Should Gibbs should start more games for Arsenal?

The Arsenal and England international left back Kieran Giibs has been the subject of some Arsenal transfer rumours over the last week or two, as this season has seen him forced to play second fiddle to Nacho Monreal and then some reports suggesting that Arsene Wenger was looking at the transfer of the young left back from Leicester City Ben Chilwell.

But Wenger started Gibbs in the FA cup match against Burnley yesterday and was handsomely rewarded with a swashbuckling game from the 26-year old. Maybe the fact that the England manager Roy Hodgson was in the stands at the Emirates Stadium helped to inspire Gibbs, but he has never let us down when given a chance this season.

Unfortunately for Gibbs those chances have usually been from the bench and have often been as a makeshift winger. But now it looks like this might just have helped Gibbs and might get him a few more starts for the Gunners from now on, because it is going forward where he is strongest and arguably better than Monreal.

What I am thinking is that Gibbs could be the better option at left back in games that Arsenal expect to dominate, adding some extra cut and thrust down the left.- He links up very well with Alexis Sanchez and could help to find the key to unlock a well drilled and determined defence.

Next up for the Gunners is Southampton and I expect Monreal to start but then we go to Bournemouth and I reckon that Wenger should give Gibbs a go for that one and if performs like he did against Burnley then I think the two Arsenal left backs should be rotated a lot more. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Because is english, that is why you feel he should be given more game time from the start…. He has the pace to attack, but his final ball is always poor…. Monreal is now world class, we need him more than gibbs.

    1. Yes, Gibbs should get more starts. Monreal is clearly the better player but Gibbs needs playing time too.

  2. Why do you compare Gibbs with Monreal who is better at attacking and defending. The player tackled Coquelin and could have injured him. The olympiakos/ Zagreb match showed he has no quality as a LB. Problem is that Wenger always gets ahead of himself with confidence and sells important players.

  3. Gibbs, Theo and Ox have been at Arsenal for so many years yet none of them have been able to nail down a spot. Szczesny and Wilshere same.

    1. Funny things about Ox last night, he tried to shoot so many times, none of goal. But when he passed the ball to Sanchez it’s goal. We can make resume advice for Ox: try to pass to as many as your friend rather than make effort for yourself. That’s what Mesut has been doing.

  4. Seasons ago, Gibbs starts ahead of Monreal… But injuries won’t let him be. I remember how some fans didn’t like Monreal that much due to his poor defending then..

    Right now, Monreal is the real deal. I believe playing CB at times in the past really helped his game. He is playing with more purpose now and he is also adding experience to it.

    Gibbs will definitely play regularly as a LB if he stays healthy. Monreal isn’t getting any younger but for now Monreal is the real deal @ the LB…

  5. Another one of these sentimental drivels that is killing Arsenal….WHY should he be getting games when he has been piss poor when he’s had chances to play?Because he is English? Because he’s making noises about leaving? I swear AFC is fast becoming a joke…if we are not carrying players who plays less than 10 matches in a season due to all kinds of injuries then we are forever waiting for some other players to fulfill their potentials or we are holding on to players well past prime or we are playing players based on favoritism even when we have better options on the bench….you really cannot make up some of the comical nd farcical things thy happens at Arsenal season in season out…its high time we start making decisions with our heads and stop all these sentimental nonsense that is costing the club dearly…in terms of trophies and financially too….and most of the fan base has been brainwashed to go along with all that rubbish, or how do you explain such article advocating for a player who has been less than average at best to get a starting berth right at the business end of the season when we need all our best players playing…wow, just wow!!!

    1. Gibbs saved our Londoners ass from getting mock by neighbors remember? He’s utilities backup player, can play more than one position. For me, he’s still useful more than the like of Arteta or even Flamini.

      1. Maybe am been too harsh but even a dead clock is correct twice in a day….yea he saved our blushes with that goal, am yes I hope we keep hold of him but am totally against playing him before a fit, in form and matured Monreal….if he wants to get games then he should up his own game and stop been rubbish ams mediocre when he is given chances

      2. Monreal has really improved in recent years, he has massively outshone Gibbs. But that doesn’t mean Gibbs is particularly poor. I hope Wenger can find a way of accommodating him especially when facing weaker teams, that way he will be able to regain his form.

        1. There are no weak teams or easy games anymore, more so this mad season…the time for experimenting is well and truly over, personally I think we should field our best team in the league every game because we cannot afford to lose any more ground, City are starting to purr and we will be severely punished for any slip ups….we can start with the Gibbs experiment next season

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