Why Hector Bellerin has a passion for fashion

The Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin came to the Emirates via Barcelona’s La Masia Academy, and although he burst through to the first team in stylish fashion a few years ago, he is often derided nowadays for being more interested in his looks than his performances.

But he has no worries about the criticism and he likes to think of himself as a fashion icon, and you can bet that he will be starting his own range of clothing in time, and will probably model them himself!

He explains why he developed an interest at an early age. “I come from a family that has been built around fashion really,” Bellerin said on Arsenal.com. “My grandma and my grandpa opened a little fashion retail shop and used to make their own clothes from scratch.

“My mum joined them and that’s what she studied when she was young. She was working in swimwear for lots of years and then always like making my clothes smaller or making my clothes, altering them.

“I was always curious when I was a kid because that’s what my grandma and my mum used to do. They always wanted me to dress well when I was going to different places and that’s something that’s stuck with me since I was a kid.

“Now I have a chance to actually do my own thing and express myself and sometimes even inspire people.

“You don’t have to dress like everyone else, you have to dress however you like and however you seen your vision. I think it’s cool for people to actually see me not only as a footballer but as someone who has an impact in fashion as well.”

I’m not sure most Arsenal fans would consider it ‘cool’ he certainly wouldn’t be the first footballer to be into fashion. I remember David Ginola being derided when I was young because he was “worth it”! Have there been any other Arsenal fashion icons? Peter Marinello, perhaps?



  1. ruelando says:

    Let us wait till after the match we discuss this

  2. jon fox says:

    Personally, I think Bellerin is facially as ugly as sin. Sorry but I just do. More importantly I think he is a rank bad defender and should be sold. My opinion on his face is quite independent of my opinion of his looks. I also want Xhaka sold but think him good looking, which however is irrelevent.

    1. jon fox says:

      That should read “my opinion on his playing is quite independent of his looks.”

    2. Sk says:

      Such a random comment

    3. kev says:

      We are going to regret keeping some players tbh.However, based on what I saw from Helper in in the academy and from 14/15 to 15/16 he’s one of those few players who played under Wenger that I feel can be better.As for Xhaka,Chambers,Mustafi,Welbeck,Campbell,Lucas Perez and co. I would’ve sold them already though that’s unrealistic.The defence is what worries me the most as it is very very weak and not as good as people think.None of the defenders we have are reliable and can’t help organise our backline.We really lack quality over there and for Arsenal history will teach us that when a position is ignored we always end up paying the price.

  3. ozes says:

    this is the reason he has decline so much, he either improve his game or lose his place to leistenier, and when he lose his place he shouldn’t blame anybody.

  4. Declan says:

    He’s our right back this season, end of.

  5. Phil says:

    He needs to concentrate on his football career not how he looks.He has had zero competition for the last few seasons but this year he has.Many more inept performances like he produced recently and he will find his starting place taken by a 34 year old who will show him exactly what proffesonalism is about

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  6. Declan says:

    So Richarlison is going to Everton from Watford for £50 million!
    As much as I like him that price is ridiculous but of course it’s Usmanov bank rolling them now.

  7. Jido says:

    Needs to concentrate on football

  8. Ken1945 says:

    To all you knockers of our fashion icon Bellerin, cast your minds back to when you were his age.
    I had two scooters, vespa and Lambretta, with multiple lights on the front and a fox tail on the back.
    All mod cons that was me so loooong ago!!
    My parka had ARSENAL stenciled on the back and I would drive my father mad with my dress code and music blaring out from my record player.
    Fluorescent socks was another statement along with my proudest possession…a bright red waistcoat with brass buttons!!!!
    Oh yes indeedy, I was a legend in my own mind and loved every minute of my younger days.
    Just let people be who they want to be and if Bellerin scores the winning goal that secures CL qualification via the bun of hair he loves to show off, will anyone complain?

    1. Sue says:

      Ooh check you out Ken ?

    2. Declan says:

      Was it Jon Fox’ s tail? ?

    3. GB says:

      I too had a scooter back in the day Ken, a Vespa GS160, tonic mohair suit, fishtail parka, I looked like the Face out of Quadraphenia most of the time. What I don’t get is how you had both a Vespa and a Lambretta? That’s a bit like supporting Arsenal and Spurs. You had to be one or the other ???.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        In 1964 I was 13/14 so just missed out on owning my own scooter but my older mate had a Vespa GS on which I was a regular back seat rider in white jeans, crew neck jumper and Hush Puppies. Mods, music and Arsenal was the call of the day.

