Why everything is looking AWESOME for Arsenal

I am not sure that I even believe in good luck and bad luck, although being an Arsenal fan in recent years hqas left me cursing the seemingly unfair and bad sequence of fortune that has seen the Gunners beset by things that have adversely affected the club.

An injury crisis that left Arsene Wenger unable to call on Aaron Ramsey when he was on fire and had led us to the top[ of the league for instance, with other big players like Ozil and Walcott already in the treatment room, was arguably the reason for us not winning the title that season.

Not being a suspicious or religious person, though, along with the oft repeated theory that luck is supposed to even itself out over the course of a season, made me take these setbacks on the chin. You also have to accept that no matter how much we try it is almost impossible to be unbiased when it comes to Arsenal.

Bearing all this in mind I still think that the Gunners have had terrible luck, but this season feels different. All of a sudden we are getting penalties, late goals and other strokes of luck that have been absent in recent years. Everything seems to be going our way at the minute and I really do believe that these things play a huge part.

Things can soon change, of course, and Arsenal could well be hit with an injury crisis and some bad referee decisions, but if our luck continues to hold I really feel that we could be set for a great season. What do you guys think?



  1. Actually being lucky is when you have Xhaka to replace Coquelin compared to Flamini last season, that luck came at a figure of 35 million pounds.

  2. Having quality players all over the pitch who knows what to do at any given time is what that matters,luck is just 0.5% in football,don’t forget we have missed two penalties and one red card. The quality of players we have will definitely bring more “luck”.

  3. latest news says, Sagna is injured n Aguero got another injury in the Arges training… dnt know how long, but it’s speculated 6weeks.
    Sagna,Aguero,KDB all out for City this month.
    Walcott pls dnt get injured.

  4. We’ve had a barrel load of luck in my opinion. Three goals at least we would never get under different refs, and even with unbiased refs the home team usually get the benefit of the doubt. The first surprising call was that set piece with the rule for pulling and holding, very surprised we got it, teams always grab hold of our players. The last one was the ricochet off Kos hand, we all might believe it was the right call but you cannot say 100% it was sure to be given, refs are too yoyo like to think this. Just one unlucky call would’ve changed the whole dynamic of our season, if one had went against us instead of for us, we’d be reading allot more despair from some sections of fans.

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