Why England injury woes could spell BIG trouble for Arsenal

Maybe I am being a bit pessimistic here, but with all the injury problems that Arsenal have had to deal with in recent years, who can blame me? Arsene Wenger may also regret his words last week when he said in an off-the-cuff statement that the England boss Roy Hodgson could do what he liked in his use of Theo Walcott.

While there really is little that the Frenchman can do about how the international managers use his players from Arsenal, Wenger clearly wants there to be some common sense and some respect for the club involved and there often is. But when I saw the latest injury news in the Daily Express from the England training camp I could not help but worry.

The news is that the Man United midfielder Michael Carrick and the Tottenham winger Andros Townsend have both pulled out of the England squad due to injury. And Roy Hodgson has declined the chance to call up any other players. So what you say? Well I will tell you why this could spell trouble for the Gunners.

Without Townsend, England’s wide options on the right are limited to….Walcott. Okay there is Stewart Downing and James Milner, but if you were the England manager going in to a qualifying game, which would you pick? Theo would probably have got some game time anyway and it should be good for him, but he should not be playing too much and that is a lot more likely now.

The same goes for Jack Wilshere, because without Carrick it will be the Arsenal youngster that Hodgson calls on to re-visit the deep lying play maker role. And in a tight game, Hodgson will not even think of looking after his legs or fitness.

These two Gunners have both missed long periods of club action in the last cou8ple of years because of injury problems received while on international duty. I would like to think that the Arsenal players had done their duty, but it does not work that way and there is a chance that one of the two could be heading back to the Emirates with a problem, especially after the so-called friendly with Scotland. One thing that game will definitely not be is friendly.

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  1. Its always like that Wenger refuse to play our players bt their managers in their respectiv countries play them..we shud hv usd walcot in our previous match its lyk we keep our playrs fit for their international careers they get injuries n their sickbed is ARSENAL!

  2. Theo should say he is tried (The Raheem Sterling way) just don’t caught caught in the night club, that’s it.

    As for Jack, the more he plays the better for him.

    Off topic- Falcow will not even be a sub in our game. RvP is a doubt assuming that cause he didn’t feature for Holland last game. So it will be Chris Wilson and Shreik. But Shriek loves scoring against us. God i hate that diving-cnut grandmotherfcuker.

  3. Hodgson is not all that daft as he looks. Only if he proves me wrong I think he is very intelligent though he will never win the world or Euro cup.

    1. Sango Hope he proves you wrong I mean about never wining πŸ™‚
      it’s time the inventors of football “England” one something since 66 good luck boys and Hodgson use Walcott well and the half a dozen other Arsenal players in the squad πŸ˜‰

      1. England needed Frank Lampard more than they needed Gerard. England is more like Arsenal, no spine, solidity or someone who dectates how the english team plays. You might have invented football but you no longer command control on how football is played. At least Wenger is trying to restore your culture but he is French with no clue on how to do it. He needs Hodgson (that is if he is really english) to bail him out! as for me I am a gunner through & through.

        1. No fun in same country’s wining all the time just think England have good players but always fail on the big stage but this young English team might prove many wrong with a little bit of luck, and I do agre with you regarding Lampard, come on for the final 25 to 30 mnt,s could be what England needed.

  4. Sango, how did know that Mr Hodgson will not win the European Nations Cup? Are you the Soccer god? I think there is a James Milner added to Townsend and Carrick in that England injury list. So our Walcott may be featured at a point during the game.

    1. Let’s be real..without Arteta or Flamini we’d be being beaten even more. It’s easy to say neither player is the best in the league at the DM role, but they are in fact the best in our squad.

  5. Wenger could do more to protect players from international duty, we know Ferguson did it, why can’t Wenger for the good of club.

  6. Slovenia and Scotland are decent
    games for our players.
    Another manager, different style
    other players with different skills
    all good for their development.

  7. I am English but if Hodgson plays Theo for all of the game, I am going to be seriously p-ssed off. He has just come back and I don’t know if he is match fit.

  8. Thumbs down for wanting to look after a player that has just come back from injury. You must be f-cking mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. they dont even read your comment, just see your name – hold a grudge an thumb down.

      i said coyg after a win, thumbs down, sanchez is brilliant-thumbs down

      just laugh andrew some immature business we’re dealing with on here

        1. Andrew I think Theo will come on as a sub in the Slovenia gain and I hope he gets a full game against Scotland friendly game,
          He needs match fitness so he will be sharper and I think Arsen is hoping for the same.

          1. Tas The Ox should play most of the game with Theo coming on as a sub. I have noticed when Camberlain plays for England he comes back as a better player.

            1. Agreed on the Slovenia game but let him out first in the Scotland game take him of if he looks tired or struggling.

  9. Jenks, clearly enjoying life.

    Playing regular football, playing for top 4 team.
    At this rate he is playing CL football next season.

    Bet Wenger regretting that decision

  10. Take note Campbell, leave before you are ruined.

    Wenger renowned for making WC players, but now starting to be know for ruining careers.

    1. Don’t forget Podolski. Apparently Low is saying leave Arsenal. Something is seriously wrong at our club.

      1. I think Low knows why his not a regular at Arsenal and hinting to Padolski to joine a less of a club so he gets more regular football so when Germany decides to use him of the bench or if they have many injuries he will be match fit to play.

              1. Rotation what is this I have heard of this πŸ™‚ but we don’t rotate at Arsenal we stick to our first eleven until injury.

  11. Theo could use the game time and the same can be said of jack wilshere. Falcao is out but i have a feeling RVP will be there, without him they have no chance at all.

    Should be a cracking game

  12. What sums wenger up is poldi is one of the top earners at the club so if you got no intention to play let him leave in summer window.same goes for campbell and rosicky. There dont seem to be any plan for any game or situation for us.i thought after the season thomas had and the way campbell played at world cup they would be right in the mix for starting lots of games.

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