Why Gnabry would fit into Arsenal better than Raphinha

Why Gnabry is a better option than Raphinha. by Vinod

Well, it is hotting up on Arsenal trying to buy Raphinha from Leeds United. The asking price seems to be around 60 million pounds and rightfully so. The guy is a beast of a player. He has all the skills in the book needed for a world class winger and has got a great season behind him to back that up. I mean what is he doing in Leeds in the first place! Anyway, I can’t be more impressed with Raphinha. He has got skills to pay the bills.

But my concern is not about the quality of the player, but will he fit in the Arsenal system? I mean the guy is quick and dribbles anyone and scores goals too, but the guy doesn’t pass the ball enough. He gets the ball, and he has one thing in mind, run at defenders and make their life miserable. That is good if it is a one-man team or teams that don’t rely on a passing game as much as Arsenal do. Arsenal is all about passing, and for Raphinha passing is the last thing in mind. So, I will not say he will do badly if he comes to Arsenal, but the team play will be affected. If he starts running on the wing, the likes of Ødegaard or Vieira will be completely taken out of the game, and it will be a one man show. And our performance dips as a collective team. So, in my opinion he is not the guy we should be looking for.

Gnabry has been begging Arsenal to sign him. A proven world class winger who has Arsenal in his heart. I don’t know why we are even hesitating. The guy comes for a meagre 35 million pounds, a regular starter in Germany national team, it’s like we have taken him for granted as he will remain an option, but who knows who else has eyes for him. So, make him a priority and get him now.

Gnabry would fit in perfectly for Arsenal. He passes the ball, links up with his team mates well, makes intelligent runs and finishes with authority. He can form a formidable partnership with likes of Vieira and Ødegaard because of his style of play. Our creative midfielders would love him especially when he would finish the chances they create, and he perfectly fits in the Arsenal system, whereas Raphinha would not allow the attacking midfielders to perform their role. Overall, he is a good, proven, world-class all-round winger that any manager would love but even more so for Arteta and Arsenal.

Gnabry is cheaper, more available, easily achievable, better all-round player and proven talent. So, we must be going after Gnabry than bickering with Leeds united for a player who may or may not reach his potential.

A Guest Post from Vinod Kumar, and first appeared on his personal blog….


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  1. Gnabry will offer a different attacking method, since he reaches the right byline more often than Saka, Pepe, Marquinhos and Raphinha. We’ve already got three inverted RWs, so the money will be better spent on the other departments

      1. You are wrong, he wants to play in that second striker/ number 10 role as well as both wings.

  2. We really need to be prioritising a proper, mobile, strong DM.

    A proper DM gives our wings a lot more freedom and allows them to keep the high press much more efficiently.

  3. First of all, your description of Raphinha is so wrong.
    Only thing he knows is to dribble and to take a man on? He doesn’t release the ball on time? Did you actually watched him play or you got all these out of YouTube goals?

    “Gnabry has been begging Arsenal to sign him.”
    WTF! How has he gave out any come get me plea? All trusted journalist said it would’ve been easier to get him if we had UCL but we can’t now because he prefers a UCL team, Alas that’s why Madrid is his first choice.
    Some of y’all are just living off some nostalgic feeling thinking Gnabry can just jump ship back to us cause it’s Arsenal without anything special to offer him.
    Also have you considered the wage Gnabry will be on?

    “whereas Raphinha would not allow the attacking midfielders to perform their role.”

    More poor judgement. Did Saka stop Ødegaard from playing? Your Crystal ball told you the manager doesn’t know what kinda player he wants for his system?
    Do better please.

    1. Fantastic response……..your knowledge of the game is clear to see………you took everything……and more…….right outta my mouth.,…..kudos

  4. Well said but raphinha is the player we need right now.
    We can even go for gnabry during the January transfer window that is if he didn’t renew his contract with Bayern.

  5. Gnabry is cheaper and more available, while being more expensive (wages) and less available (Bayern not wanting to sell).

    Raphinha would play the Hleb role we’ve missed. Adding a direct approach on one wing, dragging defenders out of position, and giving a bit of breathing space for the rest of the attack.

  6. Personally I do not get this fascination with Raphinha ,and it’s not from watching you tube videos before anybody suggests it as I watched him playing for Rennes before anyone had even heard of him over here .
    To spend 50-65 million on a position that we have no need to upgrade whatsoever as confused me ,unless OFC saka and Pepe or both off or saka will be moved to the other side which then begs the question where does leave the likes of Martinelli and ESR
    I know it’s nice to sign a brand new shiny player for a big fee but some fans seem happy just for the sake of signing whatever player we get in ,without actually taking the time to digest what impact that as on the rest of the squad .
    Obviously I’m not a football manager and not payed 8.8million a year but having seen quite a lot of Artetas mistakes I believe this could be another one
    My IMO OFC

    1. Agreed Dan.

      He has had 3 seasons and still making these mistakes.

      He does not seem to be learning.

      I also dont rate Raphina as muxh of an upgrade on what we have.

