Why has Arsenal boss changed his tune on Alexis Sanchez?

Arsene Wenger has previously stood by his guns and ruled out any potential exit for Alexis Sanchez, but the Arsenal boss has lowered his guard this week.

The Gunners earned a hard-fought 3-2 win over Crystal Palace yesterday, keeping our side within a point of fourth place, with Alexis landing a brace of goals within a five minute spell to put us well on course for victory.

The Chilean has rarely been in the papers for good reason this season however, with him putting in a number of below-par performances while his contract looks to be run down.

Alexis is thoroughly expected to leave the club between now and next term, and a move in January looks the most likely scenario at present.

The 29 year-old has looked out of sorts this season, and appears to have lost touch with his team-mates in the dressing room, and Arsene Wenger has even backed down on previous claims that nobody would leave the club in the winter window.

The French boss was asked the latest about the future of Alexis, and after the Palace win he admitted that he was now unsure.

Wenger responded: “Nobody knows what will happen. It’s difficult to speculate.

“We are focused on short term, that means the next game with the players committed and ready to fight. It’s not a guarantee of how long you stay somewhere. As long as you are somewhere, you give your best.

“They are questioned, always, when people don’t have long contracts. The best way to show they are committed is to give that kind of performance. Jack is coming back in competitive shape. He gives something to the team, and gave a good final ball for the third goal.

“At 3-2 it became nervy again, and it finished in a less controlled way, but it was a good team performance.”

Has Wenger finally come round to the idea of selling Alexis because his replacement (possibly Draxler) is already lined up? Has Sanchez upset one too many people at Arsenal to merit Wenger wanting him to stay until the summer?

Pat J

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  1. Franklin says:

    I think its very obvious that Alexis would leave. I even want him gone, need players who would fight for the team to the death

  2. ks-gunner says:

    Ramsey and the likes of Walcott may remain at the club forever, but those with ambiton and pride will always look up for ways to leave, and no fan can seriously blame them

    1. Midkemma says:

      Player X will remain at the club forever until they are sold.
      Gibbs was one of them, where is he now?
      Wilshere used to walk into the line up and look how he is playing for a new contract.

      How about Giroud… Lost his starting place.

      Theo looks like he will be sold.

      Arsenal may have been too easy towards some players and I do believe that was down to Wenger not getting players that he wanted or believed in, instead of getting Lacazette he was given Perez… That has happened year after year.

      They’re no longer guaranteed their place so isn’t it time to stop the “Wenger will never sell player X” BS?

      Wenger appears happy to let players go and he was renown for getting rid of players when they hit 30… But the board changed since then and Wenger has not had the incoming quality to replace players when they drop.

      1. Incarnate says:

        I just read Mourinho complaining about not being able to give Lukaku a rest and its correlation with his severe dip in form…but we want Wenger to run Lacazette into the ground so we can complain about his terrible management of players.

      2. ks-gunner says:

        The fact that you take Gibbs as an example makes everything you say jut a pile of french frog poo, and you know it, same with Wilshere, like he was playing for Arsenal ever knowing that he spend more time at the bench than in the pitch, Giroud is also a stupid example knowing that we had no other striker besides him for years

        Walcott is on 140k which smart club besides arsenal would willingly pay him so much money other than Arsenal?

        Wenger is not happy but he lost all controll as even those who are mediocre have enough of his bs

        1. ks-gunner says:

          Forgot to say that we lost some money when gibbs left the club, it was missmanagment and wenger himself said that he was not expecting him wanting to leave

        2. jon fox says:

          Its actually only £110000. Poor impoverished liitle Weed Walcott. And poor us for having this fraud stealing wages for nowt inreturn over twelve long shirking years. If this mouse man finally leaves this window, the champange will be out in our house. Weed and his indulgence sums up precisely the whole nonsense of the way Wenger mismanages our club.

      3. Guneal says:

        “he was renown for getting rid of players when they hit 30”
        That’s isn’t factual mate….. Adams, Dennis, luggberg, Vieira, arteta, silvestre, kallstrom, cygan and the list goes on and on

  3. Ivan says:

    I think that now pretty much all at Arsenal have accepted the obvious that players kept against their will cause havoc in the dressing room and you saw the split last night.
    I think if they could turn back time they would have sold him in the summer to City for £70 mil. I think Arsenal would be happy if they could get £20 mil for him but no longer have a say in this matter and it seems that Sanchez will only go to City. Unfortunately City are doing very well and are happy to wait until the end of the season when they get him for free. So he is with us until the end of the season. Personally if it was me I would plan for the future and leave him in the reserve’s.

