Are they not talented youngsters? Can we really not manage them or their personalities?

    If we had managed to integrate Saliba at best we did not have to spend 50 million on White at worst we would have a beer backup than Mari. If we managed to get Guendouzie on board we would not have had to buy Lokonga and could have gone for Bissouma.

    On the surface, Edu looks suspect but it just could be that Lokonga and White and (if Arteta grows a pair) also Ramsdale become big contributors even in their first season.

    Not being able to offload deadwood as a result of their crazy salaries is perhaps not all Edu’d fault.

    I lean towards great scepticism over Edu but reserve some benefit of the doubt until the window is over and the new signings have had a chance to show what they can do.

  9. Dan, you omitted one of Mr Wenger’s most sensible rules, that gazidis onwards failed to implement…. that of awarding ANY player over thirty a one year contract only.
    If it was good enough for Dennis Bergkamp, then it should have been good enough for every other player who wears the shirt.

    As for who should be sacked first, let’s hope that isn’t necessary, as we still have time to sort out the RB and midfield before the window closes.

    If it is necessary, then they should both go and Conte /Overmars are ready made replacements, along with Sol Campbell….. who really should have replaced Steve Bould, the day after he left the club.

  10. He is either incompetent or corrupted or both. Either way, Willian is a sackable offense, risking Laca having 0 resale value is a sackable offense, not allowing Nketiah to leave in a swap deal that would raise his value is a sackable offense. I could go on.

    He should have been sacked before the season even started. He and Arteta hold the keys for Championship.

  11. Many visitors who have posted their comments here believe that Edu’s transfer dealings are a success based on the activities this summer. ASL, White, Ode, Tavares & Ramsdale are not exclusively Edu’s signings.

    Partey, Martinelli, Cedric, Mari, Willian and Runnarson are the ones exclusively signed under Edu. Among them Partey and Martinelli were extensively scouted by us even before Edu’s arrival.

    Richard Garlick is the stone in Edu’s shoe this summer. Garlick must be credited with the signing of young players with potential for growth and a good resale value. His PL knowledge is more than that of Edu’s, Arteta’s and Kroenke’s combined.

    We’d have signed Ramos and Coutinho this summer, if Edu was left solely responsible for player recruitment.

    I even choose to believe that the recent addition of a scouting team to our club is also Garlick’s effort and one among them, Tone Lima, is Edu’s recommendation.

      1. Maybe I gotta love the contract negotiator who agreed to pay a million buck for every 10 starts Mari make and gave Willian a measly three year deal on a paltry 200+K a week.

          1. “The fee for the move to Arsenal rises by €1m per 10 appearances (up to €8m maximum).”
            Source: TransferMarkt

            No mention of time limits.

            Effectively we’ll be paying £7.20m (Loan fee for 2019/20) + £4.50m (Transfer fee for 2020/21) + €8.00m.

            Sweet deal for everyone associated with the deal, especially the buying club. The one who engineered the deal deserves to be honored with a bronze statue outside the Emirates.

      1. Why not start an online petition towards paying Willian his wages in full for the rest of his two year contract, Mark??? Doesn’t it belong to Willian based on the agreement with our club??? That would be more adult’ish.

  12. Isak/Auba

    Smith/Pepe Maddison/Odegaard Saka/Aouar

    Yvess/Samba Partey/Camavinga

    Tierney/Tarves Gabrial/Saliba Tapsoba/White Hakmi/Lampty

    Give Arteta that team and see if he fails. We blame him so much yet there was so much deadwood in the team you could start a born fire

  13. Dan, by way of correction, Mhikatarian paid £500,000 to buy out his contract with Arsenal to go to Roma, thus did not leave on a free transfer.

      1. Dan, I wish they had paid it to me. Facts are facts. £500,000 is not “essentially nothing.”

  14. Dan is right and I, though agree with most of your justification, I still think since his arrival I will give him 6/10 , we are human and can make mistakes, however, ability to make corrections is what distinguishes one from the other.

    Willian signing isn’t totally bad just the 3yrs is too generous
    Luiz was always on one year
    Talk about Auba, I think they did well , though they let him exploit the club but with these big players, we don’t have many choice especially when 50% of your team goals come from them, they sign when they are ready.
    I guess Laccazet isn’t interested in signing a year extension as report suggested we are offering only a year.
    I’ll rather he run down his contract and leave than offering him 2-3yrs with increased wages or get sold, I wouldn’t support we sell him till next summer when we could pay obe £70m to buy a proper replacement

    1. Disagree on Auba. We made mistake. in 4 year contract, 1st 2 years power is with club, next 2 years with player.

      We have prioritised new signings and then present contracts. It should be other way for top players like Auba (when younger), Saka, Smith etc. Get contract extension of best players first. Secure what good you have (with 3-2.5 years left on contract). Then buy/add. I think that’s where we went wrong, rest I completely agree.

