Why fans booing ‘taking the knee’ is not always racist

Don’t Assume Booing Taking The Knee Is Racism by Dan Smith

I wanted to give my opinion to the controversial events that occurred at The Den on Saturday but first I wanted to see the reaction to what seemed a large portion of 2000 fans booing players taking a knee before kick-off.

I was curious to how the club would respond w,ith their very next fixture ironically against one of the two clubs, QPR, who at the start of the campaign explained why they would not be taking part in the Pre match ritual.

Spectators at Colchester also jeered the gesture, and there are claims and counter claims that Sky played in fake noise to hide the fact the same happened at the London Stadium. West Ham fans have uploaded video footage as proof but that equally could be edited.

Some in the media have simplified anyone who boos the ‘taking of the knee’ as being a racist.
To stress the booing aspect I disagree with. That’s disrespecting someone’s right to express themselves. Just like a non-religious person wouldn’t have the right to boo a player praying.

My issue is I disagree with what the gesture represents, yet I detest racism and am offended by the notion that you have to agree or else you are labelled a racist. Was Les Ferdinand a racist when he explained why the Hoops had decided to stop taking the knee?

By the Director of Football calling it ‘a PR Stunt’ and ‘it’s impact diluted’ it encouraged conversation, something that months of clubs ticking a box hasn’t achieved.

Debate is the best way to educate and reach conclusions. I would have loved Millwall fans to be interviewed to get their reasoning.

If it’s because they are against the idea of equality, they are sick – but it’s wrong to assume that’s why they were angry. To say anyone against ‘taking the knee’ is racist suppresses opinions and leaves a missed opportunity for discussion.

It will also intensify the stance of Ferdinand (and me) that clubs and players are doing this for their image.
There are thousands of footballers in this country. Law of averages not everyone will feel the same way. Yet any player thinking of speaking up will now be given a hard time if they shy away from the majority.

Just because the Premier League, Sky Sports, BT, Arsenal, etc interpret ‘taking the knee’ as meaning one thing doesn’t mean everyone will agree.

Right or wrong when I hear ‘Black Lives Matter’ I think of burning buildings, attacking police, violent protests, etc.’

A group of Millwall players saying what ‘taking a knee’ means to them doesn’t mean they speak for their fans.

Those organisations provide me with sport, they don’t speak for me and certainly don’t educate me. Like I have the freedom to not agree with everything an MP says, a football club and TV network shouldn’t be playing politics.

If I was at the Emirates this weekend, while I wouldn’t boo our players making that choice (I think you should be respectful) if you asked my honest point of view ……. I agree with Les Ferdinand.
‘Taking the Knee’ is something Sky, most clubs and the League insist on doing, because PR wise it looks good to copy what the world has been doing since George Floyd died. Most took the knee and said ‘Black Lives Matter‘ without knowing it’s a political Movement that’s existed for years.

Of course any decent human being is sickened by racism and discrimination of any kind, but I have never seen ‘taking the knee’ as having anything to do with the issue. I would much rather hear about tougher sanctions, points deductions, etc

Look how quick the FA were to release a statement condemning Millwall fans. Now compare the tone of their statement to the one where they failed to condemn FIFA for their pathetic punishment towards Bulgaria last year. You take the knee yet the governing body in charge of the game order the Bulgarian national team to play one game behind closed doors and pay 75,000 Euros.

That’s the same FA who’s chairman resigned for several inappropriate comments including, ‘coloured footballers.’ Just think about that.

The FA are so adamant that ‘taking the knee’ spreads a message, that Greg Clarke has a slip of the tongue in front of The Department for Digital Media and Sport Committee. You think that would be the one place where you make sure not to say the wrong thing?

If the FA boss is not taking the spread of awareness seriously, how can they expect the rest of us to believe they mean it?

Did ‘taking the knee’ protect Pepe from being racially abused online? It’s not even newsworthy, it’s been accepted. Not just football, but the likes of Twitter and Facebook, what policy and procedures are they implementing to change anything?

How do you not know that these are some of the Millwall and Colchester fans frustrations? Your never know if you just dismiss them. Or is that easier than answering some tough questions.