    1. neil says:

      no one could predict
      a) City would be so far ahead .. hence in hindsight selling Sanchez to them could not have made thrm any better off
      b) Chile would not qualify for World Cup
      c) Sanchez would not put in a good effort though the above 2 have contributed plus Arsenal not strengthening more than just Laca and Kolasinac

      Best thing now is to annoy City and sell to PSG or try to get Aguero or Sterling in ezchange… very hard to do now as City hold all aces unless PSG make big offer in which case definitely get Draxler !!

      Mahrez may also be a good buy and sell walcott to Soton…
      Need another world class defender desperately though… strikers are not relaxed because they know we are weak at the back so perhaps rushing their shots…

      1. Fab says:

        Get Naingolan for Roma

      2. Ivan says:

        It was easy to predict that keeping a player against his will gets an unhappy player and an unhappy dressing room and that is what we have seen.
        We now have no say where Sanchez goes. Conversion would go something like:
        Arsenal – we want you to go to PSG
        Sanchez – you can want all you like I am a free agent in 5 months and I am going to City so swivel.
        It may not be what we want but it is a direct consequence of allowing the contract to run down. It is best to accept it and move on.

        1. RSH says:

          Arsenal need to accept they completely screwed up these contract situations and just take the loss. On Ozil and Sanchez. Both need to be gone in January if they were smart. 20mill for Sanchez will maybe get City to bite even though he is not needed right now. And honestly the same amount for Ozil and Barca might take him on the cheap. Arsenal has severely messed up and the most they can do now is try to get all the cash they can to reinvest. Top 4 is already not happening, and Wenger is useless trash, so it’s not like we’re even throwing our season away since we already lost it when Wenger signed da thing.

    2. Maks says:

      Well said, but I think Alexis will play until the last minute he is at the club.
      I imagine Wenger alone in his room talking to himslef the same words until january the 1st:
      Alexis will stay. Alexis will stay. Alexis will stay. Alexis will stay. Alexis will stay. Alexis will stay.
      and then
      after 1.1.2018. he’ll slightly change his words
      Ramsey can play Alexis position. Ramsey can play Alexis position. Ramsey can play Alexis position. Ramsey can play Alexis position. Ramsey can play Alexis position…

      we are doomed as long Wenger is at the club. I (did) respect him but I honestly think something is wrong with him.

      1. jon fox says:

        Good grief! You only THINK there is something wrong with him? Bit slow in coming to the party aren’t you!

  4. Maks says:

    Wenger lies to fans/media all the time. He likes his job and he will do anything Board tell him just to stay at Arsenal.
    It was obvious (for at least a year) that Alexis will leave and I think that’s good for the team (cos his hard character), although it s not good that Arsenal will not buy a proper replacement.

  5. ademola says:

    Wenger remain the cause of the dressing room for not selling Alexis in the summer …he’s aiming not to buy players again
    .I’m sick of the man call arsene

    1. Midkemma says:

      Aiming not to buy players again?

      Now if it is a choice between panic buying a Perez or saving that money till the next window to ensure they get primary target then GOOD!

      I have been banging on about how AFC board has been wasting money in transfers that it was refreshing to not see trash bought.

      Wenger wanted Lacazette 12 months ago and who did he have bought for him? I know I bash Perez a bit and it is not bashing him so much as bashing the board for buying a player who Wenger didn’t show any indication he wanted or since shown anything like trust in that player.

      Wenger was the man who wanted Alexis, Ozil, Lacazette…. and unfortunately Xhaka. 3 of that 4 are top quality players which do improve our squad when they are putting in 100% effort, all Wenger targets.

      Compare that to ElNeny and Perez, 2 examples of players bought when Wenger had spoken to/desired a more costly player, AFC (Not Wenger) went for the cheap options and they failed.

      AFC started to get he tight fisted reputation since Gazidis joined, not when Wenger had Dein doing the transfers… it was when the guy hired to replace Dein came to us.

