Why haven’t we talked about Guendouzi’s comments to Maupay yet?

Guendouzi’s comments… by Dan Smith

There’s been so much to be disappointed about in the last week, until yesterday’s win, but I don’t think enough attention has been given to what Guendouzi said to Neal Maupay. He essentially gloated about how much money he earns.

I have defended the Frenchman in the past, pointing to the fact he’s had to step up from the lower divisions in France. He started the season as our best performer. Yet bragging about how rich you are?
That’s a horrible mentality to have, and bear in mind he was accused of saying other things throughout the game.

If we had won, I wouldn’t condone his words, but it’s worse that we just lost 2-1 to Brighton and his first thought is, ‘that’s okay, I still get my 40,000 a week’. Just think about that.

He’s part of an Arsenal team about to finish in one of our lowest positions in our history. He should be embarrassed. Yet the first thing that comes to his mind is his salary? I know he young and we all acted immature at that age but that speaks volumes about what’s wrong at our club.

It wouldn’t be a problem if we had a leader in the dressing room who you knew would pull him up on it, yet it won’t get mentioned, and in return he learns nothing.

Tony Adams, Lee Dixon or Martin Keown would never tolerate a 21-year-old who has done nothing to act like that (which is why they should be hired as coaches).

Heck even Ronaldo will tell you stories how Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs wouldn’t stand for certain things, and that’s Ronaldo. Yet Ronaldo says it was a huge part of his development.

Arteta won a lot of gooners over with his first press conference. Was he saying what we wanted to hear, or did he mean it when he said about standards and getting rid of those who refused to follow his ethos?I’m not asking him to sell the midfielder, but I would expect some harsh words, even a public dressing down?

Think how we acted when Ozil sulked in the Europa League Final or Xhaka swearing back at fans. To me this is worse. Ozil and Xakha at least showed they were hurting, their egos bruised. Guendouzi’s first thought wasn’t “we are 10th, we won’t be in Europe next year”, it was .. “I still get my wage.”

I can’t get over the fact that that was his initial reaction. This tells me everything I need to know about our dressing room….

Dan Smith


  1. That is true. In the situation we are in , he wouldn’t bring in issues of salary. So it’s like he doesn’t care even when we are in the worst position ever . What he thinks of in the salary is coming.. but maybe he wanted to explain to maupay that however much u have defeated us we are still big club. Next time he has to get mature on certain issues.

  2. Exactly. It shows poor management and coach experience.

    Luiz is that example for him; forces Arteta to sit him on the bench, mad for his damn contract extension, 2 millions! Mari has to start, get injured in the end.

    Luiz comes in, ruins game! This one fights, insults mock a player, a person first tell him how much a poor sorry ass he is in a shitty club!

    Arteta actually grants Luiz with his new contract afterwards!

    A player lets you down at such moment of season; he is not on the bench but home!

    This shows this lack of experience which authority is part of. Easy to take it on a kid as Niles, sends a very bad signal and see why these kids will all try to leave Kroenke FC

    1. Mogunna were you in my head??
      I basically submitted an article writing just everything you’ve written.
      It was meant to be a comment, but it’s too long, so I submitted it instead. It’s easy to blame these kids for their performances and attitudes, yet the real culprits are actually the ones meant to be leading the club both off and on the pitch

  3. I’d defended him too, until I’d read what he’d said. Really not impressed. I can understand why he was angry, but to bring up his salary and the comment about their players was really childish!!
    This speaks volumes about what they find more important… results or wages…

  4. End of the day, indeed this overall mess & lost have jeorpadize any hope for CL if not for EL.

    3 points may cost a lot!

  5. I dont think he meant it that way,i think he was trying to imply that no matter what he is part of a big club in other words his ego spoke up and not greed.
    He is one of those who cares and shows passion but unfortunately is also hot headed.He needs to be disciplined and i think he will improve on that front.You cant enforce discipline but you can lead by example(i am not defending luizs extension)that is why you need seniors to stand up in the dressing room.

    What happened is unfortunate but its all a learning process,whats important is making sure that he doesnt repeat.

    1. I’m with you on this……. I’ve said it in a previous comment….. I feel he just wanted to incite a fight between him and Maupay, just to avenge Leno (who was also furious at Maupay by the way) , and since he didn’t get that during the match, he went ahead to throttle him after the game…. he needs to do better with controlling his emotions though, but like I’ve said before I like that he shows passion, and cares for his teammates. I believe he’ll become an awesome player with good mentoring.

  6. I’m sure Arteta gave him a huge bollocking In private and no decent manager would air that in public. The fact he was dropped from the squad was public humiliation itself. The funny thing is that Maupay apparently earns more than Guendozy 🤣.

    1. This is nonsense, Guendouzi was Arsenal the best player on the day, also stupid and idiot on the day and all fans and the coach are on him. I think this is bad player management, now the player is without confidence and not on board. The player is still a kid, he needs guidance and support, I am very disappointed in our fans and coach.

  7. We won’t have full context of the argument ,but I’ll tell you one thing for a fact. Trash talk is very important in sports .I don’t know at what point Guendouzi said this . If it was in the middle of the game when we were one up , I’d actually applaud him for it. Trash talking opponents is one way to throw them off their game. If it was after we had lost , then he really has to get a grip . I think Arteta is handling it well however.

    1. What a disappointing philosophy on life you seem to have , to appove trash talk in ANY context. Wrong ands arrogant behaviour is NEVER right in ANY situation. TRASH TALK IS SPOKEN BY TRASH HUMANS, SIMPLE AS THAT AND FOOLISH HUMANS CONDONE IT!