The Premier League themselves quietly distanced themselves from BLM in the summer because, let’s be honest, they had had zero idea what they were supporting. They thought it was a noble way to spread awareness, no different to a wrist band or shirt. When an MP put it to them were in favour of removing police funding, they were in a pickle.
It would be a PR disaster to ask clubs to suddenly stop ‘taking the knee’, so they have awkwardly picked snippets of the ethos they agree with, but please don’t listen to the rest.

Again just because football has decided ‘taking the knee’ has nothing to do with ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean everyone will agree. Especially considering as you only started this ritual after a death and protests made worldwide news.

When I see a player take a knee, I think it’s an organisation ticking a box and being hypocritical, because when racism happens, they do nothing. I also don’t think the BLM political movement should be advertised by one of the UKs biggest brands.

Do you think their organization is not benefiting from the most watched League on the world taking a knee which, no matter what the prem claim, many associate with the movement?

It’s like when Rios Ferdinand refused to wear a Kick it Out Shirt. He wasn’t refusing because he disagreed with message. He just got tired of his teammates told once a year to wear this while warming up, the FA ticking a box but doing nothing.

This is the same, players told to ‘take a knee’ but ask them what is actually changing behind the scenes? Nothing!

It’s sad that in 2020, players are forced to ‘take a knee’ so football can tick a PR box, even knowing they will do nothing once a player is racially abused. If a player, fan, pundit says how they feel, they get called a racist.

So players are puppets on strings ‘taking a knee’ while the rest of us are reading off cue cards, so we say the right thing.

I passionately want to fight racism. I can’t help the fact though that when I see ‘taking a knee’, I think of a lot of actions I disagree with. Don’t blame me, blame those who have ruined the message by setting shops on fire, attacking police, etc. Yet if you don’t agree with taking a knee, you’re a racist?

Who are the FA to say that about people?

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  1. Agree completely….taking a knee does little to nothing in actually stopping racism.

    I’m an African and completely against racism(obviously) but all of these ‘campaigns’ only cause more division.

  2. WOW! The article is like a Novel. LOL. Just kidding 😂
    Really good article

    I support BLM completely
    Especially in America. The deaths and injuries caused by police has gotten out of control

    BLM should continue until changes have been made. This is far more important

    Knees is simply support for this.

    1. Innit So glad to see you approve of the length and depth in this fine article. My only sadness it at your “wow”, as that says to me that you are surprised that some people, meaning Dan, have done this much thinking.

      I find this article which, mentions our club only in a single passing word, to be such a huge upgrade on the many many mundane say nothing articles usually put on this site. Anyone who does not have an interest and involvement in the ghastly issue of racism is not allowing themselves to be a full human being. Possibly the single most worthwhile article to ever appear on JA and what THAT thought tells me is that mere football is way down the list of lifes most important and vital matters.
      I do not say it is not important, merely that many other life matters arefar more important.
      As for the article itself, I agree wholeheartedly with its central thrust but believe there are more nuances still to the whole debate than even Dan raised , so thoughtfully and wonderfully.
      Finally I urge Ad PAT to allow more life philosophy articles in this vein on here and let those who care about far more than just football and our club have full rein to raise important matters. This article is meat and drink to me and of far more interest than who is picked for the Burnley match. But each to their own!

      1. Oh Jon, you have to find a reason to complain!
        Dan has written very many articles confronting racism and football which gives much needed debate on the subject and are rightly applauded
        But don’t tell me you want him to write ten articles a day that have nothing to do with Arsenal!

        1. Ad PAT, I am not asking that Dan writes ten a day. BUT I do ask that you open the floor to all to contribute, even when Arsenal is not the prime subject. I write many blogs each week on political sites and am far more interested in life matters than I am in Prem football these days of obscene wages .

          I have been repulsed by this greed in increasing stages for many years and unless I see serious signs of a sea change after Covid is under control, I see the day when I will no longer watch football being not far off. People in general have always been to me far more interesting than football and footballers alone.

          Happy to contribute any, even many, articles of the type Dan’s written here. Different subjects of course. I only await your decision. I would of course link it to our club as best I can. There are any other subjects that matter, besides racism, important though that be.