      Wenger can spot talent, he may be clueless about tactics but he does like 2-3 new players every year. If we had a squad of quality then that would be enough to replace the lower performing players…

      1. Ivan says:

        As you we!l know your favourite dinosaur has 100% control over transfers. Nobody joins Arsenal unless he the dinosaur wants him. He is responsible for Perez (who may have been a good player) and he has been responsible for the likes of Sanogo, Gervinho, Kallstrom and Chamakh.
        This idea that you try to put forward that any good signings are Wenger signings and the bad ones are what the board foist on him is not only wrong but totally illogical. He was signing bad players long before Gadzidis came along. Who can forget the likes of Stepanovs and Inamoto.

        1. jon fox says:

          Yup! And Senderos, Djourou, Cygan, Squillaci and loads of others. And that other chap presumably thinks we have to blame GAZIDIS for buying them too. Mind he has plenty other faults, most involving damned lies to fans and a total inability to do his job. He and Wenger make a good double act, Loser and Loony!

          1. Uchman says:

            What was d total cost of those players mentioned? Chamack was never a failure,he scored 10 goals in 14 matches, lost his position to Rvp when d later returned from injury,the rest r bargains that didn’t turn out sooo good, I know u wont mention tge bargains that turned out great? Anelka? Overmars?rvp?cecs?kolo ture?Clichy? Adebayor?thiery Henry? Pires? Viera? Sol Campbell? Nasri? Koscienly? Cazorla?kolasinac? Petit?Monreal?,that is called schrewd! Ur hatred for Wenger will never change d fact that Wenger is d best thing that has happened to arsenal football club in their history,let me remind u that Wenger’s 21 years reign is d best 21 years in d history of afc, 17 trophies in 21 years, 20 years consecutive champions league football,first ever champions league quarters,semis and finals,gold trophy,afc becomes richer with a yearly turnover increment from 300,000 ponds in 1996 to over 400m pounds in 2017? From unknown entity in europe to one of d most valuable football club in d world,english team with d 2nd biggest fan base in d world only behind man u,the most beautiful stadia in English football, and the list goes on and on,u can rant all day here buh u can never erase facts

          2. Ivan says:

            What a joker. You think Chamakh was a good footballer! Lol.
            You are right in saying that I can’t stand that dinosaur you seem to have your man crush on.
            As with AKB’s you have twisted facts. He has not won 17 trophies has he? 3 EPL’s, none of which have been in the last 14 years and 7 FA Cups. And the FA cup is a devalued tournament where clubs including Arsenal play their squad players.
            Of the plays you list none are recent aside from Santi who was signed in 2011 who is a great player but Montreal is no more than an average player and Kolasinac who has not been playing that well and the dinosaur has treated as a squad player of late.
            As for your financial figures, well they are all true. He makes money for the owner which is why they employ him on a massive salary. It is certainly not for the football we see!
            An argument that Chamakh was a good player, he he, what a joker.????

          3. Ivan says:

            Oh yes I forgot to add one thing about your financial figures and it is obvious……..it is the massive increase in TV money not Wenger genius that has seen our turnover soar. It is the same at all clubs.
            Also the stadium move was the vision of Danny Fizman and David Dein.

      2. Maks says:

        …Wenger can not understand that he has to pay for players more then 10 years ago… much much more, but Arsenal HAVE money to spend!

        Example 1 – LEMAR: Wenger bid for Lemar. 1st bid was around 30-40 mil if I remeber, then 2nd bid was 45, and then third littlebit more.
        Last day of the transfer window, when Monaco was playing a game, he bid for Lemar 92 mil!!!! but it was too late.
        Exemple 2 SUAREZ: Arsenal bid £40m plus £1 for Luis Suárez to activate talks. If he offered 50 mil, we would have Suarez playing for Arsenal!

        Wenger OUT!

      3. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        What’s with the constant denigration of Lucas Perez? Every opportunity Wenger gave him to play he performed. I would be happy to still have him at Arsenal.

        1. Ivan says:

          I agree. He may well have turned out to have been a great player if the dinosaur had played him regularly.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    I’ll be fuming if we sell him in January. We should have sold in the summer when we could have got £60 million and a replacement. Although I’d prefer to have money for Sanchez rather than let a rival have him for free, what’s the point of refusing £60 million, then accepting £20 million at most, only six months later?

    Then you have the problem of it disrupting our team, losing our star player midway through the season. Yes he’s been poor, but he’s actually leading the stats, and now joint, or top scorer for us. As I keep saying, an out-of-form Sanchez, is still a better option than the rest of our attackers in-form. He’s really hit form of late, and who’s going to replace him? Certainly there’s no one within our squad that’s anywhere near his level. Iwobi, Welbeck? Hahaha!

