Why Flamini NOT Arteta should start Arsenal v Tottenham

Why Arsenal Should Start Flamini Against Spurs! by AT

Following a disappointing Capital One Cup defeat at the hands of Southampton, Arsenal welcome Spurs to the Emirates for the first North London derby of the season. Both sides have endured a rather mediocre start to the new campaign and will be looking to gain momentum from what is surely the biggest game of the season.

Speaking in terms of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, apart from his defence, has a lot of tricky decisions to make in his team selection. But one position he won’t give much thought about is defensive midfield, Mikel Arteta is definitely the first choice at the moment. But in my opinion, I think Mathieu Flamini should get the nod for the clash against Spurs.

Okay, I’ll admit that the Frenchman is not the cleanest of players, nor is he as technically good as the Arsenal skipper, but he’s got something that is so crucial in a derby of this magnitude, total commitment. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way undermining Arteta’s commitment, I’m just saying Flamini is more effective in that aspect of the game.

Physically, the former AC Milan man is more than capable of keeping up with the speed and intensity of the derby, an area in which I feel Arteta lacks. Also, Flamini has more pace and can keep up with anyone from the Spurs midfield or front line. Not to mention, Mathieu holds a proud record of never having lost a North London derby.

While he may not make the cleanest of tackles or even be the most sensible player on the pitch, you can rest assured that Mathieu Flamini will be ready to put his body on the line and do everything he can to make sure Arsenal come away victorious. Yes, it is a risk, but I firmly believe it’s a risk worth taking.

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  1. Since I suspect the spuds will adopt a physical and fast attack approach,I’d agree with starting with Flamini…COYG North London Will Forever Be Red

    1. Not flamini at all because all he can give is a silly foul and this is Arsenal under english referees. If possible even arteta would be avoided but of the two he’s better at interceptions, clean tackles and even passing. flaminis most recent involvements have been like a red card to us.
      OTHERWISE I WOULD PLAY COQUILINE because he’s the true defensive midfielder we have that only needs to be developed and given confidence just as chambers is as well.

  2. Question- Why do Spurs supporters and players plant potatoe plant in their back yard garden?

    Answer- Cause you need something to lift at the end of the season.

    Ha ha ha. Potatoes howdya like it now?

  3. Question- What’s the difference between Adebayor and a dildo?

    Answer- Adebayor is a real d*ck.

    These jokes are so old,
    But nevertheless still gold.

  4. I remeber another one-

    Question- You are trapped in a room with a Anaconda, Tiger and a Spurs fan. What do you do?

    Answer- Shoot the Spurs fan. TWICE.

  5. We will need some steel, stability, as well as aggressiveness in the midfield to break up spurs play, and flamini is more better providing that than arteta!

  6. Fact is no matter what Arteta will start…why?…He is a Wenger favourite…I assume he feels Arteta can be as effectual as Pirlo is for Juve and Italy

  7. Flamini may be all over the pitch for 90 mins but with little effect.On the other hand Arteta might have the speed or energy to be all over the pitch but he is at the right place at the right time.

    1. Add to that, Flamini is a card addicted, he will get a yellow card in the first have and either play very cautiously for the rest of the game or get the second yellow ….

  8. What is the difference between Oscar Pistorious and spuds?

    Pistorious has a better defence and more shots on target.

    1. If you open Google and type in “Spurs”- the search result is astonishing.

      They show me Saint Antonio Spurs. A NBA team.

      Ha ha ha ha.

            1. Not for me, it should be jack and rambo in the double pivot, class over clout.

              Sanchez and cazorla out wide with ozil in the 10 just behind welby.

              Ospina Diaby Arteta flamini rosicky chamberlain podolski on the bench.

  9. The thing about Flamini in a North London derby is he might get sent off, we all know he’s a firey character and in a heated cauldron atmosphere like there will be today, he could get carried away, I remember last season when we played Spurs at home, the first thing he did when he got subbed on was a two-footed clanger of a tackle, AC Milan style and got booked when he could well have been sent off!

    1. Flamini and Arteta are both below the level to be a modern DM, I’m not trying to slate them here but that what we have and what you see … Though, I prefer Arteta over Flamini

  10. Wengers the reason our start to the season has been so poor.
    His stubbornness, his stupid formation change, his persistence with jack and ramsey playing together and ozil wide…

    Reckon We’ll still beat tottenham but it aint going to be pretty.

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