    4. jon fox says:

      Surely you miss the real point ken , which is that WERE Bellerin playing as a proper and professional defender should at our level, no one would be at all concerned about his passion for fashion , social media and self promotion. But he is playing terribly bad for the whole of last two seasons and we fans are quite right to pull him up for putting other personal passions before concentrating DEEPLY, on bettering himself in his PROFESSION. We pay through the nose to watch all Prem players, none more so than at our club. We are fully ENTITLED, THEREFORE TO EXPECT A HIGH AND CONSISTENT LEVEL OF APPLICATION. That has NOT been forthcoming and so we are RIGHT to apportion blame. This is lifes reality and what is sauce for the goose(Bellerin) MUST ALSO BE sauce for the gander(us fans). Wha t you, I and anyother fans did when we were his age is irrelevent , for the simple reason that WE were not making obscene money from our peers for not doing the job properly. I think you know, in your heart , I am right .

    5. ger burke. says:

      you are still a legend ken1945 !, well , in many peoples eyes .

      1. Ken1945 says:

        That’s what I like, a real discussion over important things.
        GB, yes it was one or the other I agree. However my Vespa which I had sprayed white with red bubbles was written off.
        So I tried the Lambretta! Favourite was the Vespa though.
        Sounds like you were as big a poser as I was!!

        Declan,it couldn’t have been Jon’s, because he’s always chasing his own! Only joking Jon, only joking.

        Sue, my two daughters are so embarrassed when they see photos of me astride my machines, they have banned them!

        Kenny, that model was some machine! Great times being young in those days though, except for the Spuds, who seemed always to be better than us.

        ger burke, that’s the nicest thing ever said to me on this site.
        I’ll pretend it’s true!!!!!

        Jon, if AFC want to offer Hector Bellerin what they think is a salary linked to his abilities, hasn’t he the right to accept the offer?
        Our club think so highly of him, he has recently signed a new contract. So it could be they see him differently to you?
        The article was actually commenting on his fashion statement and how his mother influenced his choices today.
        I personally love the fact that he expresses himself in such an individual way, just as most younger people do / did when his age.
        Nothing to do with money or profession, just a young man living his life as he wants it to be in my opinion.
        How would you suggest he dresses in order to make him a better olayer? The two things are totally irrelevant and I’m surprised that you link the two together.

        1. GB says:

          Ken, my GS was purple and white until my dad and me resprayed it British Racing Green with orange bubbles and front mudguard. My pride and joy and had to spray it myself being a poorly paid Bell Boy ………

          1. Ken1945 says:

            GB did you travel down to Southend during the Mods and Rockers era?
            I did and the comradeship due to having a scooter was brilliant!
            My wife nearly bought me an old scooter for my 65th birthday, but we decided to go on a cruise instead!
            The price for a legitimate scooter from our generation is incredibly highly, around£2,000 if you want a perfect one.
            Poor old Hector Bellerin couldn’t have had the brilliant time we had way back then, even if he does wear the Arsenal shirt as a professional footballer.

          2. Sue says:

            I was on the Isle of Wight one year at the end of August…. I have never seen so many vespa’s in all my life!! They were everywhere!!! Some looked pretty cool (it was a bit before my time though!)

          3. Ken1945 says:

            Sue, the Vespa was the icon of it’s day especially if you were looking for street cred!!
            I don’t think I could travel down from Scotland on one for home games now though!!

            Still trying to find where I can watch the upcoming games, any ideas?

          4. Sue says:

            No not at the minute Ken…. if I hear of anywhere online before Thursday, I’ll let you know

          5. Admin says:

            You know it’s on virgin Sue!!!

          6. Ken1945 says:

            If one can’t get virgin Admin?

          7. Admin says:

            Android box?
            Or try and get Mobdro or UKTV on your PC?

          8. Sue says:

            I know Pat, but I haven’t got virgin!

          9. Kenny Rolfe says:

            It’s live on Premier HD Thursday 12-25, not sure how you subscribe but I’m sure you can do one off events. Anyway I’ll look for more information, keep you posted.

