Why FA cup draw would be GOOD result for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players will obviously be heading to Brighton today with the idea of beating the Championship side Brighton and booking the Gunners a place in the fifth round of the FA cup. I am not suggesting that we `play for a draw` by any means.

But I am suggesting that we try to play with some of the solidity and determination that won us the game against Man City at the Etihad stadium last weekend. The manager and his players should not go all guns blazing today and they should not worry too much and throw caution to the wind if the lower league side give us a rough ride. Neither should the Arsenal fans be too upset if we have to bring Brighton back to north London for a cup replay at the Emirates stadium.

I am sure that Man United fans were gutted about failing to beat Cambridge United on Friday night but, having seen all the shocks yesterday leaving half of the Premier League teams, including the current top three, knocked out and with four of us still to play, they will be feeling a lot better about life.

\\it is not as if a replay would be too much trouble for Arsenal after all, as we have not had a busy fixture schedule recently. The most important thing for us is to be in the draw tomorrow and a stalemate away today would do that. So should we be compact and cautious against Brighton today?

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  1. AYZAY says:

    Im no gonna be over confident, ill need a beer n kush, don’t want us to blow this one, can’t stand it

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      I hear ya. This is a 40oz. and 2 sticks type of match…

    2. Budd says:

      4 Guiness.Check
      1 Denton Single malt.Check
      1 Haze stick.Check

      Bring it on.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        And don’t forget the “defibrillator” I know I’m gonna need it…LOL

        1. Budd says:

          I have one charge left on it after I used the first one when I have seen Dean giving a penalty for Arsenal.

    3. jonestown1 says:

      Make no mistake, the whole non-Gooner world is hoping for us to cock up today. High pressure game and I am hoping Wenger doesn’t put out a team full of players on the come-back trail. This is not a game to ease players back in, especially as there is a full week break before the next game. Dare I say it, Villa at home looks easier than this game.

  2. King Henry 14 says:

    I think we should get the best out of this game just to make sure that THIS is the club that won 2-0 against MAN CITY at ETIHAD,. COYG!!! 😀

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @King Henry 14

  3. Jim A says:

    I say we should put out a great effort and leave no doubt!

  4. Dennis says:

    Or we could beat them!! Dominate possession in the first half, these teams can’t play possession based teams.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      But they know how to sit tight in defense and wait em out…

  5. John Legend says:

    Is Brighton capable of holding us to ransom? We should play our game and will, even if it is a slim victory.

  6. hasib1522 says:

    Bellerin- Chambers- Koscielny- Monreal
    Walcott-Ozil-Sanchez/ Rosicky

    We should win the match and keep up the good work going on, also should be playing this 11; it gives the unused players some game time; after every brilliant result we have an off day which wont be good for us if we continue in the 2nd half of the season this way; we need consistent performance from now onwards

    1. fred cowardly says:

      I like your team but Im not sure if Wenger will chose a weaker team.

      I’m pretty sure Wenger will chose Szczesny or even Martinez over Ospina. Maybe Flamini over Coquelin. Maybe bench or rest Sanchez.

      Again your team is the team Wenger SHOULD use.
      but we can never trust Wenger to do the right thing these days.
      you get thumbs up from me

  7. Arunavameister says:

    OT sorry guys..
    The dailyfail cannot rise anymore in the c@nt-o-meter can they?


    please check out the above link!

  8. fred cowardly says:

    Always go into a match with a winning mindset

    There is always time for “draw is not that bad” mindset after the game.

    But before the match we should want to win badly.
    I’m not saying going in cocky and overconfident but go in thinking that we should do everything to win.

    Consider this:
    1. City, Chelski, Southampton ALL lost at HOME, so if we draw and replay at home, no guarantee of victory.
    2. United and Liverpool and others have replays, if we win we shall be at an advantage.
    3. We play FA Cup, PL and CL ( also our players play international matches). Do we really want to add replays into the mix with possibilities of injuries or at the very least tired players.
    4. Out of the Top teams we would be the ONLY team to win and progress without replay.
    Chelski, City, Southampton, Spuds all lost.
    United, Liverpool replay.

    Now that would be cool
    So let’s win today. Have a positive mindset, hope players play their best and play hard to WIN

  9. Miles says:

    I think Wenger will go
    Bellerin mert chambers/monreal gibbs/monreal
    Flamini coq
    Walcott ozil Ramsey
    Would like to see akpom tbh, don’t want Giroud over playing and getting injured.. If welbeck is ba k then it would be perfect game to bring him back

  10. Ronny331 says:

    West ham not looking happy at ashton gate, this fa cups a crazy competition! Jenkinson being skinned a few times too. Hope we start with a strong team and go at it quick early on, get two goals early then sit and control the game with posession, (ideal scenario but dont ot will play out like that).

  11. arsenalkid1970 says:

    It’s the cup the fa cup. Shocks are what make this the best cup in the world. If it was a great game and we lost well so be it. Should take it by 4 me thinks

  12. nygooner says:

    anybody know a stream link for the game?

  13. RSH says:

    Arsenal team to play Brighton: Szczesny, Chambers, Koscielny, Monreal, Gibbs, Flamini, Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud

    our last game with a make-shift back 4…. lets power through it… COYG!

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