      Yes we need a bigger squad but rapgina is way over priced. 25 mil and then maybe worth the punt.

  7. The club needed another AM to rotate with Odegaard. We bought Vieira. Were Tielemans, Neves, Bissouma ever targets? Probably not. Now we have (apparently) bought Jesus for 100 mill fee and salary. Were Gnabry Rapinha Morata Dybala Scamacca Calvert-Lewin ever real targets? Probably not. Having bought Jesus (apparently) for 50mill fee and /50mill salary =100mill as well as 36 mill Vieira and 7mill Marquinos and with Eddie’s contract extended and Martinelli in the house surely the 200mill spend on these players is enough to get us top 4? If we spend 50m on yet another attacker I would expect top 4 minimum and quite possibly a title challenge.

  8. I dont get the fuss over Raphina. And why do we need another wide player? We have marti esr saka (pepe i suppose) all can play there.
    Improve mf

  9. Exactly the type of player we need,

    The writer is right he could release the ball more, the problem is you are more likely not to do so if the probability of you getting it back is very slim.

    Some how of all the new signing we make, this is the one will transform us most

  10. We need a right footed player in that right wing no need of left footed player on the left side because we have bk,marquinos, and pepe in that playing position

  11. Having a solid substitute can make arsenal a better and solid side believe me… having two dangerous players in one department is never a bad idea

    1. 100% agree but when you need players in other departments that should come first before have 2 good players in 1 position.

  12. I think the club are focusing on forwards in this window. Our midfield will continue to be a problem. That Xhaka and now injury prone Partey doesn’t inspire me with confidence.

    1. And our defense struggles when Partey is absent. Not even one clean sheet after he got injured. This window should also be about fixing the midfield saga.

  13. Raphinha in a way reminds me of Alexis Sanchez…..a wild card. Every team needs one independent minded player who brings unpredictability into the game. At the moment Arsenal are a ‘pass the ball one too many times’ team Boring sideways, predictable passing. We play a very predictable game and Raphinha does the unpredictable. In a team that, like Sanchez did, Raphinha would enliven everything. Gnabry too, but more predictably.

  14. He is not Brazilian even if he was a free agent we are not signing him 😂😂 I really don’t understand why Arteta is not open minded on this one. But if if he signs Rafinnha at a higher cost, it’s Kroenke’s money. It should not cause any chest pains on us fans, top 4 is all we need next season.

    1. I think you’ll find that all these “owners” have set things up (usually via a series of holding companies) in a way that leaves the club indebted to the companies, so it’s not really Kroenke’s money, it’s Arsenal’s future money, controlled by Kroenke.

      In the past some of them didn’t even use their own money to buy the club – the ultimate example of this was when that guy (White?) bought Rangers using money he got by selling Rangers’ own future ticket rights to a company (obviously, one in the business of selling tickets).

      The football authorities are not very savvy.

  15. If Raphinha has his heart set on Barcelona than there is no point in Arsenal pursuing him, irrespective of the fee. However, if Gnabry really wants to come to Arsenal, than he should be brought in immediately. Apart from his skills on the wings and his passing abilities, Gnabry can play across the front 3 and would be more flexible than Raphinha. Also, Gnabry’s pressing game seems to be more than that of Raphinha thus suiting Arteta’s style of play.

  16. Raphinha is an upgrade on all the wingers at Arsenal, but, Gnabry, would be a great signing for Arsenal, as he is on another level. Honestly, I would rather have a Raphinha and Gnabry combination upfront , than a Jesus and Raphinha. But, having signed Jesus, Arsenal needs another striker, who, could be Gnabry.

  17. Gnabry over Raphinha!!! YES!!! Definitely.

    Raphinha just had one season of real success. Whereas Gnabry has been successful for over 5 seasons. And they’re the same age.

    I agree 100% with the article above. Gnabry would be a definite bonus in our attacking style of play. With Raphinha it’s a big question mark.

    GET GNABRY!!!!! 🤗

    1. Guys it’s not about just talent and experience it’s about communication between plaaayers y they bought a Portuguese and Brazilian players is so the communication in all sectors off the game has an understanding in front you have Jesus martenelli Raphinha up front Portuguese speaking in midfield you have Fabio Veira Portuguese speaking in the back u have Gabriel I think what the manager is doing and Edu is to develop a understanding between players so you have a portuguese/English connection

  18. OT: AFC are planning to give Saliba a two year extension with pay rise and some guarantee playing time. Talks are going on well as per report between Edu and agents🤞

    Edu seems to be doing the most this transfer window long may it continue.

  19. The problem with Raphinha is he doesn’t want to come to Arsenal, he wants Barca. Personally, I’d drop interest in him. Last thing we need is a player who comes for the money.