    The only option I can see for letting him go in January is if we get a quality attacking player in return as part of a swap deal. Otherwise it’s going to be extremely difficult, and overly expensive to buy a replacement outright.

    1. rkw says:

      draxler or lucas moura would be ok … or a cheeky bid for willian … wenger has screwed up completely with this one but getting something in return would be ok in January window

    2. RSH says:

      Sanchez already distrupts the team. Nobody in lockeroom likes him outside of Xhaka and a few others.
      I’d rather take the 20mill than have Sanchez be useful whenever he feels like it. His stats look good but anyone watching games knows he destroys 90% of our attacks single-handedly. We’d obviously become worse losing Sanchez, but better to sell him and reinvest in a replacement that is actually at an acceptable level. Right now the best we’re looking at is Zaha.
      I just think longterm taking the cash for Sanchez in Jan is what’s best. And who cares about strengthining City. They are not our rivals because we dont compete for EPL and we dont compete for UCL either. We’re fodder to them, let’s be real.

  7. Innit says:

    Wenger and the board ie kronke are well known liars. Biggest lie = Wengers 2 year contract. Its just a smokescreen. Hes staying longer innit

    1. Maks says:

      Ha ha what a dark predicition. I hope he wont stay, I hope Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi will somehow get rid of him!

    2. Midkemma says:

      I personally see the hiring of Mislintat and Sanllehi as the real catalyst for change.

      If we think that people can take 12-18 months to learn a business well enough to think of it as ‘home’ then it adds weight to Wenger being given a 2 year contract and not a 1 year contract or 3 year contract.

      If we want to get a manager in that will compliment the staff and infrastructure of Arsenal then we need the people who will be that infrastructure to be settled.

      At the end of this season we will have both of them employed at Arsenal, it may be a bit soon for them to get in a new manager as I can imagine Silent Stan and Gazidis wanting to ensure they get the best man they can. I do not think they have an idea of who could take over and that is why Wenger has had final say over his own contract. They know they need someone with experience and we have seen that guy come from Barca.

      Give them a full season, half way through that season they start looking for candidates.

      Wenger power gets reduced and by the end of next season, Wengers role will be that of what AFC want the manager to be, businesses last for a long time and Silent Stans businesses are not known for knee jerk reactions.

      I like some transfer targets Wenger picks and sick of AFC missing out on them, not going to say Wenger is perfect, he is a tactical fool.

      Maybe I am being optimistic but this can sort both out while potentially giving Wenger his last year a good year, give him the players he asks for and send him off on a high.

      1. Maks says:

        Now you did admit that he is tactical fool, very soon you will realize his other faults. Go up and read about Lemar and Suarez. Sorry but Wenger does not deserve another chance. One thing is to fight against richer clubs and be a good manager, but another to fight againt them and be worse and worse every year.
        He had all the time in the world to show us why he still pushing some players and some tactical moves which are not by the level of the club we need – COMPETITIVE ARSENAL!
        We don t need to win PL next season but we must be club with good spirit and strong brave perfomance.

        1. Ivan says:

          Well said Maks.

      2. jon fox says:

        No! Lets send him off with boos ringing in his ears AND BE HONEST. He has screwed us and I WANT HIM SCREWED FOR HARMING THE CLUB I LOVE.

    3. jon fox says:

      I share your frustration as do zillions of others. But I am willing to bet Wenger will be sacked this coming summer , after finishing 6th at very best. I have already had a bet on precisely that thing happening and am very confident of winning. The board were split on extending his current contract, let us not forget, including Josh Kroenke.

      1. Ivan says:

        I do hope you are right John. Now that really would be a trophy worth winning.

      2. RSH says:

        6th isn’t low enough for him to be sacked. Needs to be about 8th, no trophies, more humiliation. Perfectly fine with throwing away with season if it means Arsene is gone. It’s ridiculous we need to embarrass ourselves just to get this dictator out.

  8. Bur says:

    What readers and posters have to realise is that weegor has been telling , us the fans, lies for the last 10 years. He has lost the respect of some of our top players and couldn’t close out contracts this season. The man is no use for our team or club.

  9. puntamarina says:

    He should jave sold in the summer. He is not happy.

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