          10. Admin says:

            Ahh Kenny, that’s why I said it was on Virgin. Anyone with Virgin TV can get two months free on Premier Sports starting this weekend….

          11. Kenny Rolfe says:

            OK if you have a sky box go to channel 412. To activate it call 0871 663 9000,. Don’t know how long you have to subscribe for but I think it’s £9-99 a month. If you can cancel after one month, which I think you can, then it’s worth a tenner to watch the two games in Singapore

        2. ger burke. says:

          ken1945, you are spot on mate, it is true, i meant it in all honesty.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Cheers ger burke, sometimes it’s good to lighten things up and laugh at yourself rather than take yourself too seriously don’t you think?
            My daughter’s really can’t believe I actually was a young man once!!!

  9. Innit says:

    Im more interested in the football
    Bellerin was very average last season but didn’t really have much competition Lichtensteiner should be good backup and competition for Bellerin.

    At LB we are good with Kolsanic and Monreal.
    CB is where Im unsure. We have plenty with Sokratis, Mavrapanos, Holding, Chambers, Kosc and Mustafi but quality wise not sure

    Only good thing is that we have our first quality Defensive Midfielder in 15 years which should strengthen out defenders

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      hes 35yo and ageing….remember lack of pace?

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        John, it will be interesting to see once they complete tests, how Lichtsteiner’s pace compares with the rest of the Arsenal players. I remember David Seaman being the oldest player, but also one of the fastest in the then Arsenal squad. Lichtsteiner at the World Cup looked to have good pace and from all reports is a complete professional.

  10. Chiza says:

    I see people moaning about how our first game against man city will be a difficult match….to be honest arsenal is going to win that match comfortably and I repeat COMFORTABLY….and I’m not saying this because I know most of city players might not be fit for the match but because i know the Emirates will be too hot for man city.. I know Emery will tell the boys to go for it from the start..he wants them to prove a point to the arsenal fans.. So with the positive effect of a new coach pouring down, arsenal fans pressing from the stands,singing as one with loud voices..and the boys pressing on the pitch from the blast of the whistle I don’t see how city is going to survive in the Emirates..I’m sure pep is also scared of that match.. It would take a miracle for city to have a point against us..I’m not over confident but i know this…. I’m not scared of the home game against man city but instead the second match of the season that’s the away game against Chelsea which would be the true test… Emery Vs Sarri..two new coaches trying to prove a point..in a stadium we have been so poor..the two teams have the positive effect of a new coach .chelsea fans will be on top of our players trying to give sarri and the Chelsea players a lift.. It would be an intense battle,that’s the match I’m looking forward to…..PEACE!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      with our strengthened defense and fit and setttled trio of auba + laca + mikhi

      we can win at home by a goal or two

    2. jon fox says:

      I like optimism too but your post is so wildly over thr top , ie “win the match COMFORTABLY” ….” “Miracle for City to have a point against us”……” don’t see how City is going to survive in the Emirates” etc. You say this of a team that averaged almost precisely ONE POINT EVERY GAME MORE THAN US LAST SEASON. Try to stay within the bounds of resson please. Optimism? Yes, but insanity and ridiculous hype, no thanks!

  11. Innit says:

    Gotze just scored penalty
    Man City 0-1 Dortmund

    I wouldn’t mind Gotze or Draxler from PSG coming here lol but highly unlikely
    I hope we at least try for Max Meyer because he is a free agent so worth a try.
    The only other Notable free agent is Bernard but Max is better.

    Right now we have lots of potential wingers are Iwobi, Perez, Welbeck, Mkhi or Ozil (left), Maitland Niles, Aubameyang , Nketiah, Reiss Nelson

    1. Phil says:

      But not one of these is what you would call a natural winger.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Sell Iwobi, Welbeck and Ramsey, bring in a top class winger

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          Max Meyer has so far priced himself out of the market with many clubs, including Arsenal with large wage demands. Hopefully he will moderate his claims.

  12. herb says:

    Bellerin is one of the kinds of players i don’t want to see in Arsenal again along with Ramsey, Chambers, and Xhaka.
    They simply don’t have the talent to make it at a huge club like Arsenal.
    Let them concentrate on fashion and looks.

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