Why have Sky and BT been banned from asking players about league delay?

It has emerged today that Sky and BT broadcasters have been banned from asking players about when they believe they could return to action, nor how the delay is affecting players and teams around them.

The companies have the right to interview players as they wish as part of the TV contract which the Premier League signed, but have now been informed that certain questions are now prohibited.

This suggests that a proposal may well be close to being agreed, and that some players may be in the know as to the long-term plan in finishing the campaign, or more not finishing it depending on timeframes.

It was claimed this week that the league was set to be declared null and void, reports denied by Watford Football Club, who were deemed to have been the source of this information due to their links in Italy.

Watford chief executive Scott Duxbury said “The discussions Watford and all the clubs have had with the Premier League make it clear the overriding ambition is to finish the season but only when it is completely safe to do so.

“The most important concern at this stage is people’s health and safety and nothing should deflect from that.”

Clubs have also been banned from using the term, ‘null and void’ of late, with the word ‘curtailed’ being offered up as an alternative, with the league said to be concerned about the legal implications should they have to make a settlement with TV broadcasters in th future.

Sky have already said that they will not be looking for a rebate on what was paid to the Premier League for their TV rights this term, but the fixtures are still expected to go ahead, and viewing figures may well be much higher should all matches behind closed doors also.

Are players opinions on the matter not wanted or is the FA simply trying to defer from the subject? Could a long-term plan already be pencilled out?


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  1. Is the answer not blindingly obvious to all(save only PATRICK, of course)? If you canvass the opinion of approx 500 Prem players, you will get a load of different answers and that cannot possibly help form a plan to be supported by all, in order to save the game from financial disaster. THE PREM ARE BEING WISE AND ARE FOLLOWING THE ONLY POSSIBLE SANE COURSE. That should NOT need saying!!!!!

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