      We did well with Luiz, smaller contract with layers over 30. William Chelsea was clear, despite best year he was not given longer contract. We compromised, and it backfired. We haven’t respected our own policy. If we have to get it right in future, we shouldn’t compromise even if it means not signing potentially good player or selling a good player.

      1. If we decided to sell Auba after FA cup win because he hasn’t sign how do you think the fan base would react?

        1. Fans reaction will be quire obvious if best player is sol.d.

          Let me rephrase …. Because fans wont like it, let’s not do what is right for the club and its success on the pitch. Let’s do what please the fans even if its taking club backwards.. That doesn’t sound right to me.

          Liverpool journey towards winning CL & PL started by selling their best players in last 6 years.
          Not in favour of seeking best players, but in favour of building strong squad.

      2. “Get contract extension of best players first. Secure what good you have (with 3-2.5 years left on contract).”

        The way we renewed Tierney’s contract just less than two years into his initial contract and still had more than two more years left on the contract. 👍

  15. Site must need clicks, nothing here. If it’s about Edu how about the job he’s done cleaning up the mess he inherited.

    1. The site doesn’t need clicks, but if you disagree with the fan that wrote the article, then you write one about how Edu has been for the club.
      Then we’ll see how many “clicks” you get shall we?

  16. The most stupid signing I have seen at Arsenal is £50,000,000 for Ben White. We bought William Saliba who is 20 for £27,000,000 and then to add 50mill to that is business negligence. That 50,000,000, yes 50 million pounds could have bought us Yves Bissouma AND Houssem Aouar. This club, our club, is mentally ill. We now have nobody team, run by nobody’s, for the best supporters in the world. You couldn’t make it up.

    1. Sean
      You say the most stupid is Ben White
      We have done far.more in the past and will probably in the future
      £72M for.pepe has got to be up there
      £34 For xhaka
      £30 plus for mustafa
      The list is endless
      And not one manager in recent times
      Has got it completely right and that includes our most successful manager in the history.of the club Mr AW
      We go all the way back to graham ect
      The people in charge who run the club are the people who mismanage the funds and sign off
      Don’t tell Josh never had a clue what was happening
      Get rid of the manager as everyone is saying which is sensless talk.
      As a new man or woman comes in and cycle starts again
      Rid of the owners and the rot stops

  17. If an owner is as concerned by money only, and not by results, as you imply, then it doesn’t make any sense.
    It would be the other way round, he would try to strip the assets by selling players for as high a price as possible.
    Recruitment, contracts players development and results are closely interlinked. Wenger was probably left with the final word in all in his time, and he failed badley. Kroenke failed bu not having a critical eye on it, before it was too late.
    Now we have both Edu and Arteta, and their functions are closely interlinked as mentione, and it is difficult to separate one’s responsibility from the other.

  18. “ Edu’s job was to find talent to make Arsenal better or at the very least make a profit on.”

    Arteta’s job was to find points to make Arsenal better in league and at very least make Europe.

    Typical article……. Find away to blame wenger and absolve arteta of any blame. Pathetic!

    Arteta zombie fans are ruining the club!

  19. both Arteta and Edu have committed sackable offences, so if administrative moves are to be made, neither should survive the culling…still think it’s too early, as I doubt anyone with the requisite qualities would be willing to take on this heady task under the present circumstances…I’ve got an idea, maybe what we really need is a left-footed manager

  20. I have little faith in the current structure and I wouldn’t lose sleep if he went tomorrow, but I don’t think Edu was responsible for the shoddy deals that you have quoted.

    If I remember rightly Raul signed off the Kia deals and he resigned the day after Willian signed.

    He may have been swayed by Edu but what do we know.

    The way I look at it any signing after August 15th 2020 is Edu and Artetas responsibility.

    Again the two year contract thing was Raul and Vinai saying that and they got Huss in to sort it… so if anything I would say Vinai should be sacked before Artedu because he is awful.

    Only my opinion though😉

  21. Why does everyone think it’s only Arsenal that let players slip into the last year of their contract?

    FFS it is every club, when will you all see that? Barcelona err Messi, Liverpool Wjinaldum, Man City Aguero, the list can go on, far better players than we have ever lost for free.

    Fact is players know their siht and moreover so do their agents.

    Edu has been here for 16 signings most of those are decent players, in that time he has got rid of some awful garbage, but it’s up to the manager to get those signings playing as a team.

    Personally I don’t think Arteta was ready for the job, neither was Emery, that was when we made our mistake, replacing a genius with novices is never easy. As Man United have found out, they are getting back through investment and that is what we are doing now, the problem is we are forcing £15-25m players to play like £50-100mm ones

  22. I ‘hope’ that Arteta and Edu do well as that would mean AFC do well which is all I want.

    I ‘know’ they won’t get top 4 and quite possibly will fail to get top 6.