          But to be honest, many of the constant say nothing new rehashes bore me silly and I am far from alone, as you must surely realise. I reckon you have a host of bright and willing folk on this site who would pen different sorts of articles from the usual mundane ones but they feel they would not be welcome.

          When you constantly use very similar type articles, quite naturally most fans then feel that is all you want or need, so hide their light under a bushel. I am not that type as I suspect you may just have noticed , being the keen observant man you are!(How about that for understatement!)

          We all understand and accept it is your site and your decision but if you choose to stay as you are, then nothing will ever get better, quality wise.

          1. Jon, you say that my site only rehashes opinions, but this is not the only moral-pondering article that has appeared. So I think these have given our readers the inkling that we do accept thought-provoking articles regularly so why would they think they would not be welcome?
            But as always I will insist they relate to Arsenal or be important to football fans.
            Try me…..

  3. From 1970 till 2010 when ever a black/coloured player was in possession of the football the vast majority of the white supporters engaged in mass racist abuse toward all the non white players and by association all non white supporters
    and non white people in general. The two most common sounds were the monkey chant and the chant “You black b*****d”. For 40 years this racist abuse toward non white players and non white people went unchallenged by the FA the Government the media the club owners the Managers the boards the supporters while non whites suffered in miserable and painful silence. Only in the last few years have the FA in Europe belatedly begun to address this social illness. The booing at Millwall one of the most racist clubs along side Chelsea and Leeds just goes to show how little has really changed. The Millwall response reminds me of how people say they are suffering covid fatigue after 9 months of restrictions like wearing masks or washing hands. So have white people become fatigued after a few months of a 30 second pre game taking a knee? Freedom of expression is important so the writer of this article would welcome back the monkey chants and the “You black b*****d” chants like standing and fighting on the terraces you know the good old days.
    Btw Is the writer of the article white or non white?

    1. Your post wasn’t sensored by a human, but by the computer which had to deny the language used, in which I have now asterisked partly out so that your comment can be made.

    2. Wyoming, Oh dear! Dan was emphatically NOT saying what you accuse him of saying or thinking. If you read it properly and applied some brain, its true meaning was crystal clear. That you misunderstood it says more about your own lack of intellectual capacity than anything other than Dans DEEP THINKING humanity.

    3. “From 1970 till 2010 when ever a black/coloured player was in possession of the football the vast majority of the white supporters engaged in mass racist abuse toward all the non white players”

      THE VAST MAJORITY??? REALLY IN 2010??? that’s just not even SLIGHTLY true.

    4. And taking a knee will stop monkey chanting ?
      That’s where we were going wrong
      Back in 60s if only they took a knee , racism wouldn’t have happened

      1. Dan I’m on your side as I hope you already know but racism was rife well before the 60’s, sadly. As a child of the 50’s, racism, both conscious and unconscious racism,was widely evident everywhere. They really were – and excuse the unintentional pun – the dark ages. It was widely said that if a black person moved into your road then house prices would fall. That carried on for decades more, disgustingly, and some people even now “think”(a misnomer) that way.

  4. The problem is that the majority of people don’t actually know what BLM stands for. They all think it’s about standing up against racism, specifically against black people, whereas in fact, BLM is a violent, political, anti-white, anti-capitalist (although they’re happy to take funding off super rich white people) movement. BLM also go hand-in-hand with a another racist, violent organization going by the name of Antifa.

    Forget football for a minute, BLM is a stain on humanity! But looking at football now, no one wants politics in football!!! We watch football to get away from these things! What’s next? We have to be subjected to a BLM trailer at the cinema’s before watching a film?

    It’s amazing that this kicked off with a black person (a horrible person one should add), getting killed by the police. People should want justice for his death of course, but nothing is EVER said by ANYONE in the mainstream about the fact that more white people have been dying at the hands of the police. In fact, I think last year or this year, 15 whites died in UK police custody compared to one black.

    1. Don’t hold back mate .
      I will also agree that politics have no place in sports.
      You have to see it from the millwalls fans perspective that it was their first match back and they just wanna watch a game of football .
      If the players have the right to support what they believe in then so should the fans IE the booing shows what they believe .

