Why haven’t Arsenal played with THAT front three before now?

Lacazette, Ozil and Sanchez show glimpses of what could be. by Konstantin

Arsenal won an away game! It’s hard to believe that this was the first game where we started Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette in the same game! That’s Arsene Wenger for you! We first kept two players who are obviously going to leave and then we don’t play them, because they wanna leave.

We also decided to drop our top striker for some games, but the moment all 3 play we score 5 goals. It puts an interesting question now. Do we sell in January? If those 3 play like that I don’t see how we can allow to let them leave. See the front 3 against Watford compared to what we played at Merseyside.

We had players asking questions. Why did we rest Ramsey and Sanchez vs Watford? Arsene has so badly mismanaged numerous players during his Arsenal reign and Ozil’s performance yesterday proves this. We had Lacazette and Sanchez asking questions of their defence which allowed Ozil to take time on the ball and find players willing to make a run.

But in reality, this was only Everton. It’s understandable why they are bottom 3 and Koeman is really facing the sack sooner rather than later. I don’t think this game means we’ve turned a corner. If I see 4 points or more out of the City and Spurs back to back games then I’ll accept any sort of argument that we might turn a corner.

We’ve already lost 3 games so if we want to make the top 4, we need to start taking more points away and points against the other contenders. We conceded another 2 sloppy goals. I am sorry but Xhaka simply must be dropped for the number of mistakes he’s made this year.

Competition for the top 4 is as big as it has ever been. We still have a long a way to go to bring enough confidence that we will return to Europe’s elite.



  1. If Sanchez and Ramsey started against Watford, Arsenal would have a bigger chance to win, because of Sanchez’s creativity and Ramsey’s tenacity. But Wenger did not trust their mentality after the World Cup failure and I can understand his decision.

    What I cannot understand is his preference to play safe. Only yesterday Arsenal play fearlessly and do not afraid to lose the ball.

    Arsenal were renowned of their fearless passing game in 2000s. If Wenger could instill the Invicibles’ mentality to his current team, they could play better and more entertaining.

    1. There is BBC at Madrid, there was MSN at Barça, maybe we’ll just call this AOL If they carry this on ?.

  2. Title: “Why haven’t Arsenal played with THAT front three before now?”. Actual article: Nothing to do with the title. Once again, typical Konstantin for you. But to answer your question, it’s because all three haven’t been available at the same time until yesterday due to injuries, and other reasons. You’d know that, Konstantin, if you actually watched games and followed club’s news. But all you do is hate on the manager and certain players regardless of results/performances.

  3. First, I think Wenger should have gone so let’s get that out of the way.
    But, if he overplays them he gets stick, if he underplays them, he gets stick. There have been reasons why they have not all played together until now. Fitness issues, international games, possibly attitudes but I think that particular reason is overplayed by the media. At the end of the day it was Everton, that formation against City might have bombed, who knows!

  4. Question: Why haven’t Arsenal played with THAT front three before now?
    Answer: Injuries (to Ozil), fatigue (after WC losses by Chile and Wales)

    Just enjoy the the 2-5 victory for now

  5. Time to give ramsey and Jack another try in the middle. We could compliment that by also leaving out bellerin and playing coquelin as Rwb.

  6. I blv Jack should play in place of Ozil if Wenger can have d courage.Both have excellent passes but Jack is stronger and marks when arsenal is not with the ball.

  7. Wenger o pay brings those three out when he wants the opposition manager to get sacked

  8. Konstantin I completely agree with u.I can only believe we have turn conner if only when we get 4points and above against City and Spurs.
    those are the real text.we won fine.we played some good stuff but am not getting carried away because I have seen plenty of this before. until we play City and Spurs I rest my case.

  9. Just Arsenal is all about Ozil. Everyday there is am article a out Ozil. Are you guys trying to brainwash fans so as to believe that Ozil is the best? I can’t be brainwashed

  10. Everton is weak this season, so we were playing a weak team, not meaning that Arsenal was good. Mention the teams that beat Everton this season then it will show that Everton is weak. That’s Ozil’s speciality “weak teams”

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