Why Euro 2016 could help Arsenal seal Varane transfer from Real Madrid

Arsenal are one of the many clubs in the Premier League and around Europe that have been linked with the possible signing of the Real Madrid and France international star Raphael Varane, but with the young centre back regularly being talked about as one of the most talented and promising young players in the world over the last few years I never really took much notice of those Arsenal transfer rumours.

Metro is reporting, however, that Varane has lost his status as a regular starter under the current Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane and if this is the case then the chances of being able to sign him are much bigger. The frustration of seeing Sergio Ramos and Pepe nail down the central defensive pairing was compounded by Varane picking up an injury right at the end of the season.

This kept him out of the Champions League final although he would probably not have played anyway but he would almost certainly have been in the France starting XI at Euro 2016 where he would have played alongside Laurent Koscielny and it is this French connection that I think could be key to the Gunners beating the likes of Man United to his signature this summer.

It has been a very good tournament so far for France and certainly for Koscielny who now looks to have established himself as one of the first names on the team sheet of Didier Deschamps. So if Varane was playing his club football for Arsenal alongside Koscielny it could be perfect for the young defender’s chances of being first choice for France as well and the understanding they would have would surely be good for both club and country.

So is now the perfect time for Arsene Wenger to make a transfer bid for Varane?


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  1. Now wenger is talking about griezmann getting the balon d’or, y not just get him two years ago, ignoramus!

    1. we probably only wanted to pay pennies for him. I remember he was all the rave though one summer and readily available. No surprise we missed out yet again though. And on a Frenchman nonetheless.

    2. I remember it so well. I am sick and tired of him doing this. He drools over some classy player who now hits the headlines, while a couple of years ago the same class player was ‘under his radar’ according to this man we call our manager. What is he managing precisely?I can see that the ‘little purse’ that he has is tightly shut – that is what he is managing. Of course he’ll never get Griezman. Even if he was for sale, it would be at an astronomical fee. No chance when Wenger would not buy him when he was affordable. I am furious! I am also sick and tired of hearing his ‘drooling list’. Grow up Mr Wenger’, your drooling is as bad as vayorism – it is embarrassing!

  2. Yeah sure, wenger would go for subotic and in two years time he would say that varane is the world’s best CB, ignoramus.

  3. Dream on! The Wenger we know would never put the required funds on the table to buy a defender in the class of Varane. He won’t even pay for the likes of Manolas, he is too tight fisted and still in love with Mertasacker so why bother?

  4. just to balance all the wenger bashing.

    im happy hes made sure alexis is going nowhere.
    seems hes in the market trynna hussle some signings an has been since early.

    an lets be honest he for a man of his age has real swagger, fly suits …his shoe game is tight.
    i see puffy an jigga trynna swagger jack him.

    an we just gonna overlook that at his age he still has all his hair.

    dont have the playa son

  5. Mr Wenger only seems to be Talking Up Player while keeping his Hands in his Pocket’s holding firmly on to the Cheque Book as usual nothing new here.
    He done the same last summer so it does not look good. I think he is finished buying in this window. Arsenal need fresh idea’s Mr Wenger has past his sell by date.

  6. November 2015, a damaged thigh muscle kept him out for three weeks, March 2016 it was an ankle injury. May 2016 grade two muscle tear in thigh.

    Apparently he was a regular starter under zindine zedane untill these injuries.

    Looks like a good signing for arsenal, he will be able to keep wiltshire, welbeck, walcott etc company in the treatment room.

  7. We are in the familiar territory again– all rumors but only one signing. We might only have 1 signing only. The last ditch attempt to sign Djibril Sidibe is a clear indication of a lack of preparation and direction to strengthen our squad. Honestly, think we won’t see anyone other than Xhaka.

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