    How do I know? Well it’s based on what’s gone before, what has changed as a consequence of what went before and how this will affect their future performance and thinking..

    Both , just not up to the job they were hired to do like our owner Satan Kroenke.

  23. Edu should’ve been sacked over Willian, he to get personally involved(Joorabian) in transfers & wouldn’t have brought in Willian & Luiz if he wasn’t Brazilian… Aouar is sitting there for Arsenal & he switches targets to Guimaires,. another (!) Brazilian

  24. Sacking Edu, would be so easy if the club had the will. I mean what has he brought to Arsenal that would be missed? Shrewd decision making and forward thinking policies?

  25. Okay, with all said for and against, but I think us should exercise patience and keep wxercising it on the case of whether Edu should be sacked now or not.

    For, despite the obvious mistake seem committed in the signing of the aging footballer, Willian by Arsenal to a 3 year deal on more than 200k/w wages according to reports. But I think Edu would’ve done this but in tandem with Arteta. I say this because I think there is no chance that Edu will be signing or offloading for Arsenal without involving Arteta inputs in the scheme of doing it.

    And do us know if the Kroenkes are the ones who instructed the Arsenal management board to get rid of Ozil and two others from the club after they have refused to consent to the was it 25% Covid-19 Wage cut?

    But now that Arsenal did not show any interest to sign the goals scoring exponent at the top level, Lionel Messi when he was available on the free. And Arsenal have appeared to have done the same thing by ignoring to miss on CR7. Who is reportedly available now for signing. With these my above sayings said. But will Arsenal come out now to make a stunning surprise summer transfer deadline day signing of a big player this summer in Eriin Halaan from Dortmond, as they normally have done in the past deadline day incoming transfers?

    .i think Arsenal can do the transfer of Halaan this summer. And they should do it to use him replace the outbound Eddie Nkethia who is reported could go to Crystal Palace.

    Well. As for Lacazette, because of the hold up play to bring others into action that he uniquely brings to the team. I seriously don’t know if Arsenal should offload him for a hefty cash this summer to help fund a big player signing preferably a proven regular top League 30 goals plus League goals scorer per season.

  26. I’ve seen the typos errors I made in my first comment posting. But after correcting them and re-post. My comment is still under m,operation. I wonder if my re-post still contain errors.

  27. Bissouma now linked with Liverpool
    Another quality player we won’t get now due to edu wasting money where it didn’t need to be spent
    Things need to change at our club and fast

  28. Sack all three together and boat them out of the club but I am afraid it won’t happen because like our owner shares same mind set as that of some fans here who only want to achieveid table finish.

  29. Good Day all

    Just to add another good sign from Edu was Gabriel and bad one was William. Yes the article is absolutely right with a couple of things. Like Cedric is not better then Bellerin, he was simply just free and that Mari was just a cheap option. Strange one the Mari one, the one eye know him from City, still he sign him.
    The real bad one was the selling of a really excellent goalie, Martinez. I think all involved is his deals should have been sacked already.
    This season, like I said before Lokonga and Tavares is okay, young and cheap. The big three are this ones that will be decisive for Edu and the one eye. White is a bit short for a CD, Martin maybe too soft and slow for the premier league. Spending 24-30mil on a back-up goalie while we still don’t have a number one RB is questionable.
    I think both Edu and the one eye should have been sacked by the end of last season, with the big reasons
    1. 8th position
    2. Selling of Martinez
    3. Signing of William

  30. Sorry, but you can’t fire one without the other.

    It is Arteta’s naivity that is causing the problems on the pitch, while Edu recruits the future deadwood.

    Tuchel came into Chelsea and sorted out their defense. He can play 3 top class defensive midfielders when necessary (all of whom can pass too).

    Arsenal struggle to get one reasonably good Defensive Midfielder on to the pitch.

    I will repeat, according to the stats Arsenal had the third best defense in the EPL last season. We needed to strengthen our midfield first and foremost, that was the area we get the most bang for the buck.

    We should have bought Bissouma ($30m) instead of Ben White ($50m).

    With Partey, Xhaka and Bissouma in midfield I suggest we would have put up a much better show in each of the last three games.

    I am okay with Lokonga and think he would be very effective if allowed to play alongside any two of these three.

    The current struggles our defense are having is because the rest of the team are defending like novices, allowing the opposition to come with late runs, totally unmarked (the proverbial jail break).

    Our current forwards are all light weights.
    That is another reason why we need a strong midfield.

    Having bought our midfielder, we should have spent the rest on a top class forward – preferably one who could hold the ball up, and be able to head it too.

    As things stand, I do not think we can afford to play both Odegaard and ESR in the same team, and have two of Pepe, Saka, Laca, Nellie or Auba up front. But since we did not buy another strong defensive midfielder, I guess our defense will continue to have problems..

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