    2. “but nothing is EVER said by ANYONE in the mainstream about the fact that more white people have been dying at the hands of the police.”
      Distortion of facts as usual. It not about numbers, its about proportion compared to the respective populations. When players take the knee its not about support for BLM but a reminder that police brutality and racism against blacks especially in the US is real today as in 1900. I have seen your past comments here about taking the knee and other forms of anti racist protect in sport including you famous “All lives matter” cries and I knew you had to pop up.. Why cant you skip the political correctness and tell us what really is on your mind…

      1. To say blacks are treated the same now as they were in 1900 is beyond delusional! Apparently I’m distorting facts, but you try and get away with that! That comment alone shows how far removed from reality you are.

        1. “as real today as in 1900”.. I never said the same but then again living in denial can include childish attempts at deliberate misinterpretation of words..From your conspiracy theories about C19 to outright denial of the existence of racism, what else should one expect..

      2. “Distortion of facts as usual. It not about numbers, its about proportion compared to the respective populations”

        That’s not actually true, Black females are not a part of these skewed statistic only the males, because in america black males commit a little over 50% of all the violent crime in america, despite accounting for only 6.5% of the population, and a police officer is 18x more likely to be killed by a black man in america than a white man, before anyone labels me a racist, these are official FBI crime statistics for America. I despise racism in every way shape or form, but you have to look at all the objective statistics that help give rise to what we see.

        As for BLM they are a thinly vailed political movement, if they actually stood for black lives I would fully support 100% but it seems to only be black lives killed by white people matter, since george floyd died, there have been little black kids killed by black gang members hiding under the veil of blm, and BLM dont give a shit, just youtube “secoriea turner parents interview” and watch the video of her parents talking about there car being shot at by black BLM activists and there 8 year old secoriea dying as a result, where is her memorial?? Where is her go fund me with millions of dollars? Where is her tv coverage? Doesnt fit the Media’s flavour of the month narrative.

        1. ” but you have to look at all the objective statistics that help give rise to what we see”
          I love this sentence. So what gave rise to the stats that you just quoted..

          This is a football site so I will end it here..

          1. 95% of black males are killed by other black males in todays america so care to explain that? Again this is official FBI statistics. If america was so vehemently racist that would not be the case.

        2. Don’t bother with facts because some are not interested in truth, but rather agendas.

          All the violence towards African-Americans in Chicago by African-Americans, where is BLM?

          Dr. Martin Luther King jr. had the proper message decades ago, and that still resonates today. I choose to adhere to his message rather than the agenda of BLM.

          To each their own, my friend.

          1. Here here Durant! Yeah it’s the blatant double standards of it all, BLM dont give a toss unless a black life is ended by different race, if they really cared they would be using some of that 2.3 BILLION dollars they have accrued since 2013 to actually help the impoverished areas reform, financially back black schools that need funding, get kids off the streets and try to get black businesses up and running in these areas to try and get some form of economy going, but I’ve researched it and so far they have done VERY LITTLE with it to help black people. Ironically trump who teamed up with ice cube is actually doing more for the black community with there “platinum plan”

        3. Defund The Media, having read your interesting post – about which I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself, for now, – I am curious as to your profile name. and why chosen.

          In what way would you wish to defund the media, IF that is what you are arguing for? I would love to know, as this subject interests me a great deal and I have written blogs on how the media has too much power and misuses it so often. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

          1. Well I created this username as a counterpoint to the “defund the police” movement circulating throughout america, which has been perpetuated throughout mainstream meadia (more so in america). A lot of this racial division and tribalism came at the hands of the media (social media is very implicated in all of this too, there political bias is off the charts) in my opinion, by portraying a false narrative by omitting vital statistics / details that help to explain the actual situation (like some of the stats I quoted in other comments on here, there are many more) and also the fact that when white on black violence / death occurs they tend to always frame it as racially driven, but NEVER the other way around, google “cannon hinnant” a five year old white kid who was shot and killed in front of his two sisters on his front lawn by his black next door neighbour, AFTER george floyd, the big Media firms didnt even cover it, and the smaller media outlets that did cover it mentioned nothing about it potentially being of racist reasoning, black kids have been shot and killed by black BLM members, didnt make the news as it’s not the “flavour of the month” narrative. Black kids are dying in record numbers but nothing is getting done about it because there dying at the hands of the same race, it’s abhorrent that they dont shed light on it, just like the fact that 100 people a day in america die from fentanyl overdoses ALONE (not including all the other big pharma opioids) and the news BARELY ever talks about it. Plenty more could be said but I’ll just wrap it up by saying I’m no fan of the media lol 👍

