Why has it taken three months for Ozil to play his best for Arsenal?

Mesut Ozil finally looked like his old self for Arsenal with a maestro’s performance against Tottenham last week, after being seriously criticized for his feeble efforts earlier this season. In fact he had only managed two assists in his 9 previous appearances for the Gunners in this campaign.

In a strange statement Arsene Wenger says that Ozil is now much improved physically and mentally, when he said: “Mesut Ozil has worked hard and he’s extremely fit at the moment, that’s why you see him sharp, the quality of his technical aspect is always there but he has added a more determined attitude and that’s what you want from him and great players.”

“Football today is very demanding on the mental and the physical aspect. Mesut today is in a much better shape than he was before.”

“…Every player wants to be a star. When they don’t manage to do it they’re all disappointed but the best way to achieve it is to work hard and show the quality of performance people expect from you.”

So that makes you wonder why Ozil is only just now approaching his peak condition when 30% of the season has already passed us by. Surely a professional that wants a contract offer of the ridiculous figures being bandied about nowadays would be at his peak from the first game of the season to the last, barring injuries of course.

So if we gave him a new massive contract would we have to wait until November again next season before he was fit enough to be his best?

Darren N


  1. Sean says:

    Ozil is playing for a move, no way he will stay if he can go elsewhere…. he wouldve gone in the summer though nobody wanted him so it has took him 3mnths to get his head around that he is here for the season. Might as well up his game to get to a bigger club than Arsenal. Man utd have already offered him a deal so im guessn thats his incentive as he isnt going to Barca.

    1. Sean says:

      If we want to replace him then get Nabil Fekir from Lyon, him & Lacazette are friends & his dad came out and said if he is to leave for England it will be for Arsenal & Wenger! Id say let Ozil go.

      Sanchez id do whatever it takes to keep him but again i think hes already got a foot out the door & looking to go back to Spain in Madrid…been awful bar one or two performances!! Im not sure who could replace him

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    he did not take 3 months…

    he is just inconsistent and lazy to defend

  3. NM says:

    He leads the league with 4.1 key passes per 90 minutes (minimum 500 minutes played) Cesc is second with 3.6 key passes per 90. So if it has taken him 3 months to round into form, how many more key passes per 90 should he have been averaging? He had an off game against City, but other than that he has consistently created chances.

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