  20. Though I would , personally baulk at paying over the odds for the nevertheless talented RAPHINHA, to take seriously the plainly incorrect description of him by Vinod – frankly, a silly and outrageously wrong travesty of a picture to paint -would be to accepot a falsehood. My objection , apart from paying too much, which I fear we might, is that we badly still need a proper replacement for thre woeful and inadequate Xhaka. Inotehr words aQUALITY DM, at long, long, long, LONG LAST
    And THAT must surely be our priority . If any money is left, then we also need a LB as back up and also a powerful mobile tall central striker. Another winger seems to me to be far from really necessary, esp given the limited funds we will have available.
    That being said, I DO rate RAPHINHA.

    1. Looks like our recent managers hate a DM with all their hearts. Even when it’s obvious we are overran in the middle, their focus is always on attacking midfielders. Let’s hope MA at last wakes up and solves this weak link.

  21. I’d rather see Gnabry arrive than Raph as well.

    He knows the club and what he’s getting into and he can cover positions where we don’t already have too many players.

    I’m not convinced Arsenal needs another winger type – if anything they need to offload a few.

  22. Roachie, I’m not sure the player himself has said he prefers Barca – it seems more like media talk.
    Yes, it’s been reported that he’s flown to Spain, but surely that’s par for the course and just seeing what’s on offer?

    I would love to see Gnarby return to the club that never wanted him to leave, but he must be realistic with his demands.

    There are pluses and minuses for both players and I’m just pleased that our club is being so positively linked with these top players.

  23. Main reason is that Raphina just wants Barcelona. Why bother? Even if we were to get him, odds are he would only want to go more if he gave us a good year. Maybe we make money but maybe we have an unhappy player on our hands who hurts more than helps.

    Plus, do we really need wingers considering our needs (and yes, he is really good)?

  24. I don’t delve into speculation anymore, yes it’s an excitable read, but I just don’t take it for granted.

    For example today I heard that Petr cech is returning to Arsenal in some sort of coaching capacity or academy managerial role. Sounds believable as he has announced he is leaving Chelsea, but will it happen let’s wait and see.

    As for Raphinha, he isn’t my cup of tea, ditto Richarlison. I would like the club to bring back gnabry, but only if the wages are right? I would also like to see a different type of striker added to the squad, for me Jesus, Nketiah and Balogun are all a bit samey. Obviously a Lewandowski, Benzema type is what I am talking about, but how about Origi on a free? Still only 27. This would Allow Balogun to go on loan.

    Origi has been good enough for Liverpool’s bench so why not ours?

    I’m hoping we go back in for tielemans as I am certain that Martinez, De Jong, Eriksen, Antony and De Beek are going to link up at OT.

  25. Well by saying he doesn’t pass the ball I did not mean he never passes…that would not be football. What I was trying to say was he would rather dribble first and passes mostly when he runs out of options in build up play. He can get assists and creates chances.But I am talking about build up play. If there is a pass to be played and a chance to dribble he would certainly choose to dribble. Imagine a scenario where Vieira is positioned well for a pass and the lad chooses to dribble and we have to go to plan B which would be overload the box, where Vieira ends up waiting to finish the move. That is not his main job and he affects his game.
    I’m not an expert but this is what I think

  26. If Raphina comes, then probably Pepe goes and that leaves Saka competing with him for the right wing. But honestly it’s not our priority now. Left back and possibly a good defensive/ box to box midfielder to partner Partey or replacement for Xhaka or competing with Xhaka.

  27. What about riess Nielsen ? Hes our player, plays in saka’s position, will cost us nothing and a bit better than raphinha as far as I’m concerned.

  28. Pretty much futile, but I agree with Dan Kit’s assessment that Arsenal do not need another winger. All our problems were coming out if the central midfielder inability to contest and move the ball forward quickly enough. It says a lot that our main play maker was Lacazette who should have been hovering in the penalty area a lot more. Too much was also expected from Saka who was often passed the ball in impossible positions where he was tightly marked but was nevertheless expected to beat a couple of defenders and either score or get a cross into a penalty box where there were no Arsenal attackers waiting. Similarly on the other wing Martinellii was also supposed to pull off miracle plays with every touch. This either tells me that either Arsenal had a terribly uncreative midfield or a very predictable game plan.

    1. Gnabry never said he wants to come back to Arsenal and yes we need another winger to compete with Saka, Just cause he is your favorite player does not mean there is no competition for places, You will never see Mancity moaning about too many wingers in their Team..You lot forget that next season there is 5 subs role. Am all in for Raphina good player and will push Saka to only get better, So y’all should stop saying we don’t need another Winger. During the back end of last season Saka ghosted in games due to Burn Out. Competition for places is welcome in a big club like Arsenal. So bring it on!!

  29. Exactly Mansa, i dont understand where this Gnabry story is coming from i never heard Bayern wants to sell or that he wants to leave. Especially leaving a title winning, champions league winning side for Arsenal. Gnabry is a starter at Bayern and he is scoring goals why would they let him go.

    1. @SA_Gunner
      It doesn’t matter. Klopp is in for him to replace Salah. Case closed…IJS

  30. There really does seem to be a bidding war for Raphinha afoot, and not just made up by the media. Raphinha will probably end up at Chelsea, so Gnabry would a very good fit.

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