          2. Sorry I totally missed your first question jon, my name was more a play on words rather than actually defunding the media, because honestly I dont have the expertise to know how to do that lawfully, though I definitely think anchors should not be paid MILLIONS of dollars a year as that leaves them very exploitable to do and say what they are told, there are examples of anchors (don lemon of CNN as an example and hes black) completely changing there tune from a few years ago, he used to blame the rap culture, lack of good education and lack of two parent households in the black community, now hes saying it’s because america is fundamentally systemically racist.

          3. Very interesting DTM and many thanks! I can see we would have much to agree about, though I see many more shades of grey in the whole subject of how much of the media behaves,whether for good or ill. I never forget that the media is a business and needs to make money to survive, while it often pretends/ attempts to be the social conscience of us all.

            In fact the “media” is merely people, like any other organisation in any walk of life and, being run by humans, does what almost all we humans do quite naturally; it becomes hypocritical.
            I have many times given my public talks on the subject of we humans being hypocrites and hypocrisy being a perfectly normal, natural, though not usually a desirable, state of being. I am certainly a hypocrite and so is every human who I know well enough to judge accurately.
            We humans, all of us, are fallible and it is wise not to forget that, very much including ourselves

    3. Between 2008/09 and 2018/19, 85 percent of deaths in police custody in England and Wales were white people, who make up 86 percent of the UK population. In the same time period, black people accounted for eight percent of the UK deaths in police custody, while only making up three percent of the total population.

      1. Could it be because the white man are busy working and he black man are not? When you look at violent crimes, the percent of all whites and all blacks is irrelevant but the percent of the uneducated and unemployed does regardless of color. Just saying!
        I read all the expert opinions here blaming the main steam media but could these experts being brain washed by the ‘non main stream media’?

        1. “When you look at violent crimes, the percent of all whites and all blacks is irrelevant but the percent of the uneducated and unemployed does regardless of color”

          That doesnt make sense. Black unemployment in the U.S was at an all time low last year but the crime rates didnt drop… care to explain that?

          You are waaay over simplifying a much, much more complex issue.

          1. “That doesnt make sense. Black unemployment in the U.S was at an all time low last year but the crime rates didnt drop… care to explain that?”

            That’s easy to explain. You are getting your news from a biased source.

            Even if we take your statement at face value. Those who have access to jobs have something to offer in return while most of the criminals are uneducated, homeless and uncapable of functioning in society like the rest of us.

          2. Lolol so my news is biased and yours isnt. Cool gotcha.

            Please site me the “real” black unemployment statistics then (spoiler alert you will not like it)

            Again your completely dumbing down the reasoning behind these things, it’s not as simple as unemployment and education. A lot of criminals do work and a lot of criminals choose criminality over legitimate employment because it’s easier.

      2. I know that you Ad PAT will have taken fully on board how many passionate and differernt angles fans have on this subject, with almost not a direct mention of our club throughout. It backs up my post to you yesterday.

        Expect my article about our common human foibles before the weekend is over. It will be linked to our club but ostensibly is about us, all of us. OUR COMMON HUMAN RACE!

    4. Double thumbs up. BLM has co-opted the true struggles against racism to be a fund raiser for themselves who are an organization as you described.

      1. Defund the media: I don’t read the news because most of it is bias
        However I live what you are describing every hour and every day. For instance what you describe as criminal who work are 99% white businessman or work on Wall Street as traders/investors. That alone contradicts your argument.

        1. “For instance what you describe as criminal who work are 99% white businessman or work on Wall Street as traders/investors. That alone contradicts your argument”

          Show me the stats, or stop making shit up lol, your just spouting nonsense. You need to stop watching movies pal.

