Why Flamini’s the man to get Arsenal over this blip

To be perfectly plain, Arsenal do not have a lot of options about who to bring into the starting line up to replace the newly injured Arsenal players Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin, so the French midfielder was always going to get the job anyway, but I do feel that Mathieu Flamini could be the ideal player to step in and help the Gunners to steady the ship after the setback of losing to West Brom.

I am not just saying this because of the news about Flamini being on the verge of making billions from his sideline into the oil substitute Levulinic acid or whatever it is called, although if he is reading this and fancies sending me a few shares I would not complain.

I just feel that Flamini has the same fighting qualities that Arsenal will miss while Coquelin is recovering from injury and he is also a leader on the pitch and that could be crucial for the next few games and weeks. Flamini may not have the technical ability of a Cazorla or Ozil or the speed of a Walcott or Bellerin but I challenge you to name a player more committed to the cause. It is clear that having a player like that in the middle allows Cazorla to flourish.

If you doubt me then I would just point you to the north London derby in the Capital One cup when he saw the need and grasped the bull by the horns and shocked us all with a brilliant brace. And the way he defended his team mates and put the focus straight onto the next game after West Brom speaks volumes about his character.

He told Arsenal Player, “The penalty, it can happen and Santi falling… there is nothing you can do. We tried and tried and tried until the last minute but we can’t give any excuses – today we lost the three points.

“It’s a shame because we started the game well, we went 1-0 up and then after they scored [twice] before half time it became more difficult for us.

“We tried to push on in the second half, we had some opportunities but of course it is disappointing because we didn’t get any points.

“Sometimes it happens and now it is important to recover and focus on the next game.”

So is Flamini not just our only option but actually an ideal one?

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  1. In january, arsenal shuld broadcast that at the season senile weger wil move up as the director,while gurdiola will be replacing him,else, it wil be the usual may the fourth go with you for arsenal. Ooops,just dreaming due to fact that arsenal is not a club but a business enterprise to kreonke and senile wenger

    1. 4th place! blah, blah! something happened I didn’t like so it’ll be fourth place again!!
      it’s seriously a broken record. For some reason the Giroud haters have quietened down a bit though… Wonder why that is?

      1. I would sign for 4th. Feel free to remind me at any time, but I think we are about to face some very uncomfortable months. Fail in the CL, be forced to play Thursday nights in Europe and 4th place will look like a great result.

  2. Flamini is absolutely terrible defensively, all he does is clap, point and tell others what to do and where to go while he himself is letting opposition players to ghost past him. All the pointing, shouting and clapping is to cover up his own weaknesses.

    But i think he is much better further up the pitch right now. But defensively he is a liabolity and an accident waiting to happen.

    1. I’m sorry, but saying Flamini is “absolutely terrible defensively” is total rubbish. He can be reckless sometimes, but generally he is very good at geeting the defence into shape. He is naturally rusty and sadly slower due to age, but that is not his fault. He will give his all for Arsenal, and he will do his best to get us to January in the besst possible position. Yes I wish we had a world class back up forCoq, but the Flame will give his all and
      will do a pretty damn good defensive job for his age.

  3. Hmm… The options are questionable.
    IMO Flamini’s a good role player to have, but not starting quality by any means. He does have far more experience than any other option which is a big advantage though.
    I think Wenger does have to build around Santi and Ozil in midfield so whoever comes in has to provide intelligent defensive cover. Coquelin’s ball-winning efficiency is going to be a massive loss and we don’t have anyone close to it in the squad, but there’s only a handful of players in the league who can claim anywhere close to that…
    Monreal showcased his adaptability last season when he played at CB. His performances weren’t outstanding, but for a position he’d never played before I was incredibly impressed. Chambers began as a midfielder as well, and Bielik obviously impressed in the CC, though the level of opposition is obviously a step-up.
    Haha I know i’m armchair managing, but I kind of think Monreal could do a really good job in midfield if he’s tasked with the simplified role Coquelin played when he first came in (Defence first and foremost, get the ball to Santi as safely and quickly as possible). His marking and 1v1 defending has improved out of sight the past season or so. Plays with intensity and an absolute rock, his man rarely goes past him.
    It obviously doesn’t have a potentially long-term solution in mind the way putting Chambers or Bielik in the deep-end would but that’s me basing it on the first-team players I’ve seen. For all i know Chambers or Bielik may absolutely be killing it at training in preparation with Coquelin’s absence.