      1. it is a pretty common part of high level sports – all of them – it can work for the trash talker, against the talker by backfiring but it can factor. Sometimes lines get crossed in the heat of the moment.

        I said on the other post that I didn’t mind him going after Maupay – the team was so listless and Maupay hit the goalie – Guendouzi would have seen Leno’s outburst and you have to protect the goalie.

        And watching a lot of ice hockey and NBA – there are some really good trash talkers – not racist or sexist but just really clever.

        But Jon, in day to day life I agree, would not want to present myself that way. I just see a distinction between our interaction and pro sport competition.

        1. Stewart, as you are a thinking and considered man, to judge from your manyposts I read, do you not see the poor example to younger and impressionable fans and fellow young players that ANY sporting trash talker gives? I do see it and clearly and always condemn, whether or not it is in our favour(because wrong behaviour is ALWAYS WRONG) or do you believe that it is justified in sporting events. I do not so believe it is ever justified and were I able, I would have long ago stopped cricket “sledging” but then I always start from what is or is not the moral high ground and I SEEK THAT HIGH GROUND FOR MYSELF AND FOR THOSE I SUPPORT AND CARE ABOUT. I thought I owed you a perfectly clear summation of my own standpoint, so that there is no misunderstanding.

      2. Save that for a Sunday summon bro. When on the pitch , you do what you can to win. Marco Materazzi trash talked Zidane into head butting him . Italy won the world cup . The rest is history. The best arsenal team we ever saw was populated with trash talkers and barbarians. Being a sweet boy wins nothing . You’ve got to throw your opponents off their game . From what you’re saying , You’ve clearly never played a competitive sport.

        1. I agree trash talking is used in all sports ,and it can be quite affective.
          The only thing that bothers me is that Matteo tried doing it and to me he’s a bog standard player so it’s not as effective if your sh1t.

          1. Fact is , the only reason we know what he said is because we lost . But in effect , if we had won , he never would have made the news. Trash talk is meant to throw your opponent off their game. Even crossing from sport , to business, If you’ve ever been in a negotiation with someone who clearly has an advantage over you , You’ll notice how many times they gas light you . Gas lighting counts as trash talk. Life isn’t fair. we shouldn’t try to act like there’s this set of rules to adhere to ,and if you break them you are unworthy of being called a human. Life is survival for the fittest . The sooner in all aspects of life you recognize it , the better.

        2. Joe, How different the worlds we both live in I prefer mine, as I then sleep easily at night knowing that I have always at least tried to do what is the moral thing.
          NOR DO I WISH IT FOR THOSE AND THE CLUB that I care about. Obviously it does not bother you nor even penetrate your brain as to WHY is is important to behave well and I personally find that sad. For you and your future!

      3. Sledging is all part of sport, it has for years. Not agreeing with sledging is an opinion that is right but while it goes on, it goes on. Taking the piss or whatever you want to call it can be at any level of decency or indecency. It isnt a crime and it wont put you out of the game.

    2. i feel like trash talk is effective when you are actually a good player. Who is threatened by the money a low caliber player like Guendouzi makes? Could’ve said something how Maupay will never get called up to France like Guend has, as a teenager idk. That would irk me more than some brat bragging about money when he’s having a crap game.

  8. For someone who has yet to establish himself as a first choice for a mid table team like Arsenal, to mock an opposition player shows a lack of maturity and sense.Furthermore it is counterproductive, in that it makes the opposition even more determined to put one over such an arrogant git.As a player, I like Guendousi who never hides and shows a lot of composure for one so young.That said, if we were offered 40m for him I would take it in a flash.The same would apply to Torreria who has, for one reason or another, has contributed precious little this season.Arteta was ,in my view right to leave him out against Southampton.

  9. WE, collectively, may not have discussed Guendouzis arrogant behaviour but I personally have twice posted comments to say we need to get rid of this rotten apple in double quick time.

    That is my firm belief, as to my mind, either you have character or you do not, even at 20 years of age. No player without true character, which includes a dose of exactly where he IS RIGHT NOW and also where he is NOT RIGHT NOW, can ever have a long lasting successful career at top level.
    Rotten apples infect other perfectly fine apples, so I say we need this immature, arrogant and deeply unpleasant little so and so out of our dressing room and out of our club ASAP. We are Arsenal Football Club, NOT Oafs United!

    1. Sometimes ago it was reported that he had disciplinary issues and was dropped by MA, a lot of fans were like, trying to give justification or the other simply because they thought he was on some good form. Thank God we didn’t perform badly during those time, they would have blamed him absence, just like we have been questioning Martinelli exclusion so far.
      However, undisciplined has no other name, it’s as it is, and for Guedozi, we have had enough already, just in less than a season we have 2 cases from him already, let’s cash in on time before another Rabiot rise from our rank.

  10. As we only have the press reports etc. to rely on for this, there is of course some uncertainty.
    But, if we take it to be the truth Guendouzi has in fact done as described, I am happy to see the action taken by MA.

  11. Sell him.
    No pace.
    Sideways passing.
    One goal only for us.
    If someone offers 30 million for him get him off the books

  12. A three match ban without pay should stop this loutish behaviour. Time to grow up and show some respect.

  13. I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way. . . . . He just wanted to start a fight cause he was mad they lost the game.

    That’s what I understand from his doings. . . . Like garbbing Maupay by the throat. . . . . Don’t we want our players to show how much they hate losing and show passion for the club

    Why did Arteta drop him from the match day squad. . . . I don’t blame him if wants to leave now 😒
    If it was on me I choose Guendouzi ovet Arteta 8 times out of 10

  14. If Arteta gets rid of Guendouzi then Arteta is not a full shilling he is the only one with balls and fight then Why? are Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid all interested in him

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