    5. Fact: more whites killed by police than blacks.
      Fact: More policeman got killed by civilians than the other way round.
      BLM=Antifa=KKK=Proud Boys=terrorist

  5. I am waiting for my comment on this issue to be published. Why Have I been censored for supporting the BLM campaign but ThirdManJW obvious anti BLM comment has been published?

  6. I read across America a lot of Catholic churches were vandalised by BLM activists so if this is part of the movement then I can’t support that! And anyone who chooses not to support it should not be made a scapegoat of!

    1. Kev82: If what you describe is true then I am with you. However did you ask yourself why they singled out Catholic churches and what’s of value in any church that can be vandalized?

        1. First of all this is a (SINGLE) Baptist church and not a Catholic one. Second the preacher of the church is very controversial white supremacist who distributes AR-15 exclusively to white man and third where is the attack when demonstrators blacks and whites are laying on the ground with hands behind their back in protest.
          While I don’t personally agree with the protesters because they gave the preacher free publicity I don’t see it as an attack and I don’t see where the law was broken. In the US we have violent attacks against Synagogues and Mosques quite often.

  7. As a loyal follower of Justarsenal & Arsenal Fan let me tell you dark side from my country.
    Racism is everywhere and on every race.
    In my country, most of black people come here as tourist and student visa. But most of them here to do illegal business. Its like thats their culture.
    They represent them self like how my race represent ourself.
    Ok. Let me put it this way..
    What is ur first thought of:
    Middle east people
    Who’s fault?

    So just move on.. Every live matter!

        1. Simply highlighting injustice with a knee before a football game is an honourable gesture from the EPL……whether educated or not….in Canada majority of prisoners are aboriginals …..go figure that out ……modern racism is wholistic and deadly……it’s like carbon monoxide poisoning……slow but will kill you …… when a system disenfranchises some citizens and treats them less than human it finds ways to protect itself and the status quo……racism eats you and puts a disproportionate burden on you to prove your humanity ….. those who benefit from it will always find ways to defend racism ……racism is psychological and physical torture of a human race ……racism is simply wrong……taking a knee is a reminder of the pain of others who are asking for tolerance and acceptance and fairness to all……

    1. So you are into labeling entire races and ethnic groups because of the actions of some. And you see no problems with this.. You are one dangerous individual..

  8. “Don’t Assume Booing Taking The Knee Is Racism by Dan Smith”


    Yes it is racism. Booing taking the knee IS racist. If we don’t totally and consistently highlight racism, both deliberate or unconscious, we will never eradicate it. Racism is insidious.

      1. Dan
        Don’t read stuff into it. We project so much. Support it for the sake of the equality of all human beings. We are all exactly equal….exactly.

        1. I.believe in actions rather then a token gesture
          In the late 80 fans behaviour was so bad eventually they banned clubs from Europe as a deterrent
          No wrist , band , no shirt , consequences
          It improved things
          So to me takin a knee is a pr move
          It means nothing if when racism happen football’s turns a blind eye
          If you use the Bulgarian game as an example
          What’s the point of taking the knee saying you have zero tolerance to racism then paying on when players are abused ?
          Same with Twitter and Facebook
          Let’s see what they do to support Pepe

          1. Dan

            There is no need to take the knee. We can so what want, but to BOO those who do…that is RACIST. Booing IS an action.

    1. Another one in the firm grasp of the main stream media narrative. BLM is a political movement, most of the fundamental creators are known marxists… just change the slogan to “no room for racism” , dont endorse politics in sports, job done.

  9. Racism,tribalism&the likes will likely stay with us forever,so it’s better we learn to live with it&stop all this unnecessary campaigns that never ends

    1. Iykmatt

      Isn’t the point of life to improve the lot of sentient beings. I certainly do not want to live with racism, tribalism. We have the human ability to improve society, ourselves.

    2. No, you are quite wrong ! It will be defeated ! But not by accepting that nothing can change . It can, it must and it will!

  10. I am also against “taking the knee” but totally against racism. This is just a ritual or PR stunt. If anything needs to be done in Football, yesterday’s events have set the standard. Neymar and Mbape have clearly shown what should be done. If during a match you hear anything remotely racist all 22 players should just walk off the pitch, which will definitely raise discussions outside football.