  4. I recall that both koscielny and Gabriel have played dm in the past, but against Zagreb it’s win or bust. Why not go with 3 cbs and 2 proper wing backs in 352

    Gabriel mertesacker koscielny
    Bellerin ozil cazorla alexis Monreal
    Campbell giroud

    Ospina Debuchy chambers gibbs Flamini iwobi reine-adelaide

    For me that line up will be strong enough to cope with Zagreb and the options on the bench cover all the.positions.

    Let’s not risk Ramsey chamberlain or flamini cos we will really need them against norwich.

    1. Our system is so heavily built around midfield. You’re essentially just dropping a midfielder back into the defensive line at the expense of a number higher up the pitch. It invites pressure deeper in our half and takes away our counter/transition threat.
      I see what you’re trying to do, but the quality of our opposition isn’t worth that much change. Sacrificing attack as well as a completely different playing style is so much more of a change than a downgrade in quality in one position…

  5. Ramsey is coming back he should partner santi in the midfield,Walcott /ox to play on the right.

    Per mertesacker should be nowhere near the starting 11,especially considering Gabriel is fit to play.I don’t understand why wenger keeps rewarding poor performances with more starts.

    1. wenger just said ramsay and ox are a bit ‘short’ lol typical wenger. i said in my last few posts that sanchez and coq should be rested for WBA/Norwich. If we don’t rest sanchez, he might be next, then you can just throw away the season.

  6. Who is to blame?
    AKB’s blame the luck or anything but Wenger …
    What can you expect when you have five to six injury prone players (not counting Coq) and you expect them to give you a full season …
    Why can you, Wenger, see what we all see? your arrogance and your stubbornness will sink us further down …
    (I know we are only 2 points below)

  7. I think that Sanchez must be drinking some of that Levulinic acid  ??

    ?=Wenger… ?=Flamini… ?=Sanchez.

    ?” Hey Flamini, where’s that sample of Levulinic acid you brought in for me?”

    ?” Erh, it was here a minute ago Boss, right next to my kit bag”

    ?” mmm… what did the container look like?”

    ?” I … erh… had it in an empty lucozade bottle”

    ?” burp burpppp buuurp”

  8. Rest Coq and play Flamini i said..but fans here be like Coq wasnt called up for international break.. Now we go into this winter fixtures without him…
    just great! bloody great

  9. Coquelin getting injured was the most inevitable thing waiting to happen as he was always going into tackles and rough challenges.
    Also, Giroud keeps scoring but he wants clear cut chances served to him all the time. His finishing is getting poor as well. That goal against wba, he hardly managed to even change the trajectory of ozils cross.
    Feels to me only Walcott can save our season now.

  10. Flamini is better offensively than defensively now. Wenger saying that he was actively looking for quality players to sign this summer was just a tease baby please

    He should have signed Krychowiak, Kondogbia, Vidal, Schneiderlin but decided to stick with Flamini and Arteta as backup for Coquelin. BIG MISTAKE

    I hope I’m wrong, but we are going to struggle defensively for three months.

    DM is sooo important defensively, getting back ball from opponent, covering the field, linking the defense with attack. Sadly Wenger is attacking minded manager and doesn’t think highly of the position of DM

  11. Hahahaha am I hearing this correctly …?

    Flamini an ‘ideal’ replacement ???

    Flamini is an absolute mercenary who was happy to sit on milan’s bench for an extra 5 grand a week instead of play regularly for us having nailed down his place first time he was at the club …

    He shouldn’t even be at the club , he was happy to sit on our bench this year with an opportunity to play games for galatasaray because they wouldn’t match his wages ….

    Every time he has came on since scoring goals up the spuds he’s thought he’s some kind of false 9 !

    Flamini is not an ‘ideal’ replacement !

    Schneiderlin or kondogbia would be ‘ideal’ replacements !

    … You won’t believe it , as even though we are always “looking for players” and ” open to doing business” but both those names moved clubs in the summer !!!!

    Who else thinks pedro could of made a difference with our current 2nd choice left back playing on the wing …?

    What hurts most this year is that the title is their for the taking and we won’t snatch it because of f@&king penny pinching !

    Get out , I’ve had enough !

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