Why England should be very wary against Panama….

Online casino and sportsbook LeoVegas Sport has carried out detailed research dating back to 1998 into the relationship between population size and World Cup success.

On the back of England’s late success against Tunisia, much has been made of Panama’s population size and the certain win it should be for England.

However, history suggests England need to avoid being complacent. In fact, Uruguay who famously ended England’s World Cup hopes in 2014, have a lower population than Panama (three million versus four million)

Key stats from the research show;

England have suffered more losses to nations with a lower population over World Cup qualifying and finals matches, than they have beaten nations in the FIFA’s top 10 rankings (six versus five).

England have lost to Romania, Argentina, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Ukraine and Uruguay
England have beaten Germany, Argentina and Poland x3

In World Cup group stage and knockout matches, England have suffered more losses to nations with a lower population, than they have beaten nations in the FIFA’s top 10 rankings (four versus one).

England have lost to Romania, Argentina, Portugal, and Uruguay
England have only beaten Argentina

Over World Cup qualifying and finals matches, England have twice lost against nations with a lower population size than Panama (Northern Ireland and Uruguay)

To warn the three lions about the dangers of complacency, LeoVegas has rounded up five of the matches England would want to forget, but need to remember as they battle to progress to the knockout rounds.

The days England will want to forget

England 1-2 Romania (1998)
A 90th minute winner from Romania’s Dan Petrescu condemned England to a shock defeat in their second 1998 World Cup group stage fixture, after a strong qualifying campaign which saw them finish top and above Italy.

Northern Ireland 1-0 England (2006)
David Healy scored the only goal of the match as England’s golden generation suffered their first defeat in a qualifier under Sven Goran-Eriksson. It marked a disappointing performance in an otherwise solid qualifying campaign.

Ukraine 1-0 England (2010)
Ukraine ended England’s 100% record in qualifiers in 2010 with a 1-0 victory in which keeper Rob Green was sent off after only 13 minutes.

Argentina 2-2 England (4-3 penalties) (1998)
England regrettably went out of the 1998 World Cup on penalties after a good display against their fiercest rivals, a game which is since remembered for Beckham’s red card in the second half – a mark of discipline England will need to keep this World Cup.

England 0-0 Portugal (1-3 penalties) (2006)
Penalties were again the decider which ended England’s World Cup hopes in 2006, and again a red card was a thorn in an England side – this time Wayne Rooney reminding the nation of the importance of staying calm in the most pressured of situations.

Also considering our very narrow win over Tunisia in the opening game, don’t count on England winning by a large margin….

And don’t forget the Iceland game at the Euros!

Updated: June 24, 2018 — 9:29 am


  1. Panama will win 5-0 then. Or last minute winner. Even a draw is a good result for them.

  2. If England are focused & stick to a game plan they will win, don’t need a big scoreline to prove anything. New younger players & manager this World Cup so you never know. I’m Irish by the way & would love to see England do well, as an Arsenal Fan can’t be a hypocrite as their an English team & my English team so go on the 3lions. If it was against the Republic of Ireland then we’ll heart lyes at home!

    Rashford Kane Sterling

    Those 3 up front can do damage!! Kane il give credit though he’s at the enemy is a threat to any team so England have every chance to score every game with him & the pace/trickery of the other two esp Rashford.

  3. Seriously-I could not give a flying toss about England.I will watch the game ( only the second after Germany v Mexico ) because I really have nothing other than a feet up on the sofa afternoon planned.I just cannot get motivated to watch England any more and there are far too many Dustbin Lids in the squad as far as I’m concerned.
    I am and always will be an Arsenal fan.Supporting England is not important to me so far as football goes.

    1. Now watching England have the Aussies at 126-5 is very very gratifying.

    2. Have to agree with you Phil…. 👍

      1. Yes Phil and Sue you can only play what’s picked against you, but Cricket Australia suspended their players who tampered with the ball in a Test Match; England gives theirs MBE’s!

        1. Ozzie…. I was on about the football. Don’t have a Scooby doo about cricket 😂🤣

          1. Ah OG-that sounds very much like a comment from somebody who follows the Aussie Green Berets.Lets leave the cricket out of this shall we?Although the
            5-0 WHITEWASH was very pleasing for us.

          2. My apologies, Sue.
            Phil, I thought you would have got that from my name (LOL). Every dog has its day in sport; although I don’t know how Australia with a population of 25 million manages to compete (even if poorly at the moment) across so many sports, given the direction of athletic talent into Australian Rules Football.
            Association Football has the highest registration of players; however numbers drop off for adult teams.
            Hopefully Australia can beat Peru.

  4. England would most likely go through the next stage, because of their 3-5-2 and physical abilities

  5. Great header by Stones!!!

  6. Panama getting absolutely blistered 3-0.

    Ozil is terrible, lazy, and worthless. Panama should sub him immediately. It’s Ozil fault for all 4 goals now.

    1. But Ramsey has bossed the midfield, give the
      lad whatever he wants and make him the
      centerpiece of Arsenals return to the peak of
      world futbol.


  7. Panama is horrible, did anybody not know this?

  8. My Nan with her janky right hip could play for Panama. Sheesh, blow the whistle already. No need England players pulling hamstrings for this massacre.

    Panama should stick with baseball and boxing. At least they are competitive with those two.

    World cup waste of their time; there are no participation trophies handed out.

    1. And the US couldnt finish ahead of them in


      1. Still painful here Ace, but you speak the truth.
        Many many here in States still sore the manager (rightly sacked since) ran out a team where half dozen players in their mid 30’s.

        Surprisingly no pace, stamina, and couldn’t play quick passing, constant movement, and pressing game. They parked bus, and rightfully lost.

        Watching Panama get taken behind woodshed only made me despise former coach and his favoritism for poor poor player selection.

        Anyway, England moving on, Panams home with tails tucked, and USA moaning what could have been.

        1. Watched very little of US WC qualifying but the
          few minutes I labored through it was
          abundantly clear that Arenas squad was bereft
          of quality sans Pulisic and Mgabe(sp?).
          Combine that lack of talent with Arenas
          predictable reliance on the Old Guard and the
          US was destined to S@$t the bed.

          Thankfully theyll be there in 2026. 😁

          1. Last couple matches the younger “talent” we have performing better.

            There are actually some talented players, Pulisic, Acosta, couple CB’s, and a few others.

            Looking forward to next cup

  9. Yeah be afraid very afraid 😱 🤣

  10. This article aged very much in the opposite way a fine wine does….perhaps more like some old cream on a warm summers day..?

  11. Hi Mr. Admin. OOPS!

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