    1. Exactly mate that’s it, literally abandon the match any time this crap happens and the a holes doing it will stop, at least during the matches, once they realise they wont get away with it at matches they will stop

    2. Been a while since I last commented on here although I regularly still read the site .
      I am totally against racism in any shape or form and don’t object to the taking of the knee if it highlights the problem so that something is done about it. I do however object to the politicalisation of the BLM movement and their antics.
      I also object to the players, when taking the knee, raise their arms and clench their fist a la black power ..Mr aubamayang !…to me that is being racist too !

      1. Simon I applaud your sentiments in this post and would encourage you to write often as this site always needs fresh writing blood, so to speak.
        I am white, British born and raised and have been active at street and Parliamentary lobbying level against racism and other forms of human discrimination, all of which are disgusting.


    3. Vinod, Well said, as what you argue is preciely the whole point. It is disgusting and demeaning that players of all so called “races”(there is only one race , the human race!) should need to publicly show their antipathy to discrimination . Instead it should be taken as read.

      The whole of both teams should immediately walk off, if racism is evident in the crowd. THEN the powers that be would finally act properly against the racist scum , who can be picked out by cameras and the WHOLE football world would punish them.

      When the future of the game itself is at stake, as it would be if all players DID walk off and did so regularly, THEN and only then, we would finally get action. Gestures are humiliating and no one should ever be put in a position of “begging” others to respect them.


  11. Racism is abhorrent and totally disgusting but I wouldn’t take the knee. Apart from it being a ridiculous stunt that tries to justify the corrupt Marxist BLM movement………I would have trouble getting up again.

  12. Racism is abhorrent and totally disgusting but I wouldn’t take the knee. Apart from it being a ridiculous stunt that tries to justify the corrupt Marxist BLM movement………I would have trouble getting up again.

  13. Why are we debating an issue of choice and hoping to arrive at a consensus? If anyone sincerely agrees to eradicating racism, then why should you be against taking a knee in support of raising awareness, providing solidarity to end an ill. Dan, taking a knee cannot stop racism, but it serves a different role, which is to raise awareness. Many would ask, why are they taking a knee, and the response will be “an awareness against racism”. Please tell me, what is wrong with that? And if anyone does not support that, how can they say they don’t support racism?

    If you were deeper in thought, you shouldn’t be writing in support of those who are against taking a knee, including yourself, but instead, you should be writing for stricter measures to be taken. You are simply stirring an issue that simply goes deeper towards dividing people.

    Why do you choose to look at the issue as coming from a PR position, instead, if you care, you should be propagating the strength of the act, which is to create awareness against racism.

    You cannot claim to be against racism, and yet be against an act that seeks to create awareness against it. It doesn’t add up. You are simply touching a deep issue without caution simply because of an opinion of yours! Sad!

    1. @indeed no… if the slogan were simply “say no to racism” this wouldnt be an issue for me or dan, the issue is that BLM is a political movement, that is fact, some of the founders are admitted marxists who want to end capitalism in the U.S (it was literally on there website until about 3 months ago) they have accrued 2.3 BILLION dollars thus far and done VERY LITTLE with it to help the common black person in the 7 years since its founding. Why would I support something that doesnt actually want to fix the issue, they just highlight racism, collect your donations, and do jack sh$t to actually help the common black person.

      1. @DTM, I do understand, but why don’t we speak against the people behind it. And my question is simple, is the act of taking a knee bad or wrong? If your answer is yes, that’s fine. But if no, why condemn the act? Instead, as you have said, condemn the person’s behind it. I hope you see where I am coming from. The article seems to support those who do not agree with the act, and the question is, is the act wrong? These are two different issues, and we need to know what we are against.

        1. Because in this day and age thats how tribalism works bud, you cant call out an individual of that movement without attacking the movement itself. Individual responsibility and group responsibility are two completely different beasts. And sorry you cant just say is the act of taking a knee bad or wrong, because there is zero context there, without it it is neither right nor wrong, depends on what your taking a knee for, “say no to racism” I will gladly support taking a knee but not for BLM because of there political implications / baggage / double standards.

          1. The context is as you mentioned: take a knee to pass a clear message that there is no support for racism. That is clearly and vividly mentioned by the commentators before each game. So DTM, you have again mentioned my point, which is you will take a knee for that. That’s simple!

