Why have Arsenal stars not signed new deals yet?

Arsenal wants to get Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and William Saliba on new deals as they are important players to the club.

The Gunners have been the most in-form club in the Premier League this season, and the contributions of these players cannot be overstated.

Mikel Arteta has relied on them to help his side deliver top performances in this campaign, and they will remain critical for the team in the second half of the season.

Almost all of them have publicly said they will sign a new Arsenal deal if given a chance to sign, yet Gooners are wondering why the club has still not gotten them signed to an extension yet.

The Athletic explains that it takes more than players publicly saying they will sign to get a new deal sorted.

For the most part, the negotiations do not even involve the players, with their agents and other representatives speaking to Arsenal while they focus on playing for the club.

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Signing new deals takes time because there will be plenty of meetings between both parties, and they will disagree over several parts of the agreement.

However, as long as the player wants to continue with the club, we can be sure that they will eventually reach an agreement and sign a new deal.

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  1. My guess is that they are waiting until they see how we get on this year ,or they ,and their agents are holding out for a big pay day ,seeing they have probably been our best 3 players this season and they know the club need to get them signed up .
    All 3 hold high cards in the negotiation stakes ,seeing Eddie was given 100k a week they will be after a lot more I would guess .

    1. If Nketiah on 100k a week then Saka and Martinelli both seemingly to be twice that in weekly wages, or significant incentives.

      Saliba has shown quality in PL, so he’s likely due quite a raise as well

      All speculation on my part, but think giving Nketiah 100k a week was a big mistake. Any agent worth anything looks at that and thinks they can milk a lot out of the club.

    2. Sorry Dan, but I don’t think the agents are waiting to see where we would finish this season. The progress made as regards to league table, the current statuses of their clients within the club and the desire of said players to stay is enough.
      I strongly believe that the single most important thing holding up their contract extensions is none other than the elephant in the room…MONEY. I’m putting myself in their shoes and the truth is that if it was me, I would do all I can to get as much money from the club as possible, seeing Nketiah is on 100k p/w.
      My prediction is that they will sign, but it would cost the club a lot of money. Lots of it

    3. Did the club, player or agent confirm he is on 100k pw?

      I find it hard to believe someone of his capabilities is on such a high wage and if true, WHAT WERE MANAGEMENT THINKING!

      But they do hold all the cards and if I were them I would wait and see how the season and transfer windows unfold.

      1. No club, player or agent will ever come out to tell anyone how much their players earn. So how did we know Özil was on 350k p/w? Same way we know how much Nketiah earns
        The guy is on 100 grand a week. Hard truth mate

        1. That is very flawed because there is no hard truth,nothing to back this up.

          If you can share proof, agent,club or player stating this or a salary slip or something from the revenue services then I would be inclined to agree.

          The truth is this comes from the same or similar unscrupulous sources that try to paint Mbappe as a poor team mate.

          How do you choose which to believe and which not to?

          IMHO he is not on the 100k pw,that would be negligence from the club

        2. Dgr8xt @
          The higher we finish the more they can ask for is my guess .
          Bigger clubs with more money will already be circling,it will depend on what the player wants and how his agent negotiates.
          I don’t buy into this “he’s happy here “and will just sign ,like you said football is all about the money and players are worst kind when it comes to getting what they believe they are worth

        1. Downmarket ?
          “Constantly trying to advice Pat “
          I’m sure he needs advice off you jonny boy -or is it jonny Rambo today .
          Either way I think you need to leave the interwebbing to someone who knows what he’s doing .

  2. Well Martinelli only needed a pen to sign, hopefully a pen had been found.

    But Arsenal must do everything to get these lads sign up quickly, I suspect now the world cup is behind us things will accelerate on all fronts.

  3. Regarding EN, it does rather depend who you believe on the salary front. Sportrac have him on £77,O00pw while the Mail reported £100k. The former figure is more likely one would hope. He isn’t a £100kpw man for my liking

          1. He signed late in the day I recall. Was there nobody better or does Arteta believe he can make him better than I believe Nketiah to be?
            Crazy really

    1. Sue, Just shows how CRAZY the whole salary PREM FARCE IS!!
      Some would think him worth only, say,£30k pw. ONLY?!!!!!! WHAT A DISGUSTING FARCE THE WHOLE GAMUT OF TOP LEVEL WAGES TRULY IS!

      1. Can’t fault your logic Jon as it is obscene- but the difference is nearly £1.2m which makes a difference to club finances. I stick my head in the sand, unfortunately.

        1. Sue, what makes FAR MORE “DIFFERENCE TO CLUB FINANCES” is the dreadful fact that all Prem players are paid at least ten times too much.

          Now, if we were talking about the difference between £7700 pw and £10000pw and not £77 K pw -£100K pw, THAT would be a HUGE and much fairer difference from the TOTAL amount paid now, not a paltry £1.2 mill. PERSPECTIVE SUE!

          I am desperately trying to make all fans everywhere see that sticking our collective heads in the sands is greatly harming the long term survival of our great sport!

          Why not, instead, join me in trying to prevent ostrich like fan behaviour and not giving in for an easy life, while football slowly but steadily moves further and further away from a sport and into a filthy corporate business full of greedy business folk who care nothing for honour, for we fans, or for real sport!!

    2. Why won’t Nketia be 100k per wk? English fans and media hyped him to high heavens after flash in the pan performance towards the end of last season, they never realize the negative impact it will create in our wage structure. If arsenal is serious, they should do everything to give the three new contracts and slot in reasonable release clauses. They are assets. No serious club in Europe will allow such talents go just like that.

  4. They have not signed yet because they are not happy with Arteta’s tactics, his authoritarian nature and his dictatorial personality etc..

    Many players are not happy and would be looking to leave..

    1. I think these players look happy enough playing for us, and they’ve even said as much. So I’m not sure of the reasons you’re stating

        1. @Dan
          Stop hurting my feelings. That’s not a nice way to break the News to me. At least you should have private messaged me instead of blasting me publicly like that.

      1. He is trying to be funny and witty! But its falling rather flat. Sensible fans know he does not mean it and less bright ones believe him. Either way its is now extremely boring!

  5. For my point of view for both Martineli and Saka 200 pw is great and they will accept it with option as they play very well after 2 yearn the salary to be increased with new contract to 250 pw or 300 if they reach Mbappe.
    Problem probably will be the Saliba contract as the defenders usually get less then strikers and 200 pw on 20 years old is complicate where there will be impossible improvements after 2 years.

  6. The reason they have not signed a new contract yet is because their agents are still checking to see what other offers may be out there.

    Even if all three want to stay at Arsenal, they need to know what other clubs are willing to pay them.

    This is called a bargaining position.

    So, if City are willing to offer Sake $250,000 per week, then Arsenal may have to pony up that amount. Similarly with PSG and Saliba.

    I do not think, in the current Market, that Martinelli is worth $200, 000pw, especially since I have read of any top clubs chasing him.

    Just my two cents worth

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