Why Gervinho should BUTTON IT about Arsenal and Wenger!!

Let’s be honest Arsenal fans and admit that not many, if any, of us could have predicted that the former Arsenal striker Gervinho would have such an impact for his new club Roma in Serie A. We were more than glad to get rid of him last summer and not just because his hairdo was painful to look at, as the short video below showing some of his more memorable pieces of skill will remind you.

But the Ivory Coast international has done really well at his new Italian club, possibly due to the influence of his new manager Rudi Garcia, the same man he played under at Lille where he drew the attention of the Arsenal boss. While it is clear that Garcia somehow knows how to get the best out of Gervinho, the former Gunner is not content to appreciate what he has got now, he seems unable to resist blaming Arsene Wenger for all his awful performances in an Arsenal shirt.

As the clip shows, however, Gervinho was lucky to get as many chances as he did in his time as a Gunner. In fact, most Arsenal fans would sooner condemn Wenger for playing the hapless boob over 60 times, not for what Gervinho seems to think the Frenchman put him through, as revealed in a Metro report.

Gervinho said, “He [Wenger] never had confidence in me. [Roma coach Rudi Garcia] doesn’t differentiate between those who are playing and those who aren’t playing. That’s important for a player.

“He doesn’t only speak to those who are playing, he talks to everyone as there are 25 players in the squad, not just 11.

“As a child, I dreamed of playing for Arsenal because I loved them.

“Now I hate them for the way Wenger treated me.

“However, I regretted leaving the club after such a short time without being able to show my worth, which I’m now doing at Roma instead.”

You had more than enough chances mate, and no matter how many you got you still looked like a chicken that had just had it’s head cut off!

The crowning glory was when Gervinho’s shocking miss from two yards saw us exit the Capital One Cup to League Two club Bradford. So Maybe someone should remind the forehead just why he did not make it at Arsenal and to stop blaming Wenger.

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  1. HA559 says:

    He said the media mistranslated what he actually said. article writer is all biased here, and in truth the article is rubbish, almost as bad as most of those crappy tabloid newspapers.

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      Gervinho never said what that toilet paper of a paper said.
      His statements are online ; a quick google and you will find the correct translation and tweet from Gerv.

  2. mohawk says:

    Gervinho was likely never to succeed at Arsenal because Wenger HATES the left wing.

    Gervinho magically plays well for EVERY manager except Wenger.

    Another LWer who arrived scoring multiple goals per game and departed almost useless under Wenger’s careful coaching – Arshavin.

    Poldi scores goals like mad but….. And je led the league in assists 2 seasons back and was benched by Wenger for not becoming useless despite Wenger’s neglect.

    I did not intend to harp on Wenger today but this article is wrong and frankly we would do well to listen to Gervinho – he is mostly right about Wenger – that is clear.

    1. mohawk says:

      Name ANYTHING in this comment that is not true. You can thumbs down facts if you want but it does not make them go away.

      1. jt says:

        its true, there’s a very clear correlation between players that have played in that position. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he wasn’t actually misquoted,

      2. Budd says:

        Gervinho plays exactly the same at Roma as he played at Arsenal. That means rubbish. The only reason he looks better is because Seria A holds no candle compared to EPL. Everyone seeing the game against City last Wednesday could see the same ol’ Gervinho failing to score from good positions. And as the game went on he could not find the ball at all. Epic is the fact that around 60th minute he was seen next to his CB buddies in his half coming to collect a ball. So bad was he.
        About the fact that he hates Wenger don’t know what to say. Everyone knows that Wenger will keep playing you until you buckle up or you head for self destruction. And don’t give Podolski as an example because he was mostly injured in the first season with us. And yes, Gervinho took his place.

    2. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      A manager hates a position ? Either you or your parents have taken drugs.

      Perhaps also you should read that Gervinho NEVER SAID those words.

    3. habsgunner says:

      @Mohawk. Well said man, I had the same feeling. ..

  3. CraigZWE says:

    The video really shows nothing.

    Could make one twice as long with current players.

  4. cheeterspotter says:

    I never concern myself with X players only those that play 4 us,lifes 2 short.

  5. Champagne Charlie says:

    Yet another example of bandwagon ill-feeling towards a player based on shit tabloid nonsense.

    You are the type of person who perpetuates misinformation/bad blood. Read what Gervinho actually said….


  6. Green Gunner says:

    Tabloid may have lied but he was still rubbish for us. Lets not put too much of a glassy veneer on this.

  7. GOONSTER says:

    In their first seasons I really saw something in Giroud and Gervinho, I thought in their next season Gervinho would rip things up, but he just looked clueless, flattered to deceive and had no footballing brain. For a club like Arsenal we now need to move on from the Gervinhos onto the Sanchez’s of this world. He is a Gooner like us but not good enough for where we want to be. Good luck to him at Roma.

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