          2. Yes indeed, provided it is strickly insupport of saying no to racism, not when its in support of political ideologies in sports.

          3. Now you see my point DTM! The EPL has clearly stated that it’s message behind taking the knee is to say no to racism, so why shouldn’t we all support that act? And I ask why the need for this article?

            If you wanted us to discuss BLM, then I will tell you I also do not agree to the movement, because all lives matter. And just as JON said, no one should be in a position of begging others to respect them. Instead, everyone should fight through fair means to add value to humanity in entirety.

            All I am saying is that we should be clear on what issues we are debating or discussing. And when it comes to such delicate social issues, we need more care than simple opinions, particularly when we do not know how it affects another soul.

      1. You have the ability to write, which is great power, don’t use it only to express your opinion, particularly when your opinion is simply a unidimensional view point… That’s misuse of your gift. You have been writing great articles, why go into a delicate social issue simply because of an opinion, when you have no idea of what people are going through. Have you being a victim of racism? If yes, then narrate your experience, if no, be cautious when you simply express opinions on such delicate human matters.

      2. Sorry Dan you really lost me here. I am an American white male and I will not say whether or not I agree with you on this subject. However I disagree with you on writing this article. You are unfairly advancing your social/political/whatever personal belief not because you are an expert on the subject but because you have the platform. Are you saying that blacks are more criminal than whites?

        1. @lcw…

          “I am of the opinion that you said it.”


          Thanks for that tonic! A great way to cap such an article!!!

  14. Excellent article.
    I very much agree.
    It could also be said this way:
    BLM has “hijacked” the fight against racism in a very clever way.
    While I support fighting racism, it makes me sad to see BLM matter banners being showcased everywhere, including at Emirates.
    Yes, BLM fights racism, but it is also a radical left wing movement with agendas, I am utterly opposed to.

  15. I’m black&against taken the knee because i see it as a way of being in solidarity with a black american footballer(as they call it there) who disrespected his country’s national anthem by taken a knee…so so insulting&disrespectful

    1. Maxis: Of course it is. I also witnessed a black man being racist toward a black man. When I asked him why is he racist toward a man of his color he said I am not as black as he is.

    2. Of course, every race has the ability to be racist towards any other race, just some have a bit more leniency than others at the moment, it will all balance out.

  16. Someone wrote in the comments that crime is high amongst black people because while whites are busy working blacks are doing nothing.I am wondering what’s the criteria for being deleting comments on this site

  17. The first game I ever saw in the UK was in 1979 at Loftus Road to see QPR vs Sunderland. This was because Arsenal were playing away and Sunderland were my second favourite team. I stood behind goal with the away fans which was something else because I am of Italian origin and these pale Geordies were suspicious of me at first but quite friendly once they got to know me. This was an era when black players were only starting to break out in professional football. QPR had one coloured player, I think his name was Hazel, anyway the poor devil was taunted throughout the game with a chorus of ” He’s a wog a wog,it’s plain enough to see, he’s blacker than you and me,he’s a wog a wog” .This was sung to the tune of” Che Sera Sera” by a full chorus of 2,000 travelling away fans. I can only imagine the mental toughness required to have had this kind of treatment week after week,at least into the 80s when more and more teams including Arsenal introduced their own coloured players. Being an Italian / Australian I had been called a wog many a time so had developed a fairly thick skin, however what I saw at Loftus Road was beyond cruelty ,there was no excusing it even way back then.
    Of course BLM is about more than verbal abuse or racist chants. Police brutality is an ongoing issue. This is also highlighted in Australia where aboriginal deaths in police custody are disproportionately high. We are often lead to believe that these young men have either suicided or died from internal bleeding after falling off a bunk bed in their cells. I understand the respect and sympathy shown by athletes in order to increase awareness but perhaps as demonstrated at Millwall and will probably continue to be seen in other grounds,taking the knee has become a ritual and like most rituals when constantly repeated will lose its poignancy and relevance

  18. People should take a knee or not. Take a knee if you feel that way or don’t take a knee….it’s a choice. But to BOO those taking a knee is